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Superfood Me


Dear everyone, I am looking forward to being back in the thick of all things blog-related over the next week. So much news! Next weekend I am running a half marathon, and meeting some bloggers to boot.

Right now though, I am swimming in superfoods.


Life’s good ;-)

Cheap Superfoods were kind enough to send some spirulina and goji berries my way. For all you Aussies who are into the slightly too healthy for your shirt thing, Cheap Superfoods is all about getting the high quality stuff to you as cheaply as possible. It’s all online, and there are no frills. Honestly, I’m glad they contacted me. I know I’ll be ordering from them again.

This time around, I received (free) a packet of Goji Berries, and packet of Spirulina.

Say what?! As in, what the hell is spirulina? I’ve been intrigued for ages, so I jumped at the chance to review it.

So what’s the big deal?

Amino acids. Also B12. Also, an awfully large amount of protein for such a small quantity. For those non-carnivores among us, it’s apparently an excellent source of protein and nutrients – it’s a complete protein, which I understand is quite rare for a non-dead animal delicacy.


This stuff is crazy. I have to admit that I was initially scared of it. I kept opening up the packet, being overwhelmed by the earthy smell,and closing it again.

Finally, I braved it, and threw a teaspoon into my morning pancake.

And you know what? It was good. Green. But good.


I also received Goji Berries. I was a little suss on these too (such a cynical person Kate!). I was worried that they would be bitter.


Turns out, when you throw them into your salad, they have an incredible texture. I’ll be continuing to add these babies to my lunch. Apparently they decrease inflammation (though sadly no-one has indicated it can improve swollen knees or shin splints) and have a truck-load of vitamins.

Organic Goji Berries

From site


The verdict? Love it!

Wheat grass, cacao and chia are next on my list


Your Turn!

Have you ever tried a superfood? 
Do you have a favourite? 
What’s the strangest thing you’ve cooked with?

Back in Motion – an Aussie Giveaway

You know what helps after a bad race? Hitting the gym at 6am.

I’m joking.

It didn’t help.

Actually, it’s not a big deal. I loved all of your comments and advice. And I’m looking forward to my next chance to have a good go at a 10km!


Get Yourself Back in Motion



Some time ago, I received a copy of Jason Smith’s book, Get Yourself Back in Motion. I was asked to review it AND for one lucky Aussie reader, you get a copy too. (The book was given to me for free in exchange for a review).

Smith is a physio, and has his own treatment process, called Results4Life.

At the heart of the book is the premise that most of us live a life where being ‘well’ is a transitory state – something to enjoy between long stints of feeling less tan 100%. Smith argues that all of us can feel great almost all of the time – if we look after our bodies.

This is something I can get on board with.

And feeling well all the time? Who doesn’t want that? I know I’m preaching to the choir here – most of us are quite into fitness, and think we take great care of our bodies. However, what I took away from the book was that I don’t give myself enough time to recover – or have enough regard for what my body actually needs. For me, that means easy days and much, much more stretching. And, even more simply, POSTURE. There is a whole chapter on posture and core.  In this way, the book is really useful – it has some great tips and advice, and a few graphics to help you get things back on track.


But is it a good read?

Yes and No.

Originally, I have to confess I was a little confused as to who the target audience for. When I asked, the response, was

People who want to get healthy and active but may not know how.


Health-conscious and fit people who want to stay motivated and reach optimal levels of health for life.

That kind of makes sense. The book is very detailed, and quite heavy on the text. There aren’t many graphics, and it’s incredibly informative, rather than anecdotal. It’s probably a bit too intense for someone just starting out on their fitness goals, but equally, it’s not going to be enough for a seasoned trainer or someone in the industry.

In that way, the book hits its niche – someone like me, who know a bit, is interested but doesn’t have the experience or training to know this stuff back to front.


Here’s what I loved:

It’s straight-forward and practical. Simple tips like ‘practice’ and ‘be consistent’ are applied to bio-mechanics. We should be able to move more freely than we do. We shouldn’t be in pain. It seems so simple, and yet, here we are. I’m slumped over the couch typing. You’re probably in some bizarre one-shoe off position sipping a coffee and leaning down to grab something off the floor…

Smith tries to help us get back to a happy state. And he’s pragmatic about it.

