Bear Grylls Giraffe


Turns out the adventure stream was pretty great cross-training! I am covered in scrapes and bruises – massive klutz. Hands up if you know THAT feeling?

I think I was ready for something a little different, and a chance to relax, drink, eat and play was definitely the way to go.

The Human Brochure sign

If you haven’t caught up on the story, I won a free holiday to my own city – Canberra. The idea is that instead of spending money on old-school promotion, the Tourism department decided to find influential people on Social Media. They received 31 000 applications, and picked 500 people to go along. Apparently I was one of them. So Mr The Rake and I spent the weekend climbing things and eating like obese circus folk.


From the top of a mountain in Tidbinbilla

Part of the deal was that we used the #humanbrochure tag (and I am so sorry for Saturday afternoon when Instagram and facebook were linked, and FB received a huge stream of content!) – all of the tagged content was added to the site as a ‘living brochure’.

We also got to feed bears.

Mr The Rake feeding a bear

At the zoo – before it opened to the public for the day

And Cait asked for a zebra ride…

Baby zebra!

Baby zebra!


We saw this giraffe:


Which then went Bear Grylls on us and drank its own urine:


Does YOUR giraffe drink its own piss? That’s what I thought.


Then Mr The Rake and I got to try mountain bike riding.

We went up the mountain – and I laughed at Rake as I missed corners but happily heaved my runner quads uphill.

Mountain biking

We made it to the top…

When it was time to head down again, our guide, Ben, gestured down the slope. A steep and rocky descent. I stopped laughing.

I turned to my neighbours –

Do you guys mind if I head to the back?

I gritted my teeth, I jumped on the bike, headed downwards, skidded, and got off the bike again.

Holy crap. I had to go the whole way down?

I honestly don’t remember the last time I have felt that scared. Embarrassingly, everyone else seemed fine. Mr The Rake flew down and I barely saw him. Instead, I limped along with poor Ben, who was stuck at the rear. He kindly suggested that I relax and put the pedals up, but this highly strung control freak just got more and more tense. When I slipped and fell, I couldn’t hold back the tears.


In hindsight, hilarious.

There I was, with a champion mountain bike rider, being the tough runner chick, and sniffling my way down the fire trail, which Ben very discreetly suggested we take to avoid the bulk of the rocks.

Bike display

I had so much more respect when we watched this AFTER our ride

To Mr The Rake’s credit, he didn’t laugh until we reached the bottom.

A glass of wine at lunch and all was well!

Ready for lunch

At Scope,on the top of Mt Stromlo

And after rolling our way out of lunch and into dinner, all stupidity had been forgotten.

At Soju Girl, we were treated to tasting pates, cocktails, and the best dessert possible – chocolate fondant and peanut butter ice cream. You better believe we found room for it!


The night turned ridiculous when a few of us were pulled out to interview with Yahoo 7 (TV/Online). My plans for a quiet night started with yet another cocktail as we chatted about the Human Brochure concept.




Photographer in the grass

We were all VIPs  - check out our Paparazzi in the grass!

There was a winner in all of this tough. ‘Pulling a Rion’ will now forever mean that guy who managed to get the hotel to cook him an entire frozen pizza, cycled faster than the elites, and then powered-on so hard that when he never made it back to the hotel, he missed the bus.

Naturally, we checked twitter.

Here he is at 11pm:

Should I go to bed, or POWER ON?!#humanbrochure

And again at 3am:

 #humanbrochure these guys are freaking legiiiiit

(complete with picture of Rion, two strangers, and shots).

The most impressive thing? He still managed to use the #humanbrochure tag.

I think he won the brochure.


For the non-Aussies – you’re welcome:


Today’s Moment

See above :-D

Your Turn!

What has happened to you through social media that wouldn’t otherwise have happened?
How do you cross-train?
Do you have a favourite holiday spot?


