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Santa came! In Runners.


I loved all of your comments after the Mr The Rake interview. He may not be a runner, but he’s definitely good value!


Race Day

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you likely saw my race today.

Getting our Santa on

It was Santa fun run day.

Superman getting buff

I ran with three girls from the gym, and Superwoman and her husband (Superman?).

Superwoman and Kate making friends with the local Santas

We chilled out and ran together. Except for the bit where we got split into two groups. And the bit where Superman strode out and I thought he wanted to race, so I sprinted to the finish, which was actually the start, and realised I had to keep running another half kilometre.

Directions have never been my forte.

But we got there!


And an untimed 5km in a Santa suit calls for celebration. So we had a pit-stop on the way home.


Because chocolate is always delicious (I had already eaten the other chocolate one).


On the running front, I know some of you are interested in an update. The last couple of weeks have been tough, and frustrating. And I realised I was over-doing it. Pushing too hard, too fast. So I stepped back.

I ran without my watch, I ran for pleasure, I ran with friends, I let superwoman tell me to forget it for awhile, and I gave myself some relaxed time. And I will again. Until I have the desire to step it up.

And I think that’s a really valuable thing for me to learn. And I’m sure some of you can relate.

A goal is great, but we don’t always have to be reaching for that goal. It’s ok to have an aim, but to let it lie fallow. To wait for the time to strike.

I’m learning.

Today’s Moment


Your Turn!

Have you had a Christmas or Thanksgiving race? 
When do you know to take a step back?
Are you a chocolate person?


Beating Oprah

Beating Oprah

Today is one month since the marathon. Wow. That went fast! And guess what? I’m no longer a crazy lady. Looking back, I have no idea how I got through the last semester – but life feels a hell of a lot calmer right now.

Speaking of marathoning, Every Day Health has an article at the moment with some fun marathon facts. I had forgotten about the ‘Oprah Line’ – I totally beat Oprah’s marathon, and I well and truly smashed Katie Holmes (look, sometimes you have to one up yourselves with celebrities.



And every now and then,  a kid at work wets his pants all over the floor.

Yeah. You heard me.

Some muppet brought their child in to the gym, which really isn’t allowed. The trainer gave him an ipad (he was about 8), and he spent the next 45 minutes getting a virtual car, with virtual tyres, out of virtual mud. It was virtually loud.

Kate gym

Not what I had in mind…
And yes, I may need some extra motivation with the unpacking!

Then I looked down and noticed a puddle. I asked if it was there when he sat down,  and he shrugged it off. It wasn’t until later when we realised the chair was wet that I knew he had had an accident. Jenna – where were you!? I could have used you mad small people skills. I feel sorry for him – it must have been really embarrassing. BUT a child wet himself in front of me today. 10 points. I’m just that scary.


Cross-training and my god-damn carbs

Ok friends, what’s your cross-training of choice? Right now, I’m loving the elliptical and rower in a big way – I busted out a nice 9km before work (man it helps when you work where you work out), and then was a grump for the rest of the afternoon because I forgot that I need sugar after exercise. I swore when the clean eating PTs got all up in my grill about eating bread.

Chelsea brought me cupcakes!

I am getting so much better at not restricting my diet to extremes. For now, the cake is mine.

On that note – I am really over the clean eating thing. I get it, and it makes sense. But when it gets to the extent that you can judge someone for having gluten in their soy-lin bread…seriously? If you want to live like a monk, that’s cool. I’ll take whatever sugar you’re trying to get rid of.

Oh, and enjoy my life.

Actually – some of you are pretty good at clean eating. … … got any sugar you’re trying to get out of the house?

I hope I haven’t horrendously offended anyone – but alarm bells start ringing for me when unsolicited advice comes in the form of fat-free protein for breakfast and never eat grains.


Today’s Moment

Convincing a girl to come in for a PT session – it’s awesome to get a call where someone actually takes up the motivation they need.


Your Turn!

Ever had a workplace ‘incident’ involving a child?
If you’ve run a marathon, who have you beaten?
Cross-training of choice?


Wordless Wednesday


Your Turn!

Right now, these 7 pictures show my collision of worlds – runner meets reluctant academic in a race to the finish line. 
What 7 words represent you and your different worlds/personalities?


I’m running a marathon tomorrow


It’s that time! 12 hours from now I will be running. Thank you so, so much for all of your good luck messages over the last few days – I can’t tell you how much that has meant to me!

And a BIG thank you to everyone who has donated to the Butterfly Foundationwe’ve raised $2200, and I’m going to keep that in mind when I run tomorrow.



If you would like to track me tomorrow, head to The Melbourne Marathon App Tracker and enter my bib number – 2451.

I start at 7am AEDST and expect to finish around 11am.

