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I love you, and your blog.

I have eaten a kilo of yogurt today. That can’t be good. I can’t think of a reason why it’s bad, but a kilo of anything sounds awful!


The Run

But. But. But. I did this!

This is a huge deal for me. Except for the Colour Run last week, I don’t think I’ve ever just run a 5km. Which is why I signed up for the virtual 5km as part of Kyle’s Crusade with Lisa at Run Wiki. Because the Colour Run was un-timed, I hauled myself into the gym and jumped on the treadie for today’s session.

I wasn’t feeling it, but I felt I couldn’t quit when there were only 5km to run. And now I’ve run 5km in 24:20! This month’s #goalgetter2013 goal was to run a 5km in 24 mins. So I’m pretty close.

I totally get bonus points because I was hung-over. Mr The Rake got a bottle of Bollinger for Valentines Day. So a) he’s a sweetie, and b) as if I couldn’t not drink half a bottle.


A blog love-in

I’ve been blog stalking today, and I wanted to share some of my favourite posts tis week:

Amalia: Live, Travel, Eat and Run – Valentines Opposites This is awesome because I can’t help but see the similarities in our relationships. And she has a stack of cute ideas for showing someone you care!


Cait, our Arty Runner Chick, may have found a unicorn that shits gold, but she’s not impressed. Check out this runner strip.


Laura at Mommy Run Fast has 10 things she loves about running. I love anyone who can discuss the reasons they love running. This is a great check-in if you’re feeling a bit sluggish.


This is kind of cute, and might give Mr The Rake a smile because I’m finally coming around to the idea of having a ‘woof-dog’. Debbie, from Live at La Quinta, talks about running with her dogs, and what we can all take from it.


In Other News

I realise I’m a little behind on my own schedule. Fit Nuts will be back up and running next Thursday, and stay tuned for a give-away on Monday!

Oh yeah, I signed up for a race. I haven’t raced a 10km in ages. Sunday morning won’t be a PR race, but it’s time to get back on the horse!



Your Turn!

When is your next race?
Did you celebrate Valentines Day?
Do you have a food that’s not necessarily bad for you, but that you just can’t stop eating?


1 in 500


I had so much fun making yesterday’s vlog, and it’s great to see that so many of you enjoyed it too! I’m no expert, but those tips were ones that I’ve found through other people and trial and error over the past year – I wish someone had put them together when I started running.


Let’s Get Packing

I packed my bags for Melbourne today, and am leeeeeaaavvving on a jet plane… (Mr The Rake hates that song. Actually, so do I. Hm.) In sum, look forward to more family features (you know, between OMG marathon thoughts).

You know how I’m an obsessive runner nut? Check out my ‘to go in my carry on’ luggage (with my shoes, of course!).


Getting it all ready

Here’s the deal – if you can figure out what’s different about the picture below, then you win a prize.

The prize is knowing way too much about me.


I’m not really sorry.

Can you spot it?


Being a runner = no shame – we have to be prepared for all situations!



Yogurt deserves capital letters.

I was so excited this week when I received a delivery from The Collective. Taryn very kindly sent me some yogurt that she though I would like.


The Collective Yogurt

1% Greek Yogurt with Passionfruit


I have to say, she was spot on with my tastes.

I love my yogurt low fat (throw back to fear of fat, but now I just like the taste!). And the passion-fruit adds some extra zip.

I didn’t even wait to put it in the fridge before I tried it:




Kind of like a well-wrapped present…


I’m still not really for this slogan, but it is a nice touch to have a message before you dive into it head first.


And finally…


Voila! She’s in.

So here’s the low down – and here I’ll just mention that I got the yogurt for free, and was told it was up to me whether I chose to write or post about it. 

I’m really enjoying it – it’s good yogurt.

My only concerns are that because it’s 1%, it’s a bit more watery than what I’d expect for a Greek yogurt. At first I was surprised that it wasn’t sweet because of the passionfruit topping – but I’ve come around to it.

I prefer yogurt to be simple and natural, so the fruit topping threw me, but it’s a lovely combination and I like that they haven’t tried to sweeten it up.

At the moment, I’m mixing it in with my oats, and it’s delicious!

Even if it doesn’t look that crash hot!


So many thanks to The Collective for making my week! How I’m going to get through it all in the next few days I have no idea – so hit me up if you’re close by.


I’m Only Human

Here’s some exciting news!

I was selected for the 500 Humans Campaign. The campaign asked for Australians to apply for a trip to the ACT. 500 people got chosen, and I’m in! Apparently there were 31000 applications.

