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Amalia the Fit Nut

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas! I had an unplanned break from all things blogging, and now I’m desperate to tell you about all things holiday-running-health related. There were hills, and speed work, and far too much bicycle love…and lots of plans for the New Year.

But for today, I’m handing the blog over to my dear friend Amalia. Amalia is another Sweat Pink chick, and I’ve even guest posted for her.





photo 5 (5)

What is your sport of choice?

Running (Sleeping isn’t a sport unfortunately)

How did you get started?

My friend challenged me to do a 5km race with her May 2012. I was hmming and hawing over it and the competitive person in me decided she couldn’t win and not have me take her up on the challenge. So in the spirit of Barney from HIMYM I texted her back “Challenge Accepted!”

Turned out I trained more than she did but we completed our first 5kms together at the Ottawa Race Weekend in Ottawa. Since then I’ve been hooked.

A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

Having Manfriend and my Mom watch me finish my second 5km which I PRed this past October. It was an epic feeling because I ran alongside a 101 year old man who has set records for marathons and half marathons the world over. Seriously, 101. I don’t even know if I’ll make it that long, but running has to have some longevity benefit.

The other time was being able to go for a 5km run on the beach in Oregon. I never would have been able to experience the gorgeous solitude of the Oregon coast otherwise.

[From Kate: Manfriend is a kindred spirit for Mr The Rake - both share a complete lack of interest in all things running-related, and think pokemon are great...but only the original ones.]


What have you gained from improving your fitness?

Oh my goodness.

I think I wrote a comment on your blog about this a while ago, but this question has good timing. I was thinking about this the other day. 2012 has changed my life – and largely because of running.

I learned I can do things I never thought I could do (like run 5km or even 12km if I wanted to). I have made life changes I was too afraid to make before and even learned to confront some of my biggest fears. I’m also more confident, and pretty sure I stick to things for longer to (I’m known for having somewhat of a short attention span!). I’m also pursuing my dream of being a Paramedic because I know that my body can handle the physical demands now.

photo 4

How often do you exercise each week?

Well. My training happens when my world will let it. By that I mean working 70-80 hours a week November and December at my two jobs means I do one long run a week, planks and situps every morning, and the occasional cross training/run/swim in the middle of the week. When things calm down after my half marathon I am hoping to settle into a real schedule. But for now it is what it is and I’m happy to make time whatever way I can.

Favourite piece of equipment?

I just got it, but its my Garmin. I haven’t even used it yet!

Favourite fuel?


I am obsessed with…

Pretzel MnM’s

Your current fitness goal?

This is going to sound crazy (but what runner isn’t crazy?) but other than finishing my half marathon in one piece (and before 3 hours and 30 minutes when the fancy little golf cart picks you up because you’re taking too long) I want to look hot at my best friend’s wedding. Mainly because I haven’t seen these people in a couple years and secondly because one of the guys who broke my heart a while ago will be there. I’d like him to see what he’s missing. Bwahahaha.

Oh, and there’s a whole bucket list of fitness goals to accomplish before I’m 25 on my blog (that’s next June btw!)

photo 2

Advice to newbies in your sport?

You may feel like a fool at first (I did) but stick to a neighbourhood route and when running in front of cars gets intimidating just think “At least I’m moving faster than they are and not sitting on my butt”

And listen to lights, pay attention, stay aware. Cars come from everywhere!

Best way to contact you?

My email address is livetraveleatandrun@gmail.com.  The other way to contact me is via my twitter, @ama_liab. I have my phone pretty much attached to my hip for work, and it is driving Manfriend nuts. So you can pretty much guarantee, unless I’m sleeping I’ll answer!


Thanks Amalia! I bet you’ve used that Garmin now – how do you like it?Ad waht on earth are Sharkies? Anyone from the North care to fill me in?!


Your Turn!

Questions for Amalia?
Does the fact that Amalia works 80 hour weeks inspire you to make time for exercise?
How was your training over the Christmas holiday?


Trail Racing and Your First 5km – Guest Post


Hi all! Hope you’re having an excellent weekend – I have plenty to catch you up on, and am looking forward to an epic writing session tomorrow night. Today though, it’s time for another Sweat Pink Blog Swap, with Glenneth, a fellow SPA, who blogs at letstalkandwalk.com. We would also like to say a big thank you to Jill Conyers for organising the swap.

You know how I’m nuts about running? Well Glenneth is nuts about walking. She is the perfect balance to me, and if you’re not huge into the whole running as fast as you can go thing, you might be pleasantly surprised by Glenneth’s approach to racing – go Glenneth! So glad to have you posting today.


Trail Racing and Your First 5km

Hi Run With Kate fans!

I’m Glenneth and I blog at Let’s Talk and Walk.  Did you read Kate’s marathon recap?  She amazes me.  Actually, most runners amaze me.  I am not a runner.  I am a walker and proud of it.  I have done over 50 5Ks in the past two years.  I want to share a trail race story with you, then offer 5 tips for walking (or running) your first 5K.  Hope you enjoy!