The less positive -mostly for those interested

in the human brochure concept

*It wasn’t all perfect, but it was hard to be a hater on a free holiday with stupidly large meals, free-slowing booze, spacious rooms, and the odd free gift. Personally, as a big talker, I was thrilled to be around so many people. What I don’t like though, is concealment. While it’s always fun to have an element of surprise, a lot was swept aside or kept deliberately quiet, and that always make me feel like a five year old locked out of the parlour room where the grown-ups play.

Nothing major – but there was a very discreet hustle of a few people who clearly had some kind of VIP status – they were technically part of each ‘stream’ yet were often whisked away from the main activities, and driven off to be given a particular treat – hot air ballooning and special trails were the ones I saw. (Wow, this sounds like a conspiracy theory!). I guess what I’m saying is, treat ‘humans’ like adults, and you’ll have no problem. Let them find out in the playground, and…they’ll behave like it too.


  1. What a fun experience! Thanks to social media and fitfluential I had the opportunity to attend the Runner’s World Half and Festival as a blogger and runner! It was amazing!

  2. Kat says:

    Glad you’re having so much fun Kate! Social Media has brought me blog opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had and also great connections :) I’m so glad you’re having an awesome time!
    Kat recently posted The Roundup + A Last Chance Pretty Muddy Giveaway!My Profile

  3. Ali says:

    That looks like such a cool experience!
    Ali recently posted Spooky Tails 5K RecapMy Profile

  4. TriGirl says:

    I would not have liked the secrets either. Just say “hey, some people have vip status so you’re going to see them going off to do some different things from time to time.”

    Otherwise, that sounds like a very cool weekend! I’ve gotten the occasional free merch, but mostly I just am getting to meet some really fantastic people through blogging!
    TriGirl recently posted This is How I RollMy Profile

  5. Jenna says:

    I loved seein the action of this through facebook and instagram!! It is a really fun prize if you ask me!! The giraffe drinking it’s pee makes me laugh bc my best friend always tells a story about the time they were at a zoo and a lion pees on her…no idea how she managed that one! LOL!! Hope that you’re having a Super Dee Duper Day!! Xxoo

  6. Amalia says:

    I would have died on the mountain bike. Literally. You would have seen me just go screaming flying down the hill — so you did much better than I would have.


    Thank you for those pics :) I have got to make it out to Australia soon!
    Amalia recently posted I should listen to my Mom more… and a winner!My Profile

  7. Vicky says:

    I discovered on Saturday night that there were two people that had been invited, I think they were journalists. Once I knew that they had been invited, it explained why they were always away from the main group. I didn’t care that they were there, but it would have nice to been told that there were people who had been invited, as opposed to selected from the competition.
    Vicky recently posted #The Human BrochureMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      I absolutely agree- having them there is fine – it’s the sweeping it under the rug stuff that irks me. I loved the whole weekend! And I love having new people to talk to online ;-)

  8. This seems so amazing.
    I consider this practice being a tour guide for when Abby gets rich and comes to visit.
    Th bets thing that has happened to me so far – a free pair of my favorite shoes.
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted Speedy Buffalo Chicken SoupMy Profile

  9. What an awesome weekend! I laughed (sorry) at the bike antics. I got on a bike for the first time in a year on the weekend too but I had a nice flat track surface. You wouldn’t have got me mountain biking down a hill. Such a trooper you are – all in the name of Tourism for Canberra ;) Mind you if I knew there was choclate fondant and peanut butter ice cream waiting then I would be willing to risk layers of skin to get to it!!!!
    Jenelle @mummylovestorun recently posted on ya bikeMy Profile

  10. Amy says:

    What a fabulous weekend you had my dear! I got very jealous when I saw those dessert shots from Soju girl, and I must say I am looking forward to trying them out next time I go to Canberra.
    We all know that I can’t ride a bike, so I was sweating with anxiety as I read your death-defying ride down the mountain. I would have walked…
    My social media experience? I met the wonderful you!!
    Amy recently posted If you really knew me…My Profile

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