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Winner – and a runner question


Well, as usual by this time in the week, I am swamped! So here are the highlights:



Amy, congratulations – Get Yourself Back in Motion is headed your way!

And how did she win? We had 6 comments, and the first draw was 5:


Sadly, Mindy isn’t eligible. Sorry Mindy! But thanks for commenting. It made me smile.

So the next number was 6:



Amy, a copy is coming to you. Don’t tell the others – they’ll get jealous.

Your Turn!

I’m running tomorrow morning, and I haven’t since Sunday. So, do tell me -

How often each week do you run? What’s the longest gap you leave between runs?

Personally – I needed a break!

Back in Motion – an Aussie Giveaway

You know what helps after a bad race? Hitting the gym at 6am.

I’m joking.

It didn’t help.

Actually, it’s not a big deal. I loved all of your comments and advice. And I’m looking forward to my next chance to have a good go at a 10km!


Get Yourself Back in Motion



Some time ago, I received a copy of Jason Smith’s book, Get Yourself Back in Motion. I was asked to review it AND for one lucky Aussie reader, you get a copy too. (The book was given to me for free in exchange for a review).

Smith is a physio, and has his own treatment process, called Results4Life.

At the heart of the book is the premise that most of us live a life where being ‘well’ is a transitory state – something to enjoy between long stints of feeling less tan 100%. Smith argues that all of us can feel great almost all of the time – if we look after our bodies.

This is something I can get on board with.

And feeling well all the time? Who doesn’t want that? I know I’m preaching to the choir here – most of us are quite into fitness, and think we take great care of our bodies. However, what I took away from the book was that I don’t give myself enough time to recover – or have enough regard for what my body actually needs. For me, that means easy days and much, much more stretching. And, even more simply, POSTURE. There is a whole chapter on posture and core.  In this way, the book is really useful – it has some great tips and advice, and a few graphics to help you get things back on track.


But is it a good read?

Yes and No.

Originally, I have to confess I was a little confused as to who the target audience for. When I asked, the response, was

People who want to get healthy and active but may not know how.


Health-conscious and fit people who want to stay motivated and reach optimal levels of health for life.

That kind of makes sense. The book is very detailed, and quite heavy on the text. There aren’t many graphics, and it’s incredibly informative, rather than anecdotal. It’s probably a bit too intense for someone just starting out on their fitness goals, but equally, it’s not going to be enough for a seasoned trainer or someone in the industry.

In that way, the book hits its niche – someone like me, who know a bit, is interested but doesn’t have the experience or training to know this stuff back to front.


Here’s what I loved:

It’s straight-forward and practical. Simple tips like ‘practice’ and ‘be consistent’ are applied to bio-mechanics. We should be able to move more freely than we do. We shouldn’t be in pain. It seems so simple, and yet, here we are. I’m slumped over the couch typing. You’re probably in some bizarre one-shoe off position sipping a coffee and leaning down to grab something off the floor…

Smith tries to help us get back to a happy state. And he’s pragmatic about it.

Mr The Rake models poor posture for the camera

Mr The Rake models poor posture for the camera


Want one?

Are you in Australia?

Do you want a copy of Get Yourself Back in Motion?

It makes a great guide to your body (there’s even a short chapter called ‘Getting Under your Skin: medical school in 15 minutes’). As a practical guide to living comfortably and healthily, it’s the Reader’s Digest for the body.

Here’s how to win:

Comment below, and mention that you’re an Aussie. If you’re having trouble commenting, I’ll also accept comments on the Run with Kate Facebook page.


What are you waiting for?!


Mental Monday and a Winner


Happy Monday!

First of all – let me reveal ze winner of our Nudie Juice!

The Nudies you’re getting in the mail!

I used a random number generator to select the winner. The first number happened to be a juice entrant, and the second a royalty winner – too easy.

Congratulations Kila! You were comment 10. I’ll be in touch to organise delivery.



Congrats Kat – you are royalty for tomorrow!

Mental Monday

Ok, time for Mental Monday!

Mental Monday

Weigh in with your comments below, or hit it up on your own page.

Here’s my negative thought today: How the hell am I going to get enough students to make next year viable?

And my positive: I have about 500 jobs, and am surrounded by awesome people!  

And here’s a smile for Monday – we had a best dressed competition at tonight’s gym Christmas party:

Your Turn!

Mental Monday Moment?

Want to win?


I’ve been hinting at a Give-away all week – but clearly I had to try out the goods first!

This week, this runner received a package from Nudie Juices, an Australian company that has a huge collection of juices. I’d tried them before, but I hadn’t tried the latest range – V-Nudie Nothing But Range.

The Nudies I got in the mail!

These juices are purely fruit and veg. No preservatives. No added sugar. Nothing.

I like my fruit and veg. A lot. But I rarely juice it.

Packed lunch ;-)

And that was my first thought – can’t I just juice my own? Sure. But I don’t. And I certainly wouldn’t do it in this ratio – Nudie have found the perfect way to balance apple and kiwi with a bit of cucumber, and orange and carrot with ginger.

My absolute favourite was the apple, cucumber, and kiwi. Perfect with breakfast (or for a sneaky after-work swig).

Followed by the carrot, orange and ginger, which had a nice little bite. More a lunch time thing!

While I appreciated the idea behind the beetroot, pineapple, carrot, apple and mint, it was a little too…intense for my taste. I’d be curious to hear what our winner thinks!


Want some juice?

So here’s the deal. The kind people at Nudie have agreed to send a package to one lucky reader. The catch is that the winner has to be from NSW, Victoria, or the ACT (in Australia) due to the need to ensure that the juice is delivered fresh and cold!

So – how do you win?

Are you from NSW, Vic or ACT?

Great, you have three ways to win!

1. Leave a comment with your name and state/territory

Then, if you want more chances to win, you can also:

2. Like the blog on facebook (www.facebook.com/runwithkate), then leave a second comment telling me you have, and

3. Follow me on Instagram (@RunwithKate) leaving a separate comment saying you now follow me on IG. 

You can leave up to three comments – that’s three chances each!


From elsewhere? You can still win.

Here’s a bonus!

If you aren’t from NSW, Victoria or the ACT, you can still comment in the same way.

Your prize? Get treated like royalty for a day! That’s comments on your posts (if you blog), a feature on Run with Kate, re-tweets, a shout out on Facebook, and a link to your last post (or one that you choose).  An example is here.

Happy weekend -

Now get commenting!

Go win some juice!

The winner will be drawn on Monday, Australian time (Sunday night US). You have all weekend to enter. 


Your Turn!

1. Your name and State
2. Follow me on Facebook
3. Follow me on Instagram