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Laura the Fit Nut


And Fit Nut is back! A huge thanks to Laura from Fit Running Mama for being so damn patient with me.







What is your sport of choice? 


How did you get started?

I graduated from college in 2002 and began my career in Special Education. I taught middle school life skills and had seven kids with severe and profound needs. It was exhausting and amazing but running kept me sane! It was either running or excessive drinking!

What’s a memorable moment you’ve experienced on your fitness journey?

In October 2012 I ran my first Women’s Race (Title IX Chicago), and my 3 year old participated in her first kids dash. When all was said an done I had a PR (7:31 pace) and Sara was sad because her race was too short and she wanted more! It was awesome sharing my passion with her!


What have you gained from improving your fitness?

I recently became a certified fitness trainer which was always a goal for me. I love sharing my fitness knowledge with others. I love when friends, family and blog readers tell me they tried one of my recipes or did one of my workouts! It’s an awesome feeling. I love spreading the love!

How often do you exercise each week?

5-6 days a week

My favourite piece of equipment is…

The treadmill

My favourite fuel is…

overnight oats and nut butters (especially homemade nut butter)

I am obsessed with…

PB2! Best product!

What is your current fitness goal?

I started practicing bikram about 2 months ago and I love the challenge. I practice weekly and am working on the poses. I love the challenge and the sweat!

What advice would you give to newbies in your sport?

Set goals! You don’t need big ones! I ran my first 5k in 2005 and from then my running addiction grew. Find friends that can help you meet your goals! Share you success stories!


What is the best way to contact you?

Email fitrunningmama@gmail.com


Thanks Laura – any chance you can send some PB2 to Oz?


Your Turn!

Questions for Laura?
Have you ever run or participated in sport with your child?
What was your first running moment?



What – none of you wanted to be a fit nut this week?

And here I was trying to get out of doing all the hard work!

I want more of YOU on the blog – old, young, fast slow, runner, swimmer, basketballer, competitive eater (I was watching that Grey’s episode with the hot-dog eating competitor…) hit me up.

Head to the features page, or fill out the form below:

That’s it – you don’t even have to comment! Fill out my freakin’ awesome form, and go head over to my latest favourite post. 


Peace out!

Alex the Fit Nut

Welcome to Thursday! – otherwise known as the day my camelbak bit me.

Remember this?

camelbak not for you

Well, after this morning’s run, karma the vengeful elephant crapped all over me -


This picture doesn’t do it justice – but chafing is a runner hazard. Chafing because you wore a camelbak and a tank is just stupidity. I deserved it!

Most importantly, today is Fit Nut day. And seriously, if you’ve considered being featured, or think you might like to be – go and do it. It’s really painless, and I already have spots free for the next few weeks. I love all of you (except you), and judging by what I read from your own posts and comments, you have a lot of great stories. The link is here – go for it…once you’ve read Alex‘s post, of course!


Alex the Fit Nut



Alex Meyer



What is your sport of choice?


How did you get started?

In May of 2012 I had heard the Color Run was coming to my area. I signed up, and decided I needed to start running outside to prep. Getting to 5k was going pretty well, so I signed up for another 5k in July…and got hooked! From there I signed up for a 10 mile race, and then my first half marathon. I caught the running bug!


A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

Finishing my first 5k was such an intense moment for me. I fought so hard through it, and when I finished, I burst into tears. All the emotions came to a head, and I was so excited, and relieved, that I could do it. At that moment, I felt like I could do anything!

What have you gained from improving your fitness?

I’ve gained a lot from becoming a runner. The most obvious one is my fitness level has increased immensely. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. But at the same time, I’ve made so many new friends through running. There’s a bond that you have immediately with another runner. It’s hard to explain! And the online community is just so much fun to be a part of.

How often do you exercise each week?

Generally I get in five workouts a week, although I do try to be flexible so I can adjust when my schedule gets a little crazy. I try to build in rest days as to not overwork my legs and get injured.

One thing I need to work on in 2013 is strength training. I’m still looking at my options, but I’m going to commit to a plan to work in some weight work at least twice a week.

Mondays: yoga and/or rest
Tuesdays: 4 miles
Wednesdays: yoga and/or rest
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Long run – depending on what I’m training for.


What is your favourite piece of equipment?

A good pair of shoes!

What is your favourite fuel?


[From Kate - are those the natural things with spirulina in them? So many treats we don't have here!]

I am obsessed with…

Finding new races to sign up for.

What is your current fitness goal?

In 2013, I want to run two half marathons, improving my time at each. When I ran my first, I had to walk about a mile during it. I know I can run the whole thing. I can’t wait to try!

Advice to newbies in your sport?

Believe in yourself. I never would have imagined running a half-marathon. I used to HATE running. But if you put your mind to it, you can do it.


Best way to contact you?

Email: alextriesitout@gmail.com or

Twitter: alex_j_meyer


Thanks Alex, and best of luck with your half marathons!


Your Turn!

Have you ever run a half marathon?
Do you have questions for Alex?
Did you/do you ever hate running?


Jenelle the Fit Nut


Thanks so much for the smiles yesterday! I think too many of us should stay out of cars. And Lindsay at Sweets n’ Sweat also made me smile by featuring me today!

For tomorrow, readers from NSW and Victoria will be pleased to know that you can enter to win Nudie Juice. And guess what? It’s good!

In the meantime, I want to introduce to a wonderful blogger friend of mine, Jenelle, who runs crazy fast, is a fellow Get Chicked lover, and is also Australian.

