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5 1/2 Seasons Less Shit than your Girlfriend

I just received the best compliment!


Why this picture? I felt like it.

Tonight, Mr The Rake and I had dinner with another couple.

Mr X:

Kate, do you watch Gossip Girl?


A bit

Mr The Rake:

Oh, you watched the first half of season one.

Mr X:

Congratulations, that’s 5 1/2 seasons less shit than my girlfriend. Wanna swap?



Mental Monday

Play along time! For those who haven’t participated in Mental Monday, it’s a chance to take a negative thought, and replace it with a positive one – related or unrelated. I sometimes find it hard to get going on a Monday, and so it’s my way to start the week off right!

You can join in by commenting or sharing the link on your own page.

Here’s mine:

Negative thought: I have to cram everything into a stupidly short week – 3 jobs is way too many jobs!

Positive thought: On Thursday night I’m going to Melbourne, and Little J is turning 18.



Smashed it!

Speaking of moments … get excited. In fact, I got so excited I made Superwoman stop mid-phone call. Because…

I made it through an entire tempo run!


30 mins at 12km/hr. This sounds so pathetic, but mentally, the tempo run has really screwed with me. I have never done a full one without stopping, and adding tempo runs to the routine is pretty new for me.

I conquered it!


Your Turn!

What is your Mental Monday Moment?
Do you do tempo runs? Love or loathe?
Are you a Gossip Girl fan?


And then I hit a pole


Sometimes, days kind of happen and you have to ride the wave. Even us control freaks have to deal with that!

Today was an unplanned rest day. It’s ok! Panic slowly. The shakes aren’t too bad, and the itching only just started. 

Yesterday was one of those days where good things happen and you see Twilight and everyone gives you far too much blog love, and the gym orders nuts in bulk to share and everyone smiles…

And today turned into an 8 hour work shift between work and work where I failed at maths, didn’t wash my hair, missed a work-out, and am surrounded by washing and dust before Thursday’s house inspection. Oh, and have a pimple the size of Everest.

I believe I said something about being awesome?!

So, even running can’t always save the day. What is the most ridiculous day you can recall?

Let me tell you about Mr The Rake’s graduation last year…

I dropped him off at the uni to collect his robe and wizard hat. And then I drove his car to pick up his parents at their hotel. I was super cool and negotiated car parking in the patrons only zone with the parking attendant, zipped my way into a very tight space, and went to get them.

As we walked downstairs, I started to get nervous about my manual driving skills – I had only been driving a manual car for a few months. And my navigation skills! (I ended up driving the reverse way through a lot of traffic. Yeah, they noticed). And then I saw a suspiciously car-coloured piece of plastic on the ground. And then I noticed the very large dent in the car that used to belong to Rake’s parents.

It turns out that rubber-edged poles still don’t mean that you can, er, lean on them to get into a tight space.


Your Turn!

Make me smile – what’s your ridiculous moment?

Beating Oprah

Beating Oprah

Today is one month since the marathon. Wow. That went fast! And guess what? I’m no longer a crazy lady. Looking back, I have no idea how I got through the last semester – but life feels a hell of a lot calmer right now.

Speaking of marathoning, Every Day Health has an article at the moment with some fun marathon facts. I had forgotten about the ‘Oprah Line’ – I totally beat Oprah’s marathon, and I well and truly smashed Katie Holmes (look, sometimes you have to one up yourselves with celebrities.



And every now and then,  a kid at work wets his pants all over the floor.

Yeah. You heard me.

Some muppet brought their child in to the gym, which really isn’t allowed. The trainer gave him an ipad (he was about 8), and he spent the next 45 minutes getting a virtual car, with virtual tyres, out of virtual mud. It was virtually loud.

Kate gym

Not what I had in mind…
And yes, I may need some extra motivation with the unpacking!

Then I looked down and noticed a puddle. I asked if it was there when he sat down,  and he shrugged it off. It wasn’t until later when we realised the chair was wet that I knew he had had an accident. Jenna – where were you!? I could have used you mad small people skills. I feel sorry for him – it must have been really embarrassing. BUT a child wet himself in front of me today. 10 points. I’m just that scary.


