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Dear everyone, I am looking forward to being back in the thick of all things blog-related over the next week. So much news! Next weekend I am running a half marathon, and meeting some bloggers to boot.

Right now though, I am swimming in superfoods.


Life’s good ;-)

Cheap Superfoods were kind enough to send some spirulina and goji berries my way. For all you Aussies who are into the slightly too healthy for your shirt thing, Cheap Superfoods is all about getting the high quality stuff to you as cheaply as possible. It’s all online, and there are no frills. Honestly, I’m glad they contacted me. I know I’ll be ordering from them again.

This time around, I received (free) a packet of Goji Berries, and packet of Spirulina.

Say what?! As in, what the hell is spirulina? I’ve been intrigued for ages, so I jumped at the chance to review it.

So what’s the big deal?

Amino acids. Also B12. Also, an awfully large amount of protein for such a small quantity. For those non-carnivores among us, it’s apparently an excellent source of protein and nutrients – it’s a complete protein, which I understand is quite rare for a non-dead animal delicacy.


This stuff is crazy. I have to admit that I was initially scared of it. I kept opening up the packet, being overwhelmed by the earthy smell,and closing it again.

Finally, I braved it, and threw a teaspoon into my morning pancake.

And you know what? It was good. Green. But good.


I also received Goji Berries. I was a little suss on these too (such a cynical person Kate!). I was worried that they would be bitter.


Turns out, when you throw them into your salad, they have an incredible texture. I’ll be continuing to add these babies to my lunch. Apparently they decrease inflammation (though sadly no-one has indicated it can improve swollen knees or shin splints) and have a truck-load of vitamins.

Organic Goji Berries

From site


The verdict? Love it!

Wheat grass, cacao and chia are next on my list


Your Turn!

Have you ever tried a superfood? 
Do you have a favourite? 
What’s the strangest thing you’ve cooked with?


  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I get spirulina in my juice when I go to the juice bar here. I’m not exactly sure how it tastes because I haven’t tasted it alone, it’s in the juice… but the juice itself is good and I hear it’s great because of all the protein, so I’ll keep getting it. The juice is already green with veggies so I didn’t notice the powder, lol.
    Amy Lauren recently posted House happenings and busy weekendsMy Profile

  2. Hollie says:

    WAHOOOO. Is it weird how happy I am to see you post? No big deal..LOL. Glad you are having a good time (half marathon!? Good luck). I’ve had spirulina but not often. I’ve always wanted to make goji/acai pancakes but haven’t bought them just yet.
    Hollie recently posted Carrot Cake WaffleMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      You’re lovely! Thanks for your luck, it definitely helped ;-) . I love/hates it so much that I’m going back for another (smaller) one tomorrow.

  3. jenna says:

    oh I am a superfood freak! I eat chia nearly everyday, and i LOVE goji berries! the ones i get are actually dark chocolate covered tho. hahaha! ive been missing you over the last week! glad to see a new post from you! hope you got my most recent facebook msg!! xoxo

    • Kate says:

      I still haven’t tried chia. Definitely on the list. Thanks for always being so kind my dear. AND I am super excited for you and am terrible and haven’t written back yet. You’re amazing.

  4. Mari says:

    Have a great race! I’ve been slowly getting into the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle so I’ve been trying all kinds of new foods. Loving it!
    Mari recently posted Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Wow – do you post many of your recipes? There is so much great vegan food out there – I really wish it were more mainstream. And I wish the carnivorous would see more that vegan food is ALSO good.

  5. Oh I LOVE goji berries! They took a while to grow on me, but now I munch on them whenever I have sugary snacky cravings and sometimes I pack them as running fuel… which I should do again because I totally forgot about them getting distracted by these new pomegranate Honey Stingers… I’m a huge fan of chia seeds too. They’re full of healthy unsaturated fats and antioxidants and they can go into ANYTHING.
    Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness recently posted Wow, My Quads are SORE!!!My Profile

    • Kate says:

      Glad to hear they might be an acquired taste. I still find them strange, but salad is ok. Jenna was saying Chia was awesome, so now I’m really intrigued.

  6. Gotta admit the smell of spirulina was very fish foody for me.

    However, I cooked with chai seeds and thought they were fine.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted A Running Game Changer?My Profile

  7. Spirulina is interesting – I agree. I have only had it a couple of times. I love chia seeds though :) Make that one of your musts ;)
    beka @ rebecca roams recently posted At Last – A Love StoryMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Oh my gosh, everyone is saying that. Ok – I’ll get on it! And thanks so much for the comment Beka. I am being incredibly slow in catching up on my reading, but I’m getting there!

  8. I’ve never tried cooking with Spirulina. I’m going to be trying Tagatose post-competition.

    I love cocoa!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted #WIAW: Powering Through My Prep!My Profile

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