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Mother Giraffe

Thanks Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has loved me unconditionally since the day I was born. Even when I threw tantrums, embarrassed her at children’s birthday parties, kept her awake when I was sick, learnt to drive, dragged her to Body Attack, and left Melbourne well before she was ready for me to go.

Mum and Me

P.S. we were never a great team in the game ‘getting to school’. I may be a couple of decades late, but I get that it wasn’t your fault. And the Corinella Party? Pretty sure I turned out just fine without it. So forgive yourself and realise that you got it right. Three times.





I couldn’t be with my Mum this mother’s day, but I did have some fun running in the Mother’s Day classic:

...a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

…a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

Sometimes, running and/or walking should just be for fun. No time. No pressure.

And in costume.


We got macarons for being well-dressed.

We got macarons for being well-dressed.

I am still not running training. Sad face. But, with any luck, Señor Swiss Ball will help me channel my inner awesome runner this week. For the last few days, the rules have been no running, no cycling, no rowing, very light elliptical work, and slow move, high rep strength work.

And if you’re reading this…please make it happen. A girl can only take so much non-catabolic activity. It’s criminal.


When karma gets you for doing something is completely useless to your every day life

Not running also making me batty.

Yesterday, I meant to go to the gym at lunch time, once I finished catching up on the week’s invoicing. At 5pm, I was finally done, and when I left the gym, I noticed that the nail salon across the road was still open. Never one to think things through, I took my sweaty self in and asked for a mani/pedi.

As the kind woman operating the foot spa scraped the crap off my poor runner feet and black toenails, I looked at her in horror.

I’ve left my wallet at home. And my phone. Can I please borrow yours?

She looked at me, got up quietly, handed me the phone, and watched in amusement as I dialled my own number.

That’s right friends. 5 1/2 years into my relationship, I do not know Mr The Rake’s number. 

Luckily for me, a very serious man answered

Hello, this is Kate’s phone, [Mr The Rake] speaking. 


Hi babe, I was wondering if you could help me out?


Uh huh. 


So I’m at the nail parlour.


Uh hah. 


And I don’t have my wallet.


Uh huh. 


It’s in the hallway.


Uh hah. 


Could you please bring it down for me?

30 minutes later, Mr The Rake opened the sliding door, looked at me, said

The traffic’s pretty bad

Put my handbag at my feet, and walked out.

Guess who walked home in disposable thongs?




Happy Mother’s Day, and have a great weekend!


Your Turn!

Have you ever dressed up for a race?
How often do you have a break from running? 
When was the last time you let your purse or wallet at home?


Caught Rake-Handed

The best thing ever happened the other day.

Mr The Rake is Mr The Rake for a reason, right? He really values his privacy (and, as you can imagine, loves it when I post ridiculous and compromising photos of him).


My relationship is…special


The other day, he answered his phone at work, and used his full name. The caller, who was a complete stranger, immediately said

oh, it’s the famous Mr Rake

Guess who sent a panicky text message and asked me to go and review some of my blog posts?


I hope everyone he works with now reads this. If you are from Mr The Rake’s work, you can check out his greatest hits here, including YOLO, Why you will Die Alone or other favourites in the Top Posts section.

Cool. Enough plugging Mr The Rake. I know you want more, but he’ll come back, I promise. Actually, he came down to Canberra with me last weekend. As spectators go, he tries, but when I arrived at the finish line, he was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t surprised given that he’d arrived home at 3am and woke me up by continuing to pick up and drop his coins all over our friend’s kitchen sink (don’t worry, I got his sorry, hungover bum back by waking up at 5am and turning on all the lights).

Point is, when I got to the finish line, he wasn’t there.

Canberra Half 2

Wow. Gotta love a good finish line face.
Mr The Rake didn’t miss a thing – it was caught on camera!

He did, however, turn up just as Superwoman crossed the finish line. He was holding a washing basket full of bedding. 

That’s a whole story in itself.

