Don’t eat the evidence


And the winner is…


Ok friends, I believe we have a winner from yesterday’s story competition. Mardi (my most excellent aunt), suggested the following – and it’s well worth a read!

You had to determine the average number of pips (let pip equal p) in a mandarin.

If you let d equal division of the mandarin, (although personally I would call them segments, so I am finding Mr the Rake’s algebraic formula a little wacky – but hey he’s got other skills besides maths), it is possible to calculate (that is why you had a calculator) how many pips in one division, and then extrapolate that into how many pips in one mandarin, and how many pips in 3 mandarins.

I’m not sure why m for mandarin never shows up in the formula, and it would have confused things when Mr the Rake ate a mandarin in the middle of the whole thing. He should know evidence is important. YOU CAN’T EAT THE EVIDENCE RAKE!!!!

There were pencils in case fingers and toes weren’t enough to count on, plus you got to do a colouring in if you got the answer right. But as there is no photo of any colouring in, I’m guessing that you didn’t get it right. There are 2 reasons for that –

1′you should have had m for mandarin in your formula. I’m guessing the a is for apple – that was a mistake – you can never substitute one fruit for another in mathematics, and

2. you can’t eat the damn evidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the answers. A new friend of mine, Miss Amy, from Thoroughly Nourished Life (Mardi, the two of you would get along!) gets a special mention for:

I am guessing that you and Mr The Rake spent last night trying to figure out the number of mandarins it would take to equal the pH level of a battery?

Because you’re both great, you can both have my love and affection – Amy is the only blogger though, so she gets a few more perks! Tomorrow (Sunday), you are both royalty for the day! 

This means:

 - Both of you can expect a special shout out in tomorrow’s post

 - Amy can expect tweet promos for her last two blog posts; and

 - Some facebook love for Mardi, and a post link on facebook for Amy


Here’s what actually happened

It’s nowhere near as interesting!

At the start of the night, I got upset because I thought I hadn’t brought any pens. Mr The Rake gestured to the pencils on the table and I turned up my nose at them.

I checked my handbag for a loose pen and found not 1, but 14 pens in my handbag. (Along with a calculator and a packet of batteries).

Hence Mr The Rake’s face.

14 pens

After the fist round, a member of the team ‘Desiree Potatoes’ came and gave us some of their mandarins. I still don’t know why.


For Thursday trivia, I’m not telling you our team name – it’s so dirty that even the MC sniggers every time he reads it out.

The maths isn’t from Mr The Rake – we were asked how long T and H would take to paint a fence if T took x time and H took y time. Mr The Rake and Sam figured it out in about 20 seconds.  Chris spent 30 minutes doing calculus on the back of the jackpot answer sheet.



We did not win. 


2 Quick Updates


1. On Tuesday, Mary from A Walk in the Woods will be guest-posting. My honours draft is due that day, and I expect you will want to read something other than why the dolphin-safe label was incorrectly determined in the international legal system.

Best done in pretty shoes…

Mary is a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador and has a journey very different from my own. I love what she’s written, and she has some practical advice as well as an inspiring story.


2. Some of you saw on Daily Mile or the Run with Kate facebook page that I didn’t finish my run today. I was supposed to go out for 14km and only got 4.5km in. It’s all cool and under control, if frustrating! I’ve got a sore ITB, and decided to back off so I can be at full strength for Sunday. 1 week away!


Today’s Moment

A sudden realisation that it’s all come together! Despite the stupid run this morning, I’ve put in the training, and next Sunday, I’ll be running!


Your Turn!

Ever received the ‘royal treatment’ as a prize?
Do you or someone you know keep ridiculous things in your/their handbag?
Runners – what’s your latest running news?



  1. Jen says:

    Sorry about the run yesterday, remember you have done the training and pushing through would not benefit you. It is truly a mental thing when late training runs go bad. Hang in there and enjoy the taper, you will be fine next weekend :)
    Jen recently posted Mommy needs to runMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Jen – it was interesting; I thought it would tip me over mentally, but instead I felt strong. Frustrating, but I knew it was all going to be ok in the end, and that was an awesome feeling.

  2. Jenna says:

    I think your aunts theory is so hilarious!! I can’t handle how witty y’all are all the time!! It cracks me up!!! I keep discovering really ridiculous things in my purse all the time. Taking care of three kids all day does that to you!!! I find action figures, binkies, 5 bottles of hand sanitizer… The list goes on and on! I hope ur having a fantastic day today and I am saying prayers for your honors draft!! Love ya!

  3. LizForADay says:

    It is totally OK that you did not complete your run. You did run some. Sometimes you have to listen to your body. You did the right thing.

    I had a bad run day yesterday also, but today was a great run day. :) Maybe tomorrow with be great for you. :)
    LizForADay recently posted FD162 – Ghost Sighting Here on Green Village….My Profile

  4. Our worst team name for trivia ever was Dirty Pickup lines.
    Then with every single answer we would also write down a horrible, amusing, or dirty pick-up line so that the announcer would see them when reading our answers. His face – hilarious!
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted Breaking PointMy Profile

  5. Sucks about your run, but as Liz said, you’ve already done the work. Just think of this as an extended taper. :)

    Latest running news; some stupid issue with my achilles. Not freaking out yet, will have to see what it’s like tomorrow. Next weekend is my last really long run before NYC and I don’t want to miss it so fingers crossed nothing is wrong.

    Best of luck next week! I’ll be cheering you on from the other side of the world! :)
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted Saturday Morning FreestyleMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Thanks so much Phaedra. I’m feeling pretty good about all of it though – thanks goodness it’s the final week! Stupid achilles. Tell it to be quiet. And I’ll be cheering you on when it’s time for NYC! SO many exciting things a-coming.

  6. i’m gonna say that was not a bad workout, bear with me, because it was a HUGE statement to u as a runner…i’m SOOO proud of u!! u’re learning to look long term and not be a stupid runner and run to the point where u do more damage, and damage that could take u out of ur race. so give urself TLC and be proud of urself today!!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks so much Cait! I feel very privileged to have had quite a lot of Cait in my life today :-D . I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from you – now I’m trying to remember to use it! But trial and error and too many appointments with physios and podiatrists and chiros and doctors have left me wary of doing anything stupid at this stage ;-)

  7. Just a quick one to say that it is a crime that Mardi doesn’t have a blog…she is damn hilarious… loved it!

    Jenelle @ MummyLovesToRun recently posted 7 monthsMy Profile

  8. Mindy Artze says:

    Sounds like you need to go on Let’s Make a Deal with the purse content!!! :) Love your stories about the rake!

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