A Super Exercisey Week

Mr The Rake is out late tonight, and I was going to leave him the last chocolate square. But it was calling to me. So I ate it.

This is completely unrelated to the post. But chocolate is to be shared. I’m not sharing with Rake, so I’m sharing with you!

No more chocolate


Running, and Brett

I have been running my little 5km treks three times a week. Today I got the green light to move up to 7km. Woot.

But…in the process I have met an incredible chiro. My mind has been completely blown.

I was pretty suss about the whole chiropractic thing. I’d ever been to one before, and I couldn’t really work out what the deal was, except for cracking backs and making you come back for ‘readjustments’ every few days.

Ok, I was pretty judgemental.

But after months of no real improvement from physio, or improvement and then spiralling back into injury, it was time to move on. The real sign came when my physio felt every part of my legs, and then told me he couldn’t figure it out, so it was going to be a bit of ‘trial and error’.

I don’t do trial and error. 

So I figured I’d give the chiro a shot. Immediately Brett freaked me out. There I was, in tears, terrified that the marathon was never going to happen.

And then he said

Let me worry about the running, ok? Forget about 10% rules and schedules.

And life has been better ever since.

Within seconds of grabbing my feet (and me bursting into tears), he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, showed me the way my right foot didn’t move, and told me the problem wasn’t shin splints.

I wasn’t banned from running.

I wasn’t told to ice up and rest (I have had so much rest that the rest is causing shin splints!).

Instead, I got the crap accupunctured (I know it’s not a word, k?) out of my legs, and the scar tissue massaged out of my poor right ankle.

I have a home golf ball exercise for my feet.

In 8 months of physio, not once was my previously sprained right ankle considered an issue.

Today I got the best news I’ve had in ages:

You’re 50% better

This might not sound like much, but I was ready for a life time of dodgy leg by the time I got to him, so instead I beamed like a lunatic.

And that’s the story of Kate and the South African chiro who talks philosophy, animal rights and relationships while he beats the sh*t out my legs.

Some Fun

A few months ago, my bike got stolen. It was awful. I had bought it as a replacement car or life in Canberra. It was beautiful, and it was taken from me outside my gym.

Fast forward a bit, and Mr The Rake, who is absolutely gorgeous, told me to take his bike, which is the same model and size as my old one.

This week I got to ride it to uni and back, and it felt SO good to be back on the bike!

That’s a hot shot, Kate. Nice.


AND I got my tax return sorted out. Instead of getting sorely need clothes or a haircut, I booked myself in for 3 personal training sessions at the gym.

To add to the exercise junkie I’ve let loose this week, my gym manager has decided that she and I will be a team for this November’s Urban Max in Sydney.

Don’t worry, she knows I have NO sense of direction.

We go on some epic cryptic clue race around Sydney, running, yelling, solving puzzles and competing in challenges.

From the http://www.maxadventure.com.au/urbanmax/ site

AND I registered for the 10km Canberra Times run in September. I don’t expect to beat my last 10km time, but it will be so nice to race again.

I am super excited by all of it.

However, it’s not Mr The Rake’s idea of fun:


I bet he’ll sleep through all of this – including my 7am running group session tomorrow.

Oh wait. He has a day job. Sucks to be you, Rake.

Today’s Moment

A man at the fruit market gave me a free cup of his melon, carrot and ginger juice today. It was delicious!

Your Turn!

Have you had an active week?
What’s your next race?
Have you ever seen a chiro?


  1. YAAAAY! I too was skeptical of chiros, but having tweeps across the globe made me feel good about the challenge and YES so awesome isn’t it to NOT hear “rest and ice” or “don’t run”. So glad you’re feeling better! And yay for a new bike as well :)

    (BTW I have written 1072 words so far today!!!!!!!!!! Of my theoretical framework, which means it is in fact multiplied by 10 as it SUCKS so bad to write that sh*t).
    Ruby @ Focus, Woman! recently posted Attic Renovation: Prepping for the BuildersMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Yay! Go Ruby. You tell that theoretical framework who’s boss. And thanks for the chiro review – that was what really spurred me on to go and give it a try. I am SO glad I found you on the toobs.

  2. jenna says:

    i have never been to a chiro. i am VERY lucky and never suffer from injuries or pain at all, really. VERY blessed!!!! i have definitely had an active week. my weekend was so busy in deep creek, md. then this week it’s been 10 hr work days plus bible study and mtgs w friends etc. always seem to be running!! my mom also suffers from plantar fascitus (didnt bother to look back at how to spell it! hahaha) and it gives her a lot of trouble. i hope that yours will stop giving you issues because i see the pain that she goes through! very nice bike btw!! i got a new one last year for my b-day, and i absolutely LOVE it. ok well have a great day, xxoo!!!

    • Kate says:

      Wow, you are definitely lucky to be injury free! Your poor mom :-( .

      How do you fit everything in?! And you always seem to be smiling too.

  3. I actually just went to a chiro for the firs time this month due to some low back issues and they were gone almost immediately after being adjusted – I’m a total convert now!
    Erica { EricaDHouse.com } recently posted Mini Crustless Quiche with Orange Fennel SaladMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Yes, another convert! I checked out your blog last night. WOW to the photos, and the food of course, but the photos are gorgeous (as is your man ;-) )

  4. Jen says:

    How great on the free juice :) I have seen a chiro for ART with a piriformis injury more then once, it hurts but is great in the end.
    Jen recently posted How a runner celebrates a birthdayMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Yes! Free juice is so exciting (Rake didn’t appreciate it at all). That’s interesting – I;d never thought about chiro for piriformis. And ouch – that’s a nasty injury to have!

  5. Kierston says:

    Looks like things are looking up! Glad you’re 50% better too! I went to physio for a, what we think is, a hamstring injury. Took 4 months before I could run again. But here I am today, fully healed :) WoOP!

    How fun that you registered for a 10K! I did my first race in May! Soooo much fun!
    Kierston recently posted Staycation Update and Another Pre-Competition WIAW!My Profile

    • Kate says:

      Thanks so much Kierston! 10km is the perfect distance to ease into it, but still get your fight face (or maybe Fu face?) on!

      What is it with running injuries – the body seems to go ‘nup, sorry, shutting down for awhile’, and you have to coax it back. Grrr.

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