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We’re splitting up


We talked about it at length, and I really feel as though I’ve made the right decision.

Things just weren’t working for us. Try as we might, we just couldn’t make it work. We made the painful decision to have a break. 

How does Mr The Rake feel?

He’s cool with it.


After all, it doesn’t really involve him.

Running and I are having a trial separation. 

Today and tomorrow, I am doing no exercise at all, and eating my way through a giant pile of yogurt and chocolate. From Friday, I’ll spend a few days doing some light cross training.

No more chocolate

My body is exhausted, and it’s time to give it a break. Even though I’d really rather not.


Don’t worry – running and I are the closest of friends. I’m sure we’ll make up in no time.


Your Turn!

When was the last time you took a break?
Have you ever split up with a product or activity?
Did you get back together again?

Meeting the Chicks


Stupid Body

You know what I did instead of blogging yesterday? I slept. It was awesome.

My workouts have been really hard this week. On Sunday, my long run turned into 4km of running, and 5km of walking. It was a bizarre feeling I couldn’t push through – I wasn’t tired, but I has no energy. My legs had nothing to power them on. I was shaky and dizzy, and no matter how hard I tried, running wasn’t happening. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite that way before.



And then I tried hitting the weights and elliptical yesterday morning. It was painfully slow. I even had to drop the weights.

In sum, I can’t figure this body out, but I think a combination of sleep and food might help.

Have any of you ever had that happen? When it happens to you, what is your body trying to tell you?



Blog Chicks

Are awesome. This is far more interesting than me being pathetic, runner chick.

On Sunday afternoon, I got the chance to meet up with other Australian women who blog. We had a meet-up in Sydney, and I got to meet some lovely women.

Finally,  got to meet Robyn, from Every Bit Count – turns out she’s even more stunning in real life than in her photos. And really, really lovely! And nope, not hard of hearing – it was a noisy table ;-)

Robyn, Eva and I

Robyn, Eva and I


Eva has a beautiful blog about making your house a home – if you’re into beautiful interior decorating, this is for you.

I got the chance to meet Denyse, who was on the Human Brochure trip last year (though in a different stream). She blogs about education, which I loved talking about – it is my job!

A huge thanks to the Blog Chicks who put this together – I hope there are more!



Mental Monday

In the US, it’s still Monday. Still counts!


Time for a Mental Monday moment -

Mental Monday

Monday’s Negative: Whoa last night’s tutoring session got a little out of hand. 2 little boys got out of control. For a split second, I thought their parents might never bring them back.

Positive: They all left smiling. Even the parents. Even when things get totally out of hand, you can find a moment of calm and clarity. In my case, I split them up under the guise of extra assessment.



Today’s Moment

Nup, I’m making this Sunday’s moment (I missed that too). Superwoman and her cyclist husband took me to dinner. I am so lucky!



Your Turn!

When does your body tell you to stop?
Have you ever met blogger friends in real life?
What’s your mental Monday moment?

Up and Running

Ms Runner Mommy and Ms Marathon Girl, I got my medal for the virtual half marathon I did at the end of last year!


I really think blogging helps you to get over any fear you have of seeing photo of yourself…

It’s so pretty! And so lovely of them to organise it all – and send it out to Australia.   Officially, that’s my first ever half marathon. It certainly won’t be my last!

My running group outside the chocolate shop. Best end to a run. Ever.

My running group – the day of the virtual half

However, running has taken on a bit of a change in my life, and I’m really keen to hear what all of you do – or think!

Last time I checked in with you all, my running was going wherever I could fit it – usually in the middle of the day, and frequently on a treadmill. I stand by my treadmill, particularly when the weather or a particular stick workout stands in your way. However – and this is the bit I’m interested in – it uses totally different muscles. The last time I went to see Monsieur le Magic Man chiropractor, he thought  I hadn’t really been running much. If anything, I’d been training more intensely than ever.

Exhibit A:



His advice? To get off the treadmill and back outside.

Combined with a new work routine, and  hot, humid, Sydney summer, the result is that I have been running first thing in the morning.

For me, that means a few new things:

1. Running on an empty stomach

2. Training first thing every day, not just once or twice a week

3. Doing that sticky tempo run outside

4. Getting used to a new routine

I’m such a baby! Running on an empty stomach? Does anyone else notice a huge difference when they do this?

It doesn’t matter how much I had to eat the night before, or how early I leave, my body is really struggling. And in some ways, that’s good – imagine how efficient it will be when I do give it a pre-run banana. The downside is that on this morning’s tempo run, my legs felt like jelly. I actually walked part of the way – I literally had no energy to keep running.

So, dear readers, hit me – what is your running routine, and how have you adapted your schedule?


Your Turn!

Do you run on an empty stomach?
When do you run?
How do you deal with tricky workouts in difficult conditions?
How do you deal with humidity?

Time for a quickie?


It’s 1:30am. I love all of you very much and have lots of ridiculous things to discuss with all of you. Advice will be sought!

Tell me – when you only have time for a quick workout, what’s your go-to routine?

Right now, I either hit up squats and cable work or head to the spin bike.


Just because I'm busy doesn't mean i don't love youJust because I'm busy doesn't mean i don't love you



Spicy Run


Sometimes, running gets boring.

Oh my gosh, did she just say that?

Really, really boring. Or the routine itself just feels stale. Or you need some relief from a crappy string of runs. So how do you liven things up?



There are a few bloggers with some tips for livening up a run, or simply learning to enjoy the ride:


Personally, I’m enjoying running at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t liven it up!


1. Mixing up the run

This is something my running group has fallen in love with. Warm up by running to an open field or park, then, in between short runs, add in exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, crab walks etc.

Broken Run

Click on the pic to head to my dailymile page


2. Speed Play

Fartlek is a term that’ll get a chuckle from your little brother, but mostly involves short bursts of sprinting between an easy running pace. There aren’t any rule – run to the next pole, around the corner, for 3 mins, for 200m, whatever.

When I opted out of a broken/boot camp run the other day, I did sprints in a loop around a local park. While I sprinted, the group did their exercise (plank/lunge/crab walk…) and then jogged as I recovered, until I was ready for the next sprint.


3. Treadmill it

I’m serious. If you’re normally an outdoor runner, why not head into the gym, chuck on Dr Phil and do some speed work on the treadmill. A guilty indulgence tempered by a good run. 




4. Race for fun

A great example if the colour run, or the Santa Run that I did last year. Take a friend or two, and just soak in the atmosphere; don’t bother timing it.

This is great because a race always gets your blood pumping – times or not.

Fat santas


So go for it – running isn’t static. You can do whatever you want. Walk, jump, crawl, run, stop, start, even go backwards. There are so many options!


Today’s Moment

I went to see Les Mis last night. This morning, Mr The Rake asked me how it was. I expressed disdain for Javert, praised Anne Hathaway as Fantine, and then told him that I loved Hugh Jackman so much that I was almost frustrated that he seemed to be so cool. Why is he so damn perfect?

Mr The Rake looked at me for a moment:

He probably has sex with chickens or something. Like, don’t think about it. 

Thanks. Your words of wisdom are always on point.



AND – I mentioned a long time ago that I would provide a link to my little business for those of you who were interested. Here it is. Head to the website if you want to see what I’ve been spending all my blogging/free time on for the last few months.


Your Turn!

How do you keep running interesting?
Do you do other forms of exercise? What are your favourites?
Have you seen Les Mis?