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Bodies tell us so much. And those of us who like to pretend we’re Cheetahs, Kenyans, or small monkeys on bicycles are great at ignoring our screaming limbs and brains.

Yesterday should have been a rest day for me. But I couldn’t help myself. I beat myself up for not doing enough strength work recently, so I headed in for a weights session. Afterwards, I jumped on the elliptical, and the 60 minute session fast became 10 minutes as my groaning body refused to harden up.

Normally, I’m all like -



- but yesterday was different. My body was shaky, I felt exhausted, and, most importantly, I didn’t want to work out.

So how do you tell the difference between being just a little bit pathetic (and man, we are ALL guilty of that from time to time) and really needing to stop?

Honestly, I don’t really know for sure. But I do know, from bitter experience, that not stopping leads to complete burnout, and potentially a long-standing relationship with a chiropractor.

When in doubt, I turn to Runners World, and today, it informed me that some of the signs are an elevated resting heart rate, feeling run down, being cranky, and having a sluggish workout. Based on their charts, I was hitting the ‘warning zone’, so cranky, irritable me sat on the couch and got out one of the OCD anonymous favourite apps – the heart-rate monitor. Normally, my pulse is 58-60bpm. This morning it was 78.

I had a rest day. I hated every bit of it.


I kind of wanted to go cycling, but that didn’t happen either.

But now I’m glad I did. And with a nice big pad thai under my tank top, I’m so very ready to tackle a nice 20km loop with Superwoman tomorrow morning.

Running is amazing, and exercise can be the most rewarding thing in the world. But we can’t do it all the time.  Personally, I can’t go more than 6 days without a break. I know others who have to have 2 rest days a week. Others work on an 8 or 10 day cycle. Still others have an extremely light day instead – but they have a designated day that is ridiculously easy.

My angst over rest day was met with some words of wisdom from Phaedra, at Blisters and Black Toenails -


At the end of the day, Phaedra has it – rest days make us better.

So harden the f*ck up and take ‘em.


Today’s Moment

Adding insult to injury, I received my Lorna Jane delivery.

And it’s oh so pretty!


Your Turn!

How often do you need a rest day?
Love or loathe rest days?
Have you ever felt completely burnt out?


Love it, crack it, eat it


Read Me

I have so many wonderful bloggy friends! With Christmas only a few days away, I want to say a big Merry Christmas to all of you.

To celebrate, here are a few of my reading highlights over the past few weeks. Get your glasses on!

Talking Iron for Runners got me thinking about iron. I’m pretty sure I was wrong (details below), but this article by Cait Chock is pretty damn useful for runners.

rUnladylike found perspective from the Connecticut shooting. She’s used that overwhelming gratefulness for life to power her through each day – running or not.

Mummy Loves to Run shared her training schedule for her upcoming marathon. I’m just a voyeur, but I love how she cycles through her training and explains her sessions.



I happened to be at my Chiro’s office today, and while he had way too much fun twisting the needles in my foot just to watch me flinch -

You know, I don’t actually need to do that, but it’s fun. I can just feel the nauseating grind as I twist it. 

- and I explained my pathetic dizzy/icky spell on Sunday and Monday. 

After deciding I was pregnant, he suggested it was my neck. I know some of you are squeamish about neck adjustments. I trust him, so I went with it. BANG. Sorted.

That virtual half is going to eat my dust.



Christmas is a time to celebrate. I just ran some epic intervals on the treadmill, and I’ll be up early to run with my group.

In between, I get to wake up and eat chocolate. Like any good 5-year-old, I have an advent calendar. 

It’s kind of predictable though…


Let the festive running season begin!


Today’s Moment

I bought a bottle of sparkling water…and the bottle was stripey! …small things…


Plus…Get Ready

I am getting a delivery of Bionade. After I posted about my diet coke addiction (which, by the way, I have totally defeated!), they contacted me to offer a sample of their ‘naturally sweetened’ drinks.

AND I have a review of ‘Get Yourself Back in Motion‘ – and a copy to give away. It’s time to get reading!


Your Turn!

What blogs are you loving at the moment?
Do you get an advent calendar in December?
Have you ever had your neck adjusted?


Adventure Racing and a Time to Celebrate


And that was an epic weekend.

Urban Max

I didn’t expect that I would miss the chance to post, but sometimes life is just too much fun!

On Friday, Mr The Rake and I had some friends around for my favourite summer food:


And along with some vodka and gelato, I was beautifully fuelled for the Urban Max Adventure Race on Saturday morning. Superwoman and I were given a set of cryptic clues and a map of Sydney. The only limitations were that our only means to get around were public transport or our feet. The two of us ran up and down Sydney, collecting markers and completing activities.



After kayaking around Blue’s point we were both rocking wet leggings. Totally worth it.

We made balloon swords at one check point and palmed them off to a small child outside Luna Park. We found ourselves in a photo booth, and we talked strategy on the run.

