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The Dream Team

You know my rainbow week? It started with a head cold and a bunch of business problems. Sweet.

On the sunny side, this week has less puking than last week. It also has a French manicure!



This has nothing to do with running, but was clearly important enough to be on the blog.

Between last week and this, running has felt like a black hole. 

Actually, that would mean there had to be running to get sucked away in the first place.

Point is. Running = not much.

BUT I have made a conscious effort to get off my butt and get moving, even on crappy days. And over the last few days, it hit me that I finally have the ‘dream team’ I’ve wanted forever. 

You know those elite sports people who have a coach, an on-call physio, a nutritionist, a masseuse, a sports physician, and probably someone to cut up their meat before they chew it?

I’m totally one of those people now. My ragtag team consists of a nutritionist, chiro and now a personal trainer. I’m feeling pretty special!

Let me introduce…my dream team


Mr Magic Man

The chiro I love for beating the crap out of my legs once a fortnight. Other hobbies include sticking needles in me, and insulting me for fun.

Without him, my legs would fall off. Or worse, I would be taking time off running injured.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.


Ms Meals

This woman is my new hero. Last time we talked about her, she’d given me bigger breakfasts, told me to eat carbs, and had a scale with a separate number screen.

Yesterday, she gave me MORE food. She is also a former triathlete, and is all over my stomach woes and fuelling options. You know you’re onto a good one when her eyes light up talking about gu chomps and hand-helds.

Nutritionist Approved

Nutritionist Approved

Random aside – after being told to go home and have three serves of carbs for lunch yesterday, I arrived home to find nothing but white bread and pumpkin. My list of suitable carbs tells me that one serve =  2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin.

Dude. Not even I like pumpkin enough for 6 cups. And I LOVE pumpkin.


Senor Swiss Ball

Senor Swiss Ball has been a mate of mine at the gym for awhile. So I was pretty excited when he decided to use me as a guinea pig for some of his advanced training techniques. On the cards for the next few weeks is a focus on postural alignment. Apparently if your body isn’t all curved over and shit, you have a lower injury risk. And breathe better. We all like breathing. 


Of course I had to bust out some of my 2XU goodies too, which definitely helped me get to the gym.

I hated the visor photo, so I tried again. But then I posted both, so I guess that kind of misses the point.




Also – Mum, I still don’t clean my room. Or anything else.

Ain’t no-one got time for that.


Today’s Moment

Tutoring opened on Wednesday night for the first time today. We’re growing!


Your Turn!

Who would you have in your ‘dream team’?
What help do you wish you had but don’t?
What was your ‘moment’ today?


10 Things I Love Hate about Running


I’ve just had a stupidly good Monday, so I hope you beat the post weekend blues and enjoy your week!


Mental Monday

Take a negative and choose a positive to start your week instead. It might not remove the negative from your life, but it certainly reminds you to focus on something good for a moment!

Mental Monday

Let’s start off strong:

Negative: I am tired, and my legs are bugging me!

Positive: I don’t have to study. I have all the time in the world for running and recovering.

What’s yours?


And Michelle? I didn’t eat that entire block of chocolate – yet. I’m working on it!

I’m almost too far gone in my running life to hold on to the feeling of getting started. So while I can still remember that feeling, let me introduce today’s post: So you wanna run?


New Runner Alert – Top 10

There is a stack of info on running. On training paces, on nutrition, on working up to your first 5km, and on transitioning from walking.

What about the more personal stuff? No-one ever says ‘hey, so if you pursue this you will have to change what you eat’ or squeezes your bum and says ‘that muscle? In there? That is going to huuuuuuuuurt‘. And no-one, particularly not your average ‘weights are awesome and carbs are bad’ trainer, is going to be able to help you find the balance between running and strength training.

Um no, I will not be giving up the cupcakes. Thanks for your unsolicited advice though.


Dear new runners, here are 10 things I found out when I started pounding the pavement:


1. I know you want to hit the road and run every day, but please don’t.

Start with a day off in between each running day. Ride your bike, take a Zumba class, go and pole-dance or whatever other fad is in. But take some time to do something other than run. Not taking the time leads to injury, and anyway, it sucks to do the same thing every day.


2. When you do run, vary it up.

We all start the same way – run. That is all. But try out some intervals – sprint to the next tree, then jog slowly to the bench. Mix it up.  It helps your speed, and, if you’re trying to lose weight, I hear it helps. A lot.

Little Kate Running

Pretty sure little Kate was running to the camera and then planning a walk break.


3. You have this wonderful muscle called your piriformis.

Run far enough before you learn to stretch well, and it is going to be on fire. You think it hurts to walk after that last run? Yeah? Well…don’t try to sit down.


