Thankful, Painful Running


A light start

Some crazy good (and hard) things happened today. I plan to tell you all about them, but first, Mr The Rake wants to weigh in. This afternoon, I said what I was thinking (filtering is not a strength of mine) and told him the roof of my mouth was sore.

His response?

Maybe it’s your brain trying to tunnel its way out. 

Right now he’s making spaghetti bolognaise, and it smells amazing. Therefore, he is forgiven. This time.


The Run

Thanks for all your tips yesterday! So many great carb ideas (my personal favourites being Jenelle’s get-it-in-ya approach with snakes and gatorade, and a gorgeous recipe for angel-hair pasta (thanks Jill). Francine suggested dates, which are an excellent idea. I’m a bit squeamish about running on dry-fruit fuel, but it sounds as though it’s worth a try.

I carbed-up like a boss yesterday. It worked!

I think this is the first time my bowl of food (left) has been bigger than the Rake’s (right).

Chicken and rice

I’ll be sticking with this as a pre-run food – my body preferred the rice to pasta, no question.

The hardest bit was that I was ‘practising’ for race day, so I set an alarm for breakfast.


I’m still disgusted


I don’t want any more oats for awhile…


Mmmm 4am oats (and a sneaky banana)


Point is, carbo loading was not all that much fun, and I’m glad I only have to do it once more!

The 32km run happened. And it happened in 3 hours, 9 mins and 54 secs. The last bit was uphill, and I am horrified at how slowly I went for those last few ks! I had D behind me telling me to push on (more on that in a sec), and it was BRUTAL. I know at about 28km I did not want to run a marathon. Ever.

I finally finished, and slowly, slowly made my way up the stairs of our apartment block.

Mr The Rake was so amused that he took a photo

Showering in my clothes

All I wanted was a diet coke and a shower. Only one option was available.

Want to see something gross? Seriously, if you’re squeamish, don’t look…

My personal favourite is this:

 Ok – you can look again!


Thank you!

So, a couple of really, really big thank yous are in order – and they will be even more so post-marathon. But I really do owe a LOT to a few people (and there are more of you who need to be thanked. These are just for today :-)




D is my gym manager, and this morning, she took the running group around the bay so I could do my first of 4 laps. She took them back to the gym, and then out to breakfast – where she didn’t eat a thing.

Then, she came back down to the bay as I hit my fourth lap (at 21km) (BTW – first ever half marathon today – Dad – it was 2:02 with lap 1 at marathon pace, and lap 2 at training pace).

She ran kilometres 21-30 with me, and even offered to run back to my house.

I was seriously struggling with the hilly end, and she knew it. She offered support and motivation, told me I was going to be fine, and reminded me that every beginner, ever, had felt the same way on that final hill. I was just feeling what those beginners feel – and if they could do it, so could I. When I tried to respond, I was told not to talk, and to keep my breathing regular.

This woman is incredible. Henceforth, D shall be known as superwoman. Because right now, she’s my super-hero.

She even asked me out for lunch, and gave me a lift when I had a blonde moment and forgot that I didn’t have a car…



Brett, the chiro, also needs his own name here. I’m sure he’ll come up with one for himself at some point! Suggestions please guys – this should be good.

Where I know the physio would have taken me out of the training program by this time, Brett has patiently dealt with every single one of my injuries, taught me how to strengthen my body, told me I would be strong enough to run, and has got me back on track.

Brett is magic man, and when I turned up with a swollen knee this week, he just beat the crap out of it, gave me really effective acupuncture, and told me I was fine to do today’s long run. And you know what? The knee is swollen, but not as bad as after last week’s 16km.

There is no way I’d be running as far (or fast) without his help.


Mr The Rake

For putting up with me. You are amazing. Today he went to get the diet coke I was craving (I don’t want to hear it – it was AWESOME) and brought me a protein shake while I stood under the cold water.

That’s love – dealing with sweaty gym clothes, temper tantrums, early nights, long-runs, endless one-way conversations about pacing and interval training…and bringing you protein when you refuse to leave the cool embrace of tiled box.


This post is starting to get way too long, so I’ll leave my extra questions for tomorrow. Watch out! I’m going to quiz you – do your math homework and be ready with some Powerade.


Today’s Moment

Superwoman’s generosity and support. Hands down.

…Though the old guy who gave me a thumbs up on a busy road at 31km is pretty excellent too.

AND thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We hit the $2000 target today! There’s no cap though ;-)

– you can still donate.


Your Turn!

Who supports you when you need it most?
What sports injuries are you prone to?
Do you set multiple alarms?


  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Eh, the foot pic is gross but not too bad. I’ve seen worse!

