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The Dream Team

You know my rainbow week? It started with a head cold and a bunch of business problems. Sweet.

On the sunny side, this week has less puking than last week. It also has a French manicure!



This has nothing to do with running, but was clearly important enough to be on the blog.

Between last week and this, running has felt like a black hole. 

Actually, that would mean there had to be running to get sucked away in the first place.

Point is. Running = not much.

BUT I have made a conscious effort to get off my butt and get moving, even on crappy days. And over the last few days, it hit me that I finally have the ‘dream team’ I’ve wanted forever. 

You know those elite sports people who have a coach, an on-call physio, a nutritionist, a masseuse, a sports physician, and probably someone to cut up their meat before they chew it?

I’m totally one of those people now. My ragtag team consists of a nutritionist, chiro and now a personal trainer. I’m feeling pretty special!

Let me introduce…my dream team


Mr Magic Man

The chiro I love for beating the crap out of my legs once a fortnight. Other hobbies include sticking needles in me, and insulting me for fun.

Without him, my legs would fall off. Or worse, I would be taking time off running injured.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.


Ms Meals

This woman is my new hero. Last time we talked about her, she’d given me bigger breakfasts, told me to eat carbs, and had a scale with a separate number screen.

Yesterday, she gave me MORE food. She is also a former triathlete, and is all over my stomach woes and fuelling options. You know you’re onto a good one when her eyes light up talking about gu chomps and hand-helds.

Nutritionist Approved

Nutritionist Approved

Random aside – after being told to go home and have three serves of carbs for lunch yesterday, I arrived home to find nothing but white bread and pumpkin. My list of suitable carbs tells me that one serve =  2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin.

Dude. Not even I like pumpkin enough for 6 cups. And I LOVE pumpkin.


Senor Swiss Ball

Senor Swiss Ball has been a mate of mine at the gym for awhile. So I was pretty excited when he decided to use me as a guinea pig for some of his advanced training techniques. On the cards for the next few weeks is a focus on postural alignment. Apparently if your body isn’t all curved over and shit, you have a lower injury risk. And breathe better. We all like breathing. 


Of course I had to bust out some of my 2XU goodies too, which definitely helped me get to the gym.

I hated the visor photo, so I tried again. But then I posted both, so I guess that kind of misses the point.




Also – Mum, I still don’t clean my room. Or anything else.

Ain’t no-one got time for that.


Today’s Moment

Tutoring opened on Wednesday night for the first time today. We’re growing!


Your Turn!

Who would you have in your ‘dream team’?
What help do you wish you had but don’t?
What was your ‘moment’ today?


Superfood Me


Dear everyone, I am looking forward to being back in the thick of all things blog-related over the next week. So much news! Next weekend I am running a half marathon, and meeting some bloggers to boot.

Right now though, I am swimming in superfoods.


Life’s good ;-)

Cheap Superfoods were kind enough to send some spirulina and goji berries my way. For all you Aussies who are into the slightly too healthy for your shirt thing, Cheap Superfoods is all about getting the high quality stuff to you as cheaply as possible. It’s all online, and there are no frills. Honestly, I’m glad they contacted me. I know I’ll be ordering from them again.

This time around, I received (free) a packet of Goji Berries, and packet of Spirulina.

Say what?! As in, what the hell is spirulina? I’ve been intrigued for ages, so I jumped at the chance to review it.

So what’s the big deal?

Amino acids. Also B12. Also, an awfully large amount of protein for such a small quantity. For those non-carnivores among us, it’s apparently an excellent source of protein and nutrients – it’s a complete protein, which I understand is quite rare for a non-dead animal delicacy.


This stuff is crazy. I have to admit that I was initially scared of it. I kept opening up the packet, being overwhelmed by the earthy smell,and closing it again.

Finally, I braved it, and threw a teaspoon into my morning pancake.

And you know what? It was good. Green. But good.


I also received Goji Berries. I was a little suss on these too (such a cynical person Kate!). I was worried that they would be bitter.


Turns out, when you throw them into your salad, they have an incredible texture. I’ll be continuing to add these babies to my lunch. Apparently they decrease inflammation (though sadly no-one has indicated it can improve swollen knees or shin splints) and have a truck-load of vitamins.

Organic Goji Berries

From site


The verdict? Love it!

Wheat grass, cacao and chia are next on my list


Your Turn!

Have you ever tried a superfood? 
Do you have a favourite? 
What’s the strangest thing you’ve cooked with?

It’s ok, we can keep eating yogurt

By way of explanation (rather than apology!) I haven’t been in a crazy angry funk. I haven’t been sitting in a hole eating tubs of ice cream. I haven’t been rocking in the corner. I’ve just been working. A lot. And with the time off running, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to build the business, and take on some extra work.

Back to work

Back to work

So here we are, on Saturday (and promises that the Fit Nut feature will be back up and running next Thursday!). I am 1 1/2 weeks into my 2 week running break, and yesterday, I met the nutritionist.

I went in hopeful, but not expecting a magic bullet.


This woman was awesome. She got it. Without me having to go into detail on much, she knew exactly where I was coming from, and just accepted (and appreciated) that I:

a) run crazy long distances for fun and train 8-10 hours a week.

b) have two sides of my brain that clash between ‘eat cake’ and ‘carbs are evil’

Chelsea brought me cupcakes!

Now I want cake…

c) understand the fundamentals of food and training

d) am insanely structured in everything I do.