4. Cross trainers are not running shoes.



5. A cotton shirt is not acceptable.


6. Your tummy probably hates you.

It hates running, it hates what you fed it, it hates water, it hates being empty. It just hates you. Sorry guys – the only answer here is trial and error. But as a start, some common triggers are fats, high fibre, eating within an hour or two of a run, or too much protein.


7. Your other half does not give a shit.

They might be nodding and smiling now, but believe me, it won’t last long. Do them a favour and get a blog.


That’s how much I care.


8.  Carbs are your friend.

Try it – try a run after a low carb dinner, and then try another after fuelling properly.




9. Weights are good and bad.

Want to get serious about running? Body pump and trying to up your squat weight are probably not going to help. Stick to higher reps and lighter weights, and check out compound exercises. That said, body builders can and do run – it’s just not their primary sport, and they won’t be running at their peak.


10. It hurts.

It never gets any easier. You get faster. And longer. And sorer. And happier.

Kate and Mum

Well, to a point


Training Update

I did not run today. And the closest I got to cross-training was my 5 mins on the rower after my weights session. With any luck my angry legs will calm down enough to let me do some intervals tomorrow.


Today’s Moment

Impromptu pub dinner!


Your Turn!

Runners – what surprised you when you started?
Is your other half a runner?
Are you a weights/strength training fanatic?


Adventure Racing and a Time to Celebrate


And that was an epic weekend.

Urban Max

I didn’t expect that I would miss the chance to post, but sometimes life is just too much fun!

On Friday, Mr The Rake and I had some friends around for my favourite summer food:


And along with some vodka and gelato, I was beautifully fuelled for the Urban Max Adventure Race on Saturday morning. Superwoman and I were given a set of cryptic clues and a map of Sydney. The only limitations were that our only means to get around were public transport or our feet. The two of us ran up and down Sydney, collecting markers and completing activities.



After kayaking around Blue’s point we were both rocking wet leggings. Totally worth it.

We made balloon swords at one check point and palmed them off to a small child outside Luna Park. We found ourselves in a photo booth, and we talked strategy on the run.

With Superwoman

Runner disaster struck almost immediately. With shin splints, and a tight ITB and hip flexors, I could barely move by the end of the day. Clearly this was not my day.

But who cares? There’s no marathon on the cards, I can take a few days off, and we had a ball. Absolutely worth running to the end. And for kicks, Superwoman was pretty pleased to be faster than me!

After 4 1/2 hours making our way around the city, we finally finished, and celebrated with seafood and chocolate.

To celebrate

As if the race weren’t enough, Mr The Rake and I headed to Canberra in the afternoon. After a three hour drive, we hit up the International Law Society Christmas Party. Hard.

Like, gingerbread men hard -

Gingerbread men

 Mr The Rake offended people, labelling Ke$ha’s music

A gang bang in a dumpster

BUT was the world’s best boyfriend when I grabbed him to hurriedly whisper

I’m heading out to the roof garden to smoke a cigar with Andrew and Lil – could you go and take over Lil’s conversation?

Without batting an eyelid, he took over the conversation and sent me on my way.


For the record Mum, I obviously just sat and watched others smoke.

I’m back in Sydney, and I promise I’m being a good runner chick – I’m stretching and resting, and I’ll cross-train until things ease up.


Your Turn!

Ever tried an adventure race?
Have the Christmas parties started for you yet?
If you eat seafood, what’s your favourite?


A Super Exercisey Week

Mr The Rake is out late tonight, and I was going to leave him the last chocolate square. But it was calling to me. So I ate it.

This is completely unrelated to the post. But chocolate is to be shared. I’m not sharing with Rake, so I’m sharing with you!

No more chocolate


Running, and Brett

I have been running my little 5km treks three times a week. Today I got the green light to move up to 7km. Woot.

But…in the process I have met an incredible chiro. My mind has been completely blown.

I was pretty suss about the whole chiropractic thing. I’d ever been to one before, and I couldn’t really work out what the deal was, except for cracking backs and making you come back for ‘readjustments’ every few days.

Ok, I was pretty judgemental.

But after months of no real improvement from physio, or improvement and then spiralling back into injury, it was time to move on. The real sign came when my physio felt every part of my legs, and then told me he couldn’t figure it out, so it was going to be a bit of ‘trial and error’.

I don’t do trial and error. 

So I figured I’d give the chiro a shot. Immediately Brett freaked me out. There I was, in tears, terrified that the marathon was never going to happen.

And then he said

Let me worry about the running, ok? Forget about 10% rules and schedules.

And life has been better ever since.

Within seconds of grabbing my feet (and me bursting into tears), he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, showed me the way my right foot didn’t move, and told me the problem wasn’t shin splints.

I wasn’t banned from running.

I wasn’t told to ice up and rest (I have had so much rest that the rest is causing shin splints!).

Instead, I got the crap accupunctured (I know it’s not a word, k?) out of my legs, and the scar tissue massaged out of my poor right ankle.

I have a home golf ball exercise for my feet.

