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10 Things I Love Hate about Running


I’ve just had a stupidly good Monday, so I hope you beat the post weekend blues and enjoy your week!


Mental Monday

Take a negative and choose a positive to start your week instead. It might not remove the negative from your life, but it certainly reminds you to focus on something good for a moment!

Mental Monday

Let’s start off strong:

Negative: I am tired, and my legs are bugging me!

Positive: I don’t have to study. I have all the time in the world for running and recovering.

What’s yours?


And Michelle? I didn’t eat that entire block of chocolate – yet. I’m working on it!

I’m almost too far gone in my running life to hold on to the feeling of getting started. So while I can still remember that feeling, let me introduce today’s post: So you wanna run?


New Runner Alert – Top 10

There is a stack of info on running. On training paces, on nutrition, on working up to your first 5km, and on transitioning from walking.

What about the more personal stuff? No-one ever says ‘hey, so if you pursue this you will have to change what you eat’ or squeezes your bum and says ‘that muscle? In there? That is going to huuuuuuuuurt‘. And no-one, particularly not your average ‘weights are awesome and carbs are bad’ trainer, is going to be able to help you find the balance between running and strength training.

Um no, I will not be giving up the cupcakes. Thanks for your unsolicited advice though.


Dear new runners, here are 10 things I found out when I started pounding the pavement:


1. I know you want to hit the road and run every day, but please don’t.

Start with a day off in between each running day. Ride your bike, take a Zumba class, go and pole-dance or whatever other fad is in. But take some time to do something other than run. Not taking the time leads to injury, and anyway, it sucks to do the same thing every day.


2. When you do run, vary it up.

We all start the same way – run. That is all. But try out some intervals – sprint to the next tree, then jog slowly to the bench. Mix it up.  It helps your speed, and, if you’re trying to lose weight, I hear it helps. A lot.

Little Kate Running

Pretty sure little Kate was running to the camera and then planning a walk break.


3. You have this wonderful muscle called your piriformis.

Run far enough before you learn to stretch well, and it is going to be on fire. You think it hurts to walk after that last run? Yeah? Well…don’t try to sit down.


4. Cross trainers are not running shoes.



5. A cotton shirt is not acceptable.


6. Your tummy probably hates you.

It hates running, it hates what you fed it, it hates water, it hates being empty. It just hates you. Sorry guys – the only answer here is trial and error. But as a start, some common triggers are fats, high fibre, eating within an hour or two of a run, or too much protein.


7. Your other half does not give a shit.

They might be nodding and smiling now, but believe me, it won’t last long. Do them a favour and get a blog.


That’s how much I care.


8.  Carbs are your friend.

Try it – try a run after a low carb dinner, and then try another after fuelling properly.




9. Weights are good and bad.

Want to get serious about running? Body pump and trying to up your squat weight are probably not going to help. Stick to higher reps and lighter weights, and check out compound exercises. That said, body builders can and do run – it’s just not their primary sport, and they won’t be running at their peak.


10. It hurts.

It never gets any easier. You get faster. And longer. And sorer. And happier.

Kate and Mum

Well, to a point


Training Update

I did not run today. And the closest I got to cross-training was my 5 mins on the rower after my weights session. With any luck my angry legs will calm down enough to let me do some intervals tomorrow.


Today’s Moment

Impromptu pub dinner!


Your Turn!

Runners – what surprised you when you started?
Is your other half a runner?
Are you a weights/strength training fanatic?


Life as a runner

Something short and sweet to say happy Friday.

Your Turn!

I have nine photos that describe my running life. Use 9 words or less that describe your life as a fitness nut/cook/parent/student/whatever sums you up!


Have a great weekend everyone!

40 days left, and pink shoelaces

Happy Birthday

My Melbourne week ended perfectly, with a huge combined Happy Birthday/Happy Fathers’ Day to my Dad.

Lookin’ sharp

With long run day over, it was important to get into the really important business of cake eating

This is the most colourful of the cakes. I haven’t eaten this much fake green in a long, long time.


Big J was on fire. With a few of these under his belt

He played some good ol’ fashioned Chatroulette, pointing at whoever he landed on and playing chicken with them until they hung up.

