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Mother Giraffe

Thanks Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has loved me unconditionally since the day I was born. Even when I threw tantrums, embarrassed her at children’s birthday parties, kept her awake when I was sick, learnt to drive, dragged her to Body Attack, and left Melbourne well before she was ready for me to go.

Mum and Me

P.S. we were never a great team in the game ‘getting to school’. I may be a couple of decades late, but I get that it wasn’t your fault. And the Corinella Party? Pretty sure I turned out just fine without it. So forgive yourself and realise that you got it right. Three times.





I couldn’t be with my Mum this mother’s day, but I did have some fun running in the Mother’s Day classic:

...a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

…a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

Sometimes, running and/or walking should just be for fun. No time. No pressure.

And in costume.


We got macarons for being well-dressed.

We got macarons for being well-dressed.

I am still not running training. Sad face. But, with any luck, Señor Swiss Ball will help me channel my inner awesome runner this week. For the last few days, the rules have been no running, no cycling, no rowing, very light elliptical work, and slow move, high rep strength work.

And if you’re reading this…please make it happen. A girl can only take so much non-catabolic activity. It’s criminal.


When karma gets you for doing something is completely useless to your every day life

Not running also making me batty.

Yesterday, I meant to go to the gym at lunch time, once I finished catching up on the week’s invoicing. At 5pm, I was finally done, and when I left the gym, I noticed that the nail salon across the road was still open. Never one to think things through, I took my sweaty self in and asked for a mani/pedi.

As the kind woman operating the foot spa scraped the crap off my poor runner feet and black toenails, I looked at her in horror.

I’ve left my wallet at home. And my phone. Can I please borrow yours?

She looked at me, got up quietly, handed me the phone, and watched in amusement as I dialled my own number.

That’s right friends. 5 1/2 years into my relationship, I do not know Mr The Rake’s number. 

Luckily for me, a very serious man answered

Hello, this is Kate’s phone, [Mr The Rake] speaking. 


Hi babe, I was wondering if you could help me out?


Uh huh. 


So I’m at the nail parlour.


Uh hah. 


And I don’t have my wallet.


Uh huh. 


It’s in the hallway.


Uh hah. 


Could you please bring it down for me?

30 minutes later, Mr The Rake opened the sliding door, looked at me, said

The traffic’s pretty bad

Put my handbag at my feet, and walked out.

Guess who walked home in disposable thongs?




Happy Mother’s Day, and have a great weekend!


Your Turn!

Have you ever dressed up for a race?
How often do you have a break from running? 
When was the last time you let your purse or wallet at home?


More to life

The fact that I love plans and structure is no secret. But  also believe in truly enjoying yourself every now and then. Sometimes you need to just chill out, and do something indulgent.

I am an insanely intelligent human being, so after deciding that I would race in the Sydney Marathon Clinic 10km today, I organised to have friends over for a few drinks and dinner.

All in

All in

Several vodkas, some champagne, a bag of m&ms, corn chips, half a block of chocolate and several drinking games later, I snuck away to bed, set my alarm for 5:45, and left the rest to party on.

This morning’s race was a flop time-wise.

Now that I’ve prepared for a race in the worst possible way, here are my tips for how NOT to prepare for your next race. Don’t:

  • Consume your body weight in fatty food the night before
  • Take up Mr The Rake’s offer of home-made cocktails
  • Substitute vodka for potato (wait..)
  • Continue drinking
  • Try a new “metabolism revving” circuit work out the day before

The best bit was when I jumped out of my car to pick up Va, and a guy in his car stopped on a main road and asked me if I’d ‘like a lift’. Nup.

Va and I - still smiling post-race and pre-breakfast.

Va and I – still smiling post-race and pre-breakfast. Superwoman was there too!

Was it worth it?

Hell yes. You can totally have your cake chips chocolate vodka and eat it too.


Your Turn!

Have you ever raced when you’ve known you won’t be running well? 
Hungover running experience?
How disciplined are you when it comes to your training (no matter what your goal is!)?


Will race for bike parts


So yesterday, this happened

Champagne trumps posting. And after an afternoon of mountain bike riding, it didn’t take long to be enjoying the effects of my bubbly. Exercise will make you a cheap drunk. True fact.


