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Mother Giraffe

Thanks Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has loved me unconditionally since the day I was born. Even when I threw tantrums, embarrassed her at children’s birthday parties, kept her awake when I was sick, learnt to drive, dragged her to Body Attack, and left Melbourne well before she was ready for me to go.

Mum and Me

P.S. we were never a great team in the game ‘getting to school’. I may be a couple of decades late, but I get that it wasn’t your fault. And the Corinella Party? Pretty sure I turned out just fine without it. So forgive yourself and realise that you got it right. Three times.





I couldn’t be with my Mum this mother’s day, but I did have some fun running in the Mother’s Day classic:

...a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

…a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

Sometimes, running and/or walking should just be for fun. No time. No pressure.

And in costume.


We got macarons for being well-dressed.

We got macarons for being well-dressed.

I am still not running training. Sad face. But, with any luck, Señor Swiss Ball will help me channel my inner awesome runner this week. For the last few days, the rules have been no running, no cycling, no rowing, very light elliptical work, and slow move, high rep strength work.

And if you’re reading this…please make it happen. A girl can only take so much non-catabolic activity. It’s criminal.


When karma gets you for doing something is completely useless to your every day life

Not running also making me batty.

Yesterday, I meant to go to the gym at lunch time, once I finished catching up on the week’s invoicing. At 5pm, I was finally done, and when I left the gym, I noticed that the nail salon across the road was still open. Never one to think things through, I took my sweaty self in and asked for a mani/pedi.

As the kind woman operating the foot spa scraped the crap off my poor runner feet and black toenails, I looked at her in horror.

I’ve left my wallet at home. And my phone. Can I please borrow yours?

She looked at me, got up quietly, handed me the phone, and watched in amusement as I dialled my own number.

That’s right friends. 5 1/2 years into my relationship, I do not know Mr The Rake’s number. 

Luckily for me, a very serious man answered

Hello, this is Kate’s phone, [Mr The Rake] speaking. 


Hi babe, I was wondering if you could help me out?


Uh huh. 


So I’m at the nail parlour.


Uh hah. 


And I don’t have my wallet.


Uh huh. 


It’s in the hallway.


Uh hah. 


Could you please bring it down for me?

30 minutes later, Mr The Rake opened the sliding door, looked at me, said

The traffic’s pretty bad

Put my handbag at my feet, and walked out.

Guess who walked home in disposable thongs?




Happy Mother’s Day, and have a great weekend!


Your Turn!

Have you ever dressed up for a race?
How often do you have a break from running? 
When was the last time you let your purse or wallet at home?


5 1/2 Seasons Less Shit than your Girlfriend

I just received the best compliment!


Why this picture? I felt like it.

Tonight, Mr The Rake and I had dinner with another couple.

Mr X:

Kate, do you watch Gossip Girl?


A bit

Mr The Rake:

Oh, you watched the first half of season one.

Mr X:

Congratulations, that’s 5 1/2 seasons less shit than my girlfriend. Wanna swap?



Mental Monday

Play along time! For those who haven’t participated in Mental Monday, it’s a chance to take a negative thought, and replace it with a positive one – related or unrelated. I sometimes find it hard to get going on a Monday, and so it’s my way to start the week off right!

You can join in by commenting or sharing the link on your own page.

Here’s mine:

Negative thought: I have to cram everything into a stupidly short week – 3 jobs is way too many jobs!

Positive thought: On Thursday night I’m going to Melbourne, and Little J is turning 18.



Smashed it!

Speaking of moments … get excited. In fact, I got so excited I made Superwoman stop mid-phone call. Because…

I made it through an entire tempo run!


30 mins at 12km/hr. This sounds so pathetic, but mentally, the tempo run has really screwed with me. I have never done a full one without stopping, and adding tempo runs to the routine is pretty new for me.

I conquered it!


Your Turn!

What is your Mental Monday Moment?
Do you do tempo runs? Love or loathe?
Are you a Gossip Girl fan?


1 in 500


I had so much fun making yesterday’s vlog, and it’s great to see that so many of you enjoyed it too! I’m no expert, but those tips were ones that I’ve found through other people and trial and error over the past year – I wish someone had put them together when I started running.


Let’s Get Packing

I packed my bags for Melbourne today, and am leeeeeaaavvving on a jet plane… (Mr The Rake hates that song. Actually, so do I. Hm.) In sum, look forward to more family features (you know, between OMG marathon thoughts).

You know how I’m an obsessive runner nut? Check out my ‘to go in my carry on’ luggage (with my shoes, of course!).


Getting it all ready

Here’s the deal – if you can figure out what’s different about the picture below, then you win a prize.

