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Vent it!

Well, it turns out you’re all a bunch of runner addicts.

While there was a bit of humming about how cross training is great for you, the general consensus was that

Get in the way of my run and I will hit you with this stick I found keep next to my bed along with my machine gun, baseball bat and prosthet…

So yeah. We like our run. And Mr The Rake knows just how grouchy I get when I have a rest day.


Sadly, running doesn’t always get rid of frustration. So instead, I took it out on the guy who called me from Canada to sell his ‘somewhat different’ and very expensive unlimited google ad clicks after finding that my tutoring company was sadly ranking on the third page in google for the keywords ‘teenage counselling’.

After 40 minutes, I still had no idea what they were selling, and they couldn’t understand why I didn’t want teenage counselling to rank higher on google.

I also explained that their business model wasn’t particularly kind or nurturing, and that they needed to spend more time listening to the values of their customers. Or cold callees. At the end of the call, both the manager and I had thoroughly vented ourselves clean.

And someone had to pay for him to spend time on that call. Winning.

In sum, on a stressful day, you need a 10km run AND a telemarketer to provide cheap counselling.

What’s something you want to get off your chest? 

Personally, I can’t stand it when people say ‘ok’ after every 6 words. Especially when they’re explaining something you really didn’t want explained.

I also can’t handle the men who stand at traffic lights and try to wipe your windscreen. They give me great anxiety.

Also hats in the back windows of cars.

And pot plants. If it can’t survive on its own, it doesn’t deserve to live.



Today’s Moment

Violet Crumble Chocolate.



Your Turn!

Do you run for stress relief?
What’s your favourite way to deal with frustration?
Did you run today?


Looking Back

This post is all mushy and grateful and important to me – and I totally understand if you have to go and do something more interesting.

I’ll give you some fun first though:

1. Mr The Rake just put his hand out to show affection and I managed to punch myself in the face. Fail.

2. I did my #wickedwallies for the Girls Gone Sporty challenge and this was the photo:


I’m too sexy for my skirt…so sexy it huuuurts. (I’ve told you I don’t wear pants right?)


3. We got some photos back from Prom!

I’m too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat….


Best face evah


In fact, if you like, here are a few blog friends that have made me really, really happy over the last few days:

These fabulous ladies have been an incredible support and I adore them. When you have time, check them out.

Ok, so you know I’m writing mega epic thesis at the moment, but I stop at night time (when I can!) and take some time out. Blog post time is possibly my favourite time of the day. And it’s a BIG week, so I’m feeling particularly reflective.


Getting to Sunday

6 sleeps!

Over the last year, so much has happened. I decided to run this marathon back in October 2011. It’s been a year of preparation and crazy, and for the first time in a long time I found my mind wandering back today.

Kate before Fartlek training

I am so incredibly grateful for all the things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the big changes that this has meant for my life.



Start with the basics, right?

The training itself has been a huge learning curve. I had to learn to run. From 5km at a time, I somehow built my way to 18km. And then discovered that that pain in my shins actually mattered…

And so began all the injuries

These are all the bits that got injured over the last 12 months


And that’s when I met my doctor, physio, podiatrist and the magic man, my chiropractor.

Between them, these are the bits of my anatomy I had to strenghten:

All the muscles I got to work on

And there was a healthy dose of hypochondria in here as well.



Icing my Shin


In fact, looking back, I can see a bit of stubborn in there too. When I had to stop running, I didn’t do the sensible thing and go back to the couch.

Instead, I took up water running, changed my interval training (when I could use my legs again!) and found out that when someone is on your side and wants to help you meet your goal, that’s the person who should be treating you.

I did half of my long runs on the elliptical when I couldn’t run more than 5km without pain, and somehow, I got enough fitness to run the beast.

I even got in a couple of races on the way…

Kate at the end of race

Sydney Harbour 10km and my first finisher’s medal


I have met the most incredible people through the blog – people I didn’t know this time last year.

