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Holiday a Day


You know what happened to yesterday’s post? I fell asleep. Pathetic.


As I explained to Mr The Rake, the weekend spent watching Grey’s Anatomy was a roller coaster ride of emotion. Over 2 seasons, those doctors are up, and up, and down, and up, and dead, and up, and plane crashed, and car crashed, and down, and up, and legless, and up, and happy, and partying, and sleeping with each other, and in a shooting, and at another funeral, and sleeping together again, and divorcing, and up, and up, and down again.

It’s too much. Too much emotion in two days.

With all of that emotional turmoil, it’s no wonder I fell asleep.


Mental Monday

This means I’m a day late for Mental Monday. So let’s just go back in time for a sec, ok?

Mental Monday

Here’s how Mental Monday works – you can link up (it takes a tiny fraction of blog space), or you can put your answers below. You take a negative thought, and you think of something positive instead – it doesn’t have to be related. It can be about anything, and it just encourages people (like crazy me) to think about something good, even at the start of a busy week.

My negative: I am terrified about getting results back for uni. It doesn’t matter what I get, but I hate getting results. I don’t even know when they come out. I don’t want to know.

My positive: Today, I got back into some speed work. I hit the treadmill. Hard.


Christmas Cheer

I went through a period of hating Christmas. But now I love it. And this year is the first year Mr The Rake and I have been together that we will get to wake up in our own house on Christmas morning. Even better is that I now go to a gym that is open on Christmas day AND I am now a runner – which can be done outdoors. Any day of the year (yeah, I know you’re reading this Rake. I’m not apologising).


It’s time for another challenge. 

Dear social media lovers, get ready for #holidayaday. Some of my favourite blog and twitter friends and I have created a December Instagram challenge.

Here’s how it works – take a photo on each day in December that fits the day’s theme. Tag it with #holidayaday and the theme (e.g. #drink) and you’re in! Simple, fun, and you get to meet a whole new group of IG friends.

Here’s the group – go and add us!

Abby from Back at Square Zero (IG: backatsquare0)

Rebecca from Rebecca Roams (IG: RebeccaRoams)

Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints (IG: katsnf)

Mindy from Mindy’s Fitness Journey (IG: mindyartze)

Kate from Run With Kate (IG: runwithkate)

Sarah from Mom Running On Empty (IG: momonempty)

Mindy at Road Runner Girl (IG: roadrunnergirl)

Gina at Noshing on Asphalt Instagram / Twitter: AsphaltNosher

It’s on – from 1st December, be ready to tag your photos.


Today’s Moment

I ran a double! Running is on the up. I hit up some intervals this morning, and then went for another run after work. Don’t worry – I’m taking a day off running tomorrow.


Your Turn!

Admit it – are you a Grey’s fan?
Do you ever run doubles?
What’s your Mental Monday Moment?



Be the Chameleon

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last few months, it’s that humans are incredibly adaptable. Our minds and bodies can do amazing things, and it’s absolutely worth just going along for the ride.

On the human brochure bus – ready to ride!


Running is a wonderful teacher in that way. Bodies change, adapt, and bounce back. Two and a half weeks post-marathon, I am back into speed sessions – the kind that leave me on the railings, trying not to throw up (oh to be a runner – that fine line between ‘push on’ and ‘find a bathroom, stat!’).


Kate Running 10km in Cairns


My time in Florida taught me that we can conquer fear and anxiety, and stand up tall, face our competitors, and come out smiling (this was a law trial competition – I know you were confused there!). It also taught me that even after eating weeks of terrible food, working through the night and battling jet lag, bodies can deal with short-term stress, and within weeks my jeans fit again, and I was able to get through my exams.


Kate in Florida

A very jet-lagged Kate in a very sunny garden at Stetson Law School, Florida


Finally, I have now.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m working stupid hours getting this thesis ready for Monday’s submission. It feels like the last 10km of a marathon – painful, fuzzy and slow.

From time to time, it’s ok to chill.

To chill about what you’re eating.


To have some fun.

To study with friends.

Late Night Study

Lil and the Law Man

To work until 2am.

To take an unplanned rest day!

Be the chameleon – what have you got to lose?


Today’s Moment:

When we ordered a pizza tonight, I asked them to draw love hearts on the box, because I needed a smile, and maybe they’d like one too.


Inside the pizza box



Your Turn!

How do you ‘be the chameleon’?
When is it time to chill, and allow some things to slip to the back burner?
What has running taught you about life?


*To my lovely blogging friends – I am so sorry I haven’t been able to do as much reading and commenting lately. I’m trying to make sure I get everyone every few days. I haven’t forgotten you! I’m coming back – I’m just staring into the abyss of words and it’s a little all-consuming!


Bear Grylls Giraffe


Turns out the adventure stream was pretty great cross-training! I am covered in scrapes and bruises – massive klutz. Hands up if you know THAT feeling?

