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Run with Kate goes EPIC

Oh hey!

I’ve really missed you all as I’ve taken my narcissistic self off-line for a couple of weeks to, ironically, spend more time on the site.


Quick recap -

Here I am being trained by an Anytime Fitness Trainer in a Lorna Jane window. Best work EVER.

Here I am being trained by an Anytime Fitness Trainer in a Lorna Jane window. Best work EVER.


On the running front, Senor Swiss Ball is still keeping me at the base level – so it’s strength work rather than running at the moment. When I get over my crazy, I intend to tell you all about this whole training process. The aim is to be running much faster half marathons towards the end of the year, and … hit a marathon next year.


Exciting Stuff!

Run with Kate is going EPIC. The blog is going to form one part of a much larger site.

You’ll all get a heads up on the big reveal – pinkie swear. Right now, I’m just driving Mr The Rake nuts with my enthusiasm for logos, site design and emailing.

Speaking of which, if you hurry over to the Facebook page, you’ll get a sneak peak of the new logo options!

The intention of the new site is to help female runners find all the goods in one place. Get hold of niche products, find local professionals specialising in your sport, and find out who else is running in upcoming races. We’re starting with Australia and mving out from there.

Imagine if this awesome running community could connect in totally different ways. For Australian readers, that means getting connected with doctors, chiros, physios who run, meeting up with people who want a race partner, and finding out who’s going to be around at the next event.

Shout out new products or services you’ve discovered, and help the running community to grow and expand on-line and off.

To help create the site, it would be awesome if you could take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey below. It’s a few questions about what you’d like to see.

Click here to take survey


Thanks so, so much!

Why I’m Not Running

I wish I had an awesome excuse for being MIA, but sadly, no alien abduction, secret society, record contract or cult activity here.

The boring reality is that I’ve been doing too many things. Turns out that the whole ‘I’ll go run a business’ thing is, well, kind of exactly what I expected in the hard department. But so, so rewarding. The kids I work with make me smile all the time, and now that we’ve been seeing them for a few months, their marks are improving, and they’re happier individuals. And it’s the best.

steve clown

Mushy enough for you?


Mr The Rake – it’s been really tough, and I know you’re the one who’s copped most of it, but thank you. So much! No way could this Runner Chick have just started a business without your love and support.


So you’re saying you need me now?

Oh, hang on. This is a running blog.

Well, guess what?

I’m not running. 


Say what?


But only for a week! Senor Swiss Ball has decided that I need to start at the beginning. So it’s a week of walking and slow weights work and getting my spine to stay in a straight line.

There’s method to the madness. If I can help my body to get stronger and more efficient, I will run faster. In the mean-time, I am an anxious lump of runner crazy. I had to sit Senor Swiss Ball down and request a list of rules and permitted activities, as well as a timeline for when I could run again.

Have any of you ever ‘started again’? It feels so counter-intuitive, but I suspect it will be hugely important over the coming months.


Today’s Moment

One of our year 12 girls got 2nd in the class on her latest assignment!


Your Turn!

What are you excited about at the moment? 
Have you ever re-started your running?
Have you ever been abducted by aliens? 

Random aside – I once met a guy who cheerfully told me he’d been part of a cult, and it wasn’t too bad.

The Dream Team

You know my rainbow week? It started with a head cold and a bunch of business problems. Sweet.

On the sunny side, this week has less puking than last week. It also has a French manicure!



This has nothing to do with running, but was clearly important enough to be on the blog.

Between last week and this, running has felt like a black hole. 

Actually, that would mean there had to be running to get sucked away in the first place.

Point is. Running = not much.

BUT I have made a conscious effort to get off my butt and get moving, even on crappy days. And over the last few days, it hit me that I finally have the ‘dream team’ I’ve wanted forever. 

You know those elite sports people who have a coach, an on-call physio, a nutritionist, a masseuse, a sports physician, and probably someone to cut up their meat before they chew it?

I’m totally one of those people now. My ragtag team consists of a nutritionist, chiro and now a personal trainer. I’m feeling pretty special!

Let me introduce…my dream team


Mr Magic Man

The chiro I love for beating the crap out of my legs once a fortnight. Other hobbies include sticking needles in me, and insulting me for fun.

Without him, my legs would fall off. Or worse, I would be taking time off running injured.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.

These are all the bits that got injured last year.


Ms Meals

This woman is my new hero. Last time we talked about her, she’d given me bigger breakfasts, told me to eat carbs, and had a scale with a separate number screen.

Yesterday, she gave me MORE food. She is also a former triathlete, and is all over my stomach woes and fuelling options. You know you’re onto a good one when her eyes light up talking about gu chomps and hand-helds.

Nutritionist Approved

Nutritionist Approved

Random aside – after being told to go home and have three serves of carbs for lunch yesterday, I arrived home to find nothing but white bread and pumpkin. My list of suitable carbs tells me that one serve =  2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin.

Dude. Not even I like pumpkin enough for 6 cups. And I LOVE pumpkin.


