Crack. And the Bionade Review.


Thursday is usually Fit Nut day here (and I’m always on the look out for Fit Nuts – do you do sport, at all? Fill out a quick survey here).

However, today I have something cool to review. Do you remember that I got addicted to Diet Coke and Pepsi Max a few months ago? After using coke as a cleaning substance, I made a decision to quit (I like that. I sound hard-core, like I’ve been to rehab and lived to tell the tale).


I’m happy to report that while I have had a couple of cokes since, I’m definitely over the need for it. I don’t even like it very much any more. And for any of you who are curious about the whole ‘quitting’ process, I tried a few things:

  • Strong black tea and some green tea helped with the caffeine withdrawal
  • When I wanted bubbles, I used soda water with a bit of lemon and sea salt
  • I told Mr The Rake I was giving it up, so even though he had it in the house, he would remind me that I’d given it up every time I said ‘man I could go a can of coke’
  • I just stopped. Life’s short.

After that post, I was contacted by some representatives of Bionade, a light soft-drink with all natural ingredients.


Bionade is a German creation that sells itself as a completely natural, certified-organic soft-drink. It’s brewed, beer style. I didn’t realise what this meant until I found myself at a party the night before a half marathon. Not too sweet, it was just like drinking a cider – minus the alcohol.


I was super excited by the lychee one – I think it’s my favourite flavour of fruit. Sadly, I knocked it over in my excitement and had to spend the next half an hour mopping up Bionade and glass shards. A small reminder stayed in my foot for the rest of the day.

At first I was all

yeah, cool, something to try out and post about

But…I loved it. I’ve been looking out for it because for me, it’s the perfect party drink when I don’t want to drink. Especially over summer.

I’m a self-confessed calorie counter, though I do much less of it these days, and the entire bottle clocked in under 100 calories. Way better than a cider or a lemonade.



Apparently it’s hitting Australian stores soon, and can already be ordered online.

In sum – really cool, and quite unique. On a summer’s night, it was the ideal replacement for my addiction.



Your Turn!

Have you ever come across Bionade?
Are you a diet coke drinker or hater?
What’s your favourite party drink?



  1. robyn says:

    I have never tried Bioade – I count calories too and 100 doesn’t sound too bad – certainly FAR FAR better than a coke- I am very much a coke hater:) I am such a nerd, I never drink fizzy drinks other than soda water and tend to stick to one glass of wine (if anything) if I go out. My favourite drink is actually Rooibos tea – full of antioxidants .

    • Kate says:

      I’ve never heard of Rooibos tea – where do you get it?

      • robyn says:

        In the tea section from Woolworths – it is lovely with a squeeze of lemon/ a bit of milk or even black – caffein free. I have 4-6 cups a day – probably helps maintain the colour of my hair – Rooi means red in Afrikaans:)

  2. jenna says:

    never tried bionade, but i love zevia! unfortunately i still have a bit of a coke addiction though. blecckckk!! oh, and i absolutely LOVE leechee fruits. i think they are delish! we eat them when we got to the FL keys all the time. the kiddos hate them, but they are like my favorite!!! have a super duper day!! xxoo

    • Kate says:

      e don’t have zevia, but it sounds good! The kids will eventually get into the lychee. I think the texture is a bit off when you’re little!

  3. Amy Lauren says:

    I’ve never heard of Bionade, but I’m glad you found something to replace sodas. Yeah, I have the occasional one too and it’s not too bad, but I don’t see how people can drink them every day and with every meal, to me it makes food taste weird so I won’t ever drink one with food, more like a dessert I guess. I’m glad you got over the addiction, though :) . It is really scary that something people drink 4-5 cans of each day can be used as a cleaning product though, that’s a pretty big warning right there!
    Amy Lauren recently posted Sushi, Spices, and SpeedinessMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      I like the way you put that – “more like dessert” that’s a really good way for how I drink it now – a very rare after dinner sugar hit :-) . But yes, really not good stuff!

  4. I’ve never heard of Bionade but it sounds interesting. I’m not a big pop (soda) drinker at all. Once and a while I like a nice cold coke but that’s about it. I’m glad you got over the addiction. :D My favourite party drink is wine. :D
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted How to get Habitual-Goal Getters 2013My Profile

  5. That’s awesome that you’ve quit so easily! I’m still trying! ;-) I’ve never heard of Bionade but sounds great!
    Mindy @Road Runner Girl recently posted Mickey Mouse…Here I Come!!!My Profile

  6. It looks fantastic! I wish they sold it here in the US. Nice review Kate!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted Kyle’s Krusade Virtual 5K, 10K and Half MarathonMy Profile

  7. I have not tried Bionade but it sounds great! I gave up soda a few months ago and absolutely don’t miss it at all! Within a couple of weeks, my skin cleared and I had way more natural energy. Oh, any my favorite party drink is a mojito!
    Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness recently posted Body Beast Journal: Back and Bi (AKA Super Mom Workout)My Profile

  8. You are my inspiration!!
    I am HIGHLY addicted to soda. first it was full on coke/pepsi, then onto the diet stuff.
    I’ve been off it for about 3/4 weeks,but it is incredibly hard – still.
    I’m taking your advice and tips.
    Well done for kicking it!
    TorontoRunner recently posted I have no title :) My Profile

    • Kate says:

      You are my buddy in kicking the can, so to speak! I wonder if there’s something in it we need from elsewhere, like the salt or caffeine? I figure if I can replace that, I won’t need it so much.

  9. “I just stopped….lifes short” – I think this speaks wonders about your determination and strength! I love the simplicity of it and how you determine your life. Yes I appreciate “addictions” but YAY for someone who takes responsibility and takes control – NO EXCUSES!

    As for Bionade – yes please. I think it will do exceptionally well. I love to drink something other than water at dinners and special occassions and as a runner and BF’ing mother alcohol is pretty rare for me… So this is right up my alley. Will be keeping my eye out for it :=)
    Jenelle @ MummyLovesToRun recently posted 10 monthsMy Profile

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Jenelle! I think it’s still yet to be released, but it can’t be far off, their marketing is all happening. I asked the rep but she couldn’t say. This was really good stuff, I’m definitely going to be buying more of it.

  10. Amalia says:

    I have never heard of Bionade but I’m open to the idea. Come to Canada!

    I am a coke and pepsi hater. I’ve never had more than a can of either in my lifetime. My weaknesses when it comes to sodas are Gingerale and IcedTea. Manfriend hates how I guzzle iced tea.

    My favourite non-alcoholic party drink is cranberry juice and soda with a splash of lime. My favourite alcoholic is anything pink and pretty and whiskey or amaretto sours.
    Amalia recently posted Home is Where the Run isMy Profile

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