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Laura the Fit Nut


And Fit Nut is back! A huge thanks to Laura from Fit Running Mama for being so damn patient with me.







What is your sport of choice? 


How did you get started?

I graduated from college in 2002 and began my career in Special Education. I taught middle school life skills and had seven kids with severe and profound needs. It was exhausting and amazing but running kept me sane! It was either running or excessive drinking!

What’s a memorable moment you’ve experienced on your fitness journey?

In October 2012 I ran my first Women’s Race (Title IX Chicago), and my 3 year old participated in her first kids dash. When all was said an done I had a PR (7:31 pace) and Sara was sad because her race was too short and she wanted more! It was awesome sharing my passion with her!


What have you gained from improving your fitness?

I recently became a certified fitness trainer which was always a goal for me. I love sharing my fitness knowledge with others. I love when friends, family and blog readers tell me they tried one of my recipes or did one of my workouts! It’s an awesome feeling. I love spreading the love!

How often do you exercise each week?

5-6 days a week

My favourite piece of equipment is…

The treadmill

My favourite fuel is…

overnight oats and nut butters (especially homemade nut butter)

I am obsessed with…

PB2! Best product!

What is your current fitness goal?

I started practicing bikram about 2 months ago and I love the challenge. I practice weekly and am working on the poses. I love the challenge and the sweat!

What advice would you give to newbies in your sport?

Set goals! You don’t need big ones! I ran my first 5k in 2005 and from then my running addiction grew. Find friends that can help you meet your goals! Share you success stories!


What is the best way to contact you?

Email fitrunningmama@gmail.com


Thanks Laura – any chance you can send some PB2 to Oz?


Your Turn!

Questions for Laura?
Have you ever run or participated in sport with your child?
What was your first running moment?


I’m walking in the woods today

I am lucky enough to be featured on Mary’s blog, A Walk in the Woods. Head to my post to see a letter to our non-running friends. Thanks so much Mary! Mary lives in the UK, and her running has really taken off over the last few months. Her perspective comes from a new-found love of fitness while she worked on losing weight. And man is she getting results!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a word. Today, I am determined.

What word suits you and your mood today?

Alex the Fit Nut

Welcome to Thursday! – otherwise known as the day my camelbak bit me.

Remember this?

camelbak not for you

Well, after this morning’s run, karma the vengeful elephant crapped all over me -


This picture doesn’t do it justice – but chafing is a runner hazard. Chafing because you wore a camelbak and a tank is just stupidity. I deserved it!

Most importantly, today is Fit Nut day. And seriously, if you’ve considered being featured, or think you might like to be – go and do it. It’s really painless, and I already have spots free for the next few weeks. I love all of you (except you), and judging by what I read from your own posts and comments, you have a lot of great stories. The link is here – go for it…once you’ve read Alex‘s post, of course!


Alex the Fit Nut



Alex Meyer



What is your sport of choice?


How did you get started?

In May of 2012 I had heard the Color Run was coming to my area. I signed up, and decided I needed to start running outside to prep. Getting to 5k was going pretty well, so I signed up for another 5k in July…and got hooked! From there I signed up for a 10 mile race, and then my first half marathon. I caught the running bug!


A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

Finishing my first 5k was such an intense moment for me. I fought so hard through it, and when I finished, I burst into tears. All the emotions came to a head, and I was so excited, and relieved, that I could do it. At that moment, I felt like I could do anything!

What have you gained from improving your fitness?

I’ve gained a lot from becoming a runner. The most obvious one is my fitness level has increased immensely. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. But at the same time, I’ve made so many new friends through running. There’s a bond that you have immediately with another runner. It’s hard to explain! And the online community is just so much fun to be a part of.

How often do you exercise each week?

Generally I get in five workouts a week, although I do try to be flexible so I can adjust when my schedule gets a little crazy. I try to build in rest days as to not overwork my legs and get injured.

One thing I need to work on in 2013 is strength training. I’m still looking at my options, but I’m going to commit to a plan to work in some weight work at least twice a week.

Mondays: yoga and/or rest
Tuesdays: 4 miles
Wednesdays: yoga and/or rest
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Long run – depending on what I’m training for.


What is your favourite piece of equipment?

A good pair of shoes!

What is your favourite fuel?


