Some things that happen during the day are fleeting. But for just a few minutes, they make us smile. My new-found love of running has given me a few of these – smiles from strangers, seeing Mums out with their babies enjoying the moment they’re in, and random conversations on my front lawn as I cool down.

It made me realise that these things happen every day. To everyone. In an attempt to capture some of these moments and come back to them again and again when we feel like a smile, I set up ‘Moments’. These are a collection of moments that make us smile. There is no rule to this¬†section. Send me a story or a snippet. It can be a picture, something you overheard, or something you thought about. Share your smiling moment and come back again and again when you need an extra boost. Sometimes life is great!

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Joy in the Little Things

A collection of quotes from people who have contributed. Quirky, odd, and simple, these are the perfect antidote for a bad day.


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