This means that Tourism ACT thinks I’d be great for a ‘living brochure’ – Mr The Rake and I get an all-expenses paid holiday to…



Seriously though, we get accommodation, food, and … I was picked as part of the ‘adventure stream’.

This means that I get to go hot air ballooning, mountain bike riding and hiking.

You know how much Mr The Rake loves exercise and adventure?

Best activity ever

Well he gets to come too.

Hilarity shall ensue, I’m sure.

This is all in about 2 weeks from now, so watch out for all my news!


Today’s Moment

Dad sent me a ‘Good Luck’ present.

Harvest Box

I heart Harvest Box (I get it delivered once a week) so this was really exciting!


Your Turn!

Favourite type of yogurt?
Do you like nuts?
What do you pack when you go away for a race? 



Prom to Pavement


Meanwhile, in the Capital…

I spent Sunday to Saturday in Canberra this week – the longest stretch in a few months!

Sadly – this is what it looked like…

No biggie. I just got my purple on and got ready for PROM!





But -

1. You are too old for prom

2. You live in Australia – surely you mean formal?

You are never too old for prom! Or so said Chal to the ANU International Law Society. I’m on the society’s executive, and so I got to be part of the fun.  

Not a totally random shot! Check out the hoodie - the International Law Society Hoodie!

The prom was in aid of the US election – we wanted to do something fun with our members, and in election year, the US embassy was happy to get involved (one of the perks of living in the nation’s capital!).

Chal and Kate

Chal and I getting set up – you may notice some similarities between the tape holding up the ‘flag’ and the tape on my head

After a full day of setting up we headed home to get dressed up, and help each other to forget that we had spent the entire day in tracksuit pants.

Ready for prom!

I may or may not have been vain enough to spend my morning workout on the rower in the hope that it would show in my backless dress…

(Yeah, I just admitted to that – please don’t bring it up in real life!)

Looking serious

Andrew and I in a very serious political event pose

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to heels and running. These babies didn’t last long.

 Mr The Rake was in Sydney – which meant that I was partnerless. It also meant that I could do AWESOME things like not drink much, eat mini hotdogs for dinner, and wake up at 7:30am to run 20km with the law man.


I got it wrong, but it’s ok

A week or so ago, Debbie from Live from La Quinta suggested a run I could do during this first week of taper. Today was the day for it. And I really stuffed it up!

Debbie's Comment

Sorry Debbie!

Here’s where I went wrong:

1. Champagne and mini-hotdogs are not the world’s greatest pre-run fuel.

2. Mentally, I don’t think I was there this morning. I knew I could get through the run, but my mind wasn’t pushing like it often does.

3. Headwind. Epic. The worst I’ve experienced, and I got nowhere near enough tailwind to make up for it.

4. I just didn’t push hard enough. The last lap should have been a lot faster, and it just wasn’t.

5. The best bit – Garmin gave up half way through. For the first time ever, and for no reason. It had plenty of battery life left.

No excuses – I just didn’t run very well. This is a workout I’ll come back to again though, so much appreciated Debbie!



After that 20km, I was highly intelligent and jumped in the car for 3 1/2 hours. You should have seen Mr The Rake laughing when I tried to walk up the stairs in our apartment.

Are you a little bit gimpy Kate? Are you?

It was ok – he bought ice cream. And, even better…

I had a special delivery waiting for me! Chobani sent me a box of my favourite flavour – the plainest of the plain (they asked me!) -


So thank you very, very much to my yogurt family!


Today’s Moment

You have to ask? I got home to free yogurt!


Your Turn!

When was the last time you got all dressed up? 
Have you ever done something stupidly vain that no-one would ever notice?
Have you ever run in a really strong headwind? 


Some Assembly Required


First of all, thanks so, so much to Liz, Mic and Jen for their donations today! At the moment, we’ve raised $1820 for the Butterfly Foundation, and in 50 minutes, it will be exactly one month until the marathon!


Running through life

For once, the running through life tag makes sense in a non-physical way. Most of you know that I am simultaneously trying to write a thesis and set up a new business, and between the Canberra/Sydney commute, my things are all over the place.

So today, I decided to get over my mini-meltdown (see yesterday’s v-log!) and do something super productive.

Like buy a desk.

Desk face!

Have I mentioned our apartment is tiny?

troll face

Troll face – desk don’t be fitting in the house. Little did you know what was in store, Rake.

Mr The Rake and I went to trivia, where he won a bottle of wine.

Then we headed home at 10pm to try and assemble the beast.

At 11pm we called it quits.

Half of the draw that goes underneath the desk…

We got to step 3 of a 26 step instruction manual.