So here’s why I have a major nutritionist crush:

  • She had scales that were separated from the reading – she knew my weight but I didn’t have to know
  • She was totally pro my yogurt addiction (and she likes Chobani too!)
  • She was an iron-man triathlete and still cycles
  • She liked my diet and simply helped me re-order it
  • She referred me to a new GP who understands running
  • She introduced me to the concept of periodisation

There was no bullshit, no lists or elimination diets, so back to basics explanations and no shock when it came to marathon running. She took everything in her stride, suggested I keep some lacteeze tablets in my handbag for impromptu mudcake situations, and based everything around my training schedule – including light and heavy sessions. I have a guide to quantities and types of foods, but the freedom to eat whatever I choose.

Most of all, she gave me structure. Sweet structure. For me, some of her most basic tips – like the number of fistfuls of carbs to eat at lunch-time (as opposed to skipping the carbs and picking chocolate instead) – were an incredible relief. Someone else took charge of my diet, and I gladly relinquished it.


Your Turn!

What’s one food you cannot get enough of in your diet?
Are you a neurotic structured runner chick like me, or do you go with the flow a little more?
How important do you think the relationship between food and training is?



Want to win?


I’ve been hinting at a Give-away all week – but clearly I had to try out the goods first!

This week, this runner received a package from Nudie Juices, an Australian company that has a huge collection of juices. I’d tried them before, but I hadn’t tried the latest range – V-Nudie Nothing But Range.

The Nudies I got in the mail!

These juices are purely fruit and veg. No preservatives. No added sugar. Nothing.

I like my fruit and veg. A lot. But I rarely juice it.

Packed lunch ;-)

And that was my first thought – can’t I just juice my own? Sure. But I don’t. And I certainly wouldn’t do it in this ratio – Nudie have found the perfect way to balance apple and kiwi with a bit of cucumber, and orange and carrot with ginger.

My absolute favourite was the apple, cucumber, and kiwi. Perfect with breakfast (or for a sneaky after-work swig).

Followed by the carrot, orange and ginger, which had a nice little bite. More a lunch time thing!

While I appreciated the idea behind the beetroot, pineapple, carrot, apple and mint, it was a little too…intense for my taste. I’d be curious to hear what our winner thinks!


Want some juice?

So here’s the deal. The kind people at Nudie have agreed to send a package to one lucky reader. The catch is that the winner has to be from NSW, Victoria, or the ACT (in Australia) due to the need to ensure that the juice is delivered fresh and cold!

So – how do you win?

Are you from NSW, Vic or ACT?

Great, you have three ways to win!

1. Leave a comment with your name and state/territory

Then, if you want more chances to win, you can also:

2. Like the blog on facebook (www.facebook.com/runwithkate), then leave a second comment telling me you have, and

3. Follow me on Instagram (@RunwithKate) leaving a separate comment saying you now follow me on IG. 

You can leave up to three comments – that’s three chances each!


From elsewhere? You can still win.

Here’s a bonus!

If you aren’t from NSW, Victoria or the ACT, you can still comment in the same way.

Your prize? Get treated like royalty for a day! That’s comments on your posts (if you blog), a feature on Run with Kate, re-tweets, a shout out on Facebook, and a link to your last post (or one that you choose).  An example is here.

Happy weekend -

Now get commenting!

Go win some juice!

The winner will be drawn on Monday, Australian time (Sunday night US). You have all weekend to enter. 


Your Turn!

1. Your name and State
2. Follow me on Facebook
3. Follow me on Instagram 

I’m running a marathon tomorrow


It’s that time! 12 hours from now I will be running. Thank you so, so much for all of your good luck messages over the last few days – I can’t tell you how much that has meant to me!

And a BIG thank you to everyone who has donated to the Butterfly Foundationwe’ve raised $2200, and I’m going to keep that in mind when I run tomorrow.



If you would like to track me tomorrow, head to The Melbourne Marathon App Tracker and enter my bib number – 2451.

I start at 7am AEDST and expect to finish around 11am.

Mr The Rake will have control of my twitter account during the race – he’ll keep you updated ;-)


Tales from Melbourne

You’ve probably gathered that I’m staying with my family. If you’re yet to meet them, here’s a full run down.

This morning, Big J surface around 11am, and I convinced him to go for a shake out run with me (about 2km at marathon pace).

Big J was having a rough morning – he woke up to a speeding fine, and told us how he’d

high-beamed the cops

the night before while delivering pizzas after work, and been pulled over. Apparently the cops like pizza – he was off the hook.

He finally found a long pair of compression tights, and after Mum convinced him to hide his shame and add some shorts to the mix, he downed a coconut water and off we went.

Big J hasn’t been running for awhile.

He did well though – it was over a km before he had to walk, and he kept pace! I suggested he just come along and run with me tomorrow.

He wasn’t so sure.


Like a Boss

I warned you that I was going to carb-load like a boss

My diet over the last few days has been disgusting – and so worth it. I feel fueled, hydrated, and ready to go.

Check out some of my food today:

Breakfast pancake – double strength!

The only day, ever, that I will drink this stuff full strength

Dinner – rice and chicken

I spent the day high on sugar.

I also got to hang out with a few people I met via twitter! The wonders of the internet. So I had a late lunch with Mel, Ros, Jarrod and Darryn, also running the full tomorrow.

Expect a full recap in a few days – I’m off to bed!


Today’s Moment

Meeting online friends – once upon a time I thought that was just weird online dating stuff. Nope = these people were not, I repeat not, serial killers.


Your Turn!

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen in a race?
Have you ever raised money for charity? If so, who?
What’s your favourite pre-race day ritual?