With Superwoman

Runner disaster struck almost immediately. With shin splints, and a tight ITB and hip flexors, I could barely move by the end of the day. Clearly this was not my day.

But who cares? There’s no marathon on the cards, I can take a few days off, and we had a ball. Absolutely worth running to the end. And for kicks, Superwoman was pretty pleased to be faster than me!

After 4 1/2 hours making our way around the city, we finally finished, and celebrated with seafood and chocolate.

To celebrate

As if the race weren’t enough, Mr The Rake and I headed to Canberra in the afternoon. After a three hour drive, we hit up the International Law Society Christmas Party. Hard.

Like, gingerbread men hard -

Gingerbread men

 Mr The Rake offended people, labelling Ke$ha’s music

A gang bang in a dumpster

BUT was the world’s best boyfriend when I grabbed him to hurriedly whisper

I’m heading out to the roof garden to smoke a cigar with Andrew and Lil – could you go and take over Lil’s conversation?

Without batting an eyelid, he took over the conversation and sent me on my way.


For the record Mum, I obviously just sat and watched others smoke.

I’m back in Sydney, and I promise I’m being a good runner chick – I’m stretching and resting, and I’ll cross-train until things ease up.


Your Turn!

Ever tried an adventure race?
Have the Christmas parties started for you yet?
If you eat seafood, what’s your favourite?


Looking Back


This post is all mushy and grateful and important to me – and I totally understand if you have to go and do something more interesting.

I’ll give you some fun first though:

1. Mr The Rake just put his hand out to show affection and I managed to punch myself in the face. Fail.

2. I did my #wickedwallies for the Girls Gone Sporty challenge and this was the photo:


I’m too sexy for my skirt…so sexy it huuuurts. (I’ve told you I don’t wear pants right?)


3. We got some photos back from Prom!

I’m too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat….


Best face evah


In fact, if you like, here are a few blog friends that have made me really, really happy over the last few days:

These fabulous ladies have been an incredible support and I adore them. When you have time, check them out.

Ok, so you know I’m writing mega epic thesis at the moment, but I stop at night time (when I can!) and take some time out. Blog post time is possibly my favourite time of the day. And it’s a BIG week, so I’m feeling particularly reflective.


Getting to Sunday

6 sleeps!

Over the last year, so much has happened. I decided to run this marathon back in October 2011. It’s been a year of preparation and crazy, and for the first time in a long time I found my mind wandering back today.

Kate before Fartlek training

I am so incredibly grateful for all the things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the big changes that this has meant for my life.



Start with the basics, right?

The training itself has been a huge learning curve. I had to learn to run. From 5km at a time, I somehow built my way to 18km. And then discovered that that pain in my shins actually mattered…

And so began all the injuries

These are all the bits that got injured over the last 12 months


And that’s when I met my doctor, physio, podiatrist and the magic man, my chiropractor.

Between them, these are the bits of my anatomy I had to strenghten:

All the muscles I got to work on

And there was a healthy dose of hypochondria in here as well.



Icing my Shin


In fact, looking back, I can see a bit of stubborn in there too. When I had to stop running, I didn’t do the sensible thing and go back to the couch.

Instead, I took up water running, changed my interval training (when I could use my legs again!) and found out that when someone is on your side and wants to help you meet your goal, that’s the person who should be treating you.

I did half of my long runs on the elliptical when I couldn’t run more than 5km without pain, and somehow, I got enough fitness to run the beast.

I even got in a couple of races on the way…

Kate at the end of race

Sydney Harbour 10km and my first finisher’s medal


I have met the most incredible people through the blog – people I didn’t know this time last year.

On Saturday, I am catching up with some people I’ve never met before who are also running the marathon. One in particular has been a real source of support and encouragement.

The bloggers and tweeps who egg me on are incredible. They know who they are, and I love them.

My family have been amazing, and Mr The Rake is always there to pick up the pieces. Including over the last week when marathon-honours-business-law comp-travelling all got a bit too much (thanks love!).


These people have helped me to hit my target for the Butterfly Foundation! As of today, we’re at $2,095. The Butterfly Foundation assists those with eating disorders – plenty of information here. 



On that note, I have learned an awful lot about my body, and how to better respect it.

Carbs are no longer the devil.

Once upon a time, my dinner was a chicken salad, and lunch was the same, just smaller.

Today, I was shocked to realise that I’ve become totally ok with eating Subway (shock horror take away) in BREAD. On the same day as I ate a burrito, with CHEESE.

AND I followed it up with ricotta cheesecake. Even though it’s a taper week!

I have become more comfortable with my body, and I focus more on what it can do, rather than how it looks. I had no idea these legs could take me 32km. 

Showering in my clothes

All I wanted was a diet coke and a shower. Only one option was available.


It’s been amazing. I can’t quite believe how much has changed, and how much I’ve learned.

