5 screens of Halo, and 5 Blogs to Love


Mr The Rake is home.

He spent the weekend at a winery playing Halo 4. It sounds like a 15 year old boy’s fantasy.

Here is their set-up:

5 screensof halo

I want to judge – but I spend my time running stupid distances, so I have nothing.


Things to Love

I am such a lucky blogger/runner – so it seems like the perfect day for a few shout outs and good reads.

1. I have to tell you how much I loved Mary’s comment on my last post -

Kate – I had to click through straight away to get an update on the Gym Bromance! It’s better than Eastenders!

If you’re interested, Mary ran a 5km and recapped it about a week ago.


2. Jenelle from Mummy Loves to Run sent me an email with heaps of info on speed and aerobic and anaerobic training. Jenelle – you are my hero!

While you’re there – check out her 5km recap. This chick is fast…and getting faster!

Jenelle is a fellow chicker


3. Tri-Girl kept it real – and I thoroughly appreciate her race recap, which illustrates the not so pleasant side of running. And she finished!

Also – she has THE BEST images.


4. Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints finished a Pretty Muddy event – and I love a good recap!


5. I stumbled across a new blog – this runner from Toronto is cheerful, has posts that make me smile, and is a thoroughly good read.


I didn’t want to steal anyone else’s images, so here’s one of mine!


Mr The Rake is back! And I love my chocolate frogs.

I got stuck into the chocolate again today after my run with Superwoman – 13km on a beautiful Sunday morning. Right in the area where Sydney held the 2000 Olympic games. Easy, slow and very, very pleasant.


Today’s Moment

Mr The Rake and I ate gelato in the sun. Seriously, best Sunday ever.


Your Turn!

When was you last long run?
What awesome blog posts have you found this week?



  1. LizForADay says:

    My last long run was Oct 26 when I did my 10k Zombie run. I have seen a lot of awesome blog post this week. I have actually done a lot of reading today. You know how much I luv yours. :)

  2. jenna says:

    you know my last long run was a looong time ago! LOL! one of my top 5 this week was abby’s vlog from backatsquarezero.com where she excitedly talks about her running and prepping for the 5k after not being allowed to run forever. im so happy for her. shes always so happy and upbeat! love when she vlogs! gelato is the best. i havent had it in so long. love ya girl! have a super day! <3

  3. Jen says:

    My last long run was a month ago at my marathon :) Ready to get back. I have been a blog slacker lately and haven’t read much, too busy :(

    • Kate says:

      Yes – I don’t see myself going that long any-time soon :-) . The great thing about the blog world and the blogging community is that they stay supportive, thick or thin!

  4. Men & their videogames… *lol* but I think it’s funny you made it relative with your own running obsession ;-) I tested out a pair of running shoes on a treadmill in Harrod’s and the treadmill was TO DIE FOR. So, I get the gadgets thing.

    My last run was a LONg time ago and it will BE a long time until I run one again (like, maybe 2014). ;-)
    Ruby @ Focus, Woman! recently posted Fake It Till You Make ItMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      I love that you were trying on the shoes but the treadie got to you! You take your sweet running time. Something about one project at a time right?!

  5. Kat says:

    Thanks for the love Kate! It was pretty epic ;) please move closerrrrrr ;)
    Kat recently posted Weekly Roundup + Chobani Giveaway!My Profile

  6. I almost fell outta my seat. You are SO sweet, thanks lovely!!
    TorontoRunner recently posted Skyfall / 6 Morning MilesMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Oh, so welcome. You are so much fun, and I genuinely am glad I found your blog!

      Also – re subscribing, I’m glad you told me. I’ll see if I can do anything on my end, but thanks for letting me know, and yell out if it makes no sense.

  7. Thanks for giving me some new blogs to read…as well as some of my favorites! And what a set up for the video games…boys will be boys lol!
    Mindy @Road Runner Girl recently posted Runner Spotlights #13My Profile

  8. TriGirl says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out, Kate! Long run? What’s a long run? Yeah, my half in september was my last long run.

    Now I’m going to read the new blogs you’ve introduced us all to!
    TriGirl recently posted The Edmonds Half. I Had a Crappy Run.My Profile

    • Kate says:

      No problem!

      Running funk :-( . The only good thing about those is that there is a point where you come out the other side (and tell a ridiculous story to boot). Are your body and brain telling you you need a short, guilt-free break? Unsolicited advice is never welcome – but know that I think you’re wonderful (or what I know of you anyway!) so am thinking of you.

  9. Hey! Just visiting for the first time today. Ran a very tired 13.1 today. But I finished! And I loved the most recent post here: http://www.feetmeetstreet.blogspot.com. One of the best running writers I’ve found.
    Yo Momma Runs recently posted XTERRA Oak Mountain State Park 21K resultsMy Profile

  10. 1. I would judge.
    2. I haven’t run any stupid crazy distances in way too long.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted Low Calorie Pulled BBQ ChickenMy Profile

  11. Tara says:

    Love the pics and the shoutouts to other bloggers!
    Cheers, Tara

  12. I’m lol-ing at the halo setup. Talk about guy heaven!

    I’ve been traveling this weekend and so busy during the week that I’m way behind on my blog reading. I love yours though :-) .
    Debbie@ Live from La Quinta recently posted Read All About…Fit & Fabulous Me!My Profile

  13. Also, I have subscribed to get your posts by email, but haven’t gotten any updates that way yet?! I’m not sure if it’s me? I’ll give it another couple of new posts and see if it comes or not!
    TorontoRunner recently posted SecretsMy Profile

  14. Awwwwww thank you so much for your kind words and shout out. You are always too kind!!!

    Thanks also for some new blogs to check out too ;=)

    An Easy Sunday run with some good company sounds divine…backing it up with a good serve of chocolate = HEAVEN!
    Jenelle @ MummyLovesToRun recently posted Seriously?!?!My Profile

  15. MizFit says:

    it is FINALLY COOOOOL and that means I may actually get outside and lollop along!!
    MizFit recently posted The lies we tell ourselves.My Profile

  16. janelle ROCEKD that race, sooo proud of our girl!! :) hahaha…oh no, i’ve got some friends who take Halo hard core too. like u, i just laugh but kno i can’t really judge. :P

    i think it’s AWESOME how u’re being a total running mentor…seriously, keep it up!!!

    • Kate says:

      She so did. And Halo – wow. It’s pretty awful. But hilarious to watch them get so into it. We all need an outlet, right?!

      I’m no running mentor, but you learn as you go. I can be terrible at just blurting out advice. Thank you so, so, so much for your email today. I know you didn’t have much time and I really appreciate it. I’m also totally cool with it. I’m curious in an objective way, and I haven’t been upset about it, just a bit frustrated!

  17. I love your race recap shout outs! I’ve never been to Jenelle’s blog before… glad to have found her through you. :)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted One year of blogging!My Profile

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