Well, crap


Today, I’m taking a leaf out of Candy Fit’s book, and stopping to take stock of the bigger picture.


Remember this one? My 42 reminds me that sometimes, you get the answer before the question, so take a chill pill and enjoy.

You see, last week was fucking awful not as pleasant as it could have been. After such a high on Sunday, I spent the next few days in a fog. I felt sick and headachey, and it just dragged on. I did mention it to Mr Magic Man, the chiro, when I saw him on Wednesday. After a little sarcastic ‘and where was my text to tell me about this?’, he got stuck into my shoulders and – voila – pain and sickness gone!

So I was overjoyed and went out to a very fancy dinner (happy graduation to Mr The Rake’s sister!) in the world’s best mood.

Flash forward 8 hours, and I was slumped over a bucket.




In the interests of irrational finger pointing, I’ll blame the chiro. Mostly because he’ll fight back. (And clearly everyone throws up after acupuncture and a knee adjustment).

The week was a bit of a write off.


This was meant to be a shiny happy post. My bad.

The point is, even though it was crap, I really don’t mind. For one thing, now that the week has been a steaming pile of poo, I fully expect the next few weeks to be full of rainbows (I’m sure there’s something eloquent to be said about the lows making the highs, but I’ll leave that to the experts).

More than that, awesome things happened. We got to celebrate Jen’s graduation in style, my body had some down time to recover after Sunday, and yesterday I hit the hills.

In fact, I felt so good I pulled a double and managed a one hour elliptical session later that afternoon. DOMS. That is all.

running the hills

…and then….

I arrived home today to find a package addressed to me.

2XU, just for funsies, delivered a completely unexpected parcel -

With new compression tights, a bag, Oakley Radars and a whole stack of other goodies, I feel like a small child diving into a ball pit.

The moral of the story is have a bad week, and be rewarded with free stuff.

That’s how life works. Right?


Finally -

A huge good luck to Abby at Back at Square 0, who is running her second marathon today. She’s had a really rough time during her training, and got really sick a couple of days ago. She’s still running!


Today’s Moment

Duh – free stuff!


Your Turn!

When did you last have a really crappy day/s?
Did things improve? How?
Are you into hill running?


  1. Jenelle says:

    Oh bring a bad week if it means free stuff from 2XU. Way cool. You have such awesome perspective! Enjoy your rainbow weeks. PS I think I need your chiro… He sounds ummm AWESOME :)

  2. Belinda says:

    Nice one with the 2xu freebies! No good about being sick though. My crappy day is yet to come. It will be tomorrow when I have to represent a client at the tribunal… yuck yuck yuck – never mind. I can’t wait for the weekend and it’s still only Sunday!
    Belinda recently posted Gym etiquette – or lack of…My Profile

  3. jenna says:

    im so sorry you’ve been feeling so crappy, hun! I hope that youre taking enough time to relax and do some fun things for yourself!im feeling alittle bleh myself today thanks to “round two” starting this am. (you kno what I mean!) lOL. its a blessing and curse all together! ill PM you later.

  4. What is it about free stuff? It makes all of our woes melt away, yes? So sorry you had a tough week and so happy that you were rewarded with some goodies… 2XU choose the right girl to send them too!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted Boston Marathon before the bombingMy Profile

  5. Nancy says:

    Free stuff!! That’s the best! Lucky you! Plus still managed to hit the hills and the elliptical, sounds pretty good to me! Keep it up!
    Nancy recently posted Being in the Moment: Enjoying the PresentMy Profile

  6. Booooooooo for a bad week. =/ But YAY for free (and completely awesome) swag!! I hope you feel much, much better now. I had acupuncture done when I was a teen to help alleviate migraines but I didn’t get sick from it at all.
    Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt recently posted My {brief} Love Affair with CrossFitMy Profile

  7. Jen says:

    After my past bad week I’m hoping for some unexpected mail to arrive too :) Our week was filled with illness, stress and lots of final school work, yuck! I was rewarded by 80 degrees and sun finally today :)
    Jen recently posted 4/28 What’s For Dinner & Vegetarian Challenge Continues…My Profile

    • Kate says:

      You most definitely deserve it! Alright everyone, time to send Jen some mail :-D . Glad you got some sunshine, and holy crap I have no idea how you fit everything in!

  8. Holly KN says:

    Oooh…tough call. Stomach ickies vs. Free running stuff.

    Decisions, decisions.

    [Although not really a decision for me at all, so no problem. NO STOMACH ICKIES HERE, PLEASE!]

    Also, 2XU is unlikely to send me any goodies, as I kinda bashed their race here last month…Ooops!

    Anyway – here’s to hoping some 2XU goodies kick off a week of rainbows and, as Cait would probably say, UNICORNS! =)
    Holly KN recently posted Awesome/Less Awesome: Orlando to SingaporeMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Note to self – no stomach ickies for Holly. Cool.

      And hell yes to unicorns. Though Monday kind of failed. I guess there’s always Tuesday…

  9. sorry u’ve had a crappy week but i’m glad u’re able to take it in stride and regain perspective. u had a HUGE high after that race, let that keep on riding on. puking, not so fun, but in the longterm it will ‘pay off’ and u’ll be feeling better for it.
    and ya, SWAG, will always pick me up, heck, i could have been shot…give me some swag and i’ll be a little less pissed…lol.
    things will only be picking up girl!

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