The bike

Oh wait, back up – I went mountain bike riding. After swearing never to do it again. Superman took me out to the Blue Mountains to convince me that it was much more fun than I thought.

He was right.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to be doing it again soon. I’ll leave that to the experts.

Which segues neatly into this:

Superman, also known as Jason, is riding his mountain bike for eight days next year. Across Mongolia. Talk about a New Year’s resolution! The best bit is that he is supporting a charity called Bikes 4 Life. These guys take donations in bike parts, tidy up old bikes, build new ones from old parts, and ship them off to those in need. Very, very cool. Jason has just started a Facebook page to document his adventures, and I know he’d appreciate all the likes he can get! Kudos to a man who wants to ride across Mongolia AND pack shipping containers full of bikes in his spare time. 



The day before that…

On Saturday, Superman rode and Superwoman ran with my running group. I ran a virtual half marathon.

This was a twitter challenge designed by @marathongrl71 and @runnermommy2008. The race was set up so that all participants ran 21.1km at any time on 22 December. In Australia, we were first up. (And by the way, the world still hasn’t ended – I think we’re ok. Sincerely, the future – anyone need a new calendar for Christmas?) With a 5:55am start time, I was one of the first to get going.

My running group outside the chocolate shop. Best end to a run. Ever.

This was the first virtual race I’d run, and it was a little odd. At first, it felt like a training run – except for the bits where I stopped to check my directions.

AND a map in my pocket. I am hopeless.

And sleepy people collecting their newspapers at 6am love seeing a girl with a camelbak smashing her way down a suburban footpath. I got ‘the look’ more than once.

My running group were meeting at a ferry wharf near Olympic Park, planning to run about 12km, and then eating a heap of chocolate at the gourmet chocolate cafe we were finishing at. So I extended it. I ran the 11km from home to meet them, and then continued on.

Here’s the thing though – it wasn’t the world’s best run. I’m not so worried about the time, but I had heavy legs, and I did stop the watch a few times – at traffic lights (there weren’t many), once to stretch out my poor battered legs, once when I met up with the group, and a couple of times when I got lost.

The purist OCD maniac in me wanted to run it like a real race, where stopping is NOT an option. It’s ok though, the watch got me back in the end. It conked out at 20km. Or I thought it had. So I stopped and tried to reset it. 6 minutes later, the ‘ding’ for 21km rang out. Until then, each km was about 5:30. 21km was 6:16. I was FURIOUS. Mr Garmin nearly found himself floating away to New Zealand. I had so wanted to come in under 1:55.

Thankfully, chocolate cured all my woes, and the virtual half is done.

Fondue. That is all.

Who’s planning the next one?


Mental Monday

Finally, I can’t leave without some Christmas Eve Mental Monday goodness.

Mental Monday

This one has a twist though. It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m not going to put a negative in. Instead – here’s my Mental Monday Moment: Even in a new city, with a new home, new routine, and a completely new job, I find myself surrounded by amazing people and a zillion things to do.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

You Turn!

Have you ever run a virtual race?
Would you ride across Mongolia?
What is your Mental Monday Moment?

Will run for cookies and group sex


I love the love Mr The Rake got for his post on Thursday night. I know he offended about 99% of you, and yet you loved it. My 17 cats haven’t yet arrived, so I assume I’m safe for now.

I was invited to his parents’ place for dinner last night, so I must be ok.


Top Ten

There is some fun that comes from dealing with other people on the internet. I haven’t done a top ten in awhile – so here are my favourite search terms over the past month:

  • running after vodka (I do it most weeks – you do survive!)
  • cross country bromance
  • hot feet ladies pic
  • if you ran at 10.6 kph how fast would you run 10km in (my guess is that you’d go about 10.6 kph. Oh and by using the simple equation (60/10.6) x 10  = 56.6 mins)
  • if you run 10 km can you eat chocolate
  • aussie kate gang bang (glad to know I’m representing the country with pride)
  • canberra gangbang girls (again…)
  • jenna haze foot job
  • images of a leaf lady raking up leaves (salt in the wound…)
  • “wet himself”


Why we run

AND the why we run question. Here’s why my readers run:


Jenelle: ME! And for health, strength, speed, competition

Lisa: I run because if I did not, I might be a drunk exotic dancer.

