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I’m in Sydney. Do we like Bananas?

Some Sweet Driving

Today was the drive back to Sydney.

I have this bad GREAT habit when I drive. On a trip between Canberra and Sydney, I must stop for

A Peppermint Freddo Frog



A Pepsi


And it makes my trip happy!

Just after I bought my freddo!


Get Chicking

I also got my Get Chicking Shirt from Cait Chock.

This was the highlight of Sunday. And today I put mine on for a 5km run when I arrived in Sydney.

Before the run

What it actually says is

I’m out to Chick you.

And for good measure

The back is the best bit!

I did indeed chick someone. There was a man running with his dog and I had to push past with an ‘excuse me’ and BAM, he was chicked.

I think it has something to do with my new superfood.

The Banana

I’ve been a hater for awhile, and it was time to give it another try -

Still a bit suss

So, bananas. Are we pro or con?

I don’t love the texture, but I’ve been enjoying them more lately.

On Monday, I was really busy, and out of the house for most of the day. I waited until after work to go to the gym, so I needed something to keep me going through my 7pm-9pm workout.

And it worked. Though I feel more testing is necessary.

Possibly, my amazing workout was improved by the sheer quantity of protein I’ve been eating lately. Like most people, I go through food phases, and at the moment I’m loving my Greek yogurt (by the way, the wonderful people at Chobani Australia offered me some free yogurt after my last post, just so you know ;-)

), chicken and eggs.

Now is the time to look away vegetarians and vegans…

Because yesterday I had an anthropology lecture on animal welfare. It was focussed on chickens, and there was a lot of graphic imagery. Half-way through the lecture we had a break for lunch and I was STARVING.

Guess what I took for my lunch?


That was awkward.

OK, it’s Safe to Look

Between protein and bananas, my gym workouts have been getting better and better (even if not running as much as I want is frustrating!).

I’m still ding my #PlankADay, though I’m not always holding them as long! I have been trying to do more core work generally, as well as push ups and other exercises that involve my core.

Progress shot – 20 August

I’m hopeful that it will make me a stronger runner in the long term.

Today’s Moment

My Klout cards came! I got my perk, from Moo (it’s not even worth explaining – I got free business cards).


Hooray! And apologies for the dodgy photography.

Your Turn

Bananas – love or loathe?
What’s your favourite protein hit?
What’s your filthy driving habit?

Change it up

First off, I want to give a shout out to Ruby at Focus Woman, who spent some time emailing me and giving me some tips to get motivated for writing my thesis.

I’ve also been inspired by her review of a chiro she visited, and I’m going to see one on Friday to see if they have any better ideas about my entire right leg.

The bad leg

I’m onto you, Mr Right Leg

Check this out – to ward off the dreaded splints, I’ve been using ibuprofen gel on my leg and covering it in cling wrap. Genius. Does anyone else do this? I got the idea from my mate Sam – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Workout Wednesday

After Monday’s mini-melt-down and a 10km early on Tuesday morning, which was an icy hellish nightmare a pleasant out and back to Kaleen, in the north, Wednesday loomed and interval training was on the agenda.

Problem. My gym access is limited to Sydney for another week or so (after 30 days you can use any gym in the franchise). I had spent an extra night in Canberra, and was heading back to Sydney, but to the wrong suburb to spend an evening with Mr The Rake’s family (while he, conveniently, was on the other side of the country entirely, working on some cases in Perth).

All of this meant that intervals were impossible, and I was short of time. In the spirit of trying new things, and with the knowledge that I can get extraordinarily obsessive about my workout schedule, I decided to throw the plan out for the day and try a home workout.

A few of the blogs I read have posts about home-based workouts, so I got out my weights:



4kg each

And hooked up my elliptical:



Home elliptical

And set myself up.


Ready to work out!

Squats, lunges, push-ups, walkouts, a few burpees for Mindy, hip raises and front and side planks. I kept thinking I wasn’t really do anything – but it took me 45 minutes or so, and for limited resources, I feel it was a good compromise.

The home gym review? Doesn’t really float my boat. I’d rather be at the gym. But it’s certainly better than nothing. Sadly I didn’t have time for the elliptical, so I just got cross and made lunch instead.


Still going! I’m on an unbroken #PlankADay streak. BUT it’s been really hit and miss recently. I hit 3 minutes about a week ago, but since then I’ve only been able to go anywhere between 1 and 2 ½ minutes.