Mr The Rake has cracked it and gone to bed. I don’t blame him. The washing machine has been unplugged so that he can charge the power drill for tomorrow night’s sequel.


Something foodie

I’ve been experimenting with breakfast lately, and I wanted to share my latest discovery.

Thinking about breakfast is way more exciting than desk assembly.

First – this recipe is a bastardisation of something that Powercakes and Candy Fit have going on – so definitely go and check out their recipes and variations if this is something that floats your boat!

I have been an oats and yogurt girl for a long time when it comes to breakfast. It was time to change it up.

After experimenting with the ‘powercake’ and enjoying a few (tasty) failed attempts:

I finally have one that works!



1. 2 handfuls of rolled oats (no need to be precise!)

2. 1 whole egg, and 2 egg whites

3. Half scoop protein powder (optional)

4. 1 medium, ripe banana

5. Some apple sauce OR agave OR sugar (whatever sweetener works for you)

Smush the lot together in a container, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Before cooking, add a little water and stir it through to soften the mixture. Pour into a non-stick (or oiled) fry-pan on medium heat, and let her cook.

Finally got the hang of it!

I eat mine with peanut butter and yogurt :-)

I love mine to be really thick and cakey, but I know that Candy Fit, for example, likes making little ones.

If you try it – you have to let me know what variations you come up with! For me, the banana is essential (yeah I know – back to bananas).


Today’s Moment

Phaedra from Blisters and Black Toenails tagged me for a few blog questions. I’m really touched – and I’ll post them tomorrow.


Your Turn!

Ever had an Ikea nightmare?
Are you up for healthy pancakes?
Ever won a prize at trivia?

Gaga, Purple Shoes and The Weekly Chase

This post, unintentionally, is centred around a couple of things that I missed in Marathon Training – What They Don’t Tell You. The comments included the addictive quality of running, and the need to eat constantly. This week, it’s been all about the food and the desire to get as much race and running experience as I can.

Also – I’m hoping that I can justify buying a new pair of runners. My friend Chelsea just bought a pair of these -

I want purple ones too!

The Weekly Chase

I’m a bit late with this, but I’m going for it anyway! Melissa at Live, Love & Run, has come up with the Weekly Chase, to share our health and fitness goals, and stick to them.

So here’s are mine for this week:

Run 13.5 km this weekend

I’m giving myself 1 hour and 14 minutes, so I’m feeling confident :-)

Weekly Chase


I am getting hungrier and hungrier as my training ramps up and my body gets more efficient. At the moment, my staples are yogurt, oats and fruit, all with peanut butter.

While I was in the US a couple of months ago, I got hooked on Chobani. It’s sold at Woolworths here, and I’m an addict. I tweeted my love for Chobani, and in no time, this appeared at my apartment in Sydney:

Yay! Gotta love free yogurt.

It’s also been an indulgent week though. With my brother in town for the Lady Gaga concert…

We went out for lunch and dinner, downed a few ciders, and sang along to a lot of trashy music.

Which probably explains why I now have a cold!

Even so, the nicest thing happened today. Being new to marathon training, I didn’t know if it was wiser to rest up or stick to the plan. I tweeted #runchat and threw it out to the twitterverse, and the gorgeous running community gave me plenty of advice.

The result was that my 5km short run to test the waters ended up being a fantastic 10km, right on schedule.

So now I know the answer – little cold = harden up! :-D … and use #runchat where we’re all crazy about running!


It’s a hard life. Check out my view from Monday lunch in the city:

I’m hoping to run across that same bridge on Sunday 8th July for the Sydney Harbour 10km. I’d love to know if anyone else is running it – would be cool to meet up with people at the starting line.

I also registered for the City2Surf, but sadly I have to work in Canberra that day, so it looks like I’ll miss out this year :-(


In happier race news, my fantastic father kindly looked into running in Cairns for me. I’m seeing the family for the first time in 6 months to holiday in far North Queensland for a week (I know, hard life).

Dad has always been incredibly supportive of our sporting goals, and he found a Wednesday evening time trial I can do while visiting.

- While we’re on the Dad being awesome bit of this post, I feel like everyone needs to know that when I was dong my long run in Melbourne late last year, Mum and Dad jumped on their bikes and came with me. Dad navigated, carried water bottles, and fed me at the turn-around point. Love you Mum and Dad! -

Today’s Moment

Definitely waking up to the kindness of the twitterverse – and smashing out a great run.

Your Turn!

  • What motivates you to run when you’re feeling off?
  • Who is always supportive of something important to you?
  • What is your go-to food? (I am going through half a large pot of yogurt every day!)