Senor Swiss Ball

Senor Swiss Ball has been a mate of mine at the gym for awhile. So I was pretty excited when he decided to use me as a guinea pig for some of his advanced training techniques. On the cards for the next few weeks is a focus on postural alignment. Apparently if your body isn’t all curved over and shit, you have a lower injury risk. And breathe better. We all like breathing. 


Of course I had to bust out some of my 2XU goodies too, which definitely helped me get to the gym.

I hated the visor photo, so I tried again. But then I posted both, so I guess that kind of misses the point.




Also – Mum, I still don’t clean my room. Or anything else.

Ain’t no-one got time for that.


Today’s Moment

Tutoring opened on Wednesday night for the first time today. We’re growing!


Your Turn!

Who would you have in your ‘dream team’?
What help do you wish you had but don’t?
What was your ‘moment’ today?


Well, crap


Today, I’m taking a leaf out of Candy Fit’s book, and stopping to take stock of the bigger picture.


Remember this one? My 42 reminds me that sometimes, you get the answer before the question, so take a chill pill and enjoy.

You see, last week was fucking awful not as pleasant as it could have been. After such a high on Sunday, I spent the next few days in a fog. I felt sick and headachey, and it just dragged on. I did mention it to Mr Magic Man, the chiro, when I saw him on Wednesday. After a little sarcastic ‘and where was my text to tell me about this?’, he got stuck into my shoulders and – voila – pain and sickness gone!

So I was overjoyed and went out to a very fancy dinner (happy graduation to Mr The Rake’s sister!) in the world’s best mood.

Flash forward 8 hours, and I was slumped over a bucket.




In the interests of irrational finger pointing, I’ll blame the chiro. Mostly because he’ll fight back. (And clearly everyone throws up after acupuncture and a knee adjustment).

The week was a bit of a write off.


This was meant to be a shiny happy post. My bad.

The point is, even though it was crap, I really don’t mind. For one thing, now that the week has been a steaming pile of poo, I fully expect the next few weeks to be full of rainbows (I’m sure there’s something eloquent to be said about the lows making the highs, but I’ll leave that to the experts).

More than that, awesome things happened. We got to celebrate Jen’s graduation in style, my body had some down time to recover after Sunday, and yesterday I hit the hills.

In fact, I felt so good I pulled a double and managed a one hour elliptical session later that afternoon. DOMS. That is all.

running the hills

…and then….

I arrived home today to find a package addressed to me.

2XU, just for funsies, delivered a completely unexpected parcel -

With new compression tights, a bag, Oakley Radars and a whole stack of other goodies, I feel like a small child diving into a ball pit.

The moral of the story is have a bad week, and be rewarded with free stuff.

That’s how life works. Right?


Finally -

A huge good luck to Abby at Back at Square 0, who is running her second marathon today. She’s had a really rough time during her training, and got really sick a couple of days ago. She’s still running!


Today’s Moment

Duh – free stuff!


Your Turn!

When did you last have a really crappy day/s?
Did things improve? How?
Are you into hill running?

Meeting the Chicks


Stupid Body

You know what I did instead of blogging yesterday? I slept. It was awesome.

My workouts have been really hard this week. On Sunday, my long run turned into 4km of running, and 5km of walking. It was a bizarre feeling I couldn’t push through – I wasn’t tired, but I has no energy. My legs had nothing to power them on. I was shaky and dizzy, and no matter how hard I tried, running wasn’t happening. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite that way before.



And then I tried hitting the weights and elliptical yesterday morning. It was painfully slow. I even had to drop the weights.

In sum, I can’t figure this body out, but I think a combination of sleep and food might help.

Have any of you ever had that happen? When it happens to you, what is your body trying to tell you?



Blog Chicks

Are awesome. This is far more interesting than me being pathetic, runner chick.

On Sunday afternoon, I got the chance to meet up with other Australian women who blog. We had a meet-up in Sydney, and I got to meet some lovely women.

Finally,  got to meet Robyn, from Every Bit Count – turns out she’s even more stunning in real life than in her photos. And really, really lovely! And nope, not hard of hearing – it was a noisy table ;-)

Robyn, Eva and I

Robyn, Eva and I


Eva has a beautiful blog about making your house a home – if you’re into beautiful interior decorating, this is for you.

I got the chance to meet Denyse, who was on the Human Brochure trip last year (though in a different stream). She blogs about education, which I loved talking about – it is my job!

A huge thanks to the Blog Chicks who put this together – I hope there are more!



Mental Monday

In the US, it’s still Monday. Still counts!


Time for a Mental Monday moment -

Mental Monday

Monday’s Negative: Whoa last night’s tutoring session got a little out of hand. 2 little boys got out of control. For a split second, I thought their parents might never bring them back.

Positive: They all left smiling. Even the parents. Even when things get totally out of hand, you can find a moment of calm and clarity. In my case, I split them up under the guise of extra assessment.



Today’s Moment

Nup, I’m making this Sunday’s moment (I missed that too). Superwoman and her cyclist husband took me to dinner. I am so lucky!



Your Turn!

When does your body tell you to stop?
Have you ever met blogger friends in real life?
What’s your mental Monday moment?