Want to be a fit nut? I want you to as well! Head over to the form to send me your answers.






What is your sport? 

Running (is there any other ?!?)

How did you get started? 

I truly discovered running in 2008. The first few months of being in a new relationship and meeting each others friends, going on dates and eating out A LOT had seen me gain a couple of kgs. I decided it was time to put a STOP to this over the top indulgent (but totally fun!) time.

At the time I was planning on travelling to the Gold Coast to support some clients who were running the marathon. So I suggested to my now husband that we train for and run the half marathon. We could run our race and still be at the finish line!! I had enjoyed running at various times in my life but had never seriously trained for anything. My poor husband had never ran more than a km in his life. 12 weeks later we lined up for our first half marathon together. It was great and so started my love of running. I have run many races with friends and am now enjoying running for ME! I hope to one day run again with Big A (my husband) but for now running is ME time in my busy days of being a mummy.

What’s a memorable moment you’ve experienced on your fitness journey?

I think my first pram run has to take the cake. Finishing a run is always a great feeling but finishing a run and then stretching and hanging out at the playground with my little guy is the best.

What have you gained from improving your fitness?

More energy and more sanity! Honestly I don’t know how people raise children without a daily dose of endorphins… it gets me through the day and gives me the energy to really embrace the day and all its moments.

How often do you exercise each week?

I am a 5 times per week runner. I would love to be 6 but I find my body recovers best with 2 rest days each week. I try to do some core and corrective exercises each week and often go for walks or more recently bike rides for leisure.

My favourite piece of equipment is…

My Garmin… it is pure love

My favourite fuel is…

Pre run = pasta. During run = Jelly Beans :-)

I am obsessed with…

Reading about running. I love it and can’t get enough

What is your current fitness goal?

My 2nd Marathon… Canberra 2013. I am very nervous about the commitment of training for a marathon with a baby now and  I don’t want to neglect my family because they always come first but I am also so excited to be setting my sights on the marathon again. There is something about it that I just love even though I seem to perform better over shorter distances!

What advice would you give to newbies in your sport?

BE WARNED… once a runner always a runner!

This sport is addictive and despite its lack of equipment it can get expensive too. I mean technically you only need running shoes but who doesn’t want the Garmin and cute running tees too?! Then after all that we fork out some more dosh to line up at a start line because we love racing too!

What is the best way to contact you?

Twitter: @mummylovestorun

Email: jdziano@gmail.com

Blog: www.mummylovestorun.com

Thanks so much Jenelle! 


Today’s Moment

Running with a girl who was completely out of shape – she finally has the motivation to run, and I got to be there!


Your Turn!

Questions for Jenelle?
What was your moment today? 


Robyn the Fit Nut


On Sunday, I’m dressing up as Santa – what better way to get my running mojo back?!

Oh – and go check out Caitlin Chock’s new shirt! I’m going to review her last one tomorrow, but go, go now, then come back. OK?

Get chicking

I got chicking

It’s also Thursday, which means Fit Nut time! (I really have to think up a graphic for that). I really would love some more responses to my fabulous questionnaire, which you can find on the website, or directly on the live form.


Robyn is a Fit Nut!

Right, good to see you back again. Robyn is our fit nut today. You can find her blog at http://everybitcount.blogspot.com.au/. I recently met Robyn via this blog, and she is absolutely lovely! She’s also a hard-core sports nut.


What is your sport of choice?

I mix them up. I was originally obsessed with running until a running injury made me go the cycling route – something I swore I would never do! Now I love cycling too. A couple of my running friends have said I “have gone over to the other side” but I think not!

How did you get started?

I have always loved walking briskly and hiking but only got into running about 7 years ago when a friend of mine suggested that we start running to “lose our baby weight”. At the time I didn’t realise I was showing any extra baby weight but thanked her for pointing it out to me and decided to give running a go:)

A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

I am so exercise obsessed that when I broke my toe (not from running!) and it was too painful to wear closed runners, I took a pair of old runners, cut the top off the front of them and continued to run, (hobble) along….. big toe bandaged up and all.

How often do you exercise each week?

I run (6-10km) 3 days a week and cycle (15-30km) 3 days a week. In between, I swim laps (about 500-1000m) in our pool at home a couple of days a week and I do Pilates once a week. I also do toning with weights about an hour a week…..

Seriously fit!

Favourite piece of equipment?

My Garmin Forerunner 110 – no question! It measured my distance, calories and when I upload my activities onto Strava and see how I am doing compared to other runners/ cyclists doing similar segments.

Favourite fuel?

Black chocolate and nuts (macadamia, almond, peanuts and cashews – I am a terrible snacker!)

I am obsessed with…

Exercise and making sure that I go to bed early enough to get up early to exercise…. – My daughter (age 10) says She’s got “Freaky Exercise Parents” – My husband just cycled 622 km in 25 hours so I can’t keep up with him!

Your current Fitness Goal?

I am turning 40 next year and would love to do my first Triathlon before my birthday – luckily in December so that gives me nearly another year to get there!

Advice to newbies in running

Try running with a friend, it makes it more fun and the time’ll fly by. Start with walk running and slowly extend your running periods. Try and stretch yourself a bit further each week. Make sure you have good running shoes, they make all the difference – get them fitted if you are buying for the first time.

An interesting fact about me 

I am super stretchy and do splits as a party trick!

Robyn stretching

Contact me – by Email (robyn.connacher@gmail.com) or on my blog


Thanks Robyn!


Your Turn!

Do you have any silly season races?
Do you have any questions for Robyn?