Today’s story is about the Wanderer’s Trail Race.  After walking dozens of 5K road races, I decided I wanted to try something a little longer and more challenging.  I figured a 4-mile trail race would qualify.  I checked with the race director and was told that walkers were welcome, so I decided to give it a shot.

I was super nervous about this race because I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t have anyone walking with me.  Hubby and our friend J were running the race.  I knew once they finished they would come back and find me, but until then I was on my own.

The race started and within .25 miles I couldn’t see anyone in front of me.  No huge deal since the trail was clearly marked.  I took it slow and steady.  It had rained HARD for the two previous days and there was lots of mud to get through.  I knew this ahead of time and was prepared.

An advantage of not being around other people was not getting mud thrown up into my face.  I took my time through the obstacles.  Being as klutzy as I am, I was worried about the possibility of falling and hurting myself with no one around.  I took it slow and steady through all the different challenges.

I got to a “puddle” and was trying to determine just how deep said puddle was.  At that moment, this couple came flying through the woods (they had started super late) and reached me.  They also stopped.  The female said to the male – you do it first.  So, off he went.  Then she went.  Then it was my turn.  Cold muddy water up to my knees.   On the plus side, it washed all the mud off my shoes.

I continued along the course and finally saw hubby and friend.  I was very thankful to see people I knew at that point.

I was the last to finish.  Dead last.  They were waiting on me to close the timer.  I didn’t care.  I finished and I did it all on my own.

Later I learned that there had been a water station AND volunteers on the course to help people.  However, some people in front of me told them they were last and they closed up the course.  So I truly did this one on my own and I am quite proud.  Even with a last place finish.

I encourage everyone to just try one race.  See if you like it.


Five Tips for Walking (or Running) Your First 5K


  1. Find a race to train for.  Check with your local track club – they usually have lists of the local races.  If you are planning to walk the race, check to make sure that it is walker friendly.  Our local track club is great about putting this on the race registration form or telling us how long the course stays open.
  2. Get the right pair of shoes.  So important.  Best advice is go to your local running store and get fitted.  I love many different kinds of shoes, however, Brooks Running shoes are my staples.  They make my feet feel awesome.
  3. Start walking (or running).  I usually walk 2 nights a week and then a race on the weekend.  For other activities I include biking, spinning, elliptical, or strength training.
  4. Find a buddy to walk (or run) with.  This can help especially if it is your very first race.
  5. Enjoy the experience!  Go out there with the intention to have fun!

Huge thanks to Kate for letting me talk to you all today!

Enjoy your day!


You CAN have it all – Guest Post


Thanks for all your love yesterday guys.

A few of you have commented recently that you like my Mr The Rake stories – I do too. He’s pretty great.

Classic Rake

I once told him that people quite liked him in blog land. Here’s his response:

I might become the break-out character of the series. 

Sometimes I wonder if our children will work in comic book stores, or spend their time re-wiring my appliances. After all, Mr The Rake and I are both products of law school – and I’m fairly sure Mr The Rake enjoyed eating paste as a child. Something’s not quite right.

I’m going to hand over to Mary from a Walk in the Woods – show her some love – Mary is a Sweat Pink Ambassador and a fantastic supporter in the on-line fitness community. Thanks so much for this Mary!


You CAN have it all!

Hi everyone, I’m Mary and I blog over at A Walk in the Woods.  My blog follows my journey to lose 80 pounds and become a healthier person.  Sometimes I wonder how I manage to squeeze everything in.  I’m a mother of two amazing children, wife to a tremendously supportive husband, Office Manager at a busy mirror and furniture manufacturing business and on top of all that I’m also a newly obsessed runner!  They key to leading a busy lifestyle, I’m sure, is to be a well organised person and that, I most certainly am NOT!  However, recently I have discovered that organising my life and my family (even in my haphazard manner)  has become necessary to ensure that I am able to fit everything in.

I began 2012 as a morbidly obese woman.  I weighed 240 pounds, was exhausted all the time and binged on chocolate and cola drinks to numb the pain.  Thankfully in January something “clicked” and I realised what I needed to do not only to lose my excess poundage, but also to become a healthier, fitter person.

Firstly, I changed my diet.  I stopped drinking cola completely, which was particularly hard – it took a while before I finally lost the craving for it, but I can sit here, hand on heart, and say I have not had a drink of coke since January and I do not miss it!  Secondly, I got active.  I started with what I could manage, which initially was walking, and then in June I decided to try running.  Well – I took to running like a duck to water!  I L-O-V-E  IT!  I’m now 60 pounds down, 20 pounds til I reach my goal weight and feeling fitter and happier than I have in years!  But, back to my point of how I manage to squeeze all of this into a short day!

Like I mentioned before, the key is to be organised.  My fridge door is filled with lists!  On a Sunday, I will make a meal plan for the week – right down to what I’m cooking for my kid’s breakfast, what I’m taking to work for my lunch, to what we’re having for our evening meal.  I do my grocery shopping off of this, which also helps me keep to a budget.  Next to that I have a list of extra curricular activities for my kids – reminders of who needs to be where and when.  Finally, I have my training schedule.  At the moment, I am training to run 8k and have used Hal Higdon’s novice 8k training programme – this breaks down what exercise you do every day of the week (with a built in rest day).  I truly believe that in order to ensure you get training in, you need to have a training plan of some sort.  This is also good if you struggle with motivation because it helps with accountability, I “tick” off each activity on the sheet after I’ve done it.

