Pathetic, Runner Chick!


Pathetic Runner Chick

The running fail continues, and Mr The Rake and my mother have ganged up on me. You know it’s bad when that happens.

I haven’t been feeling great.

Understatement. Last night, after I posted, I got into bed, found that the whole world was spinning, and couldn’t get up again. Mr The Rake put my pyjamas on me because any movement was too much.

This morning a pharmacist fed me some vitamin b and hydralyte. And then a small child threw up on the floor. I’m sure I’ll come good, and I already feel better. The likely culprit is iron depletion (or maybe I’ve just been reading too much of our arty runner chick?!). Running is a learning curve, after all.

Mr The Rake’s birthday is tomorrow, so I suggested getting up early to give him his present. He told me that I should sleep in.


My relationship is…special

I disagreed.

So he called my mother.

Mr The Rake told her that I ‘lick windows’ for not resting. And Mum asked me to stop licking windows and see a doctor.

So I got off the phone and told Mr The Rake that I planned to run a virtual half marathon on Saturday.


I am going to lock you up in the bathroom. 

No wait, the laundry.

I don’t want to have to shit in a bucket. 

You can shit in a bucket. 

At least they care.


Your Turn!

Are you doing the virtual half marathon? 
What do you do when you’re feeling bad?
How should Mr The Rake Celebrate his birthday? (He can’t decide) 



  1. Mardi says:

    Kate – rest up !
    I am on theirs side – and your side of course. :) xxxx
    Iron depletion is a major pain in the bum, and you have to get on top of it.

    My hard lessons learnt. I have to eat breakfast before I can do any exercise. And by breakfast I mean porridge, yoghurt fruit and honey. And coffee.
    I have to have an iron tablet every night.
    I eat licorice – A LOT – it helps/
    Red meat – I have never eaten so much steak as I have over the last 2 years. It helps. It also helps to eat vitamin c with the steak – eg capsicum, or a glass of orange juice. that gives me thrush though – so watch out.
    Lots of exercise takes my iron, and you might have the same issues. And I need more than one rest day. I have 2 days a week when I just do yoga, and one day when I LITERALLY do nothing. I love that day. That day is Saturday.
    You can blame me for the crappy genes if it helps (although please remember I am only your aunt.) But _ I promise it makes a huge difference. I can not exercise on an empty stomach. Apparently that breaks all the rules – but too bad. I am nicer to everybody if I eat. And – I can finish my run.
    Hope I don’t sound preachy – I just wish someone had told me all of this, because it took me years to work out, and I had lots of frustration.
    Love you . :) xxxxx

    • Kate says:

      God yes I am glad you told me all of this! Someone who shares some of the genes is always welcome to add! I get so confused by this stoopid body. Thanks Mardi :-)

  2. jenna says:

    oh my gosh, rake shot! i really want to move in with you two. i dont think he’d mind, ehh? hahaha. rest up, little bunny! your body is telling you something, so its probably best to listen. that way you can come back stronger than ever. i know you can do it!! i already planned out how the rake is celebrating his b-day. ya’ll are coming here to the usa to spend a few days with me and the little three. ;o) I WISH! hahaha. love you girlie and feel better, mmmkay?!

  3. Amy Lauren says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I think you’re probably just sick due to the food issue and running, or possibly you were coming down with something? Iron depletion is a lot weirder, I dunno… you’d know something was up and it’s severe, but the symptoms are a lot slower. Still though, if you think you have it, get checked. It’s pretty important (yeah I read that article too… and posted it for my run club to read)

    I’m not doing the virtual half marathon but my friend and I are running 14 on Saturday- good times!
    Amy Lauren recently posted Sunday ShenanigansMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Amy, I’m really curious to know more about what you experienced. I imagine there’s a whole lot of stuff going on with me that I need to sort out, but I suspect iron is in the mix. I’m frustrated and annoyed and I just want to work HARD! Stupid body :-) . I want a quick fix, but diet, heat and stress are likely behind the vertigo problem. Grr!

  4. Amalia says:

    Lady! Another similarity you are not going to believe between Manfriend and Mr. The Rake. Manfriend’s birthday was yesterday.

    Our lives are too alike in some ways.

    But in all seriousness, sit your butt down and rest. You cannot rush getting better, and I fully support Mr. The Rake locking you up as long as he gives you hugs, food and fluids (and preferably a place to go to the bathroom).

    You can take this all with a grain of salt though if you wish, because I was in the ER two days ago for a severe allergic reaction and had a drug cocktail unlike no other and today I’m running 16km. So, take it as you will.

    But rest. You deserve it! Let Mr. The Rake take care of you.

    And for his birthday? Mr. The Rake should play old video games, go for a bike ride, and have dinner out on you (on another day, cause you’re in bed).
    Amalia recently posted In RemembranceMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Ok ok! And I love the similarities between our men. I cannot wait to meet you in real life! Allergic reaction?! I’m so glad you’re ok! What happened?

  5. Robyn says:

    Mr Rake could go for a special birthday run in aid of the fact that you are laid low at the moment :) Sorry you are feeling so unwell, maybe you should rest and take a week off and I should take some of my advice one day – lol!

  6. I hope you are reading this from your bed. If not GOOOOOO to bed. Seriously like everyone has said already LISTEN to your body (if not those darn people who love and care about you ;) .

    I was off for a few days last week when Little A got sick and I felt blurgh – no rooms spinning but seriously NOT the time to beat yourself up about how you are or aren’t training. Just do whatever your body wants and feel very comforted that you will feel a million bucks very soon.

    Also on that note if you are fighting something make sure you are putting in lots of good energy for your body to fight it! Big glasses of orange juice and random bowls of cereals throughout the day keep my energy up when I know something is on the horizon. And of course go loads of fresh fruit and veggies. Are you still on your USANA?

    Mr The Rake – go stock that fridge full of Nudie for your girl. The thing about being a woman is we have a life time of caring and nurturing ahead of us. Seriously take a few days to be on the receiving end guilt free while you can!

    Meanwhile go get those bloods done and get your iron checked so you know officially what you are dealing with and can get on top of it.

    BE KIND TO YOURSELF and maybe don’t think (or especially talk out-loud!) about the virtual half until later in the week when you are hopefully on the up. Does it have to be run on the 22nd? Maybe a delayed 24th version would give your body a bit more time?!?!

    Look after yourself and can’t wait to see you 100% and kicking butt Kate style.

    Jenelle @ MummyLovesToRun recently posted 17 weeks – Canberra MarathonMy Profile

  7. Rest up, sleep in, take care of yourself, and torment The Rake back. He deserves it!
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted ComeBetterMy Profile

  8. awww man, I hope you get looots of rest and feel better, SOON!!

    Happy Birthdaaaaaaay to The Rake for tomorrow :D
    TorontoRunner recently posted Calories in restaurant menusMy Profile

  9. I literally LOL’d at how you and The Rake get along. Sounds just like something Mike and I would say to each other! Hope you’re feeling better!!
    beka @ rebecca roams recently posted The Color Run RecapMy Profile

  10. Kierston says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better since you posted this!

    Stop licking windows.
    Kierston recently posted Tips 4 Holiday Eating: Enjoy!My Profile

  11. awww, i’m sorry that i’m late on blog trolling, and catching up but i’m SOO sorry that u’ve been feeling crummy. but regardless of if this time it turns out to be anemia or not, i def recommend u get on some iron pills…u run too much and are in training not to!
    PS- sorry, no excuses, but i got another job so that’s why i’ve been a bit MIA…tho i still feel like a slacker compared to u. ;)

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