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Yeah, I saw Twilight

I am a tool.

I just went, alone, to the movies. To see Twilight. No-one would be caught dead in the cinema with me. 

And I’m so cool and awesome that I don’t care. I was celebrating. In true Kate fashion, I watched the movie while eating organic yogurt, eating a chocolate bar, and wearing my gym clothes.

No more chocolate

Did I mention I am cool and awesome?

Oh – note to all aspiring half and full marathoners – Twilight is 2 hours long. If you watch it the day after a long run, I suggest a walk break halfway through so you don’t have to crab walk down the aisle behind the creepy old guy who just watched the movie solo as well.

You know, if you’re dumb enough to just randomly run a half marathon on a mountainous trail when the humidity is 87% and you’re wearing a crop top with a camelbak.



Because you’re cool and awesome, right?



The back story

So I was celebrating. Because some big shit has gone down recently, and I want to put it all together so we can deal with it all at once and move on.


The best form of celebration

1. I run my own business. It now has a name, and ads, and a bank account, and a venue, and promotional material, and a logo, and clients. Real clients.

I run a tutoring centre, and at some point I’ll post a link, just so you can see what it is, but there will be no connection to it other than that. Except me telling you how awesome and cool I am with my penniless start-up!


2. I am about to graduate. I know we’ve talked about this. But results came out today, and I am getting a law degree. With honours.

So, for the benefit of my non-Aussie readers, here’s how it works in Oz. We can do law as undergraduates. We don’t have the same college system. After high school, I started an arts/law degree at the Australian National University (the law schools at the ANU, Sydney and Melbourne are always the top 3, and they swap and change at the top depending on the year and ranking system).

This means I have both an arts degree and a law degree. I also have honours in law after that epic thesis.


And here’s where I admit to being a real life human being. I knew at least two years ago that I was not going to be practising law. I never liked studying, and it wasn’t the path for me. So when it came to doing honours, I was just happy to have the marks to do it, and the chance to research from Sydney instead of sitting in class in Canberra.

I also decided very early on that I wanted to get second class honours, not first. That way I could live my life and be less stressed about the result. And do stupid things like run marathons. And drive between Sydney and Canberra. And start a business. So you can bet I was ecstatic to find out that I received a distinction and 2nd class honours division A. Cost v reward? Win.

Ok – now you’re filled in. And we never have to speak of it again.

Except next Thursday, when I put on my robe and wizard hat and step on stage to get my law degree and my placemat (ok now – hands up who has an arts degree and is insanely offended at this point?).

Mr The Rake's Graduation

The blame lies with Mr The Rake – he paved the way. He also has an arts/law degree. With honours. But the bastard one-upped me by getting first class.
Joke’s on him though. Now he’s a lawyer.

[You know what's really strange? Mr The Rake and I specialised in completely different fields (Australian constitutional law vs international environmental law). His supervisor ended up marking my thesis. The world is cruel like that.]


So, in sum, Twilight was earned. I have no regrets. 


Today’s Moment

Run with Kate hit 500 likes on Facebook. Sweet! Thanks to all the twitter-files out there who lent a hand.


Your Turn!

Did you love or hate studying?
What is your dream job?
Do you ever just run really long distances for fun?



PS – don’t forget our #holidayaday instgram challenge. The themes for each day are below. Just use the hashtag #holidayaday and pick a picture that fits the day’s theme.


5 screens of Halo, and 5 Blogs to Love

Mr The Rake is home.

He spent the weekend at a winery playing Halo 4. It sounds like a 15 year old boy’s fantasy.

Here is their set-up:

5 screensof halo

I want to judge – but I spend my time running stupid distances, so I have nothing.


Things to Love

I am such a lucky blogger/runner – so it seems like the perfect day for a few shout outs and good reads.

1. I have to tell you how much I loved Mary’s comment on my last post -

Kate – I had to click through straight away to get an update on the Gym Bromance! It’s better than Eastenders!

If you’re interested, Mary ran a 5km and recapped it about a week ago.


2. Jenelle from Mummy Loves to Run sent me an email with heaps of info on speed and aerobic and anaerobic training. Jenelle – you are my hero!

While you’re there – check out her 5km recap. This chick is fast…and getting faster!

Jenelle is a fellow chicker


3. Tri-Girl kept it real – and I thoroughly appreciate her race recap, which illustrates the not so pleasant side of running. And she finished!

Also – she has THE BEST images.


4. Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints finished a Pretty Muddy event – and I love a good recap!


5. I stumbled across a new blog – this runner from Toronto is cheerful, has posts that make me smile, and is a thoroughly good read.


I didn’t want to steal anyone else’s images, so here’s one of mine!


Mr The Rake is back! And I love my chocolate frogs.

I got stuck into the chocolate again today after my run with Superwoman – 13km on a beautiful Sunday morning. Right in the area where Sydney held the 2000 Olympic games. Easy, slow and very, very pleasant.


