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Well, crap

Today, I’m taking a leaf out of Candy Fit’s book, and stopping to take stock of the bigger picture.


Remember this one? My 42 reminds me that sometimes, you get the answer before the question, so take a chill pill and enjoy.

You see, last week was fucking awful not as pleasant as it could have been. After such a high on Sunday, I spent the next few days in a fog. I felt sick and headachey, and it just dragged on. I did mention it to Mr Magic Man, the chiro, when I saw him on Wednesday. After a little sarcastic ‘and where was my text to tell me about this?’, he got stuck into my shoulders and – voila – pain and sickness gone!

So I was overjoyed and went out to a very fancy dinner (happy graduation to Mr The Rake’s sister!) in the world’s best mood.

Flash forward 8 hours, and I was slumped over a bucket.




In the interests of irrational finger pointing, I’ll blame the chiro. Mostly because he’ll fight back. (And clearly everyone throws up after acupuncture and a knee adjustment).

The week was a bit of a write off.


This was meant to be a shiny happy post. My bad.

The point is, even though it was crap, I really don’t mind. For one thing, now that the week has been a steaming pile of poo, I fully expect the next few weeks to be full of rainbows (I’m sure there’s something eloquent to be said about the lows making the highs, but I’ll leave that to the experts).

More than that, awesome things happened. We got to celebrate Jen’s graduation in style, my body had some down time to recover after Sunday, and yesterday I hit the hills.

In fact, I felt so good I pulled a double and managed a one hour elliptical session later that afternoon. DOMS. That is all.

running the hills

…and then….

I arrived home today to find a package addressed to me.

2XU, just for funsies, delivered a completely unexpected parcel -

With new compression tights, a bag, Oakley Radars and a whole stack of other goodies, I feel like a small child diving into a ball pit.

The moral of the story is have a bad week, and be rewarded with free stuff.

That’s how life works. Right?


Finally -

A huge good luck to Abby at Back at Square 0, who is running her second marathon today. She’s had a really rough time during her training, and got really sick a couple of days ago. She’s still running!


Today’s Moment

Duh – free stuff!


Your Turn!

When did you last have a really crappy day/s?
Did things improve? How?
Are you into hill running?

Time for a quickie?

It’s 1:30am. I love all of you very much and have lots of ridiculous things to discuss with all of you. Advice will be sought!

Tell me – when you only have time for a quick workout, what’s your go-to routine?

Right now, I either hit up squats and cable work or head to the spin bike.


Just because I'm busy doesn't mean i don't love youJust because I'm busy doesn't mean i don't love you



Spicy Run

Sometimes, running gets boring.

Oh my gosh, did she just say that?

Really, really boring. Or the routine itself just feels stale. Or you need some relief from a crappy string of runs. So how do you liven things up?



There are a few bloggers with some tips for livening up a run, or simply learning to enjoy the ride:


Personally, I’m enjoying running at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t liven it up!


1. Mixing up the run

This is something my running group has fallen in love with. Warm up by running to an open field or park, then, in between short runs, add in exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, crab walks etc.

Broken Run

Click on the pic to head to my dailymile page


2. Speed Play

Fartlek is a term that’ll get a chuckle from your little brother, but mostly involves short bursts of sprinting between an easy running pace. There aren’t any rule – run to the next pole, around the corner, for 3 mins, for 200m, whatever.

When I opted out of a broken/boot camp run the other day, I did sprints in a loop around a local park. While I sprinted, the group did their exercise (plank/lunge/crab walk…) and then jogged as I recovered, until I was ready for the next sprint.


3. Treadmill it

I’m serious. If you’re normally an outdoor runner, why not head into the gym, chuck on Dr Phil and do some speed work on the treadmill. A guilty indulgence tempered by a good run. 




4. Race for fun

A great example if the colour run, or the Santa Run that I did last year. Take a friend or two, and just soak in the atmosphere; don’t bother timing it.

This is great because a race always gets your blood pumping – times or not.

Fat santas


So go for it – running isn’t static. You can do whatever you want. Walk, jump, crawl, run, stop, start, even go backwards. There are so many options!


