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2 Sleeps and Peanut Butter Gu


Check out that little clock on the sidebar – hell yeah.

You know how you’re all tired of reading about the marathon?

I solved the problem!




Melbourne Day!

Carb-a-licious airport breakfast – 6am


1pm – expo

1:20 Buying Gus – YES I found PB!


For some bizarre reason, this was one of the showbag goodies

Of course I drank it

I headed off to Mum’s work, where one of her colleagues gave me cake. Who am I to say no to cake? Ever.

Selfie at work with Mum

Hydration hydration hydration

Checking out some of the goodie bag goods

9pm – collecting Mr The Rake

Today’s Moment

Peanut butter Gu!


Your Turn!

Where was the last place you flew?
Do you go to race expos?
What’s on for your weekend?

Some Assembly Required


First of all, thanks so, so much to Liz, Mic and Jen for their donations today! At the moment, we’ve raised $1820 for the Butterfly Foundation, and in 50 minutes, it will be exactly one month until the marathon!


Running through life

For once, the running through life tag makes sense in a non-physical way. Most of you know that I am simultaneously trying to write a thesis and set up a new business, and between the Canberra/Sydney commute, my things are all over the place.

So today, I decided to get over my mini-meltdown (see yesterday’s v-log!) and do something super productive.

Like buy a desk.

Desk face!

Have I mentioned our apartment is tiny?

troll face

Troll face – desk don’t be fitting in the house. Little did you know what was in store, Rake.

Mr The Rake and I went to trivia, where he won a bottle of wine.

Then we headed home at 10pm to try and assemble the beast.

At 11pm we called it quits.

Half of the draw that goes underneath the desk…

We got to step 3 of a 26 step instruction manual.


Mr The Rake has cracked it and gone to bed. I don’t blame him. The washing machine has been unplugged so that he can charge the power drill for tomorrow night’s sequel.


Something foodie

I’ve been experimenting with breakfast lately, and I wanted to share my latest discovery.

Thinking about breakfast is way more exciting than desk assembly.

First – this recipe is a bastardisation of something that Powercakes and Candy Fit have going on – so definitely go and check out their recipes and variations if this is something that floats your boat!

I have been an oats and yogurt girl for a long time when it comes to breakfast. It was time to change it up.

After experimenting with the ‘powercake’ and enjoying a few (tasty) failed attempts:

I finally have one that works!



1. 2 handfuls of rolled oats (no need to be precise!)

2. 1 whole egg, and 2 egg whites

3. Half scoop protein powder (optional)

4. 1 medium, ripe banana

5. Some apple sauce OR agave OR sugar (whatever sweetener works for you)

Smush the lot together in a container, and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

Before cooking, add a little water and stir it through to soften the mixture. Pour into a non-stick (or oiled) fry-pan on medium heat, and let her cook.

Finally got the hang of it!

I eat mine with peanut butter and yogurt :-)

I love mine to be really thick and cakey, but I know that Candy Fit, for example, likes making little ones.

If you try it – you have to let me know what variations you come up with! For me, the banana is essential (yeah I know – back to bananas).


Today’s Moment

Phaedra from Blisters and Black Toenails tagged me for a few blog questions. I’m really touched – and I’ll post them tomorrow.


Your Turn!

Ever had an Ikea nightmare?
Are you up for healthy pancakes?
Ever won a prize at trivia?

The Canberra 10km + Slinging Fish


Race day

Poppet, Bunny and I ran the Canberra Times 10km yesterday, along with Rach and Ben, and Law Man.

The best thing about Canberra is that for any big event, you’re guaranteed to bump into people you know.

I was extra excited, and had my clothes ready the night before.

I got chicking!

(If you love that shirt – and a lady at the race went to buy one after seeing mine! Head to Cait’s site to check them out or place an order)

Everything was going perfectly, until I started running! Lead legs, anyone? I knew that Friday’s long session was going to haunt me, but I was in denial!

I have no complaints though – I pushed hard, and it was a great track – big open roads had been closed off, and there was plenty of room to push past all those frustratingly slow people who congregate at the front (if that’s you, I am judging you – more so if you have a dog, and a stupid orange t-shirt, and are walking. I hate you).

Never without my headband

The tiny hill we hit just before the finish line nearly killed me, and when an older man cut ahead of me to high five some children in the crowd, I not so quietly swore.