I think I was ready for something a little different, and a chance to relax, drink, eat and play was definitely the way to go.

The Human Brochure sign

If you haven’t caught up on the story, I won a free holiday to my own city – Canberra. The idea is that instead of spending money on old-school promotion, the Tourism department decided to find influential people on Social Media. They received 31 000 applications, and picked 500 people to go along. Apparently I was one of them. So Mr The Rake and I spent the weekend climbing things and eating like obese circus folk.


From the top of a mountain in Tidbinbilla

Part of the deal was that we used the #humanbrochure tag (and I am so sorry for Saturday afternoon when Instagram and facebook were linked, and FB received a huge stream of content!) – all of the tagged content was added to the site as a ‘living brochure’.

We also got to feed bears.

Mr The Rake feeding a bear

At the zoo – before it opened to the public for the day

And Cait asked for a zebra ride…

Baby zebra!

Baby zebra!


We saw this giraffe:


Which then went Bear Grylls on us and drank its own urine:


Does YOUR giraffe drink its own piss? That’s what I thought.


Then Mr The Rake and I got to try mountain bike riding.

We went up the mountain – and I laughed at Rake as I missed corners but happily heaved my runner quads uphill.

Mountain biking

We made it to the top…

When it was time to head down again, our guide, Ben, gestured down the slope. A steep and rocky descent. I stopped laughing.

I turned to my neighbours –

Do you guys mind if I head to the back?

I gritted my teeth, I jumped on the bike, headed downwards, skidded, and got off the bike again.

Holy crap. I had to go the whole way down?

I honestly don’t remember the last time I have felt that scared. Embarrassingly, everyone else seemed fine. Mr The Rake flew down and I barely saw him. Instead, I limped along with poor Ben, who was stuck at the rear. He kindly suggested that I relax and put the pedals up, but this highly strung control freak just got more and more tense. When I slipped and fell, I couldn’t hold back the tears.


In hindsight, hilarious.

There I was, with a champion mountain bike rider, being the tough runner chick, and sniffling my way down the fire trail, which Ben very discreetly suggested we take to avoid the bulk of the rocks.

Bike display

I had so much more respect when we watched this AFTER our ride

To Mr The Rake’s credit, he didn’t laugh until we reached the bottom.

A glass of wine at lunch and all was well!

Ready for lunch

At Scope,on the top of Mt Stromlo

And after rolling our way out of lunch and into dinner, all stupidity had been forgotten.

At Soju Girl, we were treated to tasting pates, cocktails, and the best dessert possible – chocolate fondant and peanut butter ice cream. You better believe we found room for it!


The night turned ridiculous when a few of us were pulled out to interview with Yahoo 7 (TV/Online). My plans for a quiet night started with yet another cocktail as we chatted about the Human Brochure concept.




Photographer in the grass

We were all VIPs  - check out our Paparazzi in the grass!

There was a winner in all of this tough. ‘Pulling a Rion’ will now forever mean that guy who managed to get the hotel to cook him an entire frozen pizza, cycled faster than the elites, and then powered-on so hard that when he never made it back to the hotel, he missed the bus.

Naturally, we checked twitter.

Here he is at 11pm:

Should I go to bed, or POWER ON?!#humanbrochure

And again at 3am:

 #humanbrochure these guys are freaking legiiiiit

(complete with picture of Rion, two strangers, and shots).

The most impressive thing? He still managed to use the #humanbrochure tag.

I think he won the brochure.


For the non-Aussies – you’re welcome:


Today’s Moment

See above :-D

Your Turn!

What has happened to you through social media that wouldn’t otherwise have happened?
How do you cross-train?
Do you have a favourite holiday spot?


The less positive -mostly for those interested

in the human brochure concept

*It wasn’t all perfect, but it was hard to be a hater on a free holiday with stupidly large meals, free-slowing booze, spacious rooms, and the odd free gift. Personally, as a big talker, I was thrilled to be around so many people. What I don’t like though, is concealment. While it’s always fun to have an element of surprise, a lot was swept aside or kept deliberately quiet, and that always make me feel like a five year old locked out of the parlour room where the grown-ups play.

Nothing major – but there was a very discreet hustle of a few people who clearly had some kind of VIP status – they were technically part of each ‘stream’ yet were often whisked away from the main activities, and driven off to be given a particular treat – hot air ballooning and special trails were the ones I saw. (Wow, this sounds like a conspiracy theory!). I guess what I’m saying is, treat ‘humans’ like adults, and you’ll have no problem. Let them find out in the playground, and…they’ll behave like it too.

Lemon Party

I have to confess that I was a little worried about the reactions I would get to yesterday’s full frontal account of my wonderfully articulate family. I’m glad I was able to make a few of you laugh!

To add to the saga, here is my Mum, holding a tub of cream that expired in January this year. She found it after Dad tried to pour it down the sink, discovered it was no longer liquid, and put it on the bench.


