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I’ve been waiting for you (half marathon recap)

Dear everyone – please find below a series of very unflattering photos, which ruin what was otherwise an AWESOME race So awesome, in fact, that you get a full recap. Which very rarely happens. Unless I run a marathon.

*There’s less sharting in this story.*


The SMC Road Race Half Marathon

Half marathon number 2 happened. And it really didn’t go anything like the plan.

Donna and I waiting to run (the race was dedicated to Boston)

Donna and I waiting to run (the race was dedicated to Boston)

After last weekend’s mediocre effort (note to self – cake and tempure prawn do not a good pre-race day meal make), I still felt pretty wrecked, so the plan for Sunday’s SMC half marathon was simply to run, go with the flow, and enjoy a pleasant long run.

For once, I ran naked – no garmin, no heart-rate monitor, no watch, no phone. Just me. It’s not that I’ve never run without gadgets before, but I’ve never been in a timed race without them. I figured I had nothing to lose if I just worked off how I felt.

It turns out I feel a hell of a lot better than my watch thinks I do.

I picked a man in front of me – green guy, and kept pace behind him for awhile. He was met 3km in by a girl in a pink belt, who I think might have been his daughter. I’m fairly sure she beat him, which is pretty great, given his surprise when she caught him -

What are you doing up here?!

Green man and pink belt became my targets in the first 10km. I estimated that we’d finish the first 10km loop in about 55 mins.

Can you spot pink belt?

Can you spot pink belt?

Taking a step back, my PR for a 10km is 50:20. For a half marathon, I’d only ever run Canberra, which took me about 1:57:xx.

I was feeling pretty good when I passed green man coming down a hill after 8km, but I’m sure you can imagine my shock when I rounded the final corner and saw the clock at the 10km mark – 50:26.


I’d just busted out one of my fastest 10km ever, and I still had a lap to go.

Say what?

Say what?

At that point, I hit race mode.

Which was unfortunate, because it was at that moment that Green Man bloked me. 

In the most non-creepy way I could manage, I called out:

I’ve been waiting for you

To his credit, he laughed, and told me he had to save some fuel for the hill ahead.

Fair point. I hadn’t thought of that. Turns out that hills are even more brutal the second time around.

No drama. I realised I probably wasn’t going to get a negative split, but was still feeling good. At this point, I was thinking that if I could just keep moving, I might be able to come in under 1:55.

Then the cruellest thing of all happened. At this race, the course in 5km long, meaning that once a half marathoner hits 20km, they reach the finish line, only to have to turn around and go back 500m to make up the final km. It felt like the world’s looooooongest kilometre.

Are you serious? Again?

Are you serious? Again?

In the self-satisfied way that only a runner would understand, I finally, finally turned that last corner to the finish line, cheering myself because everyone else was busy eating sausages.

I crossed the line at 1:48:46.

All over.

All over.

I think I have a new favourite distance.


Your Turn!

What is your favourite distance to run? 
What’s the next BIG race you have on your calendar? 
Have you ever run a race ‘naked’?



Caught Rake-Handed

The best thing ever happened the other day.

Mr The Rake is Mr The Rake for a reason, right? He really values his privacy (and, as you can imagine, loves it when I post ridiculous and compromising photos of him).


My relationship is…special


The other day, he answered his phone at work, and used his full name. The caller, who was a complete stranger, immediately said

oh, it’s the famous Mr Rake

Guess who sent a panicky text message and asked me to go and review some of my blog posts?


I hope everyone he works with now reads this. If you are from Mr The Rake’s work, you can check out his greatest hits here, including YOLO, Why you will Die Alone or other favourites in the Top Posts section.

Cool. Enough plugging Mr The Rake. I know you want more, but he’ll come back, I promise. Actually, he came down to Canberra with me last weekend. As spectators go, he tries, but when I arrived at the finish line, he was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t surprised given that he’d arrived home at 3am and woke me up by continuing to pick up and drop his coins all over our friend’s kitchen sink (don’t worry, I got his sorry, hungover bum back by waking up at 5am and turning on all the lights).

Point is, when I got to the finish line, he wasn’t there.

Canberra Half 2

Wow. Gotta love a good finish line face.
Mr The Rake didn’t miss a thing – it was caught on camera!

He did, however, turn up just as Superwoman crossed the finish line. He was holding a washing basket full of bedding. 

That’s a whole story in itself.

Canberra Half 3

Superwoman and I – finally at that freakin’ finish, 21.1km later.

Mr The Rake will not, however, be attending my half marathon tomorrow.

Yeah. I’m super smart and decided to go again when the opportunity arose. Having never raced a half marathon, I’m doing two on back-to-back weekends. Should be fun.

Fun is a strong word.

Wish me luck?


Today’s Moment

Superwoman, superman, Va and I headed out to the Fitness Expo today. It was like being 3 years old and going to the show again. Except more full of protein, fake tan and large chested, chicken legged men with small, dumb eyes.