Cross-training and my god-damn carbs

Ok friends, what’s your cross-training of choice? Right now, I’m loving the elliptical and rower in a big way – I busted out a nice 9km before work (man it helps when you work where you work out), and then was a grump for the rest of the afternoon because I forgot that I need sugar after exercise. I swore when the clean eating PTs got all up in my grill about eating bread.

Chelsea brought me cupcakes!

I am getting so much better at not restricting my diet to extremes. For now, the cake is mine.

On that note – I am really over the clean eating thing. I get it, and it makes sense. But when it gets to the extent that you can judge someone for having gluten in their soy-lin bread…seriously? If you want to live like a monk, that’s cool. I’ll take whatever sugar you’re trying to get rid of.

Oh, and enjoy my life.

Actually – some of you are pretty good at clean eating. … … got any sugar you’re trying to get out of the house?

I hope I haven’t horrendously offended anyone – but alarm bells start ringing for me when unsolicited advice comes in the form of fat-free protein for breakfast and never eat grains.


Today’s Moment

Convincing a girl to come in for a PT session – it’s awesome to get a call where someone actually takes up the motivation they need.


Your Turn!

Ever had a workplace ‘incident’ involving a child?
If you’ve run a marathon, who have you beaten?
Cross-training of choice?


Let the Taper Tantrums Begin


That’s MY Basket

I was just at the shopping centre, minding my own business and trying to put a packet of soba noodles in my basket, when a girl shouldered me and and then put her tuna in my basket.

Both the guy she was with and I were so taken aback that we just kind of looked at her.

And it was a good few seconds before I managed a ‘erugh’ and she finally looked up at me, realised I wasn’t her friend, and did that awkward half giggle, half apology that makes you question whether Darwin had it wrong. (Though, to be fair, on any other day, that girl and I would probably be in reverse positions…)


Taper Time

Taper is already irritating. After I dropped Little J of at the airport to head back to Melbourne, I went to do my gym workout.

I am pleased to report that this time, it was not ‘blah’! It was, however, underwhelming.


World’s best selfie – but clearly, post-workout, I was not overly destroyed.

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss my speed sessions. It’s just not as satisfying to have an easy elliptical and rowing session. I want to go hard, sweat buckets, and come out feeling sick and satisfied. Taper says no.


On the rower…

It’s only a few days in, and I’m beginning to see why people talk about the ‘taper tantrums’ and the mental element of taper being the most difficult. Having gotten over most of the blah, this body has been conditioned to go hard or go home. The worst bit is that these sessions are just going to get shorter and more irritating over the next two weeks!


Too Many Rules!

And it’s not just the workouts. The nutritional element is quite tricky. Here I was ready to just eat mud cake until marathon day, but no, it’s all about -

Fueling right, but not overdoing it, but not dieting, but decreasing carbs, but making sure to get plenty of carbs, and not over-eating, but eating when you need to, but being aware you need a little less, but still get lots of protein, and don’t stop eating fats, and keep up the sodium, but don’t eat more than you need, but expect a little bit of weight gain and don’t try to lose it.

For an obsessive nutter like me, that’s a mine-field!

Tonight's dessert

You aren’t taking away my chocolate and berries

So I’ve given myself some basic taper food principles, and please feel free to weigh into what I put in my mouth if you know better – because most of the time, I sure don’t!


1. Don’t diet (this is the big one for me, I’m quick to cut carbs and sugar when I feel those pants getting tighter)


2. Eat a little less (like two breakfasts instead of three)


3. Be careful with iron – I know I can get low quickly 


4. In the first week, get plenty of protein to help those muscles I’ve been working to death, and have plenty of fruit and veg to keep my immune system feeling good.


5. In the second week, keep it balanced, and get plenty of healthy fats.


6. In the last 4 days, start increasing the carbs


7.Carb-load like a BOSS.


I can do 7. But I know that at some point I’ll notice I’ve stuffed it up, and then I’ll subject you to another several hundred words about fuel.