Mr The Rake will have control of my twitter account during the race – he’ll keep you updated ;-)


Tales from Melbourne

You’ve probably gathered that I’m staying with my family. If you’re yet to meet them, here’s a full run down.

This morning, Big J surface around 11am, and I convinced him to go for a shake out run with me (about 2km at marathon pace).

Big J was having a rough morning – he woke up to a speeding fine, and told us how he’d

high-beamed the cops

the night before while delivering pizzas after work, and been pulled over. Apparently the cops like pizza – he was off the hook.

He finally found a long pair of compression tights, and after Mum convinced him to hide his shame and add some shorts to the mix, he downed a coconut water and off we went.

Big J hasn’t been running for awhile.

He did well though – it was over a km before he had to walk, and he kept pace! I suggested he just come along and run with me tomorrow.

He wasn’t so sure.


Like a Boss

I warned you that I was going to carb-load like a boss

My diet over the last few days has been disgusting – and so worth it. I feel fueled, hydrated, and ready to go.

Check out some of my food today:

Breakfast pancake – double strength!

The only day, ever, that I will drink this stuff full strength

Dinner – rice and chicken

I spent the day high on sugar.

I also got to hang out with a few people I met via twitter! The wonders of the internet. So I had a late lunch with Mel, Ros, Jarrod and Darryn, also running the full tomorrow.

Expect a full recap in a few days – I’m off to bed!


Today’s Moment

Meeting online friends – once upon a time I thought that was just weird online dating stuff. Nope = these people were not, I repeat not, serial killers.


Your Turn!

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen in a race?
Have you ever raised money for charity? If so, who?
What’s your favourite pre-race day ritual?

Rule of 3


Tuesday already? That little clock on the sidebar just keeps on ticking. I’m 11 days away from running the longest distance I’ve ever run!

I thoroughly enjoyed all of your negatives into positives yesterday for mental Monday. Please take the button away with you (it’s in the side-bar) and use it for good.

Mental Monday

I know a lot of you have other link ups, so just use it when and as you want – if Monday was a flop, try it on Tuesday, or use it on Sunday in preparation. It doesn’t take too much space to over-ride that negative thought, so keep ‘em coming, any day of the week!

For a bit of fun, here are three groups of three…


3 Ridiculous Happenings this Week

1. This was my face-book status for Sunday:

[Mr The Rake] just put on underwear, socks and a t-shirt and said ‘ok, see ya’ and off he went.


2. My mate (let’s call him shifty driver) left his unregistered car outside my Canberra house before prom on Friday. He and then went away for the weekend. Shifty driver left his duffel bag in my house and his car in the street for 3 days. At midnight on Monday, he arrived back in Canberra, took a taxi into the street, and when the taxi driver asked which was his house, he didn’t have the heart to say ‘none’. Shifty Driver paid the taxi fare, jumped out and immediately crossed the road to drive his unregistered car through the back streets before anyone was likely to catch him.


3. Today I got lost at the top of a straight road. To get home, I had to walk in a straight line. I turned left.


3 Fantastic Reads

These three posts were amazing this week – go check ‘em out

1. Kaila at Healthy helper Blog posted about the new obsession with ‘strong is the new skinny’ – she feels as strongly as I do that it’s not always a healthy substitute!


2. Finding Happiness by Abby from Back at Square 0. It’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference, and Abby is reminding us to take a break one in a while!


3. I lied, this is a much older post, but I love it. I hate the anti-sugar movement,   and I think the key is all things in moderation – cutting out any food entirely (with the exception of those who do it on the basis of allergy or moral grounds) is something that I don’t understand. So cheers to Kat at Katalyst Health for Why I Eat Sugar’.


3 Challenges


I love online challenges, and October has a few good ones!


1. Wicked Wallies

Less strange than it sounds! Girl Gone Sporty is running this – and the GGS ambassadors have all the inside goss ;-)


Pay $10 to be part of the challenge, which involves doing a simple ‘sit’ (squatting against a wall) once a day. The winner gets 25% of the fees as a prize, and the other 75% goes to charity. You can also register for a grant on the site!


2. Anytime Fitness Instagram Challenge

These guys have a cute challenge where you post a photo each day on a different theme (today was ‘cosy’):


3. An oldie but a goodie!

I love #PlankADay (I’ll have to give you another ‘ahem’ progress shot… sometime soon).

Use #PlankADay as a hashtag on twitter to be part of the fun – plank once a day and see those abs get stronger and stronger.

Mindy from Road Runner Girl even has a tweet plank group support network you can join!


There you go! Three groups of a rule of three on Tuesday.


Today’s Moment

Seeing all of your negatives turned into positives! That made me smile almost as much as it did you.


Your Turn!

It’s not too late! What’s your negative to turn into a positive today?
What’s a great post you’ve read this week?
Are you involved in any October challenges?