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Molly the Fit Nut

Meet Molly, today’s fit nut, and another running blogger! Want to be featured? Head over to answer the fit nut questions for yourself.






What is your sport of choice?


How did you get started?

My decision to become active began after my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I treated my health and body rather callously, and not until my family was rocked with a cancer diagnosis did I open my eyes and realize that, logically, how I treat myself now can may dictate my chances of getting sick later in life.

I started exploring a lot of different exercise regimes (boot camps, personal trainers, group exercise classes) but I never seriously considered running. Somehow, my friend convinced me to sign up for the Color Run 5k. I wasn’t so much drawn in by the idea of running so much as the amazing and colorful Facebook profile photo opportunity this provided.

With barely any prior training, I ran the entire 5k and caught the running bug. The race was untimed, so it’s likely I ran it at a snail pace, and my 86-year-old grandmother could have outpaced me, but I ran it! I’ve raced in several 5ks since and plan on gradually working my way towards a half-marathon down the road.

A memorable moment in your fitness journey:

Completing the Rugged Maniac (5k obstacle course/mud run) in the top 25%. This was the first obstacle course I had ever done, and only third 5k overall. My only goal was to complete it without skipping any of the obstacles.

When I crossed the finish line and saw my time, I just couldn’t believe it. I swear, I looked at my boyfriend (who was waiting for me at the finish line), did a double take at the timer and did a little happy dance right then and there. I got weird stares. I was ok with it. And why shouldn’t I have been?! I had just pushed myself farther physically than I had ever imagined for myself. I placed top 25% overall and top 13% for my age group (out of almost 7000 participants).

I seriously still can’t believe my ranking.

What you’ve gained from improving your fitness:

Respect and admiration for myself. I was always uncomfortable with my weight and body (even if there wasn’t reason for me to be). I knew I couldn’t walk up the stairs without getting winded and I constantly envied those who competed in races and made their health a priority. I remember watching one woman limp the final mile of the Boston Marathon last year and I was actually jealous! I wanted to be that woman…I wanted the blisters and the blackened toe nails and the shin splints.

(This is also why my grandmother thinks I’m crazy and asked me if I was “training” to go into the Marines.)

Finishing my first 5k, then my second, then an obstacle course, made me realize I’m so much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I can do this. I can do MORE than this. And I will.

Taking control of my health has proven that to me.

How often do you exercise each week?

I usually exercise 4 to 5 days a week. This is a mash-up of group exercise classes (yoga, pilates, zumba), running/cardio and strength training. I like to mix it up because I get bored so easily.

Favourite piece of equipment:

My running sneakers. This will change the moment I get a Garmin Forerunner.

Favourite fuel:

Peanut butter. I’m assuming my body gets a kick from the protein. For anyone curious, I don’t actually run with a container of Skippy in my hands…and now I think I’m stupid for never having tried.

I am obsessed with…:

Foam rollers

Your current fitness goal:

My current fitness goal is to complete a 10k in the spring. It might not seem like much, but if you saw me at the beginning of 2012, you would have laughed at me (and me alongside you!) at the idea of me running even half of a 5k.

Advice to newbies in your sport?

Just keep truckin’. It’s clichéd, but I swear, if I can run, so can you. Run as often as you can.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a quarter of a mile, for 1 minute, or just a lap around the block. You have no idea how quickly you’ll build endurance and you’ll surprise yourself with how much farther you can push yourself.

Best way to contact you:

Here are some easy ways to stalk me:

Twitter – @MKPappas

Instagram – MKPappas1

Email – averageathletemolly@gmail.com

Pinterest – averageathlete


Thanks Molly! I’m a huge PB fan too – did you try running with the jar?


Your Turn!

Any questions for Molly?
Are you a PB fan?
What’s your most memorable fitness moment?


Never give up (never gonna say goodbye…)


Never gonna give you up…

Hey hey! I am back in the land of the living. I even got a new headband -

It says ‘never give up’, which I think is awesome when running stupidly long distances. Unfortunately, I’m the only one. As soon as I put it on last week, Superwoman gave me the look

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna…

I got Rick Rolled by my headband.