Canberra Half 3

Superwoman and I – finally at that freakin’ finish, 21.1km later.

Mr The Rake will not, however, be attending my half marathon tomorrow.

Yeah. I’m super smart and decided to go again when the opportunity arose. Having never raced a half marathon, I’m doing two on back-to-back weekends. Should be fun.

Fun is a strong word.

Wish me luck?


Today’s Moment

Superwoman, superman, Va and I headed out to the Fitness Expo today. It was like being 3 years old and going to the show again. Except more full of protein, fake tan and large chested, chicken legged men with small, dumb eyes.

My great yogurt love! Chobani,

My great yogurt love! Chobani,


Your Turn!

Ever been to a fitness expo?
When was your last half marathon?
Has your blog ever compromised your private life?

Amalia the Fit Nut

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas! I had an unplanned break from all things blogging, and now I’m desperate to tell you about all things holiday-running-health related. There were hills, and speed work, and far too much bicycle love…and lots of plans for the New Year.

But for today, I’m handing the blog over to my dear friend Amalia. Amalia is another Sweat Pink chick, and I’ve even guest posted for her.





photo 5 (5)

What is your sport of choice?

Running (Sleeping isn’t a sport unfortunately)

How did you get started?

My friend challenged me to do a 5km race with her May 2012. I was hmming and hawing over it and the competitive person in me decided she couldn’t win and not have me take her up on the challenge. So in the spirit of Barney from HIMYM I texted her back “Challenge Accepted!”

Turned out I trained more than she did but we completed our first 5kms together at the Ottawa Race Weekend in Ottawa. Since then I’ve been hooked.

A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

Having Manfriend and my Mom watch me finish my second 5km which I PRed this past October. It was an epic feeling because I ran alongside a 101 year old man who has set records for marathons and half marathons the world over. Seriously, 101. I don’t even know if I’ll make it that long, but running has to have some longevity benefit.

The other time was being able to go for a 5km run on the beach in Oregon. I never would have been able to experience the gorgeous solitude of the Oregon coast otherwise.

[From Kate: Manfriend is a kindred spirit for Mr The Rake - both share a complete lack of interest in all things running-related, and think pokemon are great...but only the original ones.]


What have you gained from improving your fitness?

Oh my goodness.

I think I wrote a comment on your blog about this a while ago, but this question has good timing. I was thinking about this the other day. 2012 has changed my life – and largely because of running.

I learned I can do things I never thought I could do (like run 5km or even 12km if I wanted to). I have made life changes I was too afraid to make before and even learned to confront some of my biggest fears. I’m also more confident, and pretty sure I stick to things for longer to (I’m known for having somewhat of a short attention span!). I’m also pursuing my dream of being a Paramedic because I know that my body can handle the physical demands now.

photo 4

How often do you exercise each week?

Well. My training happens when my world will let it. By that I mean working 70-80 hours a week November and December at my two jobs means I do one long run a week, planks and situps every morning, and the occasional cross training/run/swim in the middle of the week. When things calm down after my half marathon I am hoping to settle into a real schedule. But for now it is what it is and I’m happy to make time whatever way I can.

Favourite piece of equipment?

I just got it, but its my Garmin. I haven’t even used it yet!

Favourite fuel?


I am obsessed with…

Pretzel MnM’s

Your current fitness goal?

This is going to sound crazy (but what runner isn’t crazy?) but other than finishing my half marathon in one piece (and before 3 hours and 30 minutes when the fancy little golf cart picks you up because you’re taking too long) I want to look hot at my best friend’s wedding. Mainly because I haven’t seen these people in a couple years and secondly because one of the guys who broke my heart a while ago will be there. I’d like him to see what he’s missing. Bwahahaha.

Oh, and there’s a whole bucket list of fitness goals to accomplish before I’m 25 on my blog (that’s next June btw!)

photo 2

Advice to newbies in your sport?

