Mother Giraffe


Thanks Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has loved me unconditionally since the day I was born. Even when I threw tantrums, embarrassed her at children’s birthday parties, kept her awake when I was sick, learnt to drive, dragged her to Body Attack, and left Melbourne well before she was ready for me to go.

Mum and Me

P.S. we were never a great team in the game ‘getting to school’. I may be a couple of decades late, but I get that it wasn’t your fault. And the Corinella Party? Pretty sure I turned out just fine without it. So forgive yourself and realise that you got it right. Three times.





I couldn’t be with my Mum this mother’s day, but I did have some fun running in the Mother’s Day classic:

...a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

…a different kind of running. And a big thanks to Kristy for taking this awesome shot.

Sometimes, running and/or walking should just be for fun. No time. No pressure.

And in costume.


We got macarons for being well-dressed.

We got macarons for being well-dressed.

I am still not running training. Sad face. But, with any luck, Señor Swiss Ball will help me channel my inner awesome runner this week. For the last few days, the rules have been no running, no cycling, no rowing, very light elliptical work, and slow move, high rep strength work.

And if you’re reading this…please make it happen. A girl can only take so much non-catabolic activity. It’s criminal.


When karma gets you for doing something is completely useless to your every day life

Not running also making me batty.

Yesterday, I meant to go to the gym at lunch time, once I finished catching up on the week’s invoicing. At 5pm, I was finally done, and when I left the gym, I noticed that the nail salon across the road was still open. Never one to think things through, I took my sweaty self in and asked for a mani/pedi.

As the kind woman operating the foot spa scraped the crap off my poor runner feet and black toenails, I looked at her in horror.

I’ve left my wallet at home. And my phone. Can I please borrow yours?

She looked at me, got up quietly, handed me the phone, and watched in amusement as I dialled my own number.

That’s right friends. 5 1/2 years into my relationship, I do not know Mr The Rake’s number. 

Luckily for me, a very serious man answered

Hello, this is Kate’s phone, [Mr The Rake] speaking. 


Hi babe, I was wondering if you could help me out?


Uh huh. 


So I’m at the nail parlour.


Uh hah. 


And I don’t have my wallet.


Uh huh. 


It’s in the hallway.


Uh hah. 


Could you please bring it down for me?

30 minutes later, Mr The Rake opened the sliding door, looked at me, said

The traffic’s pretty bad

Put my handbag at my feet, and walked out.

Guess who walked home in disposable thongs?




Happy Mother’s Day, and have a great weekend!


Your Turn!

Have you ever dressed up for a race?
How often do you have a break from running? 
When was the last time you let your purse or wallet at home?



  1. Jenelle says:

    You make the cutest giraffe :=) such a cool photo of you runimals :=)

    Ooooo I soooooooo hope you get to go for a run this week but probably not as much as Mr The Rake does ?!?!

    • Kate says:

      Awwww shucks. I was a pretty angry giraffe by the time we finished the second leg! This chick can only handle so much walking and sun on a Sunday morning. Poor Rake :-( . Lucky for him he was away the whole week!

  2. Mum says:

    So… it took me three attempts to read this blog without without tearing up and making a complete fool of myself. You know I hate crying around people!! I managed to completely fluke giving birth to an amazing person, and really regret only a few moments. They were the ones you managed to pinpoint in this blog. I will still have a few regrets, but thank you for forgiving me. I will continue to love you and be there for you for the next 50 years! (at least) xxxxx

  3. Holly KN says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up for a race. Call me boring, but it seems like a lot of work, and asking to be uncomfortable for the whole race. I guess I’d rather be boring than chafed? [Although I end up chafed ANYWAY, so I'm not sure what the point is.]