    Glad you made it through your long run and have so many supportive people with your running, like Brett and Dianne. And I love your alarm system hehehe!
    Amy Lauren recently posted Weekend Recap + It’s Okay Thursday (Sept. 20)My Profile

    • Kate says:

      Lol! I love runners – nothing is gross any-more, and no topic is off-limits. I’ve heard of epic blood blisters in a race, so I’m feeling pretty thankful!

  2. Peta Hughes says:

    Congrats Kate! I’m sooooo impressed with your 32km. With my broken elbow I’m living vicariously through you and you’re doing AMAZING! I hope your foot feels better soon and good on Mr The Rake for looking out for you after. xxx

  3. Kathryn (mum) says:

    i love the thank you to Mr The Rake. I have lived his life. Rake, thank you for loving my daughter, and being resilient! Sorry to be the bearer of disturbing news, but it gets worse.
    Andrew did this for years! I had to make a number of major life decisions alone while he was out running and training for marathons. I had to sell our house on my own because he had gone out for a run when the estate agent came with an offer. Visits to the emergency department with choking or injured kids – on my own- out running! He only made it home with hours to spare before I went into labour with Little J! I guess I would have just done it on my own if he hadn’t made
    it home.

    I had a few years of normality after his hip gave up. Bliss! But … He’s had his hip replaced and has now found a new way of madness. His bike!!! Today a 4 &1/2 hour ride. Same shit, different haircut!

    Having said all that, hang in there Rake. They’re amazing people and well worth the frustration.

    • Kate says:

      I love that Dad is now doing bike marathons. And he’s got years of that left. At least I can feel fairly sure that he won;t give birth to our children while I’m out on a run…I hope.

  4. jenna says:

    my mom def supports me the most! your poor foot. that looks soooo sore!!!! not gross at all, just painful!!! hope that it heals super quick!!!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Jenna! I’m so glad you have such an incredible relationship with your Mom (mine commented below you – thank goodness for our mothers!). The blisters are ok – I did expect that, and I’ll hunt down some vaseline before my next run!

  5. Sarah says:

    My biggest supporters are my husband and my son!! When I’m about to beg off a run, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come and redirected to my goals. When I have an amazing run, they listen and let me ramble on for hours (days) about it… My son brags to his friends about my accomplishments and even offers to rub my back(he never actually does it but there is at least the offer)!

    I set four alarms. There is get up, get the hell out of bed and why aren’t you out of bed yet! The fourth is Do you actually want to do this???!? If I’m still in bed by then, that one gets me up.

    As far as injury, I’ve been fortunate that my legs/knees have always been generous with me. My back and hips like to toy with my emotions but like you, the chiro has a way of helping me get back into the groove without taking me out of the game! Glad you made it through your long run. You will do brilliantly :) . Tomorrow us my trial run for next weekend. I think I’ve finally settled on what I will eat pre-race!!

    • Kate says:

      Your husband is a gem ( I remember one day in a plank vid he was saying that you would both make sure that YOU posted on the blog that night …so sweet!). I think all of us have a trigger point that gets us, and I’m glad you found someone who knows hoe to treat yours!

      Thanks so, so much for the support Sarah. Good luck on the trial run!

  6. Kayla says:

    My husband really helps me out all the time! This morning as I was just opening my eyes in bed he was bringing me a latte he made. Blisters suck – but be happy that is all that you have… I battle that stuff bad! Hooray for the last long run done! The marathon will feel so much different!
    Kayla recently posted Speed WorkoutMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Kayla! What a sweet guy – latte in bed – winner! Thanks for saying that the marathon will feel different (I think); I feel like knowing it’s race day will be a massive help…that, and not being at the end of an exhausting training cycle!

  7. Jenelle says:

    ah, blisters…the fun of running :)

  8. I’ve had the exact same blister pop up on my foot numerous times. It’s gross and definitely not pretty! Just a pain in the ass.

    Great job on your run!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted We Are All RunnersMy Profile

  9. Kierston says:

    Great job on your run! Wow!

    I’ve had some pretty gross feet after long runs too…bleh.

    Can’t wait to hear about your race!
    Kierston recently posted Tik Tok: 1 More Sleep To Race Day!My Profile

  10. Congrats on finishing! Woohoo!
    I get crazy blisters when I run any more than about 15K.
    I asked around and a million bloggers, tweeters, etc. suggested Injinji socks. I got the heavier weight and love them. I only got to take them out for a 21K before I got injured, but they worked! No blisters!
    My first Mary I lost a toenail, it was not sexy!
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted I’ve MovedMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Abby, I think losing a toenail is kind of cool – you know you’re in the club! I was fine with the blisters. Sort of. Until the one that burst while I ws running (ick) got infected last night. Charming. Now it’s onto the alcohol.

  11. [...] The thought of those donations really did get me through some seriously tough training sessions. [...]

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