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On the human-ness of being a human runner

It’s Saturday, it’s been a few days since I’ve managed a post, and I have a huge  pile of stuff I want to discuss. Being human is a very big project, and now that so many of us don’t have to worry about food shortages and finding water, we have plenty of time to dwell on the, er, surface issues. Like running. The best topic of all.

So here are some human-runner epiphanies my young self has experienced this week.


1. People are wankers. I’m probably the biggest of all.

Everyone’s an idiot. Which means all of us are idiots. Which puts us all back on the same page.

This one always remind me of the Farmer and the Cowman in Oklahoma -

I don’t say I’m no better than anybody else, 
But I’ll be damned if I ain’t jist as good!

In sum, everyone I deal with is exceptionally stupid. Me included. I may as well continue being awesome. And so should you!



2. Bodies are stupid.

Like, really stupid. My body, just as one example, requires iron. Much, much more iron than I can give it in food form.

We’ve discussed this before. Iron stores should be between 15 and 200. In December, mine was 9. No biggie. At the end of February, it had only risen to 14. Even after some lovely, gentle supplements, I’m well below what I need.

So I started on another iron supplement. My stomach hasn’t hated me this much in a long time. Maybe I should have just accepted low iron as a manageable state (I’m actually not joking on this one).

It's my party and I'll be all washed out and iron deficient if I want to

It’s my party and I’ll be all washed out and iron deficient if I want to

Also, shin splints, knee swelling and stress fractures are quite obviously bodily stupidities (definitely not a sign that we’re training too hard…). Thinking of poor old Kloe!



3. It’s all relative

The person you look up to looks up to someone else. While I’m looking up to Jenelle, she’s looking up to Cait‘s speed. Meanwhile, national marathon champs are trumped at the Olympics, and the winners are chasing records.



4. There was no right answer. That’s a childhood wasted.

You know when you’re little and you figure it’ll all make sense when you’re grown up? Or was that just me?

It doesn’t. To all the highly strung, very serious 10-year-olds out there, go sneak into your parents’ liquor cabinet. You may as well.


Mr The Rake has it figured out



5. Being human means enjoying the moment.

I know I could do better at being present, but will you all, just for a second, take a breath with me, and enjoy the moment right now? Things aren’t perfect, but they never will be.

Right now, it’s raining, I have a cup of tea, and this little guy is visiting. What more can I possibly require?




Your Turn!

What have you learnt (or remembered!) about being human this week?
Did you assume there was an ultimate answer when you were little?
Is there a point at which you stopped caring?

My Sweat Turns my Bed Sheets Pink

It’s 11:20pm in Canberra, and I am Tired with a capital T. Definitely the time of night when a smile is welcome!


I ran!

First, can I let you know that I went for my first post-marathon run today! I was untimed, uncalculated, and largely with my running group (I also ran there and back). It was gentle, slow and freeing. It was lovely to just run with no specific workout or time in mind.

I went to the chiro yesterday – and got my acupuncture on before this morning’s run. (My Chiro is absolutely brilliant, and I’ve talked about it heaps without actually telling you where I go – so Sydney-siders, this is your chance! Head to Paramount Sports Recovery in Rozelle).


He also taped me up.
Yes – I was wearing pants in this picture.

It definitely wasn’t easy – this body is making it known that it is Tired with a capital T, but it was pleasant.

Then I jumped in the car, drove to Canberra, and went straight into uni, where I stayed until 10pm. My bags only just made their way out of the car.

Sometimes it’s nice to be with people, eating greasy take-away at 9pm, and pretending to study together.

Pad Thai

I now this is Tuesday’s Pad Thai, but we did have Thai – for once I didn’t get the pad thai…but Andrew did.


Google Vomit

I haven’t done this in, oh, a few days, so here are my favourite recent search terms used to find runwithkate.com:

1. 10km race in a week and im scared (what an honest google search!)

2. abraham lincoln vampire hunter breaking tree 

3. can chocolate make me feel off balance (NEVER)

4. diet coke shin splints

5. feeling ill should i go rowing (probably not, but it’s too late now)

6. forty day cake

7. fuel running back on my cat

8. how to tell if the rake want’s you ? (bahaha I’m not telling)

9. in shower with clothes

10. my sweat turns my bed sheets pink (that’s problematic – also hilarious)


I feel like I could become Agony Aunt. And, if Diet Coke has any relationship with shin splints, I’m screwed.


Today’s Moment

Seeing my Canberra friends! It’s been a while.


Your Turn!

What’s the dumbest question you’ve been asked?
Did you ever spend a long night in the library studying?
What’s the best run you’ve had recently?


Looking Back

This post is all mushy and grateful and important to me – and I totally understand if you have to go and do something more interesting.

I’ll give you some fun first though:

1. Mr The Rake just put his hand out to show affection and I managed to punch myself in the face. Fail.

2. I did my #wickedwallies for the Girls Gone Sporty challenge and this was the photo:


I’m too sexy for my skirt…so sexy it huuuurts. (I’ve told you I don’t wear pants right?)


