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A post that’s not really about Boston. Much.

What happened at Boston was awful.

There’s half of me desperately sad and horrified abut what happened, and another half reserved for those people who worked so, so hard to get there (and let’s out this into context for the non-runners – you don’t just sign up for Boston, you have to have raced and achieved a qualifying time, been accepted into the race, and then trained to run the race of your life) but who never saw the finish line. Nothing makes sense.

The runners who never saw the end.

Always one to step back a bit, as one of my friends pointed out, this wasn’t the only explosion the world was dealing with, yet it took up the whole of Australia’s news. Iraq was on fire, but we’re so used to it, it didn’t raise an eyebrow. All of it is sickening. But for this runner, it’s all about Boston, and I know I’m not the only one.

Much love also to Lisa, who has been featured on Run with Kate before, and who ran and finished Boston just before the explosions - her blog is here if you’d like to send her some love. The same for our Neon Blonde Runner, Kat, and Phaedra, of Blisters and Black Toenails. I’m sure I’ve left out people, so comment below if that’s you!

However, this is not a post about Boston, or any other attack. So many of my friends have eloquently expressed what happened, and how the running community feels.  If you’d like to read about Boston in the running community, here are a couple of the posts that I’ve loved:

Hollie wrote about Boston from a different perspective, likening the marathon to a graduation ceremony.

Our Marathon Mom wasn’t there this year, but she did write a short and sweet post after the event. 

If you just want to read about Boston today, that’s ok, head over the links above. I’m going to start writing more selfishly now, and that’s my problem!


It’s about speed

As I was running the Canberra Half Marathon on Sunday (oh yeah, sorry, I’ve seriously been MIA, I ran my first half marathon on the weekend), it struck me that I might not actually want to run another marathon just yet.

Superwoman and I after the race.

Superwoman and I after the race.

I mean, I do.

But I don’t.

The Melbourne Marathon was incredible, and it hurt me, big time. So naturally I want to tackle the beast for round 2. I was all set to run Blackmores (Sydney), and then, cruising along on Sunday, it hit me that maybe this year wasn’t the year.

I realise that all of us have self-doubt when we run. On Sunday, I felt particularly crappy – I had major stomach cramps, I wasn’t well-fueled, I hadn’t prepared all that well, my garmin died, I couldn’t take on any fuel mid-race thanks to Monsieur le Stomach, and for the last 8km, I didn’t even drink water (far too risky!). I cruised most of the way, and ended up with a respectable time for me -

SC20130415-092037 (2)

On the flip-side, I got the chance to catch up with Jarrod mid-race, which was amazing, and definitely made it a nicer run. I never saw Jenelle, but she ran a 3:33 for the full marathon – so much respect!

For me, it’s this simple – I want to be faster. Much faster.


Boo yah!

I can’t work on speed and still train for a marathon and do it well. I haven’t been posting, which is something I love – if I don’t have the time to post, how the hell can I give the time to do a marathon properly?

So here’s my new plan.


That is all. I am deferring my marathon plans for at least a year. In the mean-time, I’m working on getting stronger, fitter, and faster.


That’s it.

I’ll leave you with Mr The Rake’s loving hello from last night. I asked him if he was ok when he came home and sat down.

Having a nice, quiet sit, and no-one’s talking about Aldi.

Don’t talk about Aldi. I’ll cut you. 

Poor guy. He’d been in court all day.


Your Turn!

Thoughts about Boston? 
Speed vs marathoning – go!
What have I missed in bog land?

Run to the rescue

I am a terrible commenter right now, but I promise I’ll catch up with everyone over the weekend!

Mr The Rake and I are frantically packing to head to Canberra in the morning so I can graduate. When it rains, it pours, and the past few days have been a whirl of activity. Also a cockroach infestation. Seriously, I found one in the washing machine the other day. The ultimate conundrum – wash it, or burn the house down?

(Hint, I needed my running gear!)

I will leave you with this for tonight, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s fit nut post with Mindy from energiesandaffections.blogspot.com. And, of course, plenty of robe and wizard hat shots!

The screaming lungs give it away


Your turn!

When does running come to the rescue for you?


Yeah, I saw Twilight

I am a tool.

I just went, alone, to the movies. To see Twilight. No-one would be caught dead in the cinema with me. 

And I’m so cool and awesome that I don’t care. I was celebrating. In true Kate fashion, I watched the movie while eating organic yogurt, eating a chocolate bar, and wearing my gym clothes.

No more chocolate

Did I mention I am cool and awesome?

Oh – note to all aspiring half and full marathoners – Twilight is 2 hours long. If you watch it the day after a long run, I suggest a walk break halfway through so you don’t have to crab walk down the aisle behind the creepy old guy who just watched the movie solo as well.

You know, if you’re dumb enough to just randomly run a half marathon on a mountainous trail when the humidity is 87% and you’re wearing a crop top with a camelbak.



Because you’re cool and awesome, right?



The back story

So I was celebrating. Because some big shit has gone down recently, and I want to put it all together so we can deal with it all at once and move on.


The best form of celebration

1. I run my own business. It now has a name, and ads, and a bank account, and a venue, and promotional material, and a logo, and clients. Real clients.

I run a tutoring centre, and at some point I’ll post a link, just so you can see what it is, but there will be no connection to it other than that. Except me telling you how awesome and cool I am with my penniless start-up!


2. I am about to graduate. I know we’ve talked about this. But results came out today, and I am getting a law degree. With honours.