Today’s Moment

Mr The Rake and I ate gelato in the sun. Seriously, best Sunday ever.


Your Turn!

When was you last long run?
What awesome blog posts have you found this week?


So much can happen in a year!


I am a runner.

I wondered what would happen after the marathon - particularly being of the neurotic, highly strung, perfectionist type.

Oh no – what if I don’t have a goal?

What if I put on weight? Or worse, what if I never lose the weight I put on while training?!

What if I just don’t actually like running all that much?



So here’s the go:

It’s fine. In fact, it’s better than fine.

Post-marathon, I am feeling blissful and in a ‘I can run however long or far I like’ state. Right now, I am running for joy. I can change it up, go shorter or longer, and run when I feel like it. Not liking running? Too late! I’m hooked.

Kate Running 10km in Cairns

In some ways, the weight stuff was the hardest to come to terms with. Nothing major, or even noticeable, but after years of wanting to be as skinny as possible, I wondered how this would go.

It’s ok.

It’s not perfect. It’s going to be a long time before (if ever) I stop caring. But for now, my body seems to be pretty good at finding its happy state. Already, I can see it starting to go back to pre-taper, and that’s about good enough!

You know how I do #PlankADay? Over time, as training progressed, I could see my abs being blurred out. And it didn’t stress me out as much as I thought it would.

From top left, to bottom right, this is (from before the marathon7 weeks out, 4 weeks out, 2 weeks out, 2 days out (carb-load day!):

I’m not asking for ‘you look amazing’ comments here – I want to document that bodies change, and being stronger and fitter and healthier doesn’t always mean thinner.

The marathon has been one of the biggest leaps forward for me body-image wise. If you’re brave enough, share an ‘aha’ moment below.


An Epic Year

Most of you know that while thesis is happening, this is my life right now:

study face

All night…


But I also try to have some fun and enjoy the sunshine!

Earlier today


I was reflecting on this year today, and the more I think about it, the more epic I realise it’s been. And as difficult as it has been to balance everything, it all came at the perfect time, and my life is so much better for all of it!

At the end of last year, Mr The Rake and I were evicted from our house. Then he found out he was going to be working in Sydney. For 6 months, I lived in Canberra and we took turns alternating weekend visits.


While all of this was going on, I was working stupidly long hours with Emily, and learning to moot, which meant constant pressure as we faced rapid fire questions and endless critique from judges. Then we spent a few weeks in the US, doing more of the above – except with competition, and points…and jetlag.

My team!

Emily and I at the Stetson IEMCC

It was amazing, if exhausting. In the spirit of reflection, I dug out my travel email today:

After we got knocked out of the competition, we got to check out the Gulf of Mexico after a much-coveted sleep in on our first Saturday in the US. Because I am wise, I elected to not shower, chuck on my gym clothes, and run on the beach. After the grand final, an awards ceremony, an impromptu drinking session in a hotel, a fancy dinner, and getting absolutely smashed with the Irish teams and our host ‘Dad’, I got home on Sunday morning, still in my gym gear.

Classy! Also – how runner chick of me!

As soon as that was over, we hurtled back to Oz in time for exams, I made the move to my half Sydney/half Canberra life, continued marathon training, and began the thesis.

Then I started blogging.

Then I decided to start a business.

Then I ran a marathon.


And now we’ve nearly reached the end of the year. In 10 days, the thesis will be in, and in 11 days, I will be a permanent Sydney resident. In 12 days, I begin a  new job.

I have loved every exhausted, panicked, epic, rewarding moment of this year.

I hope next year is a little quieter though.


Today’s Moment

Basking in the sunshine!


Your Turn!

What has been the highlight of your year?
What is an achievement you’re proud of?
Are you brave enough to share a body moment?


Prom to Pavement


Meanwhile, in the Capital…

I spent Sunday to Saturday in Canberra this week – the longest stretch in a few months!

Sadly – this is what it looked like…

No biggie. I just got my purple on and got ready for PROM!





But -

1. You are too old for prom

2. You live in Australia – surely you mean formal?

You are never too old for prom! Or so said Chal to the ANU International Law Society. I’m on the society’s executive, and so I got to be part of the fun.  

Not a totally random shot! Check out the hoodie - the International Law Society Hoodie!

The prom was in aid of the US election – we wanted to do something fun with our members, and in election year, the US embassy was happy to get involved (one of the perks of living in the nation’s capital!).

Chal and Kate

Chal and I getting set up – you may notice some similarities between the tape holding up the ‘flag’ and the tape on my head

After a full day of setting up we headed home to get dressed up, and help each other to forget that we had spent the entire day in tracksuit pants.

Ready for prom!

I may or may not have been vain enough to spend my morning workout on the rower in the hope that it would show in my backless dress…

(Yeah, I just admitted to that – please don’t bring it up in real life!)