3. We got some photos back from Prom!

I’m too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat….


Best face evah


In fact, if you like, here are a few blog friends that have made me really, really happy over the last few days:

These fabulous ladies have been an incredible support and I adore them. When you have time, check them out.

Ok, so you know I’m writing mega epic thesis at the moment, but I stop at night time (when I can!) and take some time out. Blog post time is possibly my favourite time of the day. And it’s a BIG week, so I’m feeling particularly reflective.


Getting to Sunday

6 sleeps!

Over the last year, so much has happened. I decided to run this marathon back in October 2011. It’s been a year of preparation and crazy, and for the first time in a long time I found my mind wandering back today.

Kate before Fartlek training

I am so incredibly grateful for all the things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the big changes that this has meant for my life.



Start with the basics, right?

The training itself has been a huge learning curve. I had to learn to run. From 5km at a time, I somehow built my way to 18km. And then discovered that that pain in my shins actually mattered…

And so began all the injuries

These are all the bits that got injured over the last 12 months


And that’s when I met my doctor, physio, podiatrist and the magic man, my chiropractor.

Between them, these are the bits of my anatomy I had to strenghten:

All the muscles I got to work on

And there was a healthy dose of hypochondria in here as well.



Icing my Shin


In fact, looking back, I can see a bit of stubborn in there too. When I had to stop running, I didn’t do the sensible thing and go back to the couch.

Instead, I took up water running, changed my interval training (when I could use my legs again!) and found out that when someone is on your side and wants to help you meet your goal, that’s the person who should be treating you.

I did half of my long runs on the elliptical when I couldn’t run more than 5km without pain, and somehow, I got enough fitness to run the beast.

I even got in a couple of races on the way…

Kate at the end of race

Sydney Harbour 10km and my first finisher’s medal


I have met the most incredible people through the blog – people I didn’t know this time last year.

On Saturday, I am catching up with some people I’ve never met before who are also running the marathon. One in particular has been a real source of support and encouragement.

The bloggers and tweeps who egg me on are incredible. They know who they are, and I love them.

My family have been amazing, and Mr The Rake is always there to pick up the pieces. Including over the last week when marathon-honours-business-law comp-travelling all got a bit too much (thanks love!).


These people have helped me to hit my target for the Butterfly Foundation! As of today, we’re at $2,095. The Butterfly Foundation assists those with eating disorders – plenty of information here. 



On that note, I have learned an awful lot about my body, and how to better respect it.

Carbs are no longer the devil.

Once upon a time, my dinner was a chicken salad, and lunch was the same, just smaller.

Today, I was shocked to realise that I’ve become totally ok with eating Subway (shock horror take away) in BREAD. On the same day as I ate a burrito, with CHEESE.

AND I followed it up with ricotta cheesecake. Even though it’s a taper week!

I have become more comfortable with my body, and I focus more on what it can do, rather than how it looks. I had no idea these legs could take me 32km. 

Showering in my clothes

All I wanted was a diet coke and a shower. Only one option was available.


It’s been amazing. I can’t quite believe how much has changed, and how much I’ve learned.

Blisters, early nights, marathon tantrums, injuries, icy early morning runs and money spent on rehab are all worth it. Regardless of Sunday’s result.

Thanks everyone!


Your Turn!

What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago?
What are you feeling good about today? (Go check out Mental Monday too, of course!)


Ten Things Friday

It’s Friday

Oops, that’s Mr The Rake’s favourite song.

No, don’t sing it.

Friday is follow Friday on twitter, so in the spirit if a caring sharing Friday, I want to say that I adore Cait Chock today. She has been incredibly supportive of my running, is the brains behind Arty Runner Chick, a fabulous site on my must read list, and supplied me with the world’s best shirt.

I’m out to chick you…



Quick Brag

I got my official race results from the Canberra 10km during the week, and I’m really pleased with them!

Even better, Poppet ran hers in 52 mins. With NO training. She was born to run. Poppet, if you’re reading this, I think you’re incredible. 

Right, back to me, me, me, me, me…

Dad’s going to love this – stats!

What I’m really excited about is my age group/gender time. 46/421 – I have more speed in me yet – I never intended to be a competitive racer, and it’s a tough age group.

Point is, I’m feeling happy about it today – rather than all mopey and perfectionist.

Share your brag! That’s the rule – one for one. What awesome thing did you do this week? 


10 Questions

Thanks to Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails for this one! I’d love to hear your answers, so steal them from the bottom, k?


1. Best run ever?

The Sydney Harbour 10km – I had no idea I could run so easily. I had shin splints, and I was scared, and it was my first 10km race. I loved every second of it, and I got a big PR.

Kate at the end of race


2. Three words that describe your running?

Serious, steady, impatient (I realise these are somewhat contradictory. Deal with it).