In 8 months of physio, not once was my previously sprained right ankle considered an issue.

Today I got the best news I’ve had in ages:

You’re 50% better

This might not sound like much, but I was ready for a life time of dodgy leg by the time I got to him, so instead I beamed like a lunatic.

And that’s the story of Kate and the South African chiro who talks philosophy, animal rights and relationships while he beats the sh*t out my legs.

Some Fun

A few months ago, my bike got stolen. It was awful. I had bought it as a replacement car or life in Canberra. It was beautiful, and it was taken from me outside my gym.

Fast forward a bit, and Mr The Rake, who is absolutely gorgeous, told me to take his bike, which is the same model and size as my old one.

This week I got to ride it to uni and back, and it felt SO good to be back on the bike!

That’s a hot shot, Kate. Nice.


AND I got my tax return sorted out. Instead of getting sorely need clothes or a haircut, I booked myself in for 3 personal training sessions at the gym.

To add to the exercise junkie I’ve let loose this week, my gym manager has decided that she and I will be a team for this November’s Urban Max in Sydney.

Don’t worry, she knows I have NO sense of direction.

We go on some epic cryptic clue race around Sydney, running, yelling, solving puzzles and competing in challenges.

From the http://www.maxadventure.com.au/urbanmax/ site

AND I registered for the 10km Canberra Times run in September. I don’t expect to beat my last 10km time, but it will be so nice to race again.

I am super excited by all of it.

However, it’s not Mr The Rake’s idea of fun:


I bet he’ll sleep through all of this – including my 7am running group session tomorrow.

Oh wait. He has a day job. Sucks to be you, Rake.

Today’s Moment

A man at the fruit market gave me a free cup of his melon, carrot and ginger juice today. It was delicious!

Your Turn!

Have you had an active week?
What’s your next race?
Have you ever seen a chiro?

Change it up


First off, I want to give a shout out to Ruby at Focus Woman, who spent some time emailing me and giving me some tips to get motivated for writing my thesis.

I’ve also been inspired by her review of a chiro she visited, and I’m going to see one on Friday to see if they have any better ideas about my entire right leg.

The bad leg

I’m onto you, Mr Right Leg

Check this out – to ward off the dreaded splints, I’ve been using ibuprofen gel on my leg and covering it in cling wrap. Genius. Does anyone else do this? I got the idea from my mate Sam – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Workout Wednesday

After Monday’s mini-melt-down and a 10km early on Tuesday morning, which was an icy hellish nightmare a pleasant out and back to Kaleen, in the north, Wednesday loomed and interval training was on the agenda.

Problem. My gym access is limited to Sydney for another week or so (after 30 days you can use any gym in the franchise). I had spent an extra night in Canberra, and was heading back to Sydney, but to the wrong suburb to spend an evening with Mr The Rake’s family (while he, conveniently, was on the other side of the country entirely, working on some cases in Perth).

All of this meant that intervals were impossible, and I was short of time. In the spirit of trying new things, and with the knowledge that I can get extraordinarily obsessive about my workout schedule, I decided to throw the plan out for the day and try a home workout.

A few of the blogs I read have posts about home-based workouts, so I got out my weights:



4kg each

And hooked up my elliptical:



Home elliptical

And set myself up.


Ready to work out!

Squats, lunges, push-ups, walkouts, a few burpees for Mindy, hip raises and front and side planks. I kept thinking I wasn’t really do anything – but it took me 45 minutes or so, and for limited resources, I feel it was a good compromise.

The home gym review? Doesn’t really float my boat. I’d rather be at the gym. But it’s certainly better than nothing. Sadly I didn’t have time for the elliptical, so I just got cross and made lunch instead.


Still going! I’m on an unbroken #PlankADay streak. BUT it’s been really hit and miss recently. I hit 3 minutes about a week ago, but since then I’ve only been able to go anywhere between 1 and 2 ½ minutes.

Progress shots from yesterday:

Kate's tummy

8 August

Kate's Tummy

8 August

Compared to

My tummy!

21 July

I know the second one is a dodgy photo – I don’t really notice a change – and I don’t really care. As long as they’re strong enough to hold me together while I run!

I’ll tell you what, I ain’t looking like Candy Fit! That’s ok though – I still eat cake and she’s about to do a figure competition! Go check it out if you’re interested.

Impulse Purchase

In other news, my 22-year-old brother, who still lives at home with the parents in Melbourne, bought a bath tub. It gets delivered on Friday. This may be the straw that breaks the parental camel’s back.

Today’s Moment:

I got back to Sydney after a 3 ½ hour drive to my in-laws, and Mr The Rake’s sister had dinner ready. Family is awesome!

Your Turn!

Have you ever done a home workout? What did you think?
Do you stick to a schedule for exercise, or are you flexible?
Best impulse buy? Can you beat a bath tub?