Blisters, early nights, marathon tantrums, injuries, icy early morning runs and money spent on rehab are all worth it. Regardless of Sunday’s result.

Thanks everyone!


Your Turn!

What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago?
What are you feeling good about today? (Go check out Mental Monday too, of course!)


Thankful, Painful Running


A light start

Some crazy good (and hard) things happened today. I plan to tell you all about them, but first, Mr The Rake wants to weigh in. This afternoon, I said what I was thinking (filtering is not a strength of mine) and told him the roof of my mouth was sore.

His response?

Maybe it’s your brain trying to tunnel its way out. 

Right now he’s making spaghetti bolognaise, and it smells amazing. Therefore, he is forgiven. This time.


The Run

Thanks for all your tips yesterday! So many great carb ideas (my personal favourites being Jenelle’s get-it-in-ya approach with snakes and gatorade, and a gorgeous recipe for angel-hair pasta (thanks Jill). Francine suggested dates, which are an excellent idea. I’m a bit squeamish about running on dry-fruit fuel, but it sounds as though it’s worth a try.

I carbed-up like a boss yesterday. It worked!

I think this is the first time my bowl of food (left) has been bigger than the Rake’s (right).

Chicken and rice

I’ll be sticking with this as a pre-run food – my body preferred the rice to pasta, no question.

The hardest bit was that I was ‘practising’ for race day, so I set an alarm for breakfast.


I’m still disgusted


I don’t want any more oats for awhile…


Mmmm 4am oats (and a sneaky banana)


Point is, carbo loading was not all that much fun, and I’m glad I only have to do it once more!

The 32km run happened. And it happened in 3 hours, 9 mins and 54 secs. The last bit was uphill, and I am horrified at how slowly I went for those last few ks! I had D behind me telling me to push on (more on that in a sec), and it was BRUTAL. I know at about 28km I did not want to run a marathon. Ever.

I finally finished, and slowly, slowly made my way up the stairs of our apartment block.

Mr The Rake was so amused that he took a photo

Showering in my clothes

All I wanted was a diet coke and a shower. Only one option was available.

Want to see something gross? Seriously, if you’re squeamish, don’t look…

My personal favourite is this:

 Ok – you can look again!


Thank you!

So, a couple of really, really big thank yous are in order – and they will be even more so post-marathon. But I really do owe a LOT to a few people (and there are more of you who need to be thanked. These are just for today :-)




D is my gym manager, and this morning, she took the running group around the bay so I could do my first of 4 laps. She took them back to the gym, and then out to breakfast – where she didn’t eat a thing.

Then, she came back down to the bay as I hit my fourth lap (at 21km) (BTW – first ever half marathon today – Dad – it was 2:02 with lap 1 at marathon pace, and lap 2 at training pace).

She ran kilometres 21-30 with me, and even offered to run back to my house.

I was seriously struggling with the hilly end, and she knew it. She offered support and motivation, told me I was going to be fine, and reminded me that every beginner, ever, had felt the same way on that final hill. I was just feeling what those beginners feel – and if they could do it, so could I. When I tried to respond, I was told not to talk, and to keep my breathing regular.

This woman is incredible. Henceforth, D shall be known as superwoman. Because right now, she’s my super-hero.

She even asked me out for lunch, and gave me a lift when I had a blonde moment and forgot that I didn’t have a car…



Brett, the chiro, also needs his own name here. I’m sure he’ll come up with one for himself at some point! Suggestions please guys – this should be good.

Where I know the physio would have taken me out of the training program by this time, Brett has patiently dealt with every single one of my injuries, taught me how to strengthen my body, told me I would be strong enough to run, and has got me back on track.

Brett is magic man, and when I turned up with a swollen knee this week, he just beat the crap out of it, gave me really effective acupuncture, and told me I was fine to do today’s long run. And you know what? The knee is swollen, but not as bad as after last week’s 16km.

There is no way I’d be running as far (or fast) without his help.


Mr The Rake

For putting up with me. You are amazing. Today he went to get the diet coke I was craving (I don’t want to hear it – it was AWESOME) and brought me a protein shake while I stood under the cold water.

That’s love – dealing with sweaty gym clothes, temper tantrums, early nights, long-runs, endless one-way conversations about pacing and interval training…and bringing you protein when you refuse to leave the cool embrace of tiled box.


This post is starting to get way too long, so I’ll leave my extra questions for tomorrow. Watch out! I’m going to quiz you – do your math homework and be ready with some Powerade.


Today’s Moment

Superwoman’s generosity and support. Hands down.

…Though the old guy who gave me a thumbs up on a busy road at 31km is pretty excellent too.

AND thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We hit the $2000 target today! There’s no cap though ;-)

– you can still donate.


Your Turn!

Who supports you when you need it most?
What sports injuries are you prone to?
Do you set multiple alarms?