As promised, I did indeed put on my robe and wizard hat (and Mr The Rake promises to explain the origins of this expression for the uneducated;-)).

Now I can legitimately say


When someone pisses me off and I confuse them and walk away. It has no bearing on my intelligence though. This week, I bought a pair of new runners. After a conversation at lunch, I realised they were actually trail shoes, so I took them back and swapped them for these babies:

Sadly, they are too small. Believe me, purple toenails are no fun when you are wearing heels and get off the bus five stops too soon.

Tomorrow, I will wear my old shoes. I plan to run a long way (details tomorrow night!). Long enough to take a gel. Which means:


Run with Kate is an elitist hell hole that demonstrates all that is wrong with the running community

I have to confess to being a bit runner snob lately. The reactions of some of my runner readers weren’t all that appreciative when I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my runner pictures. And while I’m all for a little controversy, I didn’t actually mean to offend anyone who trains with one. However, if you use one in a 5km race, we cannot be friends. Sorry. I’m not really sorry.



I’m going to bed so I can wake up and eat the next chocolate frog in my advent calendar and go running (though maybe not in that order).

Ermagherd advent calendar


Today’s Moment:

I met with a new student, and that always makes me smile!


Your Turn!

How do you feel about camelbaks over distance? When would you use one? When is it not acceptable? Does anyone actually give a shit?
Ever had a running shoe malfunction?  
Do you wear gym gear with words on it? (Brands don’t count!)


Run your Fortune

Check out what I got!

It comes with a transferable slip to add my fortune. Confession – I haven’t picked one yet.

I got this from Caitlin at www.caitchock.com – the same woman who created my ever fabulous Get Chicking shirt!


Your Turn!

What’s your running fortune?


Ten Things Friday

It’s Friday

Oops, that’s Mr The Rake’s favourite song.

No, don’t sing it.

Friday is follow Friday on twitter, so in the spirit if a caring sharing Friday, I want to say that I adore Cait Chock today. She has been incredibly supportive of my running, is the brains behind Arty Runner Chick, a fabulous site on my must read list, and supplied me with the world’s best shirt.

I’m out to chick you…



Quick Brag

I got my official race results from the Canberra 10km during the week, and I’m really pleased with them!

Even better, Poppet ran hers in 52 mins. With NO training. She was born to run. Poppet, if you’re reading this, I think you’re incredible. 

Right, back to me, me, me, me, me…

Dad’s going to love this – stats!

What I’m really excited about is my age group/gender time. 46/421 – I have more speed in me yet – I never intended to be a competitive racer, and it’s a tough age group.

Point is, I’m feeling happy about it today – rather than all mopey and perfectionist.

Share your brag! That’s the rule – one for one. What awesome thing did you do this week? 


10 Questions

Thanks to Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails for this one! I’d love to hear your answers, so steal them from the bottom, k?


1. Best run ever?

The Sydney Harbour 10km – I had no idea I could run so easily. I had shin splints, and I was scared, and it was my first 10km race. I loved every second of it, and I got a big PR.

Kate at the end of race


2. Three words that describe your running?

Serious, steady, impatient (I realise these are somewhat contradictory. Deal with it).

3. Your go-to running outfit? 

Cropped leggings, a sports crop, and a mesh tank.

Kate Post 10km

4. Quirky habit while running?

I get louder when I pass people – if I grunt, maybe they’ll feel bad for not working as hard as me (wow, that sounds terrible. Go read Cait’s runner snob article).

5. Morning, midday, evening?

Midday, but it’s been winter. I’m slowly becoming a morning runner.

6. I won’t run outside when it’s

Night-time. I run in any weather but not when I can’t see what’s around me.

Even when it’s raining and Mr The Rake has to get a towel before I can enter the house

7. Worst injury—and how you got over it.

Shin splints – I was new to running and didn’t know that they could get so bad. I had to stop running, and it was a huge learning curve.

Icing my Shin

The old cup of ice massage – I am a pro these days

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when 

Well… yeah.