[From Kate - are those the natural things with spirulina in them? So many treats we don't have here!]

I am obsessed with…

Finding new races to sign up for.

What is your current fitness goal?

In 2013, I want to run two half marathons, improving my time at each. When I ran my first, I had to walk about a mile during it. I know I can run the whole thing. I can’t wait to try!

Advice to newbies in your sport?

Believe in yourself. I never would have imagined running a half-marathon. I used to HATE running. But if you put your mind to it, you can do it.


Best way to contact you?

Email: alextriesitout@gmail.com or

Twitter: alex_j_meyer


Thanks Alex, and best of luck with your half marathons!


Your Turn!

Have you ever run a half marathon?
Do you have questions for Alex?
Did you/do you ever hate running?


Amalia the Fit Nut


I hope you all had an incredible Christmas! I had an unplanned break from all things blogging, and now I’m desperate to tell you about all things holiday-running-health related. There were hills, and speed work, and far too much bicycle love…and lots of plans for the New Year.

But for today, I’m handing the blog over to my dear friend Amalia. Amalia is another Sweat Pink chick, and I’ve even guest posted for her.





photo 5 (5)

What is your sport of choice?

Running (Sleeping isn’t a sport unfortunately)

How did you get started?

My friend challenged me to do a 5km race with her May 2012. I was hmming and hawing over it and the competitive person in me decided she couldn’t win and not have me take her up on the challenge. So in the spirit of Barney from HIMYM I texted her back “Challenge Accepted!”

Turned out I trained more than she did but we completed our first 5kms together at the Ottawa Race Weekend in Ottawa. Since then I’ve been hooked.

A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

Having Manfriend and my Mom watch me finish my second 5km which I PRed this past October. It was an epic feeling because I ran alongside a 101 year old man who has set records for marathons and half marathons the world over. Seriously, 101. I don’t even know if I’ll make it that long, but running has to have some longevity benefit.

The other time was being able to go for a 5km run on the beach in Oregon. I never would have been able to experience the gorgeous solitude of the Oregon coast otherwise.

[From Kate: Manfriend is a kindred spirit for Mr The Rake - both share a complete lack of interest in all things running-related, and think pokemon are great...but only the original ones.]


What have you gained from improving your fitness?

Oh my goodness.

I think I wrote a comment on your blog about this a while ago, but this question has good timing. I was thinking about this the other day. 2012 has changed my life – and largely because of running.

I learned I can do things I never thought I could do (like run 5km or even 12km if I wanted to). I have made life changes I was too afraid to make before and even learned to confront some of my biggest fears. I’m also more confident, and pretty sure I stick to things for longer to (I’m known for having somewhat of a short attention span!). I’m also pursuing my dream of being a Paramedic because I know that my body can handle the physical demands now.

photo 4

How often do you exercise each week?

Well. My training happens when my world will let it. By that I mean working 70-80 hours a week November and December at my two jobs means I do one long run a week, planks and situps every morning, and the occasional cross training/run/swim in the middle of the week. When things calm down after my half marathon I am hoping to settle into a real schedule. But for now it is what it is and I’m happy to make time whatever way I can.

Favourite piece of equipment?

I just got it, but its my Garmin. I haven’t even used it yet!

Favourite fuel?


I am obsessed with…

Pretzel MnM’s

Your current fitness goal?

This is going to sound crazy (but what runner isn’t crazy?) but other than finishing my half marathon in one piece (and before 3 hours and 30 minutes when the fancy little golf cart picks you up because you’re taking too long) I want to look hot at my best friend’s wedding. Mainly because I haven’t seen these people in a couple years and secondly because one of the guys who broke my heart a while ago will be there. I’d like him to see what he’s missing. Bwahahaha.

Oh, and there’s a whole bucket list of fitness goals to accomplish before I’m 25 on my blog (that’s next June btw!)

photo 2

Advice to newbies in your sport?

You may feel like a fool at first (I did) but stick to a neighbourhood route and when running in front of cars gets intimidating just think “At least I’m moving faster than they are and not sitting on my butt”

And listen to lights, pay attention, stay aware. Cars come from everywhere!

Best way to contact you?