My great yogurt love! Chobani,

My great yogurt love! Chobani,


Your Turn!

Ever been to a fitness expo?
When was your last half marathon?
Has your blog ever compromised your private life?

More to life

The fact that I love plans and structure is no secret. But  also believe in truly enjoying yourself every now and then. Sometimes you need to just chill out, and do something indulgent.

I am an insanely intelligent human being, so after deciding that I would race in the Sydney Marathon Clinic 10km today, I organised to have friends over for a few drinks and dinner.

All in

All in

Several vodkas, some champagne, a bag of m&ms, corn chips, half a block of chocolate and several drinking games later, I snuck away to bed, set my alarm for 5:45, and left the rest to party on.

This morning’s race was a flop time-wise.

Now that I’ve prepared for a race in the worst possible way, here are my tips for how NOT to prepare for your next race. Don’t:

  • Consume your body weight in fatty food the night before
  • Take up Mr The Rake’s offer of home-made cocktails
  • Substitute vodka for potato (wait..)
  • Continue drinking
  • Try a new “metabolism revving” circuit work out the day before

The best bit was when I jumped out of my car to pick up Va, and a guy in his car stopped on a main road and asked me if I’d ‘like a lift’. Nup.

Va and I - still smiling post-race and pre-breakfast.

Va and I – still smiling post-race and pre-breakfast. Superwoman was there too!

Was it worth it?

Hell yes. You can totally have your cake chips chocolate vodka and eat it too.


Your Turn!

Have you ever raced when you’ve known you won’t be running well? 
Hungover running experience?
How disciplined are you when it comes to your training (no matter what your goal is!)?


A Little Structure


I know you’re all dying to know how my beloved Rake is going right now.

At present, he has taken on the role of trolling the internet, one homophobe at a time.

You know how I work with small children for a living? Mr The Rake has a much lower tolerance for, well, people…


So I asked him what he thought of people, generally -

Hmmm, I wonder how they’d taste. 

Ladies and gentlemen: my boyfriend.

I think he won the internet

I think he won the internet


Let’s get down to business

I know that some of you are more interested in the nitty gritty of my schedules and plans. Knowing that every single one of us has entirely different needs, I wanted to share mine. Partly because this way, I can get all excited about Wednesday when I finally get to start running again!

This is all early days, but it really is time to begin thinking about upcoming races, with the ultimate goal being the Sydney Marathon in September. So, mucking around with this awesome new find of periodisation (dividing the racing season into three categories), and adding in some light weeks, this is a rough draft of where I’m headed.

Did I mention I like structure?
Marathon Schedule

I’m all ears guys – and many of you have been there, done that.



Your Turn!

What type of speed-work do you do?
Do you put light weeks into you training regime?
How structured are you when it comes to racing?
Do you use/have you heard of periodisation? 


Meeting the Chicks


Stupid Body

You know what I did instead of blogging yesterday? I slept. It was awesome.

My workouts have been really hard this week. On Sunday, my long run turned into 4km of running, and 5km of walking. It was a bizarre feeling I couldn’t push through – I wasn’t tired, but I has no energy. My legs had nothing to power them on. I was shaky and dizzy, and no matter how hard I tried, running wasn’t happening. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite that way before.



And then I tried hitting the weights and elliptical yesterday morning. It was painfully slow. I even had to drop the weights.

In sum, I can’t figure this body out, but I think a combination of sleep and food might help.

Have any of you ever had that happen? When it happens to you, what is your body trying to tell you?



Blog Chicks

Are awesome. This is far more interesting than me being pathetic, runner chick.

On Sunday afternoon, I got the chance to meet up with other Australian women who blog. We had a meet-up in Sydney, and I got to meet some lovely women.

Finally,  got to meet Robyn, from Every Bit Count – turns out she’s even more stunning in real life than in her photos. And really, really lovely! And nope, not hard of hearing – it was a noisy table ;-)

Robyn, Eva and I

Robyn, Eva and I


Eva has a beautiful blog about making your house a home – if you’re into beautiful interior decorating, this is for you.

I got the chance to meet Denyse, who was on the Human Brochure trip last year (though in a different stream). She blogs about education, which I loved talking about – it is my job!

A huge thanks to the Blog Chicks who put this together – I hope there are more!



Mental Monday

In the US, it’s still Monday. Still counts!


Time for a Mental Monday moment -

Mental Monday

Monday’s Negative: Whoa last night’s tutoring session got a little out of hand. 2 little boys got out of control. For a split second, I thought their parents might never bring them back.

Positive: They all left smiling. Even the parents. Even when things get totally out of hand, you can find a moment of calm and clarity. In my case, I split them up under the guise of extra assessment.



Today’s Moment

Nup, I’m making this Sunday’s moment (I missed that too). Superwoman and her cyclist husband took me to dinner. I am so lucky!



Your Turn!

When does your body tell you to stop?
Have you ever met blogger friends in real life?
What’s your mental Monday moment?