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I feel like I’ve been really down on the running lately. So I’m trying to focus a bit more on the positives!




Like having fun with friends.

Bridget and I at Thursday night trivia.

And hanging out with my man.

Mr The Rake and Sam arguing over answers. Check out the wine we won when someone else gave us the spot question answer.

And being super-productive not worrying so much about getting everything done perfectly.


I’ve also been having some fun updating the blog a little. You’ll notice there’s now a ‘Top Posts’ button.

And V-Logging is awesome fun as well – though it’s still something that’s a work in progress!

I want to spend some more time on the blog, and in blog-land. So I’ve decided to make it a bit more of a priority.

This week, I was part of the Sweat Pink Blog Swap, and Astrid and I swapped blogs. She posted about giving it your best, and I posted about our inner cheerleader.

Our Inner Cheerleader Post – how do you get going?


Then, I got a featured blogger spot on Fitblogger. I’ve got a couple of other things in the pipeline, but I’m always keen to participate in a bit of blog hopping and guest posting!

Blog Check!

This all leads me back to you! If you’re a regular reader, a sometimes reader, a first-time reader or even a hater, what do you want to see more/less of? 

I felt like a bit more of an ‘about’ me was required to let you know what I do in my non-running life (yep, believe it or not, I have one!). Is more/less of that good/bad?

I also want more pictures! I’ve asked Mr The Rake to take some more shots, and to remind me to do the same. I’m going to be that annoying person who logs everything :-)


I’ve stopped linking up to things so much. For example, I love the weekly chase, but I feel like mine are usually the same – sort out injuries, eat less crap and run a bit farther each week.

Anything goes! Please let me know - I can’t make decent changes without an idea of what you want to see!

The Running

I’ll be brief.

I promise to post about my running asap – for now I am running 5km 3 times a week, and making up all my mileage on the elliptical. If you’re super keen, check it out on Daily Mile.

Kilometres for the last 4 weeks (includes running, elliptical, cycling and rowing).

Today’s Moment

Last night’s! Mr The Rake came home from work early. It was just one of those little, unexpected things that make you smile.

Your Turn!

What do you do to ‘turn that frown upside down’?
What do you want to see more or less of on Run with Kate?
What’s your latest running news?



  1. Melissa says:

    I LOVE your blog! I am unsure what I would change exactly, but I like to share lots of pictures on my blog! Both old and new ones are always fun to share! My latest running news is drum roll please, I only have 2 more races of my challenge to run 13 half marathons in 13 months, 13 Going on Crazy!! Don’t beat yourself up on the running. You will get back in the swing of things before you know it!
    Melissa recently posted If It Wan’t For our MothersMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      That’s so sweet. Thanks Melissa. And that’s incredible. 2 races left?! Nicely done. You must be kind of looking forward to the end!

  2. Jenna says:

    Id love to see more vlogs from you! I think those are great and more random stories of what’s going on in your daily life! U sure much have interestin stories traveling so much!! I’d love to know more about your tutoring as well. Oh, and some of your favorite foods and products! You have a great page and im excited to see what you do w it! SPALove!

  3. Yay for bloggy-land! And positives! Woohoo!

    I’d like to see more of:
    - You, naked. J/k
    - Ozzieland: landscape where you live, Aussie food/habits/slang
    - General info about your quirks/daily stuff: your fav TV shows, or music, or what your fridge looks like, or how you shop. OHHH Aussie supermarkets!! I want pictures. (I’m a total supermarket whore, love visiting them in other countries).

    Less of:
    - Umm, yeah the only thing I can think of is that I am not a fan of stock photos, unless they really illustrate something (like say, a skeleton with a fracture highlighted). Do you acquire them? Or use a creative commons license? Coz if you don’t (and you’re just copy/pasting them) you could get into legal trouble with the copyright owner. Just an FYI.
    Ruby @ Focus, Woman! recently posted Letting go of an old voiceMy Profile

    • Ok I didn’t mean to come off rude or anything, but I kind of realized I might have, as I didn’t tell you how much I ALREADY like your blog. I’m an incorrigible problem-solver so I tend to answer these kinds of questions straight up ;-)
      Ruby @ Focus, Woman! recently posted Letting go of an old voiceMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      You haven’t offended me at all. Your stuff is really constructive. I ask for feedback, you give it. Love it!

      Re stick photos, I’m the same, and I’ll try to go with even less ;-) . Yep re copyright, I use Microsoft, which are royalty free and available for use on the net. Other times I always link back to the source, but you’re absolutely right that it’s something to be aware of.

      I’ll see what I can do about a photo of the supermarket for you! Have you been to Oz before You sound familiar with them. I forget that what is normal to me can be novel to others. Good one.

      Also – I want to see your tattoos!

  4. Kierston says:

    Sending a smile your way! :)
    Kierston recently posted 10 Weeks Out: A Pain in the Neck!My Profile

  5. I definitely want to see more vlogs…because I LOVE hearing your accent! :-) And more pictures for sure!!!
    Mindy @Road Runner Girl recently posted Fitness Friday…Nike Training Club App!My Profile

  6. keep up those smiles girl!! u’ve got plenty to be happy bout even though running is causing u a some anger and disappointment as of late. BUT at least u are totally getting in those miles that u can run and the really good news is that elliptical cross-training is going to pay off a TON when u’re back running full strength. u’re putting money in the bank girl. ;)

  7. What do you do to ‘turn that frown upside down’? I’m like you and trying to focus on being more positive (injuries blow) and enjoying time with friends and free time.

    What do you want to see more or less of on Run with Kate? I love your blog and enjoy not only hearing about your running, but also about your life in general.

    What’s your latest running news? Cannot wait to be healthy again. I’ve come to the realization that MCM may be just a fun marathon and not a PR race.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted Busy GirlMy Profile

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