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Yeah, I saw Twilight

I am a tool.

I just went, alone, to the movies. To see Twilight. No-one would be caught dead in the cinema with me. 

And I’m so cool and awesome that I don’t care. I was celebrating. In true Kate fashion, I watched the movie while eating organic yogurt, eating a chocolate bar, and wearing my gym clothes.

No more chocolate

Did I mention I am cool and awesome?

Oh – note to all aspiring half and full marathoners – Twilight is 2 hours long. If you watch it the day after a long run, I suggest a walk break halfway through so you don’t have to crab walk down the aisle behind the creepy old guy who just watched the movie solo as well.

You know, if you’re dumb enough to just randomly run a half marathon on a mountainous trail when the humidity is 87% and you’re wearing a crop top with a camelbak.



Because you’re cool and awesome, right?



The back story

So I was celebrating. Because some big shit has gone down recently, and I want to put it all together so we can deal with it all at once and move on.


The best form of celebration

1. I run my own business. It now has a name, and ads, and a bank account, and a venue, and promotional material, and a logo, and clients. Real clients.

I run a tutoring centre, and at some point I’ll post a link, just so you can see what it is, but there will be no connection to it other than that. Except me telling you how awesome and cool I am with my penniless start-up!


2. I am about to graduate. I know we’ve talked about this. But results came out today, and I am getting a law degree. With honours.

So, for the benefit of my non-Aussie readers, here’s how it works in Oz. We can do law as undergraduates. We don’t have the same college system. After high school, I started an arts/law degree at the Australian National University (the law schools at the ANU, Sydney and Melbourne are always the top 3, and they swap and change at the top depending on the year and ranking system).

This means I have both an arts degree and a law degree. I also have honours in law after that epic thesis.


And here’s where I admit to being a real life human being. I knew at least two years ago that I was not going to be practising law. I never liked studying, and it wasn’t the path for me. So when it came to doing honours, I was just happy to have the marks to do it, and the chance to research from Sydney instead of sitting in class in Canberra.

I also decided very early on that I wanted to get second class honours, not first. That way I could live my life and be less stressed about the result. And do stupid things like run marathons. And drive between Sydney and Canberra. And start a business. So you can bet I was ecstatic to find out that I received a distinction and 2nd class honours division A. Cost v reward? Win.

Ok – now you’re filled in. And we never have to speak of it again.

Except next Thursday, when I put on my robe and wizard hat and step on stage to get my law degree and my placemat (ok now – hands up who has an arts degree and is insanely offended at this point?).

Mr The Rake's Graduation

The blame lies with Mr The Rake – he paved the way. He also has an arts/law degree. With honours. But the bastard one-upped me by getting first class.
Joke’s on him though. Now he’s a lawyer.

[You know what's really strange? Mr The Rake and I specialised in completely different fields (Australian constitutional law vs international environmental law). His supervisor ended up marking my thesis. The world is cruel like that.]


So, in sum, Twilight was earned. I have no regrets. 


Today’s Moment

Run with Kate hit 500 likes on Facebook. Sweet! Thanks to all the twitter-files out there who lent a hand.


Your Turn!

Did you love or hate studying?
What is your dream job?
Do you ever just run really long distances for fun?



PS – don’t forget our #holidayaday instgram challenge. The themes for each day are below. Just use the hashtag #holidayaday and pick a picture that fits the day’s theme.


It’s Over

Thesis is done!


I also managed to finish an essay for my final arts course. I am finished. My arts/law degree is over, and in December, I graduate.

Essay submission

Goodbye arts degree

It took 6 years, but it’s done.

The last few days have been mental, in a fun way, so here are a few snaps.

I spent the last few days at uni with friends until 1 or 2am, eating take-away and writing like a mad woman.

Mad-woman face. 2am. Too much caffeine.

Then it was over.

I went back to visit after getting the thesis bound, and my wonderful friends (who haven’t even started their exams yet!) had champagne.

Andrew with Champagne

Andrew with the Champagne from Emily

Best moment ever.


Emily pouring the champers. Lil brought chocolate and fruit.

Andrew managed to break a glass.

Broken glass


And apparently I copped some of it.

You will forever know if I’m lying about a foot picture now!

No drama.

The plan was to celebrate with a run. It didn’t happen.

When I got home, the house was empty. I won’t go into too much detail here. Some of this is not my story to tell. But in short, my house-mates picked this weekend to move out, and getting home just as they left finished me off. All of a sudden, I was finished, home, and in an empty house. The once crowded lounge room was a floor with an armchair, fish-tank and vacuum cleaner. The cupboard was bare, with the exception of my shelf. The bedrooms were empty.

I lost it. In every possible way.

I got so much love from all of you last night – and I really appreciate it! Today is much better, the thesis is in,and I am ready to get back into life. With more blogging to boot.


Your Turn!

Have you ever written a thesis?
What do you do to celebrate finishing something?
Ever had a messy house break-up?

Be the Chameleon

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last few months, it’s that humans are incredibly adaptable. Our minds and bodies can do amazing things, and it’s absolutely worth just going along for the ride.

