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I’ve been waiting for you (half marathon recap)

Dear everyone – please find below a series of very unflattering photos, which ruin what was otherwise an AWESOME race So awesome, in fact, that you get a full recap. Which very rarely happens. Unless I run a marathon.

*There’s less sharting in this story.*


The SMC Road Race Half Marathon

Half marathon number 2 happened. And it really didn’t go anything like the plan.

Donna and I waiting to run (the race was dedicated to Boston)

Donna and I waiting to run (the race was dedicated to Boston)

After last weekend’s mediocre effort (note to self – cake and tempure prawn do not a good pre-race day meal make), I still felt pretty wrecked, so the plan for Sunday’s SMC half marathon was simply to run, go with the flow, and enjoy a pleasant long run.

For once, I ran naked – no garmin, no heart-rate monitor, no watch, no phone. Just me. It’s not that I’ve never run without gadgets before, but I’ve never been in a timed race without them. I figured I had nothing to lose if I just worked off how I felt.

It turns out I feel a hell of a lot better than my watch thinks I do.

I picked a man in front of me – green guy, and kept pace behind him for awhile. He was met 3km in by a girl in a pink belt, who I think might have been his daughter. I’m fairly sure she beat him, which is pretty great, given his surprise when she caught him -

What are you doing up here?!

Green man and pink belt became my targets in the first 10km. I estimated that we’d finish the first 10km loop in about 55 mins.

Can you spot pink belt?

Can you spot pink belt?

Taking a step back, my PR for a 10km is 50:20. For a half marathon, I’d only ever run Canberra, which took me about 1:57:xx.

I was feeling pretty good when I passed green man coming down a hill after 8km, but I’m sure you can imagine my shock when I rounded the final corner and saw the clock at the 10km mark – 50:26.


I’d just busted out one of my fastest 10km ever, and I still had a lap to go.

Say what?

Say what?

At that point, I hit race mode.

Which was unfortunate, because it was at that moment that Green Man bloked me. 

In the most non-creepy way I could manage, I called out:

I’ve been waiting for you

To his credit, he laughed, and told me he had to save some fuel for the hill ahead.

Fair point. I hadn’t thought of that. Turns out that hills are even more brutal the second time around.

No drama. I realised I probably wasn’t going to get a negative split, but was still feeling good. At this point, I was thinking that if I could just keep moving, I might be able to come in under 1:55.

Then the cruellest thing of all happened. At this race, the course in 5km long, meaning that once a half marathoner hits 20km, they reach the finish line, only to have to turn around and go back 500m to make up the final km. It felt like the world’s looooooongest kilometre.

Are you serious? Again?

Are you serious? Again?

In the self-satisfied way that only a runner would understand, I finally, finally turned that last corner to the finish line, cheering myself because everyone else was busy eating sausages.

I crossed the line at 1:48:46.

All over.

All over.

I think I have a new favourite distance.


Your Turn!

What is your favourite distance to run? 
What’s the next BIG race you have on your calendar? 
Have you ever run a race ‘naked’?



More to life

The fact that I love plans and structure is no secret. But  also believe in truly enjoying yourself every now and then. Sometimes you need to just chill out, and do something indulgent.

I am an insanely intelligent human being, so after deciding that I would race in the Sydney Marathon Clinic 10km today, I organised to have friends over for a few drinks and dinner.

All in

All in

Several vodkas, some champagne, a bag of m&ms, corn chips, half a block of chocolate and several drinking games later, I snuck away to bed, set my alarm for 5:45, and left the rest to party on.

This morning’s race was a flop time-wise.

Now that I’ve prepared for a race in the worst possible way, here are my tips for how NOT to prepare for your next race. Don’t:

  • Consume your body weight in fatty food the night before
  • Take up Mr The Rake’s offer of home-made cocktails
  • Substitute vodka for potato (wait..)
  • Continue drinking
  • Try a new “metabolism revving” circuit work out the day before

The best bit was when I jumped out of my car to pick up Va, and a guy in his car stopped on a main road and asked me if I’d ‘like a lift’. Nup.

Va and I - still smiling post-race and pre-breakfast.

Va and I – still smiling post-race and pre-breakfast. Superwoman was there too!

Was it worth it?

Hell yes. You can totally have your cake chips chocolate vodka and eat it too.


Your Turn!

Have you ever raced when you’ve known you won’t be running well? 
Hungover running experience?
How disciplined are you when it comes to your training (no matter what your goal is!)?