When two girls hung up on him, he was devastated.

It’s ok, he consoled himself by tormenting the cat. The cat, FYI, is a winner.

Though I’m not sure in what


Any other news?

Yep! Plenty.

I flew back to Canberra today and found a few packages waiting for me.

Like my sweat pink tank and shoelaces :-)

Best done in pretty shoes…




It’s on!


Counting my miles

This September, my favourite arty runner chick is having a competition. The deal is that you report your weekly running miles to your team captain (Ashley or Cait), and at the end of the month, the team with the most miles wins.

There are indeed prizes! I know you….

I am Team Cait all the way

So head on over to join in :-D


I logged another 7km this morning on my morning run.


40 Days!

There are 40 days until M-DAY.

So head on over to help me support the Butterfly Foundation, and watch my video if you haven’t already.

Butterfly Foundation Logo

For the next few weeks training is going to be intense, and then I get to drop off into the taper period – and eat like a boss. Mmmm, cake.


Not cake.

I feel like a need a good detox already.


Today’s Moment

Hitting the bushy trail around Mum and Dad’s place this morning before anyone else was around to get in the way!


Your Turn!

What’s the latest piece of exciting mail you got?
Are you into coloured shoelaces?
Are you a fan of cake?
Have you ever gone through a taper period? If so, what can I expect? 


Shiny and New

Trying on new shoes

Old shoes off…

Got Shoes!

I’ve been having a whinge about my foot, and it’s definitely getting a bit better. But to speed the process up and try to avoid re-injury, it was time to buy new shoes.

Trying some new shoes on...

Trying some new shoes on…

I know – I wanted to get the pink ones too.

I headed over to Running Science, and spent some time playing with shoes and running on a treadmill in every combination of shoe we could come up with.

The chosen ones


Over an hour later, my happy new shoes walked me back to the car.

[FYI - Brooks Ravenna 3]

Shoe Line up

Oh how Mr The Rake loves my shoevasion

I need a job so I can keep adding to the collection!

[Side note - I do have a job. 3, in fact. But when honours ends, I want real full-time work!]


Sadly, it was time to really move into the area. I ended my contract with Fernwood, who have been amazing, particularly my gym manager in Canberra, Adele.

Very close to us is an Anytime Fitness. It was on the way home from the shoe place, so I wandered in to have a squiz.

I was greeted by a lovely, bubbly woman named Dianne, who instantly made me feel at home. Within minutes she was showing me the gym space, knew that I was training for a marathon,  knew that I was leaving Fernwood, and had suggested a zillion running and cycling group to join.

I couldn’t resist.

A gym is all about the community for me, and this place had it.

The best bit is, I have a little card that lets me in 24 hours a day. No, don’t freak out mum, I won’t be walking through Five Dock at 3am. I also like to sleep.

Anytime Fitness

My New Gym!


PLUS Mr The Rake made me promise that I can’t go after dinner. He also stipulated that after dinner included any time before 5am.

That’s cool, I headed over there this morning for intervals and weights. In my new shoes.

…I know, I should wear cross trainers at the gym, but tell me you would ditch a brand new pair for your old ones?!


I know, I know, planking isn’t a thing anymore.

BUT #PlankADay IS a thing.

And I’m plank-a-day-ing like a boss.

My record so far is 2 minutes.

Mr The Rake gave it a shot too! Before dinner each night we’re going to plank. Today he hit 90 secs – after no exercise whatsoever in months.

Check out Mom Running on Empty – she videoed her plank competition with her husband! @Robertwbriggs @MomonEmpty @fauxrunner @mindybobe @BackAtSquare0 are all in on the action – watch this space for more plank-inspired stupidity.

Why plank? 

1. Because :-P

2. Runners need a strong core; I’m definitely getting in more core work this way!

Today’s Moment

A man at the fruit store looked really grumpy and out of sorts when I went to the counter. But when he scanned my eggplant, he started a conversation with me about how best to cook it. We were both smiling when I left!

Your Turn!

What shoes do you love?
Are you a gym junkie? Any horror stories?
What made you smile today?