My email address is livetraveleatandrun@gmail.com.  The other way to contact me is via my twitter, @ama_liab. I have my phone pretty much attached to my hip for work, and it is driving Manfriend nuts. So you can pretty much guarantee, unless I’m sleeping I’ll answer!


Thanks Amalia! I bet you’ve used that Garmin now – how do you like it?Ad waht on earth are Sharkies? Anyone from the North care to fill me in?!


Your Turn!

Questions for Amalia?
Does the fact that Amalia works 80 hour weeks inspire you to make time for exercise?
How was your training over the Christmas holiday?


Molly the Fit Nut


Meet Molly, today’s fit nut, and another running blogger! Want to be featured? Head over to answer the fit nut questions for yourself.






What is your sport of choice?


How did you get started?

My decision to become active began after my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I treated my health and body rather callously, and not until my family was rocked with a cancer diagnosis did I open my eyes and realize that, logically, how I treat myself now can may dictate my chances of getting sick later in life.

I started exploring a lot of different exercise regimes (boot camps, personal trainers, group exercise classes) but I never seriously considered running. Somehow, my friend convinced me to sign up for the Color Run 5k. I wasn’t so much drawn in by the idea of running so much as the amazing and colorful Facebook profile photo opportunity this provided.

With barely any prior training, I ran the entire 5k and caught the running bug. The race was untimed, so it’s likely I ran it at a snail pace, and my 86-year-old grandmother could have outpaced me, but I ran it! I’ve raced in several 5ks since and plan on gradually working my way towards a half-marathon down the road.

A memorable moment in your fitness journey:

Completing the Rugged Maniac (5k obstacle course/mud run) in the top 25%. This was the first obstacle course I had ever done, and only third 5k overall. My only goal was to complete it without skipping any of the obstacles.

When I crossed the finish line and saw my time, I just couldn’t believe it. I swear, I looked at my boyfriend (who was waiting for me at the finish line), did a double take at the timer and did a little happy dance right then and there. I got weird stares. I was ok with it. And why shouldn’t I have been?! I had just pushed myself farther physically than I had ever imagined for myself. I placed top 25% overall and top 13% for my age group (out of almost 7000 participants).

I seriously still can’t believe my ranking.

What you’ve gained from improving your fitness:

Respect and admiration for myself. I was always uncomfortable with my weight and body (even if there wasn’t reason for me to be). I knew I couldn’t walk up the stairs without getting winded and I constantly envied those who competed in races and made their health a priority. I remember watching one woman limp the final mile of the Boston Marathon last year and I was actually jealous! I wanted to be that woman…I wanted the blisters and the blackened toe nails and the shin splints.

(This is also why my grandmother thinks I’m crazy and asked me if I was “training” to go into the Marines.)

Finishing my first 5k, then my second, then an obstacle course, made me realize I’m so much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I can do this. I can do MORE than this. And I will.

Taking control of my health has proven that to me.

How often do you exercise each week?

I usually exercise 4 to 5 days a week. This is a mash-up of group exercise classes (yoga, pilates, zumba), running/cardio and strength training. I like to mix it up because I get bored so easily.

Favourite piece of equipment:

My running sneakers. This will change the moment I get a Garmin Forerunner.

Favourite fuel:

Peanut butter. I’m assuming my body gets a kick from the protein. For anyone curious, I don’t actually run with a container of Skippy in my hands…and now I think I’m stupid for never having tried.

I am obsessed with…:

Foam rollers

Your current fitness goal:

My current fitness goal is to complete a 10k in the spring. It might not seem like much, but if you saw me at the beginning of 2012, you would have laughed at me (and me alongside you!) at the idea of me running even half of a 5k.

Advice to newbies in your sport?

Just keep truckin’. It’s clichéd, but I swear, if I can run, so can you. Run as often as you can.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a quarter of a mile, for 1 minute, or just a lap around the block. You have no idea how quickly you’ll build endurance and you’ll surprise yourself with how much farther you can push yourself.

Best way to contact you:

Here are some easy ways to stalk me:

Twitter – @MKPappas

Instagram – MKPappas1

Email – averageathletemolly@gmail.com

Pinterest – averageathlete


Thanks Molly! I’m a huge PB fan too – did you try running with the jar?


Your Turn!

Any questions for Molly?
Are you a PB fan?
What’s your most memorable fitness moment?