I’m starting to sound like a very expensive car. Also a crazy lady.


The Ghost Runner

And on the crazy train, I got thinking about the things people sacrifice to run. So here’s today’s main question -

What does your exercise of choice interfere with?


The other day, Mum commented on a post:

Mum comment

It’s a really good point. I doubt very much that Mr The Rake will go into labour with my child while I’m out running, but he certainly loses hours of quality time with me, and the opportunity for me to do my share of chores around the house because I’m working towards my mad goals.

On the flip-side, it gets me out of his hair, and he knows that I’m not content unless I’m chasing something down.


You want to do what?


Today’s Moment

I had a meeting for work, and it was the kind of situation where you feel like everyone is on your side and wants you to succeed. Sometimes people are just wonderful.


Your Turn!

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
Taper tips?
What do you sacrifice to achieve what you want?



5, 6, 7


Today, I look like this

Desk face

I am tired, grumpy, have a cold, and am in thesis hell. But posting makes me smile, as does running :-)

I went running this morning with a group at the gym, and then hit up breakfast at a nearby cafe (where I saw that awesome sign!).

I ordered the vegetarian breakfast – eggs and goats cheese. When D ordered the same without hollandaise sauce, I said I’d like mine without too. I’m ambivalent towards it and figured it would be easier to just make two without.

Then D asked for bacon with hers.

The waitress gave me a look, turned up her nose and said

Would you like bacon too?

I did not.

She later put me in the ‘mentally deficient’ basket and tried to show me how to pour my tea.


Now for a bit of fun! 5, 6, 7…


5 Posts

I am inspired by Debbie from Live at La Quinta and her ‘weekly reader’ suggestions. I thought I’d give you a quick reading list today – these are things that I read and LOVED this week.

Cait Chock – Runner Bodies

I love a good body image post, and I love the Arty Runner Chick.

Tri-ing to be Athletic – Will Run for High Fives

I blame Debbie for getting me hooked on this blog. Wow.

Operation Jack (Sam) and his wife, Tiffany – Robbed on your Birthday

Both writing about their autistic son, Jack.

Dr Rachel Runs – 12 running problems and how to prevent and/or solve them

Some really useful prevention and solution  strategies for common running woes.

Road Runner Girl – It’s Just a Hill, get over it

Tips for getting up that massive hill. I love it.


6 Searches that led to Run with Kate

This is the best thing about Google Analytics. If this doesn’t make you smile, you should go and sit in the corner for awhile.

Over the past month, people have found this site looking for these terms:

6. Live chicken

5. Bizarre birthday gifts for women

4. Back at Square 0 Feet (really?)

3. Does your butt get bigger during marathon training?

2. Put my face in lemon party (that’s never good…)


1. مرغ زنده (this one is my personal favourite – huh?! How did you get here?!)

There were also about 57 searches for variations on ‘crazy crying woman’ I don’t want to know what that says about me…


7 Random Things


Liz from Liz for a Day tagged me a few days ago for the Lovely Blog Award. Which is lovely! I’m a bit slack and I’m not going to tag people – but I would love you to take this away and do it on your own blog too.

1. Thank the person who nominated you – Thanks Liz!
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 Bloggers you admire
4. Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they have been nominated

So I’m skipping 3 and 4 – I’ve done a few of these (like old school chain mail!)


1. I can roll my eyes in ridiculous ways -

2. I speak French (‘fluently’, apparently?!) and a little German.

3. Today I have a cold, and it’s making me really grumpy (see above)

4. I just registered a company and will be working for myself next year

5. Because of number 4, the idea that I might not succeed/be broke is terrifying

6. I am really, really gullible – I am a terrible liar and so assume no-one else can lie either

7. I can be so vague that when my high school conductor asked for a ‘c’, I put down my clarinet and went to get her a seat (they sound really, really similar…and she was standing up).


Today’s Moment

Clearly breakfast. I love breakfast more than is reasonable for a human being.


Your Turn!

What are seven random things about you?
What’s something awesome that you’ve read this week?
Ridiculous search term?