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The Dream Team

You know my rainbow week? It started with a head cold and a bunch of business problems. Sweet.

On the sunny side, this week has less puking than last week. It also has a French manicure!



This has nothing to do with running, but was clearly important enough to be on the blog.

Between last week and this, running has felt like a black hole. 

Actually, that would mean there had to be running to get sucked away in the first place.

Point is. Running = not much.

BUT I have made a conscious effort to get off my butt and get moving, even on crappy days. And over the last few days, it hit me that I finally have the ‘dream team’ I’ve wanted forever. 

You know those elite sports people who have a coach, an on-call physio, a nutritionist, a masseuse, a sports physician, and probably someone to cut up their meat before they chew it?

I’m totally one of those people now. My ragtag team consists of a nutritionist, chiro and now a personal trainer. I’m feeling pretty special!

Let me introduce…my dream team


Mr Magic Man

The chiro I love for beating the crap out of my legs once a fortnight. Other hobbies include sticking needles in me, and insulting me for fun.

Without him, my legs would fall off. Or worse, I would be taking time off running injured.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.


Ms Meals

This woman is my new hero. Last time we talked about her, she’d given me bigger breakfasts, told me to eat carbs, and had a scale with a separate number screen.

Yesterday, she gave me MORE food. She is also a former triathlete, and is all over my stomach woes and fuelling options. You know you’re onto a good one when her eyes light up talking about gu chomps and hand-helds.

Nutritionist Approved

Nutritionist Approved

Random aside – after being told to go home and have three serves of carbs for lunch yesterday, I arrived home to find nothing but white bread and pumpkin. My list of suitable carbs tells me that one serve =  2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin.

Dude. Not even I like pumpkin enough for 6 cups. And I LOVE pumpkin.


Senor Swiss Ball

Senor Swiss Ball has been a mate of mine at the gym for awhile. So I was pretty excited when he decided to use me as a guinea pig for some of his advanced training techniques. On the cards for the next few weeks is a focus on postural alignment. Apparently if your body isn’t all curved over and shit, you have a lower injury risk. And breathe better. We all like breathing. 


Of course I had to bust out some of my 2XU goodies too, which definitely helped me get to the gym.

I hated the visor photo, so I tried again. But then I posted both, so I guess that kind of misses the point.




Also – Mum, I still don’t clean my room. Or anything else.

Ain’t no-one got time for that.


Today’s Moment

Tutoring opened on Wednesday night for the first time today. We’re growing!


Your Turn!

Who would you have in your ‘dream team’?
What help do you wish you had but don’t?
What was your ‘moment’ today?


Well, crap

Today, I’m taking a leaf out of Candy Fit’s book, and stopping to take stock of the bigger picture.


Remember this one? My 42 reminds me that sometimes, you get the answer before the question, so take a chill pill and enjoy.

You see, last week was fucking awful not as pleasant as it could have been. After such a high on Sunday, I spent the next few days in a fog. I felt sick and headachey, and it just dragged on. I did mention it to Mr Magic Man, the chiro, when I saw him on Wednesday. After a little sarcastic ‘and where was my text to tell me about this?’, he got stuck into my shoulders and – voila – pain and sickness gone!

So I was overjoyed and went out to a very fancy dinner (happy graduation to Mr The Rake’s sister!) in the world’s best mood.

Flash forward 8 hours, and I was slumped over a bucket.




In the interests of irrational finger pointing, I’ll blame the chiro. Mostly because he’ll fight back. (And clearly everyone throws up after acupuncture and a knee adjustment).

The week was a bit of a write off.


This was meant to be a shiny happy post. My bad.

The point is, even though it was crap, I really don’t mind. For one thing, now that the week has been a steaming pile of poo, I fully expect the next few weeks to be full of rainbows (I’m sure there’s something eloquent to be said about the lows making the highs, but I’ll leave that to the experts).

More than that, awesome things happened. We got to celebrate Jen’s graduation in style, my body had some down time to recover after Sunday, and yesterday I hit the hills.

In fact, I felt so good I pulled a double and managed a one hour elliptical session later that afternoon. DOMS. That is all.

running the hills

…and then….

I arrived home today to find a package addressed to me.

2XU, just for funsies, delivered a completely unexpected parcel -

With new compression tights, a bag, Oakley Radars and a whole stack of other goodies, I feel like a small child diving into a ball pit.

The moral of the story is have a bad week, and be rewarded with free stuff.

That’s how life works. Right?


Finally -

A huge good luck to Abby at Back at Square 0, who is running her second marathon today. She’s had a really rough time during her training, and got really sick a couple of days ago. She’s still running!


Today’s Moment

Duh – free stuff!


Your Turn!

When did you last have a really crappy day/s?
Did things improve? How?
Are you into hill running?

Pathetic, Runner Chick!

Pathetic Runner Chick

The running fail continues, and Mr The Rake and my mother have ganged up on me. You know it’s bad when that happens.

I haven’t been feeling great.

Understatement. Last night, after I posted, I got into bed, found that the whole world was spinning, and couldn’t get up again. Mr The Rake put my pyjamas on me because any movement was too much.

This morning a pharmacist fed me some vitamin b and hydralyte. And then a small child threw up on the floor. I’m sure I’ll come good, and I already feel better. The likely culprit is iron depletion (or maybe I’ve just been reading too much of our arty runner chick?!). Running is a learning curve, after all.

Mr The Rake’s birthday is tomorrow, so I suggested getting up early to give him his present. He told me that I should sleep in.


My relationship is…special

I disagreed.

So he called my mother.

Mr The Rake told her that I ‘lick windows’ for not resting. And Mum asked me to stop licking windows and see a doctor.

So I got off the phone and told Mr The Rake that I planned to run a virtual half marathon on Saturday.


