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Crack. And the Bionade Review.


Thursday is usually Fit Nut day here (and I’m always on the look out for Fit Nuts – do you do sport, at all? Fill out a quick survey here).

However, today I have something cool to review. Do you remember that I got addicted to Diet Coke and Pepsi Max a few months ago? After using coke as a cleaning substance, I made a decision to quit (I like that. I sound hard-core, like I’ve been to rehab and lived to tell the tale).


I’m happy to report that while I have had a couple of cokes since, I’m definitely over the need for it. I don’t even like it very much any more. And for any of you who are curious about the whole ‘quitting’ process, I tried a few things:

  • Strong black tea and some green tea helped with the caffeine withdrawal
  • When I wanted bubbles, I used soda water with a bit of lemon and sea salt
  • I told Mr The Rake I was giving it up, so even though he had it in the house, he would remind me that I’d given it up every time I said ‘man I could go a can of coke’
  • I just stopped. Life’s short.

After that post, I was contacted by some representatives of Bionade, a light soft-drink with all natural ingredients.


Bionade is a German creation that sells itself as a completely natural, certified-organic soft-drink. It’s brewed, beer style. I didn’t realise what this meant until I found myself at a party the night before a half marathon. Not too sweet, it was just like drinking a cider – minus the alcohol.


I was super excited by the lychee one – I think it’s my favourite flavour of fruit. Sadly, I knocked it over in my excitement and had to spend the next half an hour mopping up Bionade and glass shards. A small reminder stayed in my foot for the rest of the day.

At first I was all

yeah, cool, something to try out and post about

But…I loved it. I’ve been looking out for it because for me, it’s the perfect party drink when I don’t want to drink. Especially over summer.

I’m a self-confessed calorie counter, though I do much less of it these days, and the entire bottle clocked in under 100 calories. Way better than a cider or a lemonade.



Apparently it’s hitting Australian stores soon, and can already be ordered online.

In sum – really cool, and quite unique. On a summer’s night, it was the ideal replacement for my addiction.



Your Turn!

Have you ever come across Bionade?
Are you a diet coke drinker or hater?
What’s your favourite party drink?



Hi, my name is Kate, and I’m a Diet Coke addict.

I have been sober for 2 1/2 days.

I am a huge advocate of all things in moderation, and I love sugar like George Michael loves having sex in public bathrooms.

Dusted with sugar? I’m in.

BUT I am not an ignorant lover of all things sugary and delicious. I realise that sugar isn’t great for us, and I do believe that processed = inferior. Diet cola of any description is laden with a bunch of chemicals that may, in fact, be keeping Keith Richards alive.

I got hooked in the US when I was mooting. Have you ever quit caffeine? Not all that much fun. So when I got hooked again during honours, I decided to wean myself off it.

It didn’t work.

So 2 1/2 days ago I quit. I replaced my beloved bubbles with some green and black tea, and I think – I hope – that over the next few days, I’ll find myself not craving it at all.

The final straw? I used coke to clean a blackboard last week. I’m surprised I still have a small intestine.


I quit. 


But I’ll leave you with this confession -

I went spinning again today. I loved it.

Mmmmm sweat. Today was even worse!


Today’s Moment

Chocolate dipped strawberries – need I say more?


Your Turn!

What’s your bad habit?
Are you a diet cola person?
What’s your Sunday confession?


And don’t forget – today is the last day to enter the juice competition.