You may feel like a fool at first (I did) but stick to a neighbourhood route and when running in front of cars gets intimidating just think “At least I’m moving faster than they are and not sitting on my butt”

And listen to lights, pay attention, stay aware. Cars come from everywhere!

Best way to contact you?

My email address is livetraveleatandrun@gmail.com.  The other way to contact me is via my twitter, @ama_liab. I have my phone pretty much attached to my hip for work, and it is driving Manfriend nuts. So you can pretty much guarantee, unless I’m sleeping I’ll answer!


Thanks Amalia! I bet you’ve used that Garmin now – how do you like it?Ad waht on earth are Sharkies? Anyone from the North care to fill me in?!


Your Turn!

Questions for Amalia?
Does the fact that Amalia works 80 hour weeks inspire you to make time for exercise?
How was your training over the Christmas holiday?


Love it, crack it, eat it


Read Me

I have so many wonderful bloggy friends! With Christmas only a few days away, I want to say a big Merry Christmas to all of you.

To celebrate, here are a few of my reading highlights over the past few weeks. Get your glasses on!

Talking Iron for Runners got me thinking about iron. I’m pretty sure I was wrong (details below), but this article by Cait Chock is pretty damn useful for runners.

rUnladylike found perspective from the Connecticut shooting. She’s used that overwhelming gratefulness for life to power her through each day – running or not.

Mummy Loves to Run shared her training schedule for her upcoming marathon. I’m just a voyeur, but I love how she cycles through her training and explains her sessions.



I happened to be at my Chiro’s office today, and while he had way too much fun twisting the needles in my foot just to watch me flinch -

You know, I don’t actually need to do that, but it’s fun. I can just feel the nauseating grind as I twist it. 

- and I explained my pathetic dizzy/icky spell on Sunday and Monday. 

After deciding I was pregnant, he suggested it was my neck. I know some of you are squeamish about neck adjustments. I trust him, so I went with it. BANG. Sorted.

That virtual half is going to eat my dust.



Christmas is a time to celebrate. I just ran some epic intervals on the treadmill, and I’ll be up early to run with my group.

In between, I get to wake up and eat chocolate. Like any good 5-year-old, I have an advent calendar. 

It’s kind of predictable though…


Let the festive running season begin!


Today’s Moment

I bought a bottle of sparkling water…and the bottle was stripey! …small things…


Plus…Get Ready

I am getting a delivery of Bionade. After I posted about my diet coke addiction (which, by the way, I have totally defeated!), they contacted me to offer a sample of their ‘naturally sweetened’ drinks.

AND I have a review of ‘Get Yourself Back in Motion‘ – and a copy to give away. It’s time to get reading!


Your Turn!

What blogs are you loving at the moment?
Do you get an advent calendar in December?
Have you ever had your neck adjusted?


Runners are Gross


Peeing in the bushes

Yet again, superwoman to the rescue.

Today I was scheduled to run a 10km fun run a few suburbs away from where I live. Superwoman, realising that I was burnt out, and that my training was not going to plan, had a different idea.

Cue a trip up to the Blue Mountains and a 22km trail run. Perfect! I know I want to work on my speed, but if I’m honest, I am in love with those long runs now.

We started at the Woodford gate

Glenbrook gate

And made it up a stupid number of hills to meet Superman at a Helipad (he’s a mountain biker).

Kate on the trail

You DO NOT get the close-up…unless you follow me on Instagram ;-)


And 22km later, I had run my first trail!


Yep, my feet were on fire.

Yep, I had to pee in the bushes.

Yep, we ate cake.

Yep, I am exhausted.

Most importantly, my love of running got even stronger today. It won’t be my last trail.


We are soooo gross

But in the process, I was reminded again of just how gross it is to be a runner.

We deal with sweat




Mr The Rake tried to hide my shame, but this is my back after today


Black toenails


And none of us would have life any other way. 

As always – still smiling!


Today’s Moment

The humidity went away today. Rock on Sydney


Your Turn!

If you run, what stupid malady have you had?
Ever tried trail running?
Who is your ultimate running partner?