I am going to lock you up in the bathroom. 

No wait, the laundry.

I don’t want to have to shit in a bucket. 

You can shit in a bucket. 

At least they care.


Your Turn!

Are you doing the virtual half marathon? 
What do you do when you’re feeling bad?
How should Mr The Rake Celebrate his birthday? (He can’t decide) 


Happily Purple


Today I want to share the love as much as possible! After the blah, you have to seize the good, and the good can come in all sorts of packages.


Early today, I found out that Lady Gaga has started a new campaign to promote healthy body image, and reveal her own struggles with disordered eating.

Personally, I think this is brilliant – for a woman who celebrates diversity and has so much influence, being so open can only be a good thing.

What do you think?


Oh, and confession – I did attend one of her concerts earlier in the year… you can judge me, but I’m open about my love of terrible music. Mr The Rake is going to skin me alive while listening to Dream Theatre for admitting this – but pure joy is dancing to Gangnam Style and/or anything by One Direction.


The Little Things

It really is the little things that make us smile. Today I ate breakfast in bed, and then decided to spice things up by running in purple.

Oh dear

I was wearing my Spibelt for the first time since Saturday’s long run, so first I had to tape up my back and hip where I had rubbed off my skin (mmm, aren’t you glad I told you that? Watch out – I think I might have a ‘my toenail is falling off’ story in a few days).

Sadly, it was a horrible run. I managed my 7km, but my legs felt like fridges. AND crazy leaf lady was in the yard when I got home, so I had to run extra fast to avoid her.

This woman has one outfit, and every day, she spends her time in her front garden, picking up leaves and twigs, one by one, and throwing them onto the road.

Autumn is a very stressful time for her. 

Tangent: Crazy Leaf Lady later knocked on our door asking for a can of coke, and then forgot she had come around, and came back again ten minutes later.

But it was all ok – because then I went to an international law meeting, and got my hoodie!


I am having quite the purple day


After a fabulous afternoon at work, I finished with a Thai dinner. Bliss! Tomorrow is my first ever prom (I’ll tell you all about it :-)

), so no post tomorrow night.

In sum, I am getting over my plague cold, and want everyone to feel as purple happy as possible. Go forth and spread the STIs love.


Today’s Moment

I caught up with Miss Emily, my moot partner. It has been far too long since we sat down and had a good gossip.


Your Turn!

What made you happy today?
What music do you listen to?
What do you think of Gaga’s Body Revolution?
How do you bounce back from a bad run?
If you’re American, can you share something that happened at your prom? 


Training like a rectangle

I am the rectangle

My body has been unhappy over the last couple of days, so I’ve been paying more attention to it (much like a small, squealing child).

I’ve also been considering various bits and pieces of my anatomy as injury has struck again and again.

And it got me thinking about my body more generally. In the shallow kind of way -

not the

The kneebone’s connected to the… something. The something’s connected to the… red thing. The red thing’s connected to my wrist watch

kind of way.


It was only recently that I realised that no matter how much I did or didn’t eat, I would never have a waist.

What I want:

I have Scarlett envy!



*Please note that I have no intention of criticising my body, or anyone else’s – it just struck me that I can’t work out or eat my way to a waist – I think I have about 2cm between my ribs and hips! That took me 24 years to figure out?!*

No waist!

I was musing on this the other night, telling Mr The Rake that he was dating a rectangle.

His response?

I am the eggman, I am the eggman, I am the rectang-

I’m sorry, you are out of syllables 


Point is, we can’t change our body shape. My body is absolutely fine, but I think we all have a bit of body envy. Improved fitness is bitter-sweet for me – the fitter I get, the better I feel, and the more rectangular I become!

Do any of you wish you had a shape different to the one you have?

I can’t believe it took me so long to figure this out. I can stand on a treadmill all day, or I can eat chocolate all day, or I can do targeted exercises. I will never look like Scarlett.

In a nutshell…


Actually, if you’re interested in reading a bit more about diet fads and the crazy pressure we all feel to be thin, check out this post and review by Katie. I can’t tell you how much I love this.

Love your body.

K. Rant over.

Now for something completely different

Let’s get something out of the way before this post continues.

I am not superwoman

I do not always have a good workout

I doubt myself all the time (I had a really lovely comment today about continuing even though I’ve had reasons to pull out – you don’t want to know how many draft posts I have here questioning pulling out, and preparing for that ‘announcement’)

Last night I stayed up way too late writing an essay. That’s not really a big deal in itself, but I’d been feeling achey and tired and sick. Mr The Rake was kind enough to beat my back into a pulp before he went to bed – but something was just off.

So this morning, when my tummy got even worse, I wasn’t the world’s chirpiest human being.

- Always on the look out for a pick me up, I over-shared on Facebook and asked for smiles. … Here are a couple of the ‘responses’ I got!



Would these make you smile?

Hitting the gym helps!

I went to my PT session at the gym anyway – my third and final session with Dave.

But on the way, I called in a bit of Mum support. Even 900km away (remember – that little calculator is down the bottom of the page for you miles people!), this adult still needs her Mum!

I was stressed, tired, cranky, and not thrilled about the interval session I had scheduled after my weights.

As Mum said,

Mum’s just telling you what your body is telling you

The judgment? Stop! Have a rest, go home, and watch TV.

So I did, kind of.

I hate rest days, and I hate unscheduled rest days, but at least I got a strength session in. And, on the bright side, carbo-load day has come early! Tomorrow is my long run so I can get ready for Sunday’s 10km. 


Today’s Moment

Tomorrow I am doing my long run (a day early) – which means…Pad Thai!


Your Turn

What body shape do you wish you had? (guys and girls!)
What made you accept the body you’re in?
Do you ever call a parent for advice?
What makes you smile when you’re feeling down?