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I’ve listed some of my favourite posts here to make it easier for you to browse the site. Let me know if you’d like me to add a new category, or if there’s something you can’t find. Race recaps have their own page! And if you want videos (because you know you love an Australian accent), you can head here to see the collection.


Running Moments

Kate Running 10km in Cairns

The Countdown

For the Love of Running

10km Harbour Bridge Race Recap

10km Canberra Times Run

Looking Back – the Journey to Marathon #1 


Running Resources

Little Kate Running

Those who support us

10 Tips to become a (better) Long Distance Runner

Marathon Running: What they Don’t Tell You 

Mental Tricks for a Long Run

5 Ways to get the Most out of your Gym Session


From Mr The Rake

You know you wanted this category!

Greek Yogurt, or Living with a non-Running Partner

An Interview with Mr The Rake

Why you will Die Alone

Mr The Rake v Kate: YOLO


Smile More!

Mental Mondays

How to Kill the Sads


When it goes wrong


Murphy’s Law for Runners

Injury and the Ugly Cry

I sucked



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