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It’s about your feet



I’ve been catching up on some of my favourite blogs today, and there are a few shout outs to be had!

First, Miss Kierston Fu (Candy Fit) managed to place first in her figure competition! Check out the post if you’re interested – Kierston documents her journey to the stage and has some great pics too.

Gina and Jes ran the Marine Corps Marathon last week. They braved Sandy, and both had a few difficulties along the way. I admire with both of them, and it’s worth checking out Jes’s post at rUnladylike, and Gina’s at Noshing on Asphalt.

Jenelle, from Mummy Loves to Run, smashed a really warm 5km in Adelaide – and even though she isn’t thrilled with her time, she was quick and competitive!

Finally, Amy won her age group in her half marathon (a really competitive age group too! 25-29).

And I don’t know how her running is going, but I ordered Cait Chock’s latest shirt – check it out at her store. I get to write my own fortune!

run your fortune dream


It’s about your feet

I thought my feet would heal up after the marathon. They haven’t.

For now, I’ll spare you the black toenail shot, but here is a side view of the skin peeling away, bit by bit. I’m concerned that one of these days it will turn out I have opened a secret foot trap door, and the skin in fact covers a secret compartment for stashing drugs.

Kate's toe

After the blood blisters, the skin hardened up, and started peeling off. Yum!

I felt like a pretty lucky runner-blogger chick when I got home to Sydney and found a package waiting for me.


A bottle of Fixaderm was waiting to soothe this runner’s sore feet (oh, and a nasty pimple courtesy of pop-tarts, the Sydney-Canberra climate difference, and the whole moving house thing).


Really hoping they didn’t contact me for jock itch…

I wasn’t expecting much from it – what can a bottle of essential oils do that a bandaid and some moisturiser can’t?

I was surprised. So my feet haven’t healed overnight, but it was definitely a relief to use the oil. And – I can use it on the pimple too! Believe me, it’s taking over my face – no Kate photo today :-P


Oils aren’t usually my go to for skin issues – but I’m starting to wonder if there’s something to this! These feet aren’t getting better any time soon. I plan to continue experimenting.


***Fixaderm sent me a free product for review, but haven’t paid me it. I’m going to be completely upfront and tell you that I do accept products and promotions where they fit with the blog, and will always tell you whether I’ve been given anything or paid. It only seems fair! But know that I only take on jobs where I think you’ll enjoy it, and it fits the blog’s topics and values***

And they do, in fact, donate all profits to charity.


Today’s Moment

Not studying!


Your Turn!

What has inspired you this week?
Are you into using oil to clear up skin problems?
Do you have runner feet?



A Super Exercisey Week

Mr The Rake is out late tonight, and I was going to leave him the last chocolate square. But it was calling to me. So I ate it.

This is completely unrelated to the post. But chocolate is to be shared. I’m not sharing with Rake, so I’m sharing with you!

No more chocolate


Running, and Brett

I have been running my little 5km treks three times a week. Today I got the green light to move up to 7km. Woot.

But…in the process I have met an incredible chiro. My mind has been completely blown.

I was pretty suss about the whole chiropractic thing. I’d ever been to one before, and I couldn’t really work out what the deal was, except for cracking backs and making you come back for ‘readjustments’ every few days.

Ok, I was pretty judgemental.

But after months of no real improvement from physio, or improvement and then spiralling back into injury, it was time to move on. The real sign came when my physio felt every part of my legs, and then told me he couldn’t figure it out, so it was going to be a bit of ‘trial and error’.

I don’t do trial and error. 

So I figured I’d give the chiro a shot. Immediately Brett freaked me out. There I was, in tears, terrified that the marathon was never going to happen.

And then he said

Let me worry about the running, ok? Forget about 10% rules and schedules.

And life has been better ever since.

Within seconds of grabbing my feet (and me bursting into tears), he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, showed me the way my right foot didn’t move, and told me the problem wasn’t shin splints.

I wasn’t banned from running.

I wasn’t told to ice up and rest (I have had so much rest that the rest is causing shin splints!).

