Run with Kate goes EPIC


Oh hey!

I’ve really missed you all as I’ve taken my narcissistic self off-line for a couple of weeks to, ironically, spend more time on the site.


Quick recap -

Here I am being trained by an Anytime Fitness Trainer in a Lorna Jane window. Best work EVER.

Here I am being trained by an Anytime Fitness Trainer in a Lorna Jane window. Best work EVER.


On the running front, Senor Swiss Ball is still keeping me at the base level – so it’s strength work rather than running at the moment. When I get over my crazy, I intend to tell you all about this whole training process. The aim is to be running much faster half marathons towards the end of the year, and … hit a marathon next year.


Exciting Stuff!

Run with Kate is going EPIC. The blog is going to form one part of a much larger site.

You’ll all get a heads up on the big reveal – pinkie swear. Right now, I’m just driving Mr The Rake nuts with my enthusiasm for logos, site design and emailing.

Speaking of which, if you hurry over to the Facebook page, you’ll get a sneak peak of the new logo options!

The intention of the new site is to help female runners find all the goods in one place. Get hold of niche products, find local professionals specialising in your sport, and find out who else is running in upcoming races. We’re starting with Australia and mving out from there.

Imagine if this awesome running community could connect in totally different ways. For Australian readers, that means getting connected with doctors, chiros, physios who run, meeting up with people who want a race partner, and finding out who’s going to be around at the next event.

Shout out new products or services you’ve discovered, and help the running community to grow and expand on-line and off.

To help create the site, it would be awesome if you could take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey below. It’s a few questions about what you’d like to see.

Click here to take survey


Thanks so, so much!


  1. Wow. Sounds like you have huge things on the horizon.
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  2. Andy says:

    Love the new site and logo Kate!
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