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Running don’ts. Actually…just don’t run.

Happy Birthday Mr The Rake!

As Mr The Rake and I sit and eat cake tonight, and I get over my little weekend/Monday fail and attempt to convince the worldthat I will be good as gold to run on Saturday, I thought it might be fun to share a select few of my long-distance running don’ts. I’ve had plenty, after all!

With only two of us, a sampler seemed a better birthday choice!



Eat strange things before a big run. Not on the day, and not the day before. We all know what happened in the marathon. Imagine having GI problems just from running and then adding in something extra. Gina has a great half recap featuring some onion rings...


Sit in your running clothes after you’ve run. I am so, so bad with this one. Look, I warned you. Don’t come crying to me when you have a bumpy red rash that doesn’t look good in your hot pants.


Just randomly go for an extra long run without preparing for it. My most recent fail. I put in the hard yards, failed a run, and got vertigo for you guys. Yep, just for you. Now you don’t have to go out and try to run 21km in the heat without eating. Smart move.



Here’s why you shouldn’t 

a) run a marathon (black toenail); and

b) wear shoes that are too small (blue toenail)



I’m sexy and I know it.


Your Turn!

What’s your biggest running don’t?
Do you wear your blackened toenails with pride? 
What are your birthday traditions?


40 days left, and pink shoelaces

Happy Birthday

My Melbourne week ended perfectly, with a huge combined Happy Birthday/Happy Fathers’ Day to my Dad.

Lookin’ sharp

With long run day over, it was important to get into the really important business of cake eating

This is the most colourful of the cakes. I haven’t eaten this much fake green in a long, long time.


Big J was on fire. With a few of these under his belt

He played some good ol’ fashioned Chatroulette, pointing at whoever he landed on and playing chicken with them until they hung up.

When two girls hung up on him, he was devastated.

It’s ok, he consoled himself by tormenting the cat. The cat, FYI, is a winner.

Though I’m not sure in what


Any other news?

Yep! Plenty.

I flew back to Canberra today and found a few packages waiting for me.

Like my sweat pink tank and shoelaces :-)

Best done in pretty shoes…




It’s on!


Counting my miles

This September, my favourite arty runner chick is having a competition. The deal is that you report your weekly running miles to your team captain (Ashley or Cait), and at the end of the month, the team with the most miles wins.

There are indeed prizes! I know you….

I am Team Cait all the way

So head on over to join in :-D


I logged another 7km this morning on my morning run.


40 Days!

There are 40 days until M-DAY.

So head on over to help me support the Butterfly Foundation, and watch my video if you haven’t already.

Butterfly Foundation Logo

For the next few weeks training is going to be intense, and then I get to drop off into the taper period – and eat like a boss. Mmmm, cake.


Not cake.

I feel like a need a good detox already.


Today’s Moment

Hitting the bushy trail around Mum and Dad’s place this morning before anyone else was around to get in the way!


Your Turn!

What’s the latest piece of exciting mail you got?
Are you into coloured shoelaces?
Are you a fan of cake?
Have you ever gone through a taper period? If so, what can I expect? 


Lemon Party

I have to confess that I was a little worried about the reactions I would get to yesterday’s full frontal account of my wonderfully articulate family. I’m glad I was able to make a few of you laugh!

To add to the saga, here is my Mum, holding a tub of cream that expired in January this year. She found it after Dad tried to pour it down the sink, discovered it was no longer liquid, and put it on the bench.


Given that Dad turns 50 tomorrow, and the whole family will be over to celebrate, it’s probably for the best that we found it and removed it from our lives.

Working it out

Yesterday I had another win for the week – I managed to find another branch of the gym – without getting lost!

I borrowed Mum’s bike:

I am quite a bit taller than Mum, so it was a knees to chin day!

When I say my parents live in Melbourne, I feel that I’m stretching the truth a little. Their suburb is so far out that it’s pretty much bush.

Proof: my view from the cross trainer

See those trees behind the car park? The car park is what’s out of place.


Yesterday was an epic mess of elliptical intervals, rowing sprints, weights, and cycling to and from the gym. I’m a nut – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

In my natural habitat. With my seriously sexy unflattering headband. No session is complete without it.


Long Run

It was great to check out the new gym in preparation for long run day. Today was 27.5km (about 17 miles). 10km on the road and 17.5km on the elliptical.

Last week I felt like death after my long session. And that weird feeling continues all week. I finally put it down to:

1. Low sodium (I did a salt loss check today using the highly scientific ‘lick your arm a little’ test. It was very effective). Nurse Mum to the rescue. Apparently I was drinking far, far too much water sitting around researching all day.

2. Low iron. Mum to the rescue again on this one. Having failed at eating enough this week, she gave me a couple of iron supplements.

3. Not enough to eat! I thought I was eating plenty; maybe even too much. Apparently when you start putting in the miles like this, all bets are off. It’s carbs, carbs, salt and fat like I’ve never experienced before!

Point is, I haven’t had a nap today, it’s long run day, it’s 12:45am, and I’m still a happy panda.

Squash face at 12:30am. Still going strong!