The prize is knowing way too much about me.


I’m not really sorry.

Can you spot it?


Being a runner = no shame – we have to be prepared for all situations!



Yogurt deserves capital letters.

I was so excited this week when I received a delivery from The Collective. Taryn very kindly sent me some yogurt that she though I would like.


The Collective Yogurt

1% Greek Yogurt with Passionfruit


I have to say, she was spot on with my tastes.

I love my yogurt low fat (throw back to fear of fat, but now I just like the taste!). And the passion-fruit adds some extra zip.

I didn’t even wait to put it in the fridge before I tried it:




Kind of like a well-wrapped present…


I’m still not really for this slogan, but it is a nice touch to have a message before you dive into it head first.


And finally…


Voila! She’s in.

So here’s the low down – and here I’ll just mention that I got the yogurt for free, and was told it was up to me whether I chose to write or post about it. 

I’m really enjoying it – it’s good yogurt.

My only concerns are that because it’s 1%, it’s a bit more watery than what I’d expect for a Greek yogurt. At first I was surprised that it wasn’t sweet because of the passionfruit topping – but I’ve come around to it.

I prefer yogurt to be simple and natural, so the fruit topping threw me, but it’s a lovely combination and I like that they haven’t tried to sweeten it up.

At the moment, I’m mixing it in with my oats, and it’s delicious!

Even if it doesn’t look that crash hot!


So many thanks to The Collective for making my week! How I’m going to get through it all in the next few days I have no idea – so hit me up if you’re close by.


I’m Only Human

Here’s some exciting news!

I was selected for the 500 Humans Campaign. The campaign asked for Australians to apply for a trip to the ACT. 500 people got chosen, and I’m in! Apparently there were 31000 applications.

This means that Tourism ACT thinks I’d be great for a ‘living brochure’ – Mr The Rake and I get an all-expenses paid holiday to…



Seriously though, we get accommodation, food, and … I was picked as part of the ‘adventure stream’.

This means that I get to go hot air ballooning, mountain bike riding and hiking.

You know how much Mr The Rake loves exercise and adventure?

Best activity ever

Well he gets to come too.

Hilarity shall ensue, I’m sure.

This is all in about 2 weeks from now, so watch out for all my news!


Today’s Moment

Dad sent me a ‘Good Luck’ present.

Harvest Box

I heart Harvest Box (I get it delivered once a week) so this was really exciting!


Your Turn!

Favourite type of yogurt?
Do you like nuts?
What do you pack when you go away for a race? 



Let the Taper Tantrums Begin


That’s MY Basket

I was just at the shopping centre, minding my own business and trying to put a packet of soba noodles in my basket, when a girl shouldered me and and then put her tuna in my basket.

Both the guy she was with and I were so taken aback that we just kind of looked at her.

And it was a good few seconds before I managed a ‘erugh’ and she finally looked up at me, realised I wasn’t her friend, and did that awkward half giggle, half apology that makes you question whether Darwin had it wrong. (Though, to be fair, on any other day, that girl and I would probably be in reverse positions…)


Taper Time

Taper is already irritating. After I dropped Little J of at the airport to head back to Melbourne, I went to do my gym workout.

I am pleased to report that this time, it was not ‘blah’! It was, however, underwhelming.


World’s best selfie – but clearly, post-workout, I was not overly destroyed.

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss my speed sessions. It’s just not as satisfying to have an easy elliptical and rowing session. I want to go hard, sweat buckets, and come out feeling sick and satisfied. Taper says no.


On the rower…

It’s only a few days in, and I’m beginning to see why people talk about the ‘taper tantrums’ and the mental element of taper being the most difficult. Having gotten over most of the blah, this body has been conditioned to go hard or go home. The worst bit is that these sessions are just going to get shorter and more irritating over the next two weeks!


Too Many Rules!

And it’s not just the workouts. The nutritional element is quite tricky. Here I was ready to just eat mud cake until marathon day, but no, it’s all about -

Fueling right, but not overdoing it, but not dieting, but decreasing carbs, but making sure to get plenty of carbs, and not over-eating, but eating when you need to, but being aware you need a little less, but still get lots of protein, and don’t stop eating fats, and keep up the sodium, but don’t eat more than you need, but expect a little bit of weight gain and don’t try to lose it.

For an obsessive nutter like me, that’s a mine-field!

Tonight's dessert

You aren’t taking away my chocolate and berries

So I’ve given myself some basic taper food principles, and please feel free to weigh into what I put in my mouth if you know better – because most of the time, I sure don’t!