Looking serious

Andrew and I in a very serious political event pose

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I’m a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to heels and running. These babies didn’t last long.

 Mr The Rake was in Sydney – which meant that I was partnerless. It also meant that I could do AWESOME things like not drink much, eat mini hotdogs for dinner, and wake up at 7:30am to run 20km with the law man.


I got it wrong, but it’s ok

A week or so ago, Debbie from Live from La Quinta suggested a run I could do during this first week of taper. Today was the day for it. And I really stuffed it up!

Debbie's Comment

Sorry Debbie!

Here’s where I went wrong:

1. Champagne and mini-hotdogs are not the world’s greatest pre-run fuel.

2. Mentally, I don’t think I was there this morning. I knew I could get through the run, but my mind wasn’t pushing like it often does.

3. Headwind. Epic. The worst I’ve experienced, and I got nowhere near enough tailwind to make up for it.

4. I just didn’t push hard enough. The last lap should have been a lot faster, and it just wasn’t.

5. The best bit – Garmin gave up half way through. For the first time ever, and for no reason. It had plenty of battery life left.

No excuses – I just didn’t run very well. This is a workout I’ll come back to again though, so much appreciated Debbie!



After that 20km, I was highly intelligent and jumped in the car for 3 1/2 hours. You should have seen Mr The Rake laughing when I tried to walk up the stairs in our apartment.

Are you a little bit gimpy Kate? Are you?

It was ok – he bought ice cream. And, even better…

I had a special delivery waiting for me! Chobani sent me a box of my favourite flavour – the plainest of the plain (they asked me!) -


So thank you very, very much to my yogurt family!


Today’s Moment

You have to ask? I got home to free yogurt!


Your Turn!

When was the last time you got all dressed up? 
Have you ever done something stupidly vain that no-one would ever notice?
Have you ever run in a really strong headwind? 


How to Kill the Sads



Check me out in my SPA bling! I told you awhile ago that I had been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. It’s a great group of people, and I’ve been having a brilliant time getting to chat to a whole lot of SPAs.

Yesterday I got my tank and shoelaces, and I am in heaven!

Best done in pretty shoes…

Then, the day after getting my swag, I received an email from Laura at Girls Gone Sporty -

Women’s fitness resources: http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/

I’ve been accepted as one of the first GGS ambassadors! I am really excited about this too – I love a bit of girl power when I run.

…ok, all you dudes who just tuned out, I swear, it’s out of my system now.


That awkward moment when

So instead I can move on to some fun stuff, like this morning, when I crawled out of bed and made the three hour drive to Sydney. I think my 8am freddo frog pit-stop may have cured my addiction. – It wasn’t the timing of my chocolate/sugar hit (I maintain that chocolate can be eaten at any time), but that at 8am, those babies are basically frozen. Nowhere near as yummy!

Right, where was I?

Got it – as soon as I got to Sydney, I stopped at the local market, where old Italian men and women were taking their time over their shopping. I cannot believe how slowly they move. I know it’s taboo to hit an old person, but I was pretty close. In my defence, I had been driving for 3 1/2 hours and was desperate to get home to the bathroom.

I smiled and they smiled back. I thought they were being friendly.

Then I got home, looked in the mirror, and realised I had bright blue chewing gum all over my lips. Classy.

No – you don’t get a picture. You don’t deserve one. 

That sick feeling

I cleaned it off and bolted to the gym for my second personal training session. Dave is an evil PT, and had a session of compound movements ready to go.

The aim is to get me using different parts of my body at the same time. Today was:

  • Press ups and dumbell rows on the ground (I can’t even explain this – a cross between a push up and a forward bending row)
  • Walking twist lunges with a medicine ball
  • Squat presses with a medicine ball (squat then push up, arms extended)
  • 20kg dumbbell dead-lifts
  • 20kg weighted walk and step-ups

I’ve been doing weights on my own for far too long – three circuits of this and I was   sweating pink all over the place (mmm, interesting visual there…).

That sick feeling is what happens to me when I do squats. Awful! Apparently it has something to do with the fact that you are loading so many muscles so heavily.

Does this happen to anyone else? 

Being an obsessive running nut, I then hit the elliptical to try out a fartlek style workout.

For the record, fartlek is much better when you’re running!


Someone to take away the sad

After all of this, I am, in theory, supposed to be studying.

But studying makes my face look like this emoticon:-(

Mr The Rake found a solution today – he reached out to grab my face

Then he said

Take away the sads

He looked down at the cocktail he’d made, took a sip, looked up, and said

Then I kill them with booze. 

He was quite satisfied that he had fixed everything.


Today’s Moment

Has to be getting my email from GGS. I love the CEO, Laura, and I love the site. Watch out and I’ll get a badge up on the site soon.


Your Turn!

Do you ever feel nauseous when you do weights/squats?
How do you ‘take away the sads’?
What’s something ridiculous you’ve had on your face and didn’t realise until later?