On the human brochure bus – ready to ride!


Running is a wonderful teacher in that way. Bodies change, adapt, and bounce back. Two and a half weeks post-marathon, I am back into speed sessions – the kind that leave me on the railings, trying not to throw up (oh to be a runner – that fine line between ‘push on’ and ‘find a bathroom, stat!’).


Kate Running 10km in Cairns


My time in Florida taught me that we can conquer fear and anxiety, and stand up tall, face our competitors, and come out smiling (this was a law trial competition – I know you were confused there!). It also taught me that even after eating weeks of terrible food, working through the night and battling jet lag, bodies can deal with short-term stress, and within weeks my jeans fit again, and I was able to get through my exams.


Kate in Florida

A very jet-lagged Kate in a very sunny garden at Stetson Law School, Florida


Finally, I have now.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m working stupid hours getting this thesis ready for Monday’s submission. It feels like the last 10km of a marathon – painful, fuzzy and slow.

From time to time, it’s ok to chill.

To chill about what you’re eating.


To have some fun.

To study with friends.

Late Night Study

Lil and the Law Man

To work until 2am.

To take an unplanned rest day!

Be the chameleon – what have you got to lose?


Today’s Moment:

When we ordered a pizza tonight, I asked them to draw love hearts on the box, because I needed a smile, and maybe they’d like one too.


Inside the pizza box



Your Turn!

How do you ‘be the chameleon’?
When is it time to chill, and allow some things to slip to the back burner?
What has running taught you about life?


*To my lovely blogging friends – I am so sorry I haven’t been able to do as much reading and commenting lately. I’m trying to make sure I get everyone every few days. I haven’t forgotten you! I’m coming back – I’m just staring into the abyss of words and it’s a little all-consuming!


Wordless Wednesday



Your Turn!

Right now, these 7 pictures show my collision of worlds – runner meets reluctant academic in a race to the finish line. 
What 7 words represent you and your different worlds/personalities?


5, 6, 7


Today, I look like this

Desk face

I am tired, grumpy, have a cold, and am in thesis hell. But posting makes me smile, as does running :-)

I went running this morning with a group at the gym, and then hit up breakfast at a nearby cafe (where I saw that awesome sign!).

I ordered the vegetarian breakfast – eggs and goats cheese. When D ordered the same without hollandaise sauce, I said I’d like mine without too. I’m ambivalent towards it and figured it would be easier to just make two without.

Then D asked for bacon with hers.

The waitress gave me a look, turned up her nose and said

Would you like bacon too?

I did not.

She later put me in the ‘mentally deficient’ basket and tried to show me how to pour my tea.


Now for a bit of fun! 5, 6, 7…


5 Posts

I am inspired by Debbie from Live at La Quinta and her ‘weekly reader’ suggestions. I thought I’d give you a quick reading list today – these are things that I read and LOVED this week.

Cait Chock – Runner Bodies

I love a good body image post, and I love the Arty Runner Chick.

Tri-ing to be Athletic – Will Run for High Fives

I blame Debbie for getting me hooked on this blog. Wow.

Operation Jack (Sam) and his wife, Tiffany – Robbed on your Birthday

Both writing about their autistic son, Jack.

Dr Rachel Runs – 12 running problems and how to prevent and/or solve them

Some really useful prevention and solution  strategies for common running woes.

Road Runner Girl – It’s Just a Hill, get over it

Tips for getting up that massive hill. I love it.


6 Searches that led to Run with Kate

This is the best thing about Google Analytics. If this doesn’t make you smile, you should go and sit in the corner for awhile.

Over the past month, people have found this site looking for these terms:

6. Live chicken

5. Bizarre birthday gifts for women

4. Back at Square 0 Feet (really?)

3. Does your butt get bigger during marathon training?

2. Put my face in lemon party (that’s never good…)


1. مرغ زنده (this one is my personal favourite – huh?! How did you get here?!)

There were also about 57 searches for variations on ‘crazy crying woman’ I don’t want to know what that says about me…


7 Random Things


Liz from Liz for a Day tagged me a few days ago for the Lovely Blog Award. Which is lovely! I’m a bit slack and I’m not going to tag people – but I would love you to take this away and do it on your own blog too.

1. Thank the person who nominated you – Thanks Liz!
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 Bloggers you admire
4. Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they have been nominated

So I’m skipping 3 and 4 – I’ve done a few of these (like old school chain mail!)


1. I can roll my eyes in ridiculous ways -

2. I speak French (‘fluently’, apparently?!) and a little German.

3. Today I have a cold, and it’s making me really grumpy (see above)

4. I just registered a company and will be working for myself next year

5. Because of number 4, the idea that I might not succeed/be broke is terrifying

6. I am really, really gullible – I am a terrible liar and so assume no-one else can lie either

7. I can be so vague that when my high school conductor asked for a ‘c’, I put down my clarinet and went to get her a seat (they sound really, really similar…and she was standing up).


Today’s Moment

Clearly breakfast. I love breakfast more than is reasonable for a human being.


Your Turn!

What are seven random things about you?
What’s something awesome that you’ve read this week?
Ridiculous search term?