1. Don’t diet (this is the big one for me, I’m quick to cut carbs and sugar when I feel those pants getting tighter)


2. Eat a little less (like two breakfasts instead of three)


3. Be careful with iron – I know I can get low quickly 


4. In the first week, get plenty of protein to help those muscles I’ve been working to death, and have plenty of fruit and veg to keep my immune system feeling good.


5. In the second week, keep it balanced, and get plenty of healthy fats.


6. In the last 4 days, start increasing the carbs


7.Carb-load like a BOSS.


I can do 7. But I know that at some point I’ll notice I’ve stuffed it up, and then I’ll subject you to another several hundred words about fuel.

I’m starting to sound like a very expensive car. Also a crazy lady.


The Ghost Runner

And on the crazy train, I got thinking about the things people sacrifice to run. So here’s today’s main question -

What does your exercise of choice interfere with?


The other day, Mum commented on a post:

Mum comment

It’s a really good point. I doubt very much that Mr The Rake will go into labour with my child while I’m out running, but he certainly loses hours of quality time with me, and the opportunity for me to do my share of chores around the house because I’m working towards my mad goals.

On the flip-side, it gets me out of his hair, and he knows that I’m not content unless I’m chasing something down.


You want to do what?


Today’s Moment

I had a meeting for work, and it was the kind of situation where you feel like everyone is on your side and wants you to succeed. Sometimes people are just wonderful.


Your Turn!

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
Taper tips?
What do you sacrifice to achieve what you want?



Training like a rectangle

I am the rectangle

My body has been unhappy over the last couple of days, so I’ve been paying more attention to it (much like a small, squealing child).

I’ve also been considering various bits and pieces of my anatomy as injury has struck again and again.

And it got me thinking about my body more generally. In the shallow kind of way -

not the

The kneebone’s connected to the… something. The something’s connected to the… red thing. The red thing’s connected to my wrist watch

kind of way.


It was only recently that I realised that no matter how much I did or didn’t eat, I would never have a waist.

What I want:

I have Scarlett envy!



*Please note that I have no intention of criticising my body, or anyone else’s – it just struck me that I can’t work out or eat my way to a waist – I think I have about 2cm between my ribs and hips! That took me 24 years to figure out?!*

No waist!

I was musing on this the other night, telling Mr The Rake that he was dating a rectangle.

His response?

I am the eggman, I am the eggman, I am the rectang-

I’m sorry, you are out of syllables 


Point is, we can’t change our body shape. My body is absolutely fine, but I think we all have a bit of body envy. Improved fitness is bitter-sweet for me – the fitter I get, the better I feel, and the more rectangular I become!

Do any of you wish you had a shape different to the one you have?

I can’t believe it took me so long to figure this out. I can stand on a treadmill all day, or I can eat chocolate all day, or I can do targeted exercises. I will never look like Scarlett.

In a nutshell…


Actually, if you’re interested in reading a bit more about diet fads and the crazy pressure we all feel to be thin, check out this post and review by Katie. I can’t tell you how much I love this.

Love your body.

K. Rant over.

Now for something completely different

Let’s get something out of the way before this post continues.

I am not superwoman

I do not always have a good workout

I doubt myself all the time (I had a really lovely comment today about continuing even though I’ve had reasons to pull out – you don’t want to know how many draft posts I have here questioning pulling out, and preparing for that ‘announcement’)

Last night I stayed up way too late writing an essay. That’s not really a big deal in itself, but I’d been feeling achey and tired and sick. Mr The Rake was kind enough to beat my back into a pulp before he went to bed – but something was just off.

So this morning, when my tummy got even worse, I wasn’t the world’s chirpiest human being.

- Always on the look out for a pick me up, I over-shared on Facebook and asked for smiles. … Here are a couple of the ‘responses’ I got!



Would these make you smile?

Hitting the gym helps!

I went to my PT session at the gym anyway – my third and final session with Dave.

But on the way, I called in a bit of Mum support. Even 900km away (remember – that little calculator is down the bottom of the page for you miles people!), this adult still needs her Mum!

I was stressed, tired, cranky, and not thrilled about the interval session I had scheduled after my weights.

As Mum said,

Mum’s just telling you what your body is telling you

The judgment? Stop! Have a rest, go home, and watch TV.

So I did, kind of.

I hate rest days, and I hate unscheduled rest days, but at least I got a strength session in. And, on the bright side, carbo-load day has come early! Tomorrow is my long run so I can get ready for Sunday’s 10km. 


Today’s Moment

Tomorrow I am doing my long run (a day early) – which means…Pad Thai!


Your Turn

What body shape do you wish you had? (guys and girls!)
What made you accept the body you’re in?
Do you ever call a parent for advice?
What makes you smile when you’re feeling down?