On Saturday, I am catching up with some people I’ve never met before who are also running the marathon. One in particular has been a real source of support and encouragement.

The bloggers and tweeps who egg me on are incredible. They know who they are, and I love them.

My family have been amazing, and Mr The Rake is always there to pick up the pieces. Including over the last week when marathon-honours-business-law comp-travelling all got a bit too much (thanks love!).


These people have helped me to hit my target for the Butterfly Foundation! As of today, we’re at $2,095. The Butterfly Foundation assists those with eating disorders – plenty of information here. 



On that note, I have learned an awful lot about my body, and how to better respect it.

Carbs are no longer the devil.

Once upon a time, my dinner was a chicken salad, and lunch was the same, just smaller.

Today, I was shocked to realise that I’ve become totally ok with eating Subway (shock horror take away) in BREAD. On the same day as I ate a burrito, with CHEESE.

AND I followed it up with ricotta cheesecake. Even though it’s a taper week!

I have become more comfortable with my body, and I focus more on what it can do, rather than how it looks. I had no idea these legs could take me 32km. 

Showering in my clothes

All I wanted was a diet coke and a shower. Only one option was available.


It’s been amazing. I can’t quite believe how much has changed, and how much I’ve learned.

Blisters, early nights, marathon tantrums, injuries, icy early morning runs and money spent on rehab are all worth it. Regardless of Sunday’s result.

Thanks everyone!


Your Turn!

What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago?
What are you feeling good about today? (Go check out Mental Monday too, of course!)


Guest Post: You GOTTA CHECK YOURSELF!!! Are you really giving it 100%?

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! Welcome to a special post by Astrid at BetterBelieveFit. She’s taking over today to share her story and provide some good old fitspiration to get you through the week. Once you’ve read Astrid’s post, head over to my post on Astrid’s blog: Our Inner Cheerleader.

Thanks to Katie for organising this Sweat Pink blog swap!


You GOTTA CHECK YOURSELF!!! Are you really giving it 100%?


Hi! I am Astrid with BetterBelieveFit.com. I am super stoked to be pairing up with Kate for a blog swap! How awesome to share your thoughts with a whole new audience! Kate is my Sweat Pink sister with Fit Approach, she is totally inspiring with her running stories and tales of how to stay motivated!

I, like Kate, have to push myself along so often to get the results I need and want. Before I really started to question my health, a walk on the treadmill and a couple of curls with the “baby” weights at the gym and I was done. I left the gym patting myself on the back, telling friends “OH YEAH! I really work out” . So when all the talk was not showing any results it dawned on me….AM I REALLY GIVING IT 100%??? The answer to that was “HECK NO!!!”. BUMMER! So I have to actually push beyond my comfort level, break a sweat, occasionally grunt, and be so sore the next day??? YEP! Afraid so friends!

Here is the difference it made when I got real about my efforts in the gym and in the kitchen.

I am in no way downing you if all you are able to manage is the walk on the treadmill, no! Just the opposite. I COMMEND YOU!

I am proud of you for getting on the treadmill and giving it your best.

But for me, and I strongly believe many others out there…WE NEED TO CHECK OURSELVES! And by that I mean next time you are in the gym, on a run ,taking a class, or whatever you do to get your fitness on…really give it 110% . Run longer, lift heavier, do more reps. i am almost positive you will be amazed at how much more you can really do.

So often we can fall into that comfortable routine…warm up, couple of reps, good job self and pack it up. That can lead to a whole lot of frustration, no results, weight loss hits a wall, boredom, no more feeling proud and happy about your work outs.

Can you be honest with yourself? YES

Can you do more? ABSOLUTELY

Should you? HECK YEAHH!!!!

When should you start? Now is a GREAT time!

Is it going to be worth it?  MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE : )

Here is a pic of me, getting out of the comfort zone! Getting dirty and pushing more weight than I ever thought I could! OH, and that is my very own tractor tire ;-D

It is so satisfying at the end of a work out to be covered in sweat and truly DONE in all sense of the word. At the end of the day to feel happy about the food you fueled your body with, that it was good and good for you.