Today’s Moment

I went to see Les Mis last night. This morning, Mr The Rake asked me how it was. I expressed disdain for Javert, praised Anne Hathaway as Fantine, and then told him that I loved Hugh Jackman so much that I was almost frustrated that he seemed to be so cool. Why is he so damn perfect?

Mr The Rake looked at me for a moment:

He probably has sex with chickens or something. Like, don’t think about it. 

Thanks. Your words of wisdom are always on point.



AND – I mentioned a long time ago that I would provide a link to my little business for those of you who were interested. Here it is. Head to the website if you want to see what I’ve been spending all my blogging/free time on for the last few months.


Your Turn!

How do you keep running interesting?
Do you do other forms of exercise? What are your favourites?
Have you seen Les Mis?

Will run for cookies and group sex


I love the love Mr The Rake got for his post on Thursday night. I know he offended about 99% of you, and yet you loved it. My 17 cats haven’t yet arrived, so I assume I’m safe for now.

I was invited to his parents’ place for dinner last night, so I must be ok.


Top Ten

There is some fun that comes from dealing with other people on the internet. I haven’t done a top ten in awhile – so here are my favourite search terms over the past month:

  • running after vodka (I do it most weeks – you do survive!)
  • cross country bromance
  • hot feet ladies pic
  • if you ran at 10.6 kph how fast would you run 10km in (my guess is that you’d go about 10.6 kph. Oh and by using the simple equation (60/10.6) x 10  = 56.6 mins)
  • if you run 10 km can you eat chocolate
  • aussie kate gang bang (glad to know I’m representing the country with pride)
  • canberra gangbang girls (again…)
  • jenna haze foot job
  • images of a leaf lady raking up leaves (salt in the wound…)
  • “wet himself”


Why we run

AND the why we run question. Here’s why my readers run:


Jenelle: ME! And for health, strength, speed, competition

Lisa: I run because if I did not, I might be a drunk exotic dancer.

Kat: Cupcakes…and tacos…and wine…and beer….oh and because I want to push myself while I still can

Damn Straight!

Molly: I run for those who can’t. And I run because everyday I am proving to myself I’m stronger than I ever thought I was.

Amy: I run to feel life pulsing through my veins, stretching my lungs, and pounding my feet. I run to break down the barriers of what I perceive as the limits of who I am. I run for the cake.

Liz: I run to stay in shape, just in case there is a Zombie apocalypse.

Jenelle: I run for sanity, for ME, for being able to enjoy food, to get more out of my day, to love my body for performance and not just aesthetics but mostly I Run because running Jenelle is generally the best version of me. Running grows me!

Joanna: I run for self-confidence, to wear whatever I want, to set an example for my daughter, for my sanity, and so my daughter can have fun racing in the stroller.

Kate: I run for no diabetes, skinny jeans, my sanity, and cookies.

Laura: For sanity, therapy, pleasure, endorphins, freedom, renewed energy. And so much more.

Running makes me smile too

Robyn: I run to plan for the day, to meditate, to get out in nature and MOST IMPORTANTLY I run so that I can eat chocolate!

Sara: To put my kids in the stroller and zone out for 30+ minutes!

Abby: My mental and physical health. To not be a fatty any more. And because it makes me feel pretty bad A$$.

Kierston: ME! My time

Phaedra: I run because it’s just what I do. It keeps me sane, happy, and much nicer to be around.

Jenna: To spend time with nature, me, and god!

Mindy: I run for my sanity, my health, to be a good role model for my boys, and because I can!


I love the mix of deep and personal, funny, and vain answers. Running definitely makes me like my legs more, just as an example! And just to be clear, I don’t run for group sex – but some of those Google searchers might!


Your Turn:

Weirdest searches on your blog?
Why do you run?
Which of these answers is your favourite?



Run your Fortune

Check out what I got!

It comes with a transferable slip to add my fortune. Confession – I haven’t picked one yet.

I got this from Caitlin at www.caitchock.com – the same woman who created my ever fabulous Get Chicking shirt!


Your Turn!

What’s your running fortune?