Instead, I got the crap accupunctured (I know it’s not a word, k?) out of my legs, and the scar tissue massaged out of my poor right ankle.

I have a home golf ball exercise for my feet.

In 8 months of physio, not once was my previously sprained right ankle considered an issue.

Today I got the best news I’ve had in ages:

You’re 50% better

This might not sound like much, but I was ready for a life time of dodgy leg by the time I got to him, so instead I beamed like a lunatic.

And that’s the story of Kate and the South African chiro who talks philosophy, animal rights and relationships while he beats the sh*t out my legs.

Some Fun

A few months ago, my bike got stolen. It was awful. I had bought it as a replacement car or life in Canberra. It was beautiful, and it was taken from me outside my gym.

Fast forward a bit, and Mr The Rake, who is absolutely gorgeous, told me to take his bike, which is the same model and size as my old one.

This week I got to ride it to uni and back, and it felt SO good to be back on the bike!

That’s a hot shot, Kate. Nice.


AND I got my tax return sorted out. Instead of getting sorely need clothes or a haircut, I booked myself in for 3 personal training sessions at the gym.

To add to the exercise junkie I’ve let loose this week, my gym manager has decided that she and I will be a team for this November’s Urban Max in Sydney.

Don’t worry, she knows I have NO sense of direction.

We go on some epic cryptic clue race around Sydney, running, yelling, solving puzzles and competing in challenges.

From the http://www.maxadventure.com.au/urbanmax/ site

AND I registered for the 10km Canberra Times run in September. I don’t expect to beat my last 10km time, but it will be so nice to race again.

I am super excited by all of it.

However, it’s not Mr The Rake’s idea of fun:


I bet he’ll sleep through all of this – including my 7am running group session tomorrow.

Oh wait. He has a day job. Sucks to be you, Rake.

Today’s Moment

A man at the fruit market gave me a free cup of his melon, carrot and ginger juice today. It was delicious!

Your Turn!

Have you had an active week?
What’s your next race?
Have you ever seen a chiro?

It’s on!

I’ve been sitting around waiting for my foot to recover. Actually, I’m not good at sitting around. I’ve been hitting the gym, learning to tape up my limbs, watching the olympics, hitting the gym some more, and driving too and from Canberra.

Sweating pink in my gym gear

Here I am ‘sweating pink’ and attempting to show you my *muscles*

The Foot is on

Well, it always was. But now I can run on it again. I got some super hot ‘hot mould’ inserts that the physio warmed up and smushed into my shoes. Combined with a bit o’ this:


I should be right. I ran 5km yesterday. It was so exciting to be out on the road again!

I’m still on schedule, I can still run a marathon, and I need to not get injured.

The Plank Challenge is on

Was on. On Monday.

I did 8 planks in 8 hours in some ridiculous situations. Between lectures – always good. And in front of a cafe with friends.

Me in my pyjamas

Getting ready for my first plank


Andrew Planking

My mate Andrew planking


Study room plank

Study room plank

Here’s my latest plank video – if you aren’t hating on them yet!


Robert and Sarah are fellow plankers. Here’s another from Christina – she’s celebrating her birthday.


Get Chicking is on

Rach, Lil, Peta and I are ordering T-Shirts from one of my favourite running artists, Cait Chock.

Get Chicking Shirt

The Get Chicking Shirt

We’re going to get chicking in Australia. Want one? They’re from the US, and cost $30. 

Today’s Moment

Today I had a chat to Dad, and he’s planned out a running route for me so he can ride alongside me for my 25km run when I’m next in Melbourne. Best Dad ever.

Your Turn!

How is your running going (if you run)?
What’s something that’s coming up that you’re excited about?
Have you ever been struck with a really irritating little injury that wouldn’t be  problem if you weren’t using that part of your body so much? Permission to rant granted. 

Training Update and the Power Plank


I am still taped up and not running. I’m doing everything I can to make sure it heals asap! Between podiatry, physio and being stubborn, it hopefully shouldn’t take too long, just a big whack to the credit card.