What a sweet old man – if that was you, I am forever sorry for telling you to f-ing move. At that point, I was no longer responsible for anything my body or brain was doing.

In the end, my time was 50:29. I’ll take that!

It’s a little better than my last race time, and this course was much more difficult.

Poppet and Bunny are my house-mates, so we headed home to collapse as soon as we could.

Bunny … after an afternoon nap!

Poppet had no need for sleep!


Something fishy

Did you notice the fish behind Bunny? I spent the afternoon watching them flirt with each other (the fish, not Bunny with the fish). Bunny loves fish, and he finally bought a tank. Apparently these fish mate really easily, so we’re hoping for some mini(er?) fish ASAP.


To market

Lucy, who is a legend, came to take me out for the afternoon, for some much needed non-work/non-running/non-crazy time.

She also buttered me up with some home-made peanut butter chocolate granola.

See Lucy, I told you I’d photograph it.


After lunch, we hit the Bus Depot markets. You know those things in your home town that all the tourists like but you’ve never bothered to do?

The Bus Depot Markets are exactly like that. I loved them!

Bus Depot Markets

We spent the afternoon sampling every goody we could get our hands on.


Something new

I’m definitely able to fit a lot more food in as my mileage creeps up. And on the topic of mileage, I’m working really hard to make sure my body is strong enough to support me as I run.

I told you last week that I had bought a pack of personal training sessions at the gym.

Dave totally surprised me. I was expecting a few basic moves to mix up my weights routine. What I got was a great lesson is myofascial slings.


That’s what I said. Especially when he told me that I had to take my shoes off and rub my feet.

I won’t go into too much brutal detail – mostly because I don’t assume I’m an expert after my 20 minute run down!

The idea is that they run across the body. As a runner, I was advised to work on my anterior (front) and posterior (back) slings, using the cable machine to lunge and twist.


From what I could gather (and please, if you know better, do comment and tell us more!), this has become popular with elite athletes, and is a great way to strengthen and activate your body in a more holistic way. As you do when you run.

An added bonus – people give you the ‘look’ when they see you pulling cables archer style.


Today’s Moment

My boss gave me lunch and spent the afternoon teaching me a whole lot of invaluable skills – just because he wanted to help me improve my business skills.

I love how an act of kindness like that can make someone’s day!


Your Turn!

What new fitness related tips or tricks have you learnt lately?
How did you spend the weekend?
Has someone done something kind for you recently?


Why Peanut Butter is for Winners

Macro PB

I’m somewhat new to the peanut butter band wagon. I’ve always eaten it, but I used to see it as something to be taken sparingly. The problem is, nut butter contains FAT, which always made me think it would make ME fat.

Now I know better. Which is great, because peanut butter is delicious.

Here are a few reasons why nut butter is the bomb (but with the condition that it’s natural peanut butter, instead of the oil, sugar and salt filled varieties on most supermarket shelves*).

  1. It tastes delicious
  2. It is high in protein (apparently 8g of protein in 2 tablespoons – that’s equivalent to half a cup of lentils, a smallish piece of chicken or a glass of milk)
  3. It’s filling
  4. It’s actually good to have some fat in your diet, and you may as well get it from a natural source (e.g. Eat Fat to Burn Fat is a mantra in body building and other sports)
  5. It’s fantastic as a combo, both in terms of taste, but also to  keep you fuller. Peanut butter + bread, peanut butter + apple, peanut butter + yogurt, and peanut butter + carrots are a few of my favourites
PB with yogurt, oats, egg and pear. A little can go a long way!

My only word of caution is that if you’re like me, and you exercise heaps, and don’t have the world’s strongest stomach, it’s a good idea not to eat it before running/jumping/moving around a lot. I’m sure you can figure out the why for yourself!

I’m most definitely not the first to share my love of peanut butter. Peanut Butter Powered is all about it, as are PB Fingers and the Sweet Tooth Runner.

*If you want to know a bit more about clean eating, I suggest you check out  Clean Eating Chelsea, Powercakes or the Gracious Pantry … I’m into it, but I would never call myself an expert on the topic :-)

Your Turn!

  • How do you have your peanut butter?
  • Are you for or against nut butter in your diet?