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Runner Rambles

Runner rambles today – we’re talking shoes, sunscreen, and, of course, mental Monday!

I’ve made plenty of running mistakes, and I figure I’m not the only one who’s learnt the hard way. Here’s a short-cut for the very new to running – and I’d love to hear whether the more experienced can relate.


Too much running and no clue as to my own niggles and symptoms gave me a nice few weeks in the pool while I got over my body’s woes. I wrote a whole lot of information about it in Marathon Training – what they don’t tell you. Getting fitted for shoes is super important – go and find a good store with people who actually know how to fit you. And sun safe? This is what got me thinking.

Have a great Monday!

Mental Monday



Your Turn!

Mental Monday moment?
What did you totally stuff up when you first started running?
Have you found your Cinderella shoes?
How do you protect yourself from the sun? 

Speed up and mind the bumps!

Mr The Rake totally stole the show last night, and you guys crashed the page trying to check it out. By ll means, if you haven’t seen it yet, go there.

Mental Monday is therefore today. Tuesday has been postponed for a second.

You can link in your own blog or fb page, or just comment below. Tell me your negative thought for this week – then tell me a positive one you can focus on instead!

Mental Monday




Here’s my negative: I’m not as fast or ‘runner-like’ as I’d like to be!

My positive: I have Grey’s anatomy, a foul-mouthed boyfriend, and the world’s best job. Oh wait, that was three.


And I don’t want comments on ‘oh, you’re a great runner’ – face it, we all have this thought from time to time.

So let’s move forward and get faster!

Just like my cruel joke of a workout this morning -

I checked my calculator to progress my intervals. Looking forward to a nice 400m or 800m repeat, I had a choice:

1.6km intervals or 10 min tempo intervals. 


The worst photo I could find to sum up the session.

The worst photo I could find to sum up the session.



Today’s moment:

Kathryn joined me for this morning’s interval session – it was the first time she’d tried it, and she carved up.



Your Turn!

Mental Monday Moment?
How do you get faster?


5 1/2 Seasons Less Shit than your Girlfriend

I just received the best compliment!


Why this picture? I felt like it.

Tonight, Mr The Rake and I had dinner with another couple.

Mr X:

Kate, do you watch Gossip Girl?


A bit

Mr The Rake:

Oh, you watched the first half of season one.

Mr X:

Congratulations, that’s 5 1/2 seasons less shit than my girlfriend. Wanna swap?



Mental Monday

Play along time! For those who haven’t participated in Mental Monday, it’s a chance to take a negative thought, and replace it with a positive one – related or unrelated. I sometimes find it hard to get going on a Monday, and so it’s my way to start the week off right!

You can join in by commenting or sharing the link on your own page.

Here’s mine:

Negative thought: I have to cram everything into a stupidly short week – 3 jobs is way too many jobs!

Positive thought: On Thursday night I’m going to Melbourne, and Little J is turning 18.



Smashed it!

Speaking of moments … get excited. In fact, I got so excited I made Superwoman stop mid-phone call. Because…

I made it through an entire tempo run!


30 mins at 12km/hr. This sounds so pathetic, but mentally, the tempo run has really screwed with me. I have never done a full one without stopping, and adding tempo runs to the routine is pretty new for me.

I conquered it!


Your Turn!

What is your Mental Monday Moment?
Do you do tempo runs? Love or loathe?
Are you a Gossip Girl fan?


Mental Monday and a Winner


Happy Monday!

First of all – let me reveal ze winner of our Nudie Juice!

The Nudies you’re getting in the mail!

I used a random number generator to select the winner. The first number happened to be a juice entrant, and the second a royalty winner – too easy.

Congratulations Kila! You were comment 10. I’ll be in touch to organise delivery.



Congrats Kat – you are royalty for tomorrow!

Mental Monday

Ok, time for Mental Monday!

Mental Monday

Weigh in with your comments below, or hit it up on your own page.

Here’s my negative thought today: How the hell am I going to get enough students to make next year viable?

And my positive: I have about 500 jobs, and am surrounded by awesome people!  

And here’s a smile for Monday – we had a best dressed competition at tonight’s gym Christmas party:

Your Turn!

Mental Monday Moment?

Serve, Point!


Feel the Looooooooove

Woohoo it’s Monday, it’s Mental, and I’m thoroughly enjoying life today, so join the party.

Mental Monday

My pathetic negative thought today? Cold calling people who I think could help me is scary and frustrating and I’ve never really liked it.

My positive? Making those calls is building me a better job, a better business, and a better skill-set.

Your turn!



So I’m on the up today – no study, great people in my life, great comments on yesterday’s blog (thanks guys!) and great Grey’s Anatomy to watch guilt-free. The only thing missing is the bag of chocolate buttons I already ate.

I also just spoke to my Mum and told her the story of my friend Miss Point, who has always been up for all things ridiculous. Miss Point is one of my best friends, and life is always electric around her.

Mr The Rake's Drawing

Mr The Rake’s Drawing sums this up – strap yourselves in!

This time, Miss Point was sitting in a study group. It was silent, and everyone was working hard. She popped up her head and said

In about an hour, my phone will start ringing. 

Sure, whatever.

2 hours later, Miss Point had received 40 missed calls. I nearly threw that phone out of the window. She refused to turn it off, because she didn’t want the Indian telemarketing company calling her to know she was ignoring them – mostly because then they would tell their boss, Miss Point’s big boss, who was Dutch.

Apparently, Miss Point had signed up to a job that involved her sitting at a sports arena commentating volleyball games. Her job was to take the phone call at the start of the match, and they would record her as she called ‘serve’, ‘point’, ‘serve’, ‘point’ throughout the match.

Somehow, Miss Point has become involved in an illegal sports-betting scheme run through India from the Netherlands.

How does that even happen?


So Anyway

Back on the running front, I am going to do my first tempo run tomorrow! This calls for pancakes, which I already taste-tested for lunch.


Banana, egg, oats and protein powder. Amazing!


Today’s Moment

I just read Amalia’s blog. She has the best tips for getting out of a funk. Seriously, go and check them out!


Your Turn!

Mental Monday Moment?
Ridiculous story to share?