Rocking the Runners

That’s right, I’m back to wearing my runners EVERYWHERE. Check out my video and you’ll see the classic ‘runners and a skirt’ look.


While I’m not running, I’m trying to do a zillion other things to keep my fitness up. For me, that’s some water running, elliptical work, and some cycling, while being really careful not to aggravate things.

Which leads to…planking

I’m still doing strength work, including my core. So how better to remind myself than Plank A Day?!

I got bored with a regular plank last week – so I videoed mine and told a story. You know, just for funsies.


But now it’s time to step it up a notch – and this is where you come in!

The #PowerPlank challenge is on Monday – 8 planks in 8 hours.


[The rules are simple:

  • 1 plank each hour
  • Time your plank and save a screen shot to instagram

Those of you on facebook know all about it by now!

Facebook Plank Love

Facebook Plank Love


Head to Road Runner Girl or Running and Baking, Oh My for competition details to win a couple of specially made shirts.

I will be at uni, looking bizarre, so I would be grateful for some plankers/photographers!

Looking forward to planking with you, and to some great photos!

Today’s Moment

I went to the gym – after hours (I had dinner at about 10pm, so it’s cool, right?). My little key let me in!

Your Turn

Are you going to join the #PowerPlank challenge?
What’s holding you back from what you want to be doing?
What’s your embarrassing wardrobe combo?


Happy New Week

Opera House

Happy new week!

I believe (fingers crossed) that I am edging out of holiday mode and into productive land. I say this while sitting with a cup of tea and writing on my blog at 10am on a Tuesday. Baby steps.

But I just got back from the post office and panel beater AND I’m in my gym gear, not my dressing gown.

…honours is going to be a loooooong semester of boredom.

Stupid Feet

Yep. Stupid, stupid feet.

Dealt with the shins. Now the feet. Overuse and paranoia on my part. Good old coach Dad has been giving me some tips long distance, and I’m currently sitting with an icepack under my foot (can’t hurt, right?).

Knowing that I have strengthened my legs like a boss to better balance them and run smarter, I have decided it is time to look at my shoes.

So, my goal for this week is to sort out my foot problems.


To that end, I am taking my broke student butt and credit card down to Running Science this morning to see if I can find the holy grail – a running shoe that suits me perfectly.

If nothing else, at least I can have a bit of fun out of the house! I’ll report back for you asap!

Weekend Love

Over the weekend, three gorgeous friends from my school in Melbourne came up to Sydney for a visit. I had soooo much fun.

It was also nice to share my enthusiasm for Sydney with people not from Sydney.

For example, the girls were as excited as me to find that trains here have 2 levels. Natrally we had to sit upstairs.

At the station

Waiting for that double-decker train

AND we did touristy things like take a ferry across the harbour, and look at the sights:

Girls on the harbour

At Circular Quay

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

On Sunday I snuck out for my 15km (still feeling proud ;-)

), had a glorious late breakfast, and had some quality girl time.

After dropping the girls at the airport, my beautiful friend from Canberra, Chelsea, came to visit.

Best weekend ever!

For funsies, and not as part of the weekend, I got out and about earlier last week with another friend who has recently moved to Sydney. We had a ball, and I couldn’t resist posting this:

Ugly Vintage Jumpsuit

Ugly Vintage Jumpsuit

I’ll spare you having to see the front of that one!

I always underestimate the importance of fun and friends. They’re pretty special :-)


I promise you, these guys aren’t paying me, but this is what I got in the mail today after referring Dad to Harvest Box:

Harvest Box

Harvest Box


I love nuts, and I’ve been missing my delivery over my 3 weeks away from Canberra (where I get it delivered), so I was really excited when the lady at the post office handed these over today!

If you are in Australia and want to try a freebie, my coupon number is 31409GTCLC8 to get your first one free – the code goes in at the payment section.

Today’s Moment

Getting a delivery of nuts from Dad and Harvest Box! I love surprise mail.

Your Turn

Do you ever get surprise mail? What of?
What have you loved this weekend?
What is your niggling sports injury?