Kat: Cupcakes…and tacos…and wine…and beer….oh and because I want to push myself while I still can

Damn Straight!

Molly: I run for those who can’t. And I run because everyday I am proving to myself I’m stronger than I ever thought I was.

Amy: I run to feel life pulsing through my veins, stretching my lungs, and pounding my feet. I run to break down the barriers of what I perceive as the limits of who I am. I run for the cake.

Liz: I run to stay in shape, just in case there is a Zombie apocalypse.

Jenelle: I run for sanity, for ME, for being able to enjoy food, to get more out of my day, to love my body for performance and not just aesthetics but mostly I Run because running Jenelle is generally the best version of me. Running grows me!

Joanna: I run for self-confidence, to wear whatever I want, to set an example for my daughter, for my sanity, and so my daughter can have fun racing in the stroller.

Kate: I run for no diabetes, skinny jeans, my sanity, and cookies.

Laura: For sanity, therapy, pleasure, endorphins, freedom, renewed energy. And so much more.

Running makes me smile too

Robyn: I run to plan for the day, to meditate, to get out in nature and MOST IMPORTANTLY I run so that I can eat chocolate!

Sara: To put my kids in the stroller and zone out for 30+ minutes!

Abby: My mental and physical health. To not be a fatty any more. And because it makes me feel pretty bad A$$.

Kierston: ME! My time

Phaedra: I run because it’s just what I do. It keeps me sane, happy, and much nicer to be around.

Jenna: To spend time with nature, me, and god!

Mindy: I run for my sanity, my health, to be a good role model for my boys, and because I can!


I love the mix of deep and personal, funny, and vain answers. Running definitely makes me like my legs more, just as an example! And just to be clear, I don’t run for group sex – but some of those Google searchers might!


Your Turn:

Weirdest searches on your blog?
Why do you run?
Which of these answers is your favourite?



Adventure Racing and a Time to Celebrate


And that was an epic weekend.

Urban Max

I didn’t expect that I would miss the chance to post, but sometimes life is just too much fun!

On Friday, Mr The Rake and I had some friends around for my favourite summer food:


And along with some vodka and gelato, I was beautifully fuelled for the Urban Max Adventure Race on Saturday morning. Superwoman and I were given a set of cryptic clues and a map of Sydney. The only limitations were that our only means to get around were public transport or our feet. The two of us ran up and down Sydney, collecting markers and completing activities.



After kayaking around Blue’s point we were both rocking wet leggings. Totally worth it.

We made balloon swords at one check point and palmed them off to a small child outside Luna Park. We found ourselves in a photo booth, and we talked strategy on the run.

With Superwoman

Runner disaster struck almost immediately. With shin splints, and a tight ITB and hip flexors, I could barely move by the end of the day. Clearly this was not my day.

But who cares? There’s no marathon on the cards, I can take a few days off, and we had a ball. Absolutely worth running to the end. And for kicks, Superwoman was pretty pleased to be faster than me!

After 4 1/2 hours making our way around the city, we finally finished, and celebrated with seafood and chocolate.

To celebrate

As if the race weren’t enough, Mr The Rake and I headed to Canberra in the afternoon. After a three hour drive, we hit up the International Law Society Christmas Party. Hard.

Like, gingerbread men hard -

Gingerbread men

 Mr The Rake offended people, labelling Ke$ha’s music

A gang bang in a dumpster

BUT was the world’s best boyfriend when I grabbed him to hurriedly whisper

I’m heading out to the roof garden to smoke a cigar with Andrew and Lil – could you go and take over Lil’s conversation?

Without batting an eyelid, he took over the conversation and sent me on my way.


For the record Mum, I obviously just sat and watched others smoke.

I’m back in Sydney, and I promise I’m being a good runner chick – I’m stretching and resting, and I’ll cross-train until things ease up.


Your Turn!

Ever tried an adventure race?
Have the Christmas parties started for you yet?
If you eat seafood, what’s your favourite?