    Due to a careless handling of essentials after a race yesterday, I ended up boarding the bus this morning without my metro card. Cue me, the only white girl on the bus, shuffling through my bag to scrape together the single bus fare I needed to get where I was going. I’m counting out coins, turning redder by the second, imagining all the passengers rolling their eyes at “that tourist” (which I am not). I suppose it shouldn’t bother me, but you can bet I’ll be TRIPLE checking for my metro card for the next few weeks…
    Holly KN recently posted Things I’m Lovin’ (May 11)My Profile

    • Kate says:

      Lol! I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must have been! It sounds like you work crazy hard to fit in and be at ease and at home. It must have sucked.

  4. Kat says:

    Looks like a super cute race time with Mum! ;)
    Kat recently posted Weekly Workouts Roundup – Loving the “off” seasonMy Profile

  5. Amy Lauren says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to your mum :) .

    Confession… I do not know my husband’s number. Or my mom’s cell number. With having everything programmed in my phone I never have to actually dial it to know, which probably isn’t a good thing, in case something ever happens to my phone!

    Those macarons look delicious. I haven’t dressed up for a race but I always think it’s cool when people do. Makes it more fun for the rest of us!

  6. Beth P says:

    I have worn tutu’s for races and dressed up as Punky Brewster for a Halloween run, but the giraffe is great! I have taken time off from running for plantar faciitis and am still struggling with it, but have found a way to keep it under control (ALWAYS wear shoes, lol). I haven’t left my purse home in awhile, but I did make it halfway to the coffee shop the other day with my phone on top of my car! Good thing it was in a good case that kept it there until I realized it wasn’t in my lap!
    Beth P recently posted The Mom I Want To BeMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Nice to meet you! Punky Brewster is way cool. When I was little I had a Punky bed-spread. I don’t think I’ve done the ‘on top of the car’ thing yet – but I can’t be far off!!

      Plantar faciitis is the pits. Are you all about the gold ball rolling? I think it is something you just keep under control. I figure the first time is the worst because don’t know what it is – after that, you can tame it.


    I ran in my banana suit last week! It was so fun!

    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted #RECIPEFRIDAY: Recipes I Plan On Making!My Profile

  8. jenna says:

    you sure make an adorable giraffe! I would be so embarrassed to have left my wallet at home. I thought it was bad enough one day when I didn’t have any cash to tip my manicurist! hahaha.

    • Kate says:

      Thankfully, tipping isn’t really a thing here (the prices are higher – staff get paid a LOT more than in the US and it’s not part of our culture) but having spent some time in the US I would have found it really embarrassing too!

  9. Hollie says:

    I only know my parents number. True story…no one elses…not Tims, not my best friends..nope. My favorite races have all been dress up fun races and I like it that way. I’m actually taking a nice running break starting tomorrow.
    Hollie recently posted My Mom is AwesomeMy Profile

  10. Your costumes are amazing, but your nails FAB_U_LOUS!
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted Mexican Salad BowlMy Profile

  11. happy (Belated) mother’s day to ur mum!! gosh, have to say she popped out one AWESOME chica! :)

    like janelle said, u are just the coolest giraffe around!! i’ve never dressed up that much for a race before…with my sweat glands i’d prolly wind up cooking to death….charred giraffe, anyone? ;) jk

    haha…i think the plea, “insanity via not running” should hold up in court for any kind of offense/mistake. ;)

  12. Oh no! I have to say that I’ve never left my wallet at home…thank goodness! But yes your nails look absolutely worth it for sure! And I LOVE running in costume! So much fun!!!
    Mindy @ Road Runner Girl recently posted Be a Kindrunner!My Profile

  13. Good on Mr the Rake!!! And I have TOTALLY done that!!! Proud of you for sticking with your no-running and I can only imagine how hard that is! BTW – I love that you’ve dragged your mom to a Body Attack class!
    Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness recently posted Kirkland Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  14. Your escapades bring so much laughter to my day. While highly unlikely, I totally hope we can meet some day.
    Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt recently posted So Easy a Caveman Can Do it? Well, Kinda.My Profile

    • Kate says:

      No way is it unlikely. There is no way I won’t be going to the US over the next few years. I LOVE travel and as soon as it’s time to go again, I’ll be there in a shot. And you’ll know about it!

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