Mr The Rake models poor posture for the camera

Mr The Rake models poor posture for the camera


Want one?

Are you in Australia?

Do you want a copy of Get Yourself Back in Motion?

It makes a great guide to your body (there’s even a short chapter called ‘Getting Under your Skin: medical school in 15 minutes’). As a practical guide to living comfortably and healthily, it’s the Reader’s Digest for the body.

Here’s how to win:

Comment below, and mention that you’re an Aussie. If you’re having trouble commenting, I’ll also accept comments on the Run with Kate Facebook page.


What are you waiting for?!


U B Safe Now

Wow. A lot of you had some really great comments on running on an empty stomach.

In the ‘don’t eat’ camp - my Dad thinks it helps you get faster, especially when getting faster over shorter distances. Kayla reckons I’ll get used to it. Cristina seems to think it’s no biggie (tough apparently she’s an almond butter fiend!) and she’s a crazy triathlete, so if she can do it, I can :-P


In the ‘feed me’ column are my Auntie Mardi, who I really seem to take after when running, and Abby, who seems to be more similar to my normal routine – food but not too much.


Stupid body – why can’t it just do what I want it to?


The U-B-Safe 1

Ok, so check out this nifty device:


From the website

Any clues as to what it does?

Imagine it on a hat or headband; or, as I did, on your running tank.

This little thing measures your exposure to UV, and tells you when you’ve had your daily dose. It turns out that my daily dose is often long before I would like it to be!

UB Safe 1

See how I have mine on ’2′? It means that my skin-type is just slightly more hardy than ‘always burn’.

You can reset it every day so that it records your daily dose for your skin type. The idea is that once it starts beeping (it sings), you head inside away from those nasty UV rays and potential skin cancer. Given the disturbing rate of melanoma in Australia, the idea is brilliant. It prevents cancer.

The U-B-Safe-1 is solar-powered, and clips on to a hat or headband. Personally, I don’t wear a hat running (I can hear you tsssking) so I tried it out on my headband and on my tank instead. The solar panels are at the top, so the less obstruction there is, the better.

The good news is that it’s easy to use, requires no effort or upkeep, is water-resistant, and helps you to monitor your exposure to dangerous rays.

On the downside, wearing it on your hat does make you look like a bit of a tool – but being sun safe doesn’t revolve around fashion!

More importantly, I, like many runners, am neurotic and will never end my run for anyone. Not for dogs. Not for wet weather. Not for hills. Not for lack of footpath. Not for tired legs. And not, not, not, for a little device that beeps at the turn-around point of a 10km run. When you’re 5km from home, there’s just no going inside. So I knew I’d had my share of UV, and yet my only real option was to turn off the thing and keep running. Not particularly helpful – or healthy.

And, as an aside, it too me ages to figure out why I could hear something beeping. I stopped and checked my watch at least 5 times before I remembered I was wearing the device!

Don’t get me wrong, this thing is brilliant. If you’re someone who spend a lot of time in the sun, it’s well worth it. Details are on the website.

However, neurotic runners be warned – are you really going to listen to it?

*I was given the U-B-Safe-1 to try, for free. I wasn’t paid, but I was given a run-down on its benefits and uses. And I really do think it’s great ;-)



Finally, it’s the last day of the month – so head over to the Goal Getter challenge and get those goals up on instagram.

Tomorrow I am going to feature a couple of goals, and hopefully we can inspire each other to keep ‘em coming! On the last day of each month, tag a picture with #goalgetter2013 on instagram, and share what you’ve achieved. 

In January, my goal was to get faster. At the moment, I run a 10km at a 12km/hr pace (5 mins/km).

This is last week’s tempo:


I’m getting faster!



Your Turn!

What was your goal for January?
Have you achieved it?
Would you use the U-B-Safe-1?
How do you protect yourself from the sun?


Crack. And the Bionade Review.


Thursday is usually Fit Nut day here (and I’m always on the look out for Fit Nuts – do you do sport, at all? Fill out a quick survey here).

However, today I have something cool to review. Do you remember that I got addicted to Diet Coke and Pepsi Max a few months ago? After using coke as a cleaning substance, I made a decision to quit (I like that. I sound hard-core, like I’ve been to rehab and lived to tell the tale).