Given that Dad turns 50 tomorrow, and the whole family will be over to celebrate, it’s probably for the best that we found it and removed it from our lives.

Working it out

Yesterday I had another win for the week – I managed to find another branch of the gym – without getting lost!

I borrowed Mum’s bike:

I am quite a bit taller than Mum, so it was a knees to chin day!

When I say my parents live in Melbourne, I feel that I’m stretching the truth a little. Their suburb is so far out that it’s pretty much bush.

Proof: my view from the cross trainer

See those trees behind the car park? The car park is what’s out of place.


Yesterday was an epic mess of elliptical intervals, rowing sprints, weights, and cycling to and from the gym. I’m a nut – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

In my natural habitat. With my seriously sexy unflattering headband. No session is complete without it.


Long Run

It was great to check out the new gym in preparation for long run day. Today was 27.5km (about 17 miles). 10km on the road and 17.5km on the elliptical.

Last week I felt like death after my long session. And that weird feeling continues all week. I finally put it down to:

1. Low sodium (I did a salt loss check today using the highly scientific ‘lick your arm a little’ test. It was very effective). Nurse Mum to the rescue. Apparently I was drinking far, far too much water sitting around researching all day.

2. Low iron. Mum to the rescue again on this one. Having failed at eating enough this week, she gave me a couple of iron supplements.

3. Not enough to eat! I thought I was eating plenty; maybe even too much. Apparently when you start putting in the miles like this, all bets are off. It’s carbs, carbs, salt and fat like I’ve never experienced before!

Point is, I haven’t had a nap today, it’s long run day, it’s 12:45am, and I’m still a happy panda.

Squash face at 12:30am. Still going strong!

A good thing too! Because


It’s Saturday Night

And I’m in Melbourne, where all my school friends live. Dad’s birthday happens to coincide with a friend’s birthday, and so I headed across town to celebrate.

Mr The Rake arrived on Friday night, so he joined in



Fi celebrated her birthday in style, with a rainbow birthday cake

Fi and her amazing cake


And good friends

Loving life!


Her boyfriend also celebrated. By being dared to eat an entire lemon. 

He didn’t flinch.

He also earned $30 for his *achievement*.

Long Run Day? Success. 

Today’s Moment

I just picked up Little J from a party. He’s good value when he’s been drinking. As he jumped into the car, his mate came running out of the front door:

You said you’d take me home!

Little J had completely forgotten.


Your Turn!

Is exercise on the agenda this weekend? If so, what?
Would you eat an entire lemon if someone paid you?
What is your favourite birthday cake?

Runner Brain

Runner Brain

I have started to distinguish days based on workouts. I have no concept of real time, but I do know that tomorrow is a 7km day. I had one of those two days ago. That makes tomorrow Thursday. So it must be Wednesday.

Flawless logic.

Unfortunately, I can’t blame runner brain on my appalling sense of direction.

Today I walked into town to meet a friend for lunch, and spent some time walking in entirely the opposite direction, despite checking Google, reading a map, and creating my own map before going on the quest.

But then, I walked to the gym.

I may have taken a slight detour. But I was shocked when I found this:

For the first time ever, I had walked in the correct direction. And found my street. Believe me, this is a big deal.

I found it!

I was really relieved, because by this time my phone was dying, and I only got one last shot in. The internet was not an option.

I made it!

As a side note, this gym is bogan-tastic.

Overheard during today’s outing:

Aw yeeeaaa, I’m still hungry bra. I could smash some maccas.

(I’m really hungry and I would love to grab something from McDonalds)

Nah way. That’s so f***in weird ‘ey. I must have lost fat or somethin’

(A guy in dismay after stepping off the scales)


Home is where the toilet paper is

I have been getting to know my mum’s cat.

Unfortunately, I also broke a house rule that I wasn’t yet aware of.

Apparently toilet paper is not to be left on the floor. My bad. 


I can’t find the hole

Capping off my excellent adventure through the toilet paper forest and into the gym, I borrowed Dad’s car to see a friend tonight.

After sitting in the car for a few minutes, I came back, bewildered, key in hand.

I don’t know where to put it 

Mum, Dad and Big J cracked up.

Apparently my father is the proud owner of a keyless start car. Dad came and showed me how to get going. I was unimpressed that he continued to watch as I left the drive.

When I stopped the car and flicked the high-beam on and off, I stopped being unimpressed.

Dad bounded down the road, tapped on the window, reached in, and turned on the headlights for me.



Something Aussie

On a random tangent, while on my trek to the gym, I took this photo for you, my dear non-Australian readers.

Drive through bottle shop


I feel that a drive through bottle shop epitomises Australia. 

Today’s Moment

Meeting up with a friend from lunch. She lived in Canberra until a few weeks ago, and catching up in Melbourne reminds me how small the world really is.

Your Turn

How are you with directions?
If you’re a runner, do you suffer from Runner Brain?
Did you have a dumb moment today?