I guess that is kinda how I came up with my mantra “EAT CLEAN, WORK HARD, LOVE YOURSELF”

So let me ask you this…next time you work out, are you going to give 110% ?


Murphy’s Law for Runners

Kate Running 10km in Cairns



I fully intend to give you a terribly boring blow-by-blow of my current running woes, the chiro, my friend the elliptical and a new-found appreciation of hills.

But first, a break from it! We’ve had enough for now.

Instead, I’m going to go with my attention span and mood tonight, and bring you a very short post.


Murphy’s Law: Running

I found this image today:

Murphy's Law for Runners

I’m fairly certain we can ALL relate! From http://runningthroughredlights.com/tag/training-run/.

It cracked me up. And it’s so very apt. It goes in the vault with all of the things I wish I’d known about running before I started.

I definitely know about the injury one. And the toilet desperation (let’s be really honest – it’s happened to you too, right?). It’s also when I walk that the Italian bogans start honking and winding down their windows. …Maybe that’s a good incentive to just keep running!


In Other News

On 14th August, Sweat Pink Ambassadors are having a blog swap. I will be swapping with Astrid from Better Believe Fit, who will be visiting Run with Kate to write about her journey and hard work in getting from couch potato to world’s best abs (seriously, just wait until you see her photo!).


Today’s Moment

Well, last night’s, actually. I took a break and headed out with Mr The Rake, his sister and her boyfriend. We watched Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

I’m unsure if it’s worth 0 stars, or 10 stars. It’s definitely one or the other!


Your Turn

Do any of these laws stand out for you?
What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a run?
Which one of these have you faced most recently?


Our Supporters


We all have supporters. Sure, we all motivate ourselves to do whatever it is we do: running, triathlons, writing, lawyering… you get the picture. But if you stop and really think about it, you also have a big support network to get you through, right?


That time you realised that your goal was bigger than you thought it was


And you flipped out and they were there to pick up the pieces.


I seem to have the yips…

When I was in year 12, this was my mum. I wanted a certain score, I wanted to get into a certain uni, and studying for my final exams, I would just break inside. There was no way I could get from here to law school.

Mum was the one who let me cry, made sure I had pain killers and support when I had stomach problems, and reminded me that I was fine.

Who’s that person who reminds you that it’s only week 8 of your training plan? That you will be able to run 40km? That you will be able to run the whole 5k? That walking is totally ok?


That time it was all too much and you just sat down and gave up


And then that person was there, giving you a hug, or reminding you why you started. Maybe they just sat with you for awhile, or maybe they talked it out with you over days, or in some cases, weeks.

A couple of years ago, I stopped. Everything. I didn’t study, I didn’t go out. I just stopped. Man did I need my supporters then. Mr The Rake was responsible for kicking me out of bed in the morning to make sure I at least got up. Friends I didn’t realise were such good friends convinced me to go out with them.

Paula Radcliffe Athens

Who’s been there when you’ve been unable to continue. When you got to mile 15 and went ‘nope, that’s it’?


That time someone told you you couldn’t do it, and you believed them


Maybe it was a doctor, a nasty commenter or a well-meaning friend. They are doubtful that you will be able to meet your goal. And something in you wants to agree with them.

Who’s the supporter who reminds you that they’re wrong, that they don’t know you, that it’s ok to get a second opinion?

Last week I got an email from Dad:

Don’t worry about the running, just keep the fitness up. I know it can be frustrating

Sometimes, that external validation makes all the difference.


That time you got psyched out


Last night, a friend told me he was running doubles, just for fitness. I can’t run on consecutive days, let alone twice in one day!


[Ah Baseketball - the psyche out]


Who’s the person who reminded you that you have different goals. That you weren’t actually out to win anything? That you need to go at your own pace?

So here’s to our supporters!

Thanks guys. 

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