Well that could have been worse

Thanks so much for all your love after yesterday’s disastrous afternoon! I am as mad as a cut snake (gosh I love that expression), but whatever. It’ll be funny later.

Today, I raced. But not very well!

Early morning

An oldie – forgot my dodgy photography this morning. But this is how I must have looked!

I’ve been working on the whole 10km thing for awhile now. This year’s goal was is to get as close to a 45 minute 10km time as I can. I don’t expect to get there straight away, but with a PB of 50:20 mid last year, I was hopeful of some improvement. Especially with the brutal interval training I’ve been doing.

We runners are always trying to improve, and we expect that process to be linear, but this morning was a nice reality check for me.

Between a non-functioning Garmin, shorts in the wash, a last minute race sign-up, Friday’s 5km, yesterday’s shenanigans, and generally feeling blah over the past few weeks, I probably should have twigged that I wasn’t in top shape.

Though the knee pain, shin splints, soggy shoes and sluggish warm-up might have been a give-away.

It got stuck on 11:54pm, 16 Feb. Fail.

Today it got stuck on 11:54pm, 16 Feb. Fail.

With no watch, plan B was to find a pace that felt right, and find someone to chase. He shall now be known as visor guy. 

Visor guy beat me in the end. I had nothing left to give, and over the last 2km, he pulled away. I found him later – he ran 51:30.

These legs were not happy today. I guess that’s a sign.

I don’t know what the sign means.

Anyone else?


PS – I am getting up super early tomorrow to train. Does that ever get you guys down? Lea (Running for Dummies) wrote an awesome post on learning to train early. I’m all about it. Go check it out!


Today’s Moment

Mr The Rake and I went to see Life of Pi in 3D. Trippy.


Your Turn!

When was your last ‘bad’ race?

What do you do when your running feels sluggish?

Do you get up early to train?


I love you, and your blog.


I have eaten a kilo of yogurt today. That can’t be good. I can’t think of a reason why it’s bad, but a kilo of anything sounds awful!


The Run

But. But. But. I did this!

This is a huge deal for me. Except for the Colour Run last week, I don’t think I’ve ever just run a 5km. Which is why I signed up for the virtual 5km as part of Kyle’s Crusade with Lisa at Run Wiki. Because the Colour Run was un-timed, I hauled myself into the gym and jumped on the treadie for today’s session.

I wasn’t feeling it, but I felt I couldn’t quit when there were only 5km to run. And now I’ve run 5km in 24:20! This month’s #goalgetter2013 goal was to run a 5km in 24 mins. So I’m pretty close.

I totally get bonus points because I was hung-over. Mr The Rake got a bottle of Bollinger for Valentines Day. So a) he’s a sweetie, and b) as if I couldn’t not drink half a bottle.


A blog love-in

I’ve been blog stalking today, and I wanted to share some of my favourite posts tis week:

Amalia: Live, Travel, Eat and Run – Valentines Opposites This is awesome because I can’t help but see the similarities in our relationships. And she has a stack of cute ideas for showing someone you care!


Cait, our Arty Runner Chick, may have found a unicorn that shits gold, but she’s not impressed. Check out this runner strip.


Laura at Mommy Run Fast has 10 things she loves about running. I love anyone who can discuss the reasons they love running. This is a great check-in if you’re feeling a bit sluggish.


This is kind of cute, and might give Mr The Rake a smile because I’m finally coming around to the idea of having a ‘woof-dog’. Debbie, from Live at La Quinta, talks about running with her dogs, and what we can all take from it.


In Other News

I realise I’m a little behind on my own schedule. Fit Nuts will be back up and running next Thursday, and stay tuned for a give-away on Monday!

Oh yeah, I signed up for a race. I haven’t raced a 10km in ages. Sunday morning won’t be a PR race, but it’s time to get back on the horse!



Your Turn!

When is your next race?
Did you celebrate Valentines Day?
Do you have a food that’s not necessarily bad for you, but that you just can’t stop eating?


The Colour Run

Yeah, I’ll just spell it my own way.

So I don’t see much point in recapping this race in excruciating detail. I left it un-timed (my watch would get dusty!), the racing thing didn’t really happen, I finished very early, it was very hot, I got burnt, it was fun, there was much colour.

I’ve had a few people ask why on earth I would run an un-timed race and get covered in paint.

The answer:

After I finished

After I finished


Colour Throw

Colour Throw


After the colour throw!

After the colour throw!


And for good measure:

A short video



Fun? Hell yes! 

10/10 would run again.



Your Turn!

What is your favourite colour?
Have you run an un-timed race?
Would you ever do the colour run (or do it again?)