But here’s my Mum about to go on a scary ride with me – that’s badass

9. Next race is 

The marathon!

10. Potential running goal for 2013?

I want to work on my 10km – I actually like running now (probably should have sorted that one out before the whole ‘run 42km’ thing) and I’d love to get faster.

The last one


Your Turn!

Best run ever?
Three words that describe your running?
Your go-to running outfit?
Quirky habit while running?
Morning, midday, evening?
I won’t run outside when it’s ____________
Worst injury—and how you got over it.
I felt most like a badass mother runner when _________
Next race is __________
Potential running goal for 2013?


The Canberra 10km + Slinging Fish


Race day

Poppet, Bunny and I ran the Canberra Times 10km yesterday, along with Rach and Ben, and Law Man.

The best thing about Canberra is that for any big event, you’re guaranteed to bump into people you know.

I was extra excited, and had my clothes ready the night before.

I got chicking!

(If you love that shirt – and a lady at the race went to buy one after seeing mine! Head to Cait’s site to check them out or place an order)

Everything was going perfectly, until I started running! Lead legs, anyone? I knew that Friday’s long session was going to haunt me, but I was in denial!

I have no complaints though – I pushed hard, and it was a great track – big open roads had been closed off, and there was plenty of room to push past all those frustratingly slow people who congregate at the front (if that’s you, I am judging you – more so if you have a dog, and a stupid orange t-shirt, and are walking. I hate you).

Never without my headband

The tiny hill we hit just before the finish line nearly killed me, and when an older man cut ahead of me to high five some children in the crowd, I not so quietly swore.

What a sweet old man – if that was you, I am forever sorry for telling you to f-ing move. At that point, I was no longer responsible for anything my body or brain was doing.

In the end, my time was 50:29. I’ll take that!

It’s a little better than my last race time, and this course was much more difficult.

Poppet and Bunny are my house-mates, so we headed home to collapse as soon as we could.

Bunny … after an afternoon nap!

Poppet had no need for sleep!


Something fishy

Did you notice the fish behind Bunny? I spent the afternoon watching them flirt with each other (the fish, not Bunny with the fish). Bunny loves fish, and he finally bought a tank. Apparently these fish mate really easily, so we’re hoping for some mini(er?) fish ASAP.


To market

Lucy, who is a legend, came to take me out for the afternoon, for some much needed non-work/non-running/non-crazy time.

She also buttered me up with some home-made peanut butter chocolate granola.

See Lucy, I told you I’d photograph it.


After lunch, we hit the Bus Depot markets. You know those things in your home town that all the tourists like but you’ve never bothered to do?

The Bus Depot Markets are exactly like that. I loved them!

Bus Depot Markets

We spent the afternoon sampling every goody we could get our hands on.


Something new

I’m definitely able to fit a lot more food in as my mileage creeps up. And on the topic of mileage, I’m working really hard to make sure my body is strong enough to support me as I run.

I told you last week that I had bought a pack of personal training sessions at the gym.

Dave totally surprised me. I was expecting a few basic moves to mix up my weights routine. What I got was a great lesson is myofascial slings.


That’s what I said. Especially when he told me that I had to take my shoes off and rub my feet.

I won’t go into too much brutal detail – mostly because I don’t assume I’m an expert after my 20 minute run down!

The idea is that they run across the body. As a runner, I was advised to work on my anterior (front) and posterior (back) slings, using the cable machine to lunge and twist.


From what I could gather (and please, if you know better, do comment and tell us more!), this has become popular with elite athletes, and is a great way to strengthen and activate your body in a more holistic way. As you do when you run.

An added bonus – people give you the ‘look’ when they see you pulling cables archer style.


Today’s Moment

My boss gave me lunch and spent the afternoon teaching me a whole lot of invaluable skills – just because he wanted to help me improve my business skills.

I love how an act of kindness like that can make someone’s day!


Your Turn!

What new fitness related tips or tricks have you learnt lately?
How did you spend the weekend?
Has someone done something kind for you recently?