My children are aged 10 and 12 years and I am very blessed that my father in law lives with us, so most of the time when I need to leave the house to do a run, I have built in childcare.  Having said that, I only run outside three days per week – the other three workouts that I do during the week I complete at home, generally in the evening once the kids have gone to bed.  Sometimes I coordinate my run around my daughter’s Girl Guide’s meeting – she has this on a Thursday night at 6:30pm, so I will walk her up to the scout hut, drop her off and then do my run straight after that.  On Sunday’s my long run is done on a nature trail and at that time I know my husband is home to look after the kids.  I get home from my long run, and he goes straight out the door to play football – so we coordinate.

I firmly believe that living a busy life is the key to keeping yourself healthy and active.  I feel most likely to binge if I am sat at home with nothing to do.  The more you can get involved , the more likely you are to keep up that active lifestyle.  In addition, I would always recommend involving the whole family!  When I’m stuck and want to get in some exercise – I get the kids to come with me on a 3 mile walk!  It’s great exercise for everyone and you’re teaching your kids healthy habits.

I’d love to hear about your personal fitness journey – if you have any questions, or just need some extra motivation, feel free to contact me:

Follow by blog: http://walks-in-the-woods.blogspot.co.uk

Follow me on Twitter: @walksinthewoods

Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Walk-in-the-Woods-Blog/453291244705410


Your Turn!

Is there anything you’d like to ask Mary?
Do you get your family involved in sport?
How did you get started running?


Life as a runner

Something short and sweet to say happy Friday.

Your Turn!

I have nine photos that describe my running life. Use 9 words or less that describe your life as a fitness nut/cook/parent/student/whatever sums you up!


Have a great weekend everyone!

How to Kill the Sads



Check me out in my SPA bling! I told you awhile ago that I had been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. It’s a great group of people, and I’ve been having a brilliant time getting to chat to a whole lot of SPAs.

Yesterday I got my tank and shoelaces, and I am in heaven!

Best done in pretty shoes…

Then, the day after getting my swag, I received an email from Laura at Girls Gone Sporty -

Women’s fitness resources: http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/

I’ve been accepted as one of the first GGS ambassadors! I am really excited about this too – I love a bit of girl power when I run.

…ok, all you dudes who just tuned out, I swear, it’s out of my system now.


That awkward moment when

So instead I can move on to some fun stuff, like this morning, when I crawled out of bed and made the three hour drive to Sydney. I think my 8am freddo frog pit-stop may have cured my addiction. – It wasn’t the timing of my chocolate/sugar hit (I maintain that chocolate can be eaten at any time), but that at 8am, those babies are basically frozen. Nowhere near as yummy!

Right, where was I?

Got it – as soon as I got to Sydney, I stopped at the local market, where old Italian men and women were taking their time over their shopping. I cannot believe how slowly they move. I know it’s taboo to hit an old person, but I was pretty close. In my defence, I had been driving for 3 1/2 hours and was desperate to get home to the bathroom.

I smiled and they smiled back. I thought they were being friendly.

Then I got home, looked in the mirror, and realised I had bright blue chewing gum all over my lips. Classy.

No – you don’t get a picture. You don’t deserve one. 

That sick feeling

I cleaned it off and bolted to the gym for my second personal training session. Dave is an evil PT, and had a session of compound movements ready to go.

The aim is to get me using different parts of my body at the same time. Today was:

  • Press ups and dumbell rows on the ground (I can’t even explain this – a cross between a push up and a forward bending row)
  • Walking twist lunges with a medicine ball
  • Squat presses with a medicine ball (squat then push up, arms extended)
  • 20kg dumbbell dead-lifts
  • 20kg weighted walk and step-ups

I’ve been doing weights on my own for far too long – three circuits of this and I was   sweating pink all over the place (mmm, interesting visual there…).

That sick feeling is what happens to me when I do squats. Awful! Apparently it has something to do with the fact that you are loading so many muscles so heavily.

Does this happen to anyone else? 

Being an obsessive running nut, I then hit the elliptical to try out a fartlek style workout.

For the record, fartlek is much better when you’re running!


Someone to take away the sad

After all of this, I am, in theory, supposed to be studying.

But studying makes my face look like this emoticon:-(

Mr The Rake found a solution today – he reached out to grab my face

Then he said

Take away the sads

He looked down at the cocktail he’d made, took a sip, looked up, and said

Then I kill them with booze. 

He was quite satisfied that he had fixed everything.


Today’s Moment

Has to be getting my email from GGS. I love the CEO, Laura, and I love the site. Watch out and I’ll get a badge up on the site soon.


Your Turn!

Do you ever feel nauseous when you do weights/squats?
How do you ‘take away the sads’?
What’s something ridiculous you’ve had on your face and didn’t realise until later?