A good thing too! Because


It’s Saturday Night

And I’m in Melbourne, where all my school friends live. Dad’s birthday happens to coincide with a friend’s birthday, and so I headed across town to celebrate.

Mr The Rake arrived on Friday night, so he joined in



Fi celebrated her birthday in style, with a rainbow birthday cake

Fi and her amazing cake


And good friends

Loving life!


Her boyfriend also celebrated. By being dared to eat an entire lemon. 

He didn’t flinch.

He also earned $30 for his *achievement*.

Long Run Day? Success. 

Today’s Moment

I just picked up Little J from a party. He’s good value when he’s been drinking. As he jumped into the car, his mate came running out of the front door:

You said you’d take me home!

Little J had completely forgotten.


Your Turn!

Is exercise on the agenda this weekend? If so, what?
Would you eat an entire lemon if someone paid you?
What is your favourite birthday cake?

Kilometres and Cupcakes

Chelsea brought me cupcakes!

I’m on some crazy, happy ‘you can do anything’ high at the moment. Sickening, I know, but let’s go with it for a bit.

Over the last week, training has included:

- A running assessment where I was informed that I need to run lighter, land earlier, and improve hip stability. On Thursday, I get to watch a DVD of myself running like a moron up and down a main road past a bus stop. I also found out that bones take two years to get used to the impact of running. That explains so much! I wish that information was more readily available.

- A hung-over body pump session. Enough said.

- A 50 minute run (yes!) that included a bit of pavement running. I can’t tell you how good this one made me feel. If my Garmin watch didn’t take about 10 minutes to kick in and LIED to me, telling me I’d run 1km in 8.5 minutes, I would totally have taken a picture of it and posted it. As it was, it looks like I ran around 9km, and I was stoked!

- 2 interval sessions on the elliptical and bike. Ouch. All that strength training has paid off, and my butt was on fire as I hit 20kph on the elliptical. Note to self – never forget to take a towel to the gym. Ever. Again.

I have also been desperately finding ways to cover my skin from wint- Canberra. Compression tights for the win. They also make me feel extra sporty. Note also the filthy runners from unexpected puddles and my stupid decision to run in the dark. Anyone know how to wash shoes?


Image description

I also got to have a birthday, which is always fun!

Clearly my running is all I talk about now (sorry!), because my card had a runner in it, and there was a definite theme among the presents. My compression gear came, along with an aqua belt so I can run in the pool. Then, Mr The Rake gave me a bottle of champagne and a relaxation/sports massage package – hells yes! How’s that for balance?!

Image description


I have exams over the next week or so, but while my “crazy, happy ‘you can do anything’ high” continues, I am psyched about getting my ‘moments’ page ready. I want to know what it is that makes you smile. For Chal, it’s ‘unexpected socks’, and for Mr The Rake, it’s a man with a parrot on his shoulder. The little things keep me smiling, and I want to know what it is that grabs your attention! Send me a message or even make a comment, and I’ll include it.




Such a Good Week!

Daisy Bouquet

This week, I was reminded again of why I started this.

Coming home from my run around the park, I ran into a man named Bill, who lives in my neighbourhood. Alongside the inevitable political rant, I got a glimpse into his life. This man is 67, has been divorced for about ten years, is basically homeless, has no one to talk to during the day, and is constantly shut down by dickheads when he goes out of his way to say hi to people. I was so touched that he wanted to have a chat, and it really made his day to speak to someone for awhile. I am always amazed by the simple things that can change someone’s day.

I discovered Sweet Tooth Runner. Wow. This girl has the perfect mix between a love of running and a serious chocolate addiction. A funny, kind-hearted girl with a great blog.

I have been inspired by my lovely friend, Rachel Griffiths, who is running 10km for the MS Fun Run.

My Auntie, Mardi, who added to my collection of moments with this:

When I was out running yesterday Kate – as I ran back around to our street – there was a rainbow over the sea. It was so beautiful. And – the rain didn’t start until I was safely back inside.

Thanks Mardi! I love how you always see the beauty in life.

Miss Emily, who provides a collection of random moments, including:

Image description

My birthday present, which hasn’t arrived yet, but is super, super exciting:

Image description
Image description
  1. I am now hooked on compression tights;
  2. Gloves mean I will no longer have to whimper on my doorstep in the rain finding my keys a the blood starts to creep back into my fingers;
  3. Birthdays are awesome

Post Secret – a weekly must

I ate three kilos of yogurt. In a random flash of I-don’t-know-what, I tweeted this fact. I am now being followed by Wallaby Yogurt. At first I was confused. Then I was excited by the fact that I now know a new, seemingly awesome, brand of yogurt. Then it made sense. Marketing for the win.

I’m currently feeling sorry for myself as I sit on the couch with an almighty hang over. But it’s hard to feel bad when the sun is out, it’s a great day for a run (even if I wait a few hours…), and I’m surrounded by bright, happy flowers that lovely friends gave to me. Mr The Rake has hidden my birthday so I can’t have it until tomorrow. It’s driving me mad. He’s not even going to be here!