So, for the benefit of my non-Aussie readers, here’s how it works in Oz. We can do law as undergraduates. We don’t have the same college system. After high school, I started an arts/law degree at the Australian National University (the law schools at the ANU, Sydney and Melbourne are always the top 3, and they swap and change at the top depending on the year and ranking system).

This means I have both an arts degree and a law degree. I also have honours in law after that epic thesis.


And here’s where I admit to being a real life human being. I knew at least two years ago that I was not going to be practising law. I never liked studying, and it wasn’t the path for me. So when it came to doing honours, I was just happy to have the marks to do it, and the chance to research from Sydney instead of sitting in class in Canberra.

I also decided very early on that I wanted to get second class honours, not first. That way I could live my life and be less stressed about the result. And do stupid things like run marathons. And drive between Sydney and Canberra. And start a business. So you can bet I was ecstatic to find out that I received a distinction and 2nd class honours division A. Cost v reward? Win.

Ok – now you’re filled in. And we never have to speak of it again.

Except next Thursday, when I put on my robe and wizard hat and step on stage to get my law degree and my placemat (ok now – hands up who has an arts degree and is insanely offended at this point?).

Mr The Rake's Graduation

The blame lies with Mr The Rake – he paved the way. He also has an arts/law degree. With honours. But the bastard one-upped me by getting first class.
Joke’s on him though. Now he’s a lawyer.

[You know what's really strange? Mr The Rake and I specialised in completely different fields (Australian constitutional law vs international environmental law). His supervisor ended up marking my thesis. The world is cruel like that.]


So, in sum, Twilight was earned. I have no regrets. 


Today’s Moment

Run with Kate hit 500 likes on Facebook. Sweet! Thanks to all the twitter-files out there who lent a hand.


Your Turn!

Did you love or hate studying?
What is your dream job?
Do you ever just run really long distances for fun?



PS – don’t forget our #holidayaday instgram challenge. The themes for each day are below. Just use the hashtag #holidayaday and pick a picture that fits the day’s theme.


Adventure Racing and a Time to Celebrate


And that was an epic weekend.

Urban Max

I didn’t expect that I would miss the chance to post, but sometimes life is just too much fun!

On Friday, Mr The Rake and I had some friends around for my favourite summer food:


And along with some vodka and gelato, I was beautifully fuelled for the Urban Max Adventure Race on Saturday morning. Superwoman and I were given a set of cryptic clues and a map of Sydney. The only limitations were that our only means to get around were public transport or our feet. The two of us ran up and down Sydney, collecting markers and completing activities.



After kayaking around Blue’s point we were both rocking wet leggings. Totally worth it.

We made balloon swords at one check point and palmed them off to a small child outside Luna Park. We found ourselves in a photo booth, and we talked strategy on the run.

With Superwoman

Runner disaster struck almost immediately. With shin splints, and a tight ITB and hip flexors, I could barely move by the end of the day. Clearly this was not my day.

But who cares? There’s no marathon on the cards, I can take a few days off, and we had a ball. Absolutely worth running to the end. And for kicks, Superwoman was pretty pleased to be faster than me!

After 4 1/2 hours making our way around the city, we finally finished, and celebrated with seafood and chocolate.

To celebrate

As if the race weren’t enough, Mr The Rake and I headed to Canberra in the afternoon. After a three hour drive, we hit up the International Law Society Christmas Party. Hard.

Like, gingerbread men hard -

Gingerbread men

 Mr The Rake offended people, labelling Ke$ha’s music

A gang bang in a dumpster

BUT was the world’s best boyfriend when I grabbed him to hurriedly whisper

I’m heading out to the roof garden to smoke a cigar with Andrew and Lil – could you go and take over Lil’s conversation?

Without batting an eyelid, he took over the conversation and sent me on my way.


For the record Mum, I obviously just sat and watched others smoke.

I’m back in Sydney, and I promise I’m being a good runner chick – I’m stretching and resting, and I’ll cross-train until things ease up.


Your Turn!

Ever tried an adventure race?
Have the Christmas parties started for you yet?
If you eat seafood, what’s your favourite?


It’s Over


Thesis is done!


I also managed to finish an essay for my final arts course. I am finished. My arts/law degree is over, and in December, I graduate.

Essay submission

Goodbye arts degree

It took 6 years, but it’s done.

The last few days have been mental, in a fun way, so here are a few snaps.

I spent the last few days at uni with friends until 1 or 2am, eating take-away and writing like a mad woman.

Mad-woman face. 2am. Too much caffeine.

Then it was over.

I went back to visit after getting the thesis bound, and my wonderful friends (who haven’t even started their exams yet!) had champagne.

Andrew with Champagne

Andrew with the Champagne from Emily

Best moment ever.


Emily pouring the champers. Lil brought chocolate and fruit.

Andrew managed to break a glass.

Broken glass


And apparently I copped some of it.

You will forever know if I’m lying about a foot picture now!

No drama.

The plan was to celebrate with a run. It didn’t happen.

When I got home, the house was empty. I won’t go into too much detail here. Some of this is not my story to tell. But in short, my house-mates picked this weekend to move out, and getting home just as they left finished me off. All of a sudden, I was finished, home, and in an empty house. The once crowded lounge room was a floor with an armchair, fish-tank and vacuum cleaner. The cupboard was bare, with the exception of my shelf. The bedrooms were empty.

I lost it. In every possible way.

I got so much love from all of you last night – and I really appreciate it! Today is much better, the thesis is in,and I am ready to get back into life. With more blogging to boot.


Your Turn!

Have you ever written a thesis?
What do you do to celebrate finishing something?
Ever had a messy house break-up?