3. Your go-to running outfit? 

Cropped leggings, a sports crop, and a mesh tank.

Kate Post 10km

4. Quirky habit while running?

I get louder when I pass people – if I grunt, maybe they’ll feel bad for not working as hard as me (wow, that sounds terrible. Go read Cait’s runner snob article).

5. Morning, midday, evening?

Midday, but it’s been winter. I’m slowly becoming a morning runner.

6. I won’t run outside when it’s

Night-time. I run in any weather but not when I can’t see what’s around me.

Even when it’s raining and Mr The Rake has to get a towel before I can enter the house

7. Worst injury—and how you got over it.

Shin splints – I was new to running and didn’t know that they could get so bad. I had to stop running, and it was a huge learning curve.

Icing my Shin

The old cup of ice massage – I am a pro these days

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when 

Well… yeah.

But here’s my Mum about to go on a scary ride with me – that’s badass

9. Next race is 

The marathon!

10. Potential running goal for 2013?

I want to work on my 10km – I actually like running now (probably should have sorted that one out before the whole ‘run 42km’ thing) and I’d love to get faster.

The last one


Your Turn!

Best run ever?
Three words that describe your running?
Your go-to running outfit?
Quirky habit while running?
Morning, midday, evening?
I won’t run outside when it’s ____________
Worst injury—and how you got over it.
I felt most like a badass mother runner when _________
Next race is __________
Potential running goal for 2013?


A Super Exercisey Week

Mr The Rake is out late tonight, and I was going to leave him the last chocolate square. But it was calling to me. So I ate it.

This is completely unrelated to the post. But chocolate is to be shared. I’m not sharing with Rake, so I’m sharing with you!

No more chocolate


Running, and Brett

I have been running my little 5km treks three times a week. Today I got the green light to move up to 7km. Woot.

But…in the process I have met an incredible chiro. My mind has been completely blown.

I was pretty suss about the whole chiropractic thing. I’d ever been to one before, and I couldn’t really work out what the deal was, except for cracking backs and making you come back for ‘readjustments’ every few days.

Ok, I was pretty judgemental.

But after months of no real improvement from physio, or improvement and then spiralling back into injury, it was time to move on. The real sign came when my physio felt every part of my legs, and then told me he couldn’t figure it out, so it was going to be a bit of ‘trial and error’.

I don’t do trial and error. 

So I figured I’d give the chiro a shot. Immediately Brett freaked me out. There I was, in tears, terrified that the marathon was never going to happen.

And then he said

Let me worry about the running, ok? Forget about 10% rules and schedules.

And life has been better ever since.

Within seconds of grabbing my feet (and me bursting into tears), he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, showed me the way my right foot didn’t move, and told me the problem wasn’t shin splints.

I wasn’t banned from running.

I wasn’t told to ice up and rest (I have had so much rest that the rest is causing shin splints!).

Instead, I got the crap accupunctured (I know it’s not a word, k?) out of my legs, and the scar tissue massaged out of my poor right ankle.

I have a home golf ball exercise for my feet.

In 8 months of physio, not once was my previously sprained right ankle considered an issue.

Today I got the best news I’ve had in ages:

You’re 50% better

This might not sound like much, but I was ready for a life time of dodgy leg by the time I got to him, so instead I beamed like a lunatic.

And that’s the story of Kate and the South African chiro who talks philosophy, animal rights and relationships while he beats the sh*t out my legs.

Some Fun

A few months ago, my bike got stolen. It was awful. I had bought it as a replacement car or life in Canberra. It was beautiful, and it was taken from me outside my gym.

Fast forward a bit, and Mr The Rake, who is absolutely gorgeous, told me to take his bike, which is the same model and size as my old one.

This week I got to ride it to uni and back, and it felt SO good to be back on the bike!

That’s a hot shot, Kate. Nice.


AND I got my tax return sorted out. Instead of getting sorely need clothes or a haircut, I booked myself in for 3 personal training sessions at the gym.

To add to the exercise junkie I’ve let loose this week, my gym manager has decided that she and I will be a team for this November’s Urban Max in Sydney.

Don’t worry, she knows I have NO sense of direction.

We go on some epic cryptic clue race around Sydney, running, yelling, solving puzzles and competing in challenges.

From the http://www.maxadventure.com.au/urbanmax/ site

AND I registered for the 10km Canberra Times run in September. I don’t expect to beat my last 10km time, but it will be so nice to race again.

I am super excited by all of it.

However, it’s not Mr The Rake’s idea of fun:


I bet he’ll sleep through all of this – including my 7am running group session tomorrow.

Oh wait. He has a day job. Sucks to be you, Rake.

Today’s Moment

A man at the fruit market gave me a free cup of his melon, carrot and ginger juice today. It was delicious!

Your Turn!

Have you had an active week?
What’s your next race?
Have you ever seen a chiro?