Progress shots from yesterday:

Kate's tummy

8 August

Kate's Tummy

8 August

Compared to

My tummy!

21 July

I know the second one is a dodgy photo – I don’t really notice a change – and I don’t really care. As long as they’re strong enough to hold me together while I run!

I’ll tell you what, I ain’t looking like Candy Fit! That’s ok though – I still eat cake and she’s about to do a figure competition! Go check it out if you’re interested.

Impulse Purchase

In other news, my 22-year-old brother, who still lives at home with the parents in Melbourne, bought a bath tub. It gets delivered on Friday. This may be the straw that breaks the parental camel’s back.

Today’s Moment:

I got back to Sydney after a 3 ½ hour drive to my in-laws, and Mr The Rake’s sister had dinner ready. Family is awesome!

Your Turn!

Have you ever done a home workout? What did you think?
Do you stick to a schedule for exercise, or are you flexible?
Best impulse buy? Can you beat a bath tub? 

It’s on!

I’ve been sitting around waiting for my foot to recover. Actually, I’m not good at sitting around. I’ve been hitting the gym, learning to tape up my limbs, watching the olympics, hitting the gym some more, and driving too and from Canberra.

Sweating pink in my gym gear

Here I am ‘sweating pink’ and attempting to show you my *muscles*

The Foot is on

Well, it always was. But now I can run on it again. I got some super hot ‘hot mould’ inserts that the physio warmed up and smushed into my shoes. Combined with a bit o’ this:


I should be right. I ran 5km yesterday. It was so exciting to be out on the road again!

I’m still on schedule, I can still run a marathon, and I need to not get injured.

The Plank Challenge is on

Was on. On Monday.

I did 8 planks in 8 hours in some ridiculous situations. Between lectures – always good. And in front of a cafe with friends.

Me in my pyjamas

Getting ready for my first plank


Andrew Planking

My mate Andrew planking


Study room plank

Study room plank

Here’s my latest plank video – if you aren’t hating on them yet!


Robert and Sarah are fellow plankers. Here’s another from Christina – she’s celebrating her birthday.


Get Chicking is on

Rach, Lil, Peta and I are ordering T-Shirts from one of my favourite running artists, Cait Chock.

Get Chicking Shirt

The Get Chicking Shirt

We’re going to get chicking in Australia. Want one? They’re from the US, and cost $30. 

Today’s Moment

Today I had a chat to Dad, and he’s planned out a running route for me so he can ride alongside me for my 25km run when I’m next in Melbourne. Best Dad ever.

Your Turn!

How is your running going (if you run)?
What’s something that’s coming up that you’re excited about?
Have you ever been struck with a really irritating little injury that wouldn’t be  problem if you weren’t using that part of your body so much? Permission to rant granted. 

Training Update and the Power Plank


I am still taped up and not running. I’m doing everything I can to make sure it heals asap! Between podiatry, physio and being stubborn, it hopefully shouldn’t take too long, just a big whack to the credit card.


Rocking the Runners

That’s right, I’m back to wearing my runners EVERYWHERE. Check out my video and you’ll see the classic ‘runners and a skirt’ look.


While I’m not running, I’m trying to do a zillion other things to keep my fitness up. For me, that’s some water running, elliptical work, and some cycling, while being really careful not to aggravate things.

Which leads to…planking

I’m still doing strength work, including my core. So how better to remind myself than Plank A Day?!

I got bored with a regular plank last week – so I videoed mine and told a story. You know, just for funsies.


But now it’s time to step it up a notch – and this is where you come in!

The #PowerPlank challenge is on Monday – 8 planks in 8 hours.


[The rules are simple:

  • 1 plank each hour
  • Time your plank and save a screen shot to instagram

Those of you on facebook know all about it by now!

Facebook Plank Love

Facebook Plank Love


Head to Road Runner Girl or Running and Baking, Oh My for competition details to win a couple of specially made shirts.

I will be at uni, looking bizarre, so I would be grateful for some plankers/photographers!

Looking forward to planking with you, and to some great photos!

Today’s Moment

I went to the gym – after hours (I had dinner at about 10pm, so it’s cool, right?). My little key let me in!

Your Turn

Are you going to join the #PowerPlank challenge?
What’s holding you back from what you want to be doing?
What’s your embarrassing wardrobe combo?