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Run with Kate is all about running, motivation, feeling good and staying fit. If your brand can relate, I’m interested in speaking to you about advertising, give-aways and branding.

 Media Kit (November 2012)




What sort of readership do you have?

My readers are primarily female. This is split between mothers and younger women who have not yet started a family. Almost all of my readers are interested in health and fitness, and are at various stages in their own fitness journeys. The majority of readers are from Australia and the US, though I also have many reader from Canada and Europe, including those from the UK.

Site stats and analytics are available as part of my media kit.

You’re from Australia, we’re from the US, why should we contact you?

Simple: most of my readers are from the US (not to mention all the US brands we have in Australia!).

Give-aways can be done from the US or from Australia. US brands may prefer a US-based give-away. All that means is that you send the product to the winner directly, rather than to me first. I would need access to photos of the product.

Advertising is obviously global – you can target US readers or readers anywhere else in the world.

We are a food company, but that doesn’t seem to be part of the site?

Food is essential to running and working out. I’m a lover of all things food – especially if it’s healthy and improves my performance in some way. A great example is yogurt – I post about it all the time, I get sad when I hit the end of a tub, and all my readers know I love it.

Chances are, I’m very interested in discussing your food!

How do we communicate with you if you’re in Australia?

There will be some time in the day when we connect! You can catch me via email at You can also skype me or even give me a call.

Do you have an anti-advertising policy?

Not at all – I look for brands that I relate to or have used. In particular, I’m a lover of foods, gym gear, shoes, equipment and accessories. If it fits the blog, it’s in.

Where to from here?

Let me know what you have in mind! Send me an email via the contact page, or email me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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