Caught Rake-Handed


The best thing ever happened the other day.

Mr The Rake is Mr The Rake for a reason, right? He really values his privacy (and, as you can imagine, loves it when I post ridiculous and compromising photos of him).


My relationship is…special


The other day, he answered his phone at work, and used his full name. The caller, who was a complete stranger, immediately said

oh, it’s the famous Mr Rake

Guess who sent a panicky text message and asked me to go and review some of my blog posts?


I hope everyone he works with now reads this. If you are from Mr The Rake’s work, you can check out his greatest hits here, including YOLO, Why you will Die Alone or other favourites in the Top Posts section.

Cool. Enough plugging Mr The Rake. I know you want more, but he’ll come back, I promise. Actually, he came down to Canberra with me last weekend. As spectators go, he tries, but when I arrived at the finish line, he was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t surprised given that he’d arrived home at 3am and woke me up by continuing to pick up and drop his coins all over our friend’s kitchen sink (don’t worry, I got his sorry, hungover bum back by waking up at 5am and turning on all the lights).

Point is, when I got to the finish line, he wasn’t there.

Canberra Half 2

Wow. Gotta love a good finish line face.
Mr The Rake didn’t miss a thing – it was caught on camera!

He did, however, turn up just as Superwoman crossed the finish line. He was holding a washing basket full of bedding. 

That’s a whole story in itself.

Canberra Half 3

Superwoman and I – finally at that freakin’ finish, 21.1km later.

Mr The Rake will not, however, be attending my half marathon tomorrow.

Yeah. I’m super smart and decided to go again when the opportunity arose. Having never raced a half marathon, I’m doing two on back-to-back weekends. Should be fun.

Fun is a strong word.

Wish me luck?


Today’s Moment

Superwoman, superman, Va and I headed out to the Fitness Expo today. It was like being 3 years old and going to the show again. Except more full of protein, fake tan and large chested, chicken legged men with small, dumb eyes.

My great yogurt love! Chobani,

My great yogurt love! Chobani,


Your Turn!

Ever been to a fitness expo?
When was your last half marathon?
Has your blog ever compromised your private life?


  1. I’m careful what I write about my husband. He doesn’t mind his name or pictures, but he doesn’t like when I get too personal about the part of my life that concerns him. So, I respect his wishes.

    I love your finish line faces! They always make me laugh. I did a half marathon last weekend, but it was just for training. My goal race is next weekend in La Jolla. I’ll see if I can beat your finish line face :-) .

    I used to get really excited about race expos (and spend a lot of money at them), but after a while, they all seem the same. I still love to do a little shopping though.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted Weekly Reader: Trying to Find InspirationMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      I think there are certain things that just need to be left off the blog, but sometimes the line does get a bit blurry – especially when you other half isn’t quite as open on the net!

      I am really looking forward to seeing how La Jolla goes – I know you’ve been working towards it for a long time. I hope you’re enjoying the distance again :-) .

  2. Mr, The Rake cracks my stuff up. I always wonder when I start dating guys how to bring up the by the way I am a blogger thing.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted Marathon Thoughts A Week BeforeMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      I think you have to slip it in quietly – like ‘oh yeah, I occasionally blog a bit, just fitness stuff’ and then wait until someone calls and asks for them by their pseudonym. Should be good ;-)

  3. jenna says:

    ahhh!! mr the rake. of course he is famous! (atleast in my world!!) that’s too funny though, my dear. your stories kill me. I haven’t been to an expo, but I think it would be so fun! I love the description of the guys there. hahaha! best of luck with your race, love!!

  4. Oh my God 2 half marathons in two days?! You’re crazy!! Then again I’m doing a charity relay race from Montreal, Canada to New York City across 3 days….82+kms over 3 days….2 marathons in 3 non-stop days ( day and night)… So I guess we’re both crazy! :-) best of luck! Can’t wait to read all about it.

    • Kate says:

      Argh, no, 2 in a week. 2 Days sounds a little much…actually, it kind of sounds like fun. And ja, a charity relay race like that sounds intense!

  5. Amy says:

    Your finish line photos are just as sexy as mine! I go for a ‘just about to pass out zombie meets heart attack victim’ look myself. You are certifiably crazy for running back to back half marathons, which means you automatically get set in the uppermost echelons of runner goddesses. I hope you had a wonderful second half marathon Miss Kate.
    My last half marathon was the Cadbury Half in January, and my next will be in July at the Gold Coast. I am hoping to just finish the Gold Coast after I get these silly lungs working again. Then, I’ll set myself a challenge for my next race :)
    Amy recently posted Nourished Life Gratitude List Week FourMy Profile

  6. Hollie says:

    He forever cracks me up. I was just tagged in some erm…beautiful race finishing shots. Always cute shots…back to back halves? You are the bomb! I wanted to do that actually (as my favorite is actually roday and I’m running Nike next week) but decided my wallet and I could not afford that sort of thing plus travel.
    Hollie recently posted Outdoor Running is Fun (83 Miles)My Profile

  7. Jenelle says:

    Lurrrrrrve the finish line face! Classic.

    Oh Mr The Rake. It sucks to be famous!!! But I bet he wont complain one day when he retires off your blog. Maybe its time he breaks out into his own “buffy/angel” style. I am pretty sure is free :=)

    Hope you had a blast at expo and it pumped you up for your awesome half and you are recovering well today :=)
    Jenelle recently posted They were right…It all countsMy Profile

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