I’m happy to report that while I have had a couple of cokes since, I’m definitely over the need for it. I don’t even like it very much any more. And for any of you who are curious about the whole ‘quitting’ process, I tried a few things:

  • Strong black tea and some green tea helped with the caffeine withdrawal
  • When I wanted bubbles, I used soda water with a bit of lemon and sea salt
  • I told Mr The Rake I was giving it up, so even though he had it in the house, he would remind me that I’d given it up every time I said ‘man I could go a can of coke’
  • I just stopped. Life’s short.

After that post, I was contacted by some representatives of Bionade, a light soft-drink with all natural ingredients.


Bionade is a German creation that sells itself as a completely natural, certified-organic soft-drink. It’s brewed, beer style. I didn’t realise what this meant until I found myself at a party the night before a half marathon. Not too sweet, it was just like drinking a cider – minus the alcohol.


I was super excited by the lychee one – I think it’s my favourite flavour of fruit. Sadly, I knocked it over in my excitement and had to spend the next half an hour mopping up Bionade and glass shards. A small reminder stayed in my foot for the rest of the day.

At first I was all

yeah, cool, something to try out and post about

But…I loved it. I’ve been looking out for it because for me, it’s the perfect party drink when I don’t want to drink. Especially over summer.

I’m a self-confessed calorie counter, though I do much less of it these days, and the entire bottle clocked in under 100 calories. Way better than a cider or a lemonade.



Apparently it’s hitting Australian stores soon, and can already be ordered online.

In sum – really cool, and quite unique. On a summer’s night, it was the ideal replacement for my addiction.



Your Turn!

Have you ever come across Bionade?
Are you a diet coke drinker or hater?
What’s your favourite party drink?


It’s about your feet



I’ve been catching up on some of my favourite blogs today, and there are a few shout outs to be had!

First, Miss Kierston Fu (Candy Fit) managed to place first in her figure competition! Check out the post if you’re interested – Kierston documents her journey to the stage and has some great pics too.

Gina and Jes ran the Marine Corps Marathon last week. They braved Sandy, and both had a few difficulties along the way. I admire with both of them, and it’s worth checking out Jes’s post at rUnladylike, and Gina’s at Noshing on Asphalt.

Jenelle, from Mummy Loves to Run, smashed a really warm 5km in Adelaide – and even though she isn’t thrilled with her time, she was quick and competitive!

Finally, Amy won her age group in her half marathon (a really competitive age group too! 25-29).

And I don’t know how her running is going, but I ordered Cait Chock’s latest shirt – check it out at her store. I get to write my own fortune!

run your fortune dream


It’s about your feet

I thought my feet would heal up after the marathon. They haven’t.

For now, I’ll spare you the black toenail shot, but here is a side view of the skin peeling away, bit by bit. I’m concerned that one of these days it will turn out I have opened a secret foot trap door, and the skin in fact covers a secret compartment for stashing drugs.

Kate's toe

After the blood blisters, the skin hardened up, and started peeling off. Yum!

I felt like a pretty lucky runner-blogger chick when I got home to Sydney and found a package waiting for me.


A bottle of Fixaderm was waiting to soothe this runner’s sore feet (oh, and a nasty pimple courtesy of pop-tarts, the Sydney-Canberra climate difference, and the whole moving house thing).


Really hoping they didn’t contact me for jock itch…

I wasn’t expecting much from it – what can a bottle of essential oils do that a bandaid and some moisturiser can’t?

I was surprised. So my feet haven’t healed overnight, but it was definitely a relief to use the oil. And – I can use it on the pimple too! Believe me, it’s taking over my face – no Kate photo today :-P


Oils aren’t usually my go to for skin issues – but I’m starting to wonder if there’s something to this! These feet aren’t getting better any time soon. I plan to continue experimenting.


***Fixaderm sent me a free product for review, but haven’t paid me it. I’m going to be completely upfront and tell you that I do accept products and promotions where they fit with the blog, and will always tell you whether I’ve been given anything or paid. It only seems fair! But know that I only take on jobs where I think you’ll enjoy it, and it fits the blog’s topics and values***

And they do, in fact, donate all profits to charity.


Today’s Moment

Not studying!


Your Turn!

What has inspired you this